Silver Wings by H.P. Munro

Silver Wings

When in 1943, twenty-five-year-old Lily Rivera is widowed, she finally feels able to step out of the shadows of an unhappy marriage. Her love of flying leads her to join the Womens Airforce Service Pilots, determined to regain her passion and spread her wings, not suspecting that she would experience more than just flying.Helen Richmond, a Hollywood stunt pilot, has never experienced a love that lifted her as high as the aircraft she flew…until...

Details Silver Wings

TitleSilver Wings
Release DateOct 15th, 2013
PublisherH.P. Munro
GenreHistorical, LGBT, GLBT, Lesbian, Romance, Historical Fiction, Lesbian Romance

Reviews Silver Wings

  • Corporate Slave
    It has been a while since I wrote those 3 letters after finishing a book: WOW!
  • M
    Great read!I'm a sucker for historical fiction and loved the setting and characters. Well written and made me cry.
  • hubsie
    Well what a delightful surprise this was! It was a short read that I raced through in a few hours, but it was a heartwarming story about a group of women in history that I knew nothing about. Not only were the MCs well crafted and likeable, but the secondary characters were full of wit and vigour, adding much humour to the read. Themes of fierce friendship and comradery run through the story, as well as loyalty to not only their country, but to e...
  • Jem
    Very enjoyable, feel good read about 1940s women pilots. While this is fiction, it feels well-researched. Thankfully, no boring technical discourses on flying, planes and such. The day to day duties of flying must have been pretty mundane, as they were never in the war, but they are no less dangerous. (Their services were used mainly as support--to test and deliver sometimes rickety planes, to tow targets for fighter pilot practice and sometimes ...
  • Bib
    Wow, Munro can write touching stories as well as humorous ones. I was skeptical of this book at first, of the author surpassing Grace Falls, but she did. With the historical backgrounds, portrayed prejudices and discrimination problems, Silver Wings is a even more full bodied story. I am truly impressed and shall now embark on the third book of the author, Stars Collide.
  • Vic
    What a lovely story. Well paced, great characters, brilliant subject. Despite some typos and grammar problems the book was still an absolute joy to read. And despite a few teary moments it left me feeling oh so warm and fuzzy inside. I could totally see this being filmed as a movie, or better yet a TV series. I'd watch the hell out of it. These characters will stay with me for a while I think.
  • C. Mack
    Must readWow...what a fantastic story; a brilliant plot with MC's and supporting 'crew' to fall in love with. Thoroughly enjoyed this novel, it's easy to see why it was honoured with awards.
  • Pam Holzner
    Silver Wings has a frame structure. We begin and end in the present with an event in Washington, DC to honor the women who became WASPS (like military but without any benefits) and flew planes during WW II. In between we learn about Helen and Lily, two women to volunteer to serve their country and find each other in the process. The whole book is historical fiction (I presume) and I really appreciated Munro's skill in depicting a world long since...
  • JulesGP
    If ever there was a book that I desperately want to see as a movie, it is Silver Wings. Action, romance, history, music, it would be outstanding. For those that don't know, this book is about a group of women who leave behind their civilian lives to join the WASPS as female pilots to help in the WW2 effort. The two main characters fall in love and that's wonderful, every bit, but the scene stealer is the author's ability to take us back to that e...
  • Kexx
    Loved this book even though thought I wouldn't. Not my type of book (now realising I'm lieing!) which I found, sweet, heart breaking and real. Excellent.
  • Stef Rozitis
    How to rate this book! How to give a fair review. It's flaws were many and I want to be a nasty hypocrite and just talk about that and not talk about the embarrassing fact that I sneakily kind of liked it. I was going to read just one chapter late last night and I dived in and read half a book before my eyes almost gave out and I fell asleep dreaming of women on bunks.It was the likable characters that got me in. The writing was terrible. I am no...
  • Wendy
    Rarely do I give 5 stars, but this is really a wonderful book spanning the years. A sweet romance featuring 2 women who volunteered to served as WASPs (Women Airforce Service Pilots) during WWII. Lily and Helen met and fell in love during a time when interracial marriages were illegal in many states, so 2 women in love was not even considered remotely acceptable. One learned some important history on women in the military while experiencing a swe...
  • Jade
  • Stephanie
    I love it when I read a historical fiction novel that yeaches me something I never learned about in the history classes! This was also a very sweet love story.
  • XR
    I can't believe I missed this book by H.P. Munro. I love reading books on women creating paths for others to follow. I couldn't help but smile even after I finished the book. I loved it.
  • Whit
    I lived in Lubbock, Texas for almost three years and drove through Sweetwater on my way back home to Houston many times. The description of Sweetwater made me homesick for the dusty, windy, hot plains of West Texas. The story was touching. I didn't expect to cry at the end. I did. This book made me feel closer to my wife and appreciate the ease with which we lived out and proud in Lubbock. I also liked that it was historical fiction and seamed to...
  • Carly
    Wow!! I am an emotional wreck. I have stayed up late the past 2 nights reading this as I could not put it down. I loved every bit of this moving story. I loved the history, I loved all of the characters, every single one...and of course the epic love story. I laughed and I cried (and I don't consider myself a crier). A very moving read that I could not recommend more. Excellent!
  • Katia M. Davis
    This book could have been so much more powerful. To me, it read like fan fiction. I didn't really feel emotionally invested in the characters, everything was handed to us on a platter with explanations and being told what the characters were thinking after dialogue. The overuse of adverbs didn't help either. I didn't have to think as the reader or build an impression of the characters from what they were saying or what they did. A lot of the time...
  • Tony Hisgett
    I thought this was an excellent story, both because of the historical information and the personal story of the individual women.I already knew about the British equivalent to the WASP, the Air Transport Auxiliary that had 166 women pilots, but had no idea there was such a massive equivalent in America.As well as the romance, the story of the women also included quite a few other interesting aspects about the bigotry towards gender, race and sexu...
  • Aris Duarte
    My number one book I have read so far. I know I love all the books that I have been reading since christas but this one, oh boy, it makes me cry of even remembering the story and just now I was telling to my wife about it and I started crying, it's THAT GOOD.This book was a surprise from my wife, I didn't expected and it was the most amazing, heart breaking, wonderful book I have read in a while. Lily and Helen gave me heart eyes, game a heart at...
  • Cynthia
    Very poorly written (was it even proofread?). The characters are likeable enough, but everything is too unrealisticly rosy and fluffy (not that I like forced angst or anything, but this felt like an idealized view of the time, even the issue of men's oppression of women is treated in a superficial and fluffy manner, explaining it with ignorance rather than power and hate). What I hated the most is the very white mindset: everything is whitesplain...
  • Neha Prasad
    This was an amazing story! I didn't expect it to be this good. I love historical fiction and this book delivered and then some. I read a couple of other books from this genre but was disappointed. I actually thought that this book was going to be along those lines...but I'm glad it wasn't. It was very well written, I couldn't put it down and stayed up all night to read it. It honestly had me smiling while I was reading it. And it wasn't your norm...
  • Beachgirl1969
    Wonderful surpriseI not only learned how amazing this women were, I was deeply moved by their story. Beautifully written giving us a rare incite into the era these remarkable pilots. I wanted to believe this story, it felt so real. Their bond was magnetic and wildly sexy.I recommend you make time for this one , you won't want to put it down.
  • Debra Todd
    WONDERFUL read.I could not put this book down. Such a fantastic read. Such a fantastic love story. Such a fantastic history lesson. Well done.Perhaps the author needs to go through this book again and fix the grammatical error’s. They didn’t take away from the book but it definitely needs re-looked at.
  • Carly
    The premise of this book was really interesting - I'm intrigued to learn more about WASPs. I enjoyed the characters she created, and the challenges they faced that were true to the time period. That said, I couldn't get past the significant number of typos and grammatical mistakes throughout the pages.
  • Len
    Wow. Stories like this, about love that lasts a lifetime make me question myself how I’m faring in the love department, and ponder on how will it be in the next decades. It makes me hopeful. Anyway, I’m glad I finally read this book. The author sure knows how to write a good one. 5 stars. Happy landings!
  • Kelly Ding
    Ms Munro’s best bookBrilliant from the first word till it’s last. The love story was so sweet (who says only heterosexual couples who grow old together are the real deal) the characters in the book were endearing and i wish I was there with the lot of them! Ms Munro, it’s been a while since your last book. Please continue to enchant us.
  • Natalie O'Connor
    Just brilliantI really liked HP Munros other books and this was just as good. The characters in this and all of the other books are so well written and well developed. The story was different to what I usually read and gave a different perspective to the war period. Definately recommended!
  • sarah king
    Deserves more than 5What a wonderful story. It's full of love and laughter. It's got the perfect amount tense, thrilling moments. I can not believe anyone who would not enjoy this story! This was my first time reading something from Ms. Munro and I'm so glad I gave her a chance. Now I'm on the hunt to find more from this talented author 😊
  • Bethany I Schryburt
    Hot Heartwarming and HistoricMy partner and I read this book for a book club. It fleshed out the characters of three strong women during WWII in the USA. At times the sex scenes were so descriptive that fans were needed, so perhaps there is an age limit. It is very well written and reveals the lack of true women in history, the hidden heroes. I would love to suggest this as a good-hearted for any open-minded adult.