The Widow File (Dani Britton, #1) by S.G. Redling

The Widow File (Dani Britton, #1)

Dani, a data analyst with an elite security firm, possesses the unnerving ability to read people by the trash they leave behind. Receipts, parking tickets, the detritus of daily life—if you leave it behind, she will figure you out.Her latest case involves high-tech industrial espionage at a corporation with ties to the military. But when a team of assassins sweeps through the firm, stealing all files and killing her coworkers, Dani narrowly esc...

Details The Widow File (Dani Britton, #1)

TitleThe Widow File (Dani Britton, #1)
Release DateJan 1st, 2014
PublisherThomas & Mercer
GenreThriller, Mystery, Fiction, Suspense

Reviews The Widow File (Dani Britton, #1)

  • James Thane
    A petite young data analyst named Dani works for a very secretive, exclusive security firm on the outskirts of Washington, D.C. The firm is doing a job for a defense contractor, attempting to determine who in the firm might be leaking its industrial secrets. Then out of the blue one day, Dani's boss announces that the job is over. The client has called them off and the team is to assemble all the material it has collected so that the client can p...
  • Dinah
    The plot was compelling and the characters relatable. This was a fun book to read. The reasons I did not rate it higher were 1. The ending and 2. the confusing explanations.The ending - I am always big on an ending. I do not care if it was not the ending I wanted, I just want it to feel in synch with the rest of the book. So if we are going to follow people through every second of their lives for two days, do not stuff the an ending that span mon...
  • Kaitlin
    The Widow FileBy S.G. RedlingClick book for descriptionAvailable 1/1/14I am trying something different for a change. I’ve been loving NetGalley but decided to switch it up this time and try out a new feature offered to Amazon Prime Members (such as myself – proud member for 2+ years!) called Kindle First. Each month I am offered a few pre-release titles, where I can pick one to read (and lucky for you all – review it too!) So here goes my f...
  • Kathy Martin
    THE WIDOW FILE was a gritty, realistic thriller with a very complicated plot. Dani works for an exclusive and secretive investigative firm outside Washington, D.C. She is what they call a Paint. Her specialty is learning about a person by the garbage they leave behind. She is a quiet, private person whose only friends are her colleagues at work but the friendships are surface, "work" friendships. When the boss tells them to drop their current cas...
  • Marvin
    Dani is a data analyst for a security company investigating possible leaks in a corporation. She and one other analyst becomes the survivors of an attack that killed all the other analysts and stole their files. Dani is left to figure out why they are after her, what information they seek and why they want to kill her while eluding the a clever hit man named Booker.That is the bare bones of a ordinary and overdone plot. You would think there are ...
  • Dee
    Two-haiku review:She analyzesBad guys killing everyoneWhy? What do they want?Exciting thrillerReally loved the beginningKept tension going
  • IslandRiverScribe
    This book has to be the most riveting thriller that I have read in months. It is only 190 pages in length but it is 190 pages of heart-pounding action. Scene after scene, chapter after chapter, the race for our two protagonists to survive against a killing machine never flags. From the very first page we know the identity of that killing machine – Booker. He is a well referenced independent contractor, is quite skilled at his craft and he loves...
  • YouKneeK
    I had mixed feelings about this book. On the one hand, it was a very fast and engaging read. Whenever I picked it up, I ended up reading for longer than I had intended because I got wrapped up in the story and didn’t want to put it down. There were only three characters with any significant “page time”, but I found all three of them to be interesting and believably written.The main reason I didn’t rate this book higher is because of how a...
  • ❀Aimee❀ Just one more page...
    This book totally sucked me in. I couldn't put it down. This author is incredible. It is a crime/mystery/suspense/assassin book. It is gritty and at times violent, but somehow as you read, you are pulled in. The suspense is palpable. It is very descriptive of all senses, but isn't distracting in any way. My mind easily sees it as though I am watching a suspenseful movie. The characters come to life, and a few of them, as imperfect as they are, ju...
  • Elaine
    This thriller was so good that I ordered the sequel in advance, something I almost never do. Highly recommended if you like thrillers at all. Be prepared for some violence, but it never really got to me (as some do).
  • Jonmontanavega
    Review of the Audio book.What are the bad guys to do when a meek researcher for an industrial research, spying and counter-spying company, actually listens to the advice of her father? Wipe out all her coworkers and try to killer her.Paul Newman starred in a movie whose name I've forgotten in which he was a researcher in a NYC CIA think-tank who survived when everyone else in the brownstone office that day was murdered and he went on the run. Dan...
  • Dominique Bebbington
    Quiet and interesting book, kept me guessing. Interesting ending that I didn’t predict.
  • Jaylia3
    Terrifying thriller stars short, nerdy heroineThis book starts in a leisurely fashion then quickly takes off, setting the fastest pace of any book I’ve read recently. Almost all of the action takes place in one breath-taking harrowing day, but though the book gripped and terrified me so much I could hardly put it down, a short summary of The Widow File--a thriller set in an elite security firm--would not necessarily have made me want to read it...
  • Julie
    The Widow File by S.G. Redling was a part of the Kindle first for December. This book was published by Thomas & Mercer. Dani lives a secret life working for a shadowy organization. Her boyfriend doesn't even know what she does for a living. She and her co-workers all seem to get along pretty well. Dani is especially close to a guy named Choo Choo. When the organization headquarters is attacked and most of the members are killed and one of them is...
  • Cheryl
     A game of cat and mouseI like author Redling's writing style. This is the second book I've read by her, after FLOWERTOWN and I have the second book in the Dani Britton series REDEMPTION KEY sitting here waiting for me to open the cover after I finish this review.Intuitive analyst (which means she reads other people's trash) Dani Britton works for Rasmund, a private security firm based in Virginia. She's short, doesn't dress well and doesn't hav...
  • Annie
    a most excellent 5 star read for me, review to come...:)My criteria for a 5 star review is... if I can not stop turning the pages, I am in! I was turning the pages like crazy most of the way through this book. I was a little unhappy with the ending but, hey....not my book. I would love for this to be a series with Dani and Choo Choo stomping out the bad guys! Dani works as a data analyst for the big security company Rasmund, she has the unique ab...
  • Jack
    Have you ever seen Three Days of the Condor? That's how The Widow File starts out. Dani Britton works for Rasmund, a security firm near Washington D.C. Their latest case is over and called, all materials to be boxed up and returned to the client. Dani has a habit of taking things home to mull over them. When she returns from getting the bag of items brought home, screams, heavy footsteps, slamming doors, and pops greet her. It is a harrowing expe...
  • Kevin Schick
    I vested with Dani…Her mother told her it was better to be careful than clever, Dani Britton thought it might be better still to be both. SG Redling vested me with Dani, with her will to live, her quirks, her determination, and this - her story. The Widow File is a constant barrage of pace, twists, lies, truths, and a young woman's battle against all odds to live, and she wasn't even five feet tall if she was an inch. This thriller is a guide t...
  • Amy
    ARC/Thriller: I picked this book on the Amazon Vine List because I had read Flowertown (a sci-fi book) by Redling and I had really liked it. In reality, this book is better! I saw this book doesn't come out until January 2014 so no spoilers here. I will say that I have been in the mood for spy and spycatcher books and this book could be about espionage...or something even bigger. If you look at the description, it has a Days of Condor feel to it....
  • Julie
    The Widow File is very fast-paced and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. There are a couple of incongruities that struck me as I was reading though.**Spoiler alert**One of the incongruities: Dani had money hidden in various places, even going so far as to mail it to herself. Why would a normal person who felt that she had a regular job and a middle-class upbringing do something like this? I didn't get the feeling that she considered her job dangerous...
  • Bonnie Gleckler Clark
    Not only could this novel be made into a movie, it should be made into one. Parts are very intense, parts are humorous, and other parts leave you begging for more. For an Amazon pre-release freebie we have a real winner here. It's a quick read. I really didn't want to put it down. The storyline really never grows dull. I strongly recommend the bookTo anyone who likes mysteries and thrillers.
  • Carolyn (in SC) C234D
    Read this on a Goodreads friend's recommendation, and enjoyed it very much. A feisty main character, and an interesting, fast-paced story. Also got the next in the series, and will be reading it soon; wish there were more!
  • Trish R.
    The first 40% of this book was spent on Dani escaping the killing of her co-workers and hiding, hiding, hiding while she constantly had hundreds of inner thoughts or talked out loud to herself. Then there was the escape onto the rooftop and finding one of her co-workers that made it out then escaping the rest of the way with Choo-Choo (a stupid name for a grown man.)This reminded me of the old movie with Robert Redford “Sneakers.” He goes out...
  • Tracy T.
    1.5 Star Story. Good Narration by Tanya Eby (audible review)So this story could have been so much better had the stupid internal thought dialogue not over powered the story. So annoying. Seriously, you office is being invaded by killers shooting everyone, you need to hide and your thinking of all sorts of random things like the afghan your grandmother crocheted. You see your dead best friend and think how her nails were broken and she would hate ...
  • John
    Dani Britton is a data analyst. A 'paint' in Rasmund terms, because she blends in with the scenery. She can sift through your receipts and your trash and read you like a book. At least, that's what they tell us. In reality, she carries around these materials for the whole book and never actually uses them to figure things out. One day at work, a secret maybe-government office building where they do shadowy jobs for shady clients, a gang of assass...
  • Marlize
    Review for The Widow File and Redemption Key. This book came as a big surprise! I bought this and the sequel just to fill a order.Yes both of them sounded interesting but i was not expecting much. Then i started reading and i could not put them down!! Finished The Widow File in one sitting then gave the book to my mom and said READ THIS and she finished it in one go as well. Then i picked up Redemption Key and flew through that also. Believable c...
  • Tere Fredericks
    Action Just Never StopsThis book starts with a bang. Several actually. And the action just doesn't stop.After Dani survives a horrible incident, she doesn't know who to trust. So she tries to figure out what happened and why. What she learns changes her life forever.I am absolutely thrilled that there is a second book. Dani is too special for just one. I HAVE to know what happened next. Of course I have the next one downloaded and ready to to rea...
  • Hanna
    "The widow file" is a fast-paced, well written thriller centered around a very likable main protagonist. The story is a bit over the top and I sometimes had problems following the plot, for example when the author (view spoiler)[described Dani's break out of Rasmund, there were so many things going on in this scene, I felt a bit overwhelmed. The same happened to me in the fight scene she had with Tom. (hide spoiler)] In any case, I couldn't put d...
  • Brenda
    I don't normally read espionage books but I read this one for a reading challenge. Oddly enough, I really liked this book! So much so that I'm going to read the other Dani Britton book. It was a fun read and I enjoyed the relationship between Dani and Choo-Choo. I guess the romantic in me had hoped for a different outcome but who knows what will happen in the next book. I'm definitely looking forward to reading more!