Alpha Mine (Alpha and Omega, #4) by Aline Hunter

Alpha Mine (Alpha and Omega, #4)

A mating like no other.Trey almost turned his back on his pack to claim Sadie—the stunning vampire who made him whole and crept into his soul. Finally, things have settled. But as an alpha, Trey’s always busy. Thankfully he has a woman who’s more than happy to ease his frustrations, see to his every desire and give him as much of her as he can take. He can’t wait to greet each day with his mate by his side.Then Shepherds return to New Yor...

Details Alpha Mine (Alpha and Omega, #4)

TitleAlpha Mine (Alpha and Omega, #4)
Release DateJun 6th, 2014
PublisherEllora's Cave Publishing Inc.
GenreFantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Paranormal Romance, Shapeshifters, Vampires

Reviews Alpha Mine (Alpha and Omega, #4)

  • Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞
    We were wanting more story about Trey and Sadie and that's exactly what we get and then some. Trey and Sadie are together and now they just need to convince the pack that being with Sadie is a good thing. And oh yeah, fight the Shepherds and deal with The Coven, find the Conjurer and help Leigh...just to name a few. For some reason I thought this was the last book so I was a bit overwhelmed for most of the book. There is just so much going on and...
  • Dee
    Sacre Bleu - What on earth is happening to this series!!!!We are being taken off in some many different tangents and not really getting any answers. The romance angle is gone, yes there is plenty of sex and use of words such as c**ks and c*nts (I do HATE that word) flying around and lots of banging sessions with "I love you" being thrown in but nothing really in the way of romance. I wouldn't complain as much but the sex scenes are not even that ...
  • AJ
    Vampires, werewolves, danger, bargains, deals, danger all the good stuff Oh yeah!!!Aline Hunters paranormal world seems to have taken a step up in this book, with badassery, telepathic goings on and all sorts of magical powers flying around everywhere.Theres not really a lot I can say about the plot as theres really no specific storyline occurring in this book its a continuation of the last story arcs, and the beginning of a couple of new ones....
  • Len
    What did I just read????I really love this series. I enjoyed all previous book, but it was sad to say I was disappointed to this book. I was expected a Trey and Sadie another book, but I really don't know to whom the book for. I don't where the story going. I think everyone, such as Aldon, Olivia, Leigh, Nathan will have a interesting story if it will be told in their own book. I lost interest in romance aspect of story because I can't understand...
  • Trina
    Alphas turned wusses/annoying ninnies/overprotective mommies and their whiny mates...
  • Vanessa theJeepDiva
    The Alpha and Omega series started out strong for me. I loved the first one, LOVED it. Ive thoroughly enjoyed the others in the series. The fourth installment in the series Alpha Mine has me wondering where the series is going. At the end of Vampire Mine I thought I had a good clue. I was so wrong. At the end of Alpha Mine I have to be honest and say I have no clue where this series is headed. The author has chosen to give Sadie and Trey another ...
  • Noura
    And the story continues....Trey and Sadie has settled down as Alpha and mate. But since she's a mage vampire with many talents and skills, she always away from Trey to help solve some of the problems they are facing. And this is hard on Trey because she's his mate and he can't bear to be apart from her. The story is more of a recap of all the other predicaments they are in with added sh*t storm. We are talking the End of days now. With more evil ...
  • Cindy Gilleland
    Favorite QuotesWhich one is she? Trey asked. The brunette in front. As always, Geneva had pulled her hair into a tight French twist with a cascade of curls on the top. It made her look old, like a cranky schoolteacher. The tall one. She doesnt look like much, Trey said disdainfully. One hit would put her on her ass. Her physicality isnt what makes her strong. She exhaled softly, letting her senses take over. She studied each member of the group, ...
  • Delta
    3.5 starsUp to this point, the Alpha and Omega series has been absolutely riveting. Compared to the first three books, Book 4, Alpha Mine, is a disappointment, but (at 3.5 stars) is still worth reading. This series by Aline Hunter has continuing plot lines and lots of characters, so it should be read in order, beginning with Alpha and Omega.No new couple is the focus of this tale (was really hoping for Kinsley's story). Instead, most of the book ...
  • Cheesecake
    Well this is a DNF for me. Just don't see the point trudging through it and I don't hold out hope for the rest of the series. I was listening to this as an audiobook. The reader is good except that she tends to whisper parts. This series is now missing any humour and the side characters who I liked in their own previous books, are now jerks. I really like Sadie though, but Trey is just 'OK'. I found him more compelling before he and Sadie got tog...
  • PepperP0t
    I've enjoyed the series until this entry. The title and Trey and Sadie were the ones described having sex let you know whose star turn it was supposed to be but they seemed to share equally with the other couples through conflicts. This installment broke from formula (no new romance) and former desirable hotties became running a**holes.Though the pack is still leery of Sadie, she once again commits to proving to the pack he can be an asset and ma...
  • BookBunny
    where to start ? I've really enjoyed this series, but this book is a fail.I have to use Trina's review as it's spot on ..Alphas turned wusses/annoying ninnies/overprotective mommies and their whiny mates...and I'd add ... far to much pish dialogue .. oh I love you and can't stand to be away from you ... i promise I won't be gone long ... I can't lose you, I'd die without you ... I'll be back I promise ... I'd die without you ...on and on it went....
  • Stacie
    Well, for most of this book my eyes kept crossing because I was so bored and tired of Trey whining about Sadie not leaving him. Hello, what kind of Alpha is that? Besides, she can't leave him, he is her only food source. And they are mated so of course she wouldn't leave voluntarily. But they had stuff to do. Man up, Trey! Anyway, after about half way through, the story finally got good and I enjoyed the second half of the book. I'm hooked once a...
  • 'Q' aka CoCo
    DisappointedWith the way Vampire Mine ended, I was expecting Aldon and Olivia's story. This book barely touched on them. I really enjoyed all of the previous books... not sure if I've upped my standards (I rated them high) or if this book really is just not as good as the previous but I found it subpar. The sex scenes were a bit boring and I don't feel as though we really got anywhere in the continuation of the storyline. Definitely not worth the...
  • Firstpella
    What the fuck. This book served no purpose...T/S weren't in need of a 'part 2' other characters were not even fleshed out before being thrown in...everyone was's like the writer was given 1 week to create something to publish just to publish sloppy I'm not sure I even want to buy another book in this series unless the goodreads ratings are all a solid 4-5.
  • Paula
    Well I haven't enjoyed the last couple of book sin this series, so I've decided that's the end for me, I have lots of other books to read which deserve my attention more than this series.
  • Leticia Isquerdo
    I want more!!! I need more!!! Please Aline, we need know the end of these unforgettable characters!!! I want to know about Nathan, Aldo and his Brothers and all of the others!!
  • Kirsten
    Just because it's sooo poorly written but i just want to keep finding out what's going to happen...
  • Kristal Taylor
    Oh my gosh I've gotten my HEA. Finally, technically this is a continuation of Trey and Sadie's story. As much as they fought fate they finally succumbed and I loved it. Sadie is a protector and is very much an Alpha female vampire with magic in her own right. Trey I'd definitely an Alpha make Shifter and when it comes to his mate he's dominate, possessive and protective. They finally was going to their place to start a life together. This book ha...
  • Tara
    I enjoyed the two books of this series. Vampire Mine was ok but this book.....I've read countless paranormal romances with possessive Alpha males and strong female characters but none have ever annoyed me as much as Trey, Diskant, and Ava in this book. All 3 just rubbed me the wrong way. I felt like I was getting to know 3 new characters in this book. They all came across as arrogant pompous jerks, whiny babies, and self-righteous. Also, I found ...
  • erik howard
    GREAT BOOK !I have been booked since book one in this series ! I hope the next book comes out soon ! This book is about shifters, vampires, witches ( both light and dark ) and combinations of two such as vampire witches ( Sadie and Leigh ) . The book intertwined the stories of vampire witch Sadie with her mate Trey , a werewolf and continuation of Emory and his mate Mary and Diskant (an Omega ) and his mate Ava. This book can be read as a by itse...
  • Carol-ann
    I don't think I have ever been so disappointed in a book as in this one. The content is fine... IF you can manage to read through the editing errors. I would be willing to say that this book was dictated and never read by an editor, it is so bad. YUCK The first three books weren't too bad, but this one gives no meaning to the words 'BAD EDITING'!
  • Lynn Thinking out loud
    I love this series. This book as been a long time coming. It was fantastic.Sadie and Trey are at it again. There is danger, action and hot steamy love scenes. I can't wait for the next one.
  • Rise
    Can't wait for next book. I'm happy for Trey & Sadie, however I want to see what happens with Leigh and Nathan's relationship.
  • Anna-marie Buchner
    Wow I think I love Aldon FrostAlpha Mine Book #4 of the Omega and Alpha series by Aline HunterWow it seems like I waited forever for this release. After reading Vampire Mine and being teased I wanted to find out right away what was going to happen with Trey and Sadie and Leah and Nathan. Let me tell you the wait was soooooo worth it. Alpha Mine we can call the continuation of Vampire Mine. Trey and Sadie are inseparable finally. As much as they f...
  • Djg
    Book 4 in the series picks up not long after Vampire Mine ends.We get more page time for Sadie and Trey (which I like) and get to see their growing devotion to each other. They are the primary focus of this book but there is a good balance with the continuation of the series (and the growing threats) and the set up for future stories.What I liked: Sadie is a very worthy heroine. She's a protector and a warrior but she has a tender side too. I lov...
  • Adyna Cat
    well,it was ok!it piss me of wen i have to connect the stories between them!what happend to kinsley?he really vanished!and i thot that this book will tell moreeeeee about Aldon and Olivia!she start doing like Leight,some like this ..o no,i dont want you,but in her minde was like,take me,make me yours!wtf...?And i loved Trey,for been more strong,and trying to be confident on him and Sadie, but now it was like his wolf was goon to sleep...i dont wo...
  • Mary-Anne
    Very mixed emotions about this book, for 3/4 of the book I found our two alphas had turned in to whiny self consumed sooks and the story dragged on a bit. It picked up at the end and we got an insight in to several characters (new and some mentioned briefly in previous books) which livened things up. I'm in two minds about the next book after the glimpse we get in the epilogue, I fear it's going to be very cliche (view spoiler)[ Tortured shifter ...
  • Lea Winkelman
    as always aline hunter has written another awesome story for this series. it is amazing on how Sadie has grown and changed. it will be interesting to see how they save their friend and packmate from the evil vampire clutches and how that will affect everyones relationship with the vamps. all in all a good story
  • Deb B
    a great series. love the writing style and the stories. lots of bigotry, bias and fanatasism .. lots of raw, gritty sex .. lust and love .. plenty of violence ... and the connection of mating bonds that overshadow everything else past, present and future. the author has advised she is currently writing book 5 .. can't wait to read it