Beyond the Brillo Box by Arthur C. Danto

Beyond the Brillo Box

In this collection of interconnected essays, Arthur C. Danto argues that Andy Warhol's Brillo Box of 1964 brought the established trajectory of Westen art to an end and gave rise to a pluralism which has changed the way art is made, perceived, and exhibited. Wonderfully illuminating and highly provocative, his essays explore how conceptions of art–and resulting historical narratives–differ according to culture. They also grapple with the most...

Details Beyond the Brillo Box

TitleBeyond the Brillo Box
Release DateNov 3rd, 1998
PublisherUniversity of California Press
GenreArt, Nonfiction, History, Philosophy, Writing, Essays, Art History

Reviews Beyond the Brillo Box

  • Roberta
    Must reading for art nerds.
  • Acolvin
    This book was recommended to me by a designer friend years ago. I picked it up a few times over the years, but never powered through it until now. This was a bit difficult to get through, with art and philosophical references that were not familiar to me. But the essay topics were interesting and well reasoned, and the logic holds up even when the references are not current. This is not a book for casual observers of art since it tilts heavily to...
  • Rick
    Sometimes difficult and erudite, and always thoughtful and creative, Danto cites sources from Proust to Feuerbach, from Boltanski to Gombrich to Warhol. Filled with citations, ideas & arguments, Arthur Danto exposes himself first as a philosopher and then as a talented art critic/pundit/thoughtful observer.Insightful work on the culture and thought forms behind contemporary art.
  • bananya
    so so so many references. proof of argument nothing is really original. i like it. i will refer back to it.