Holy Bible by Anonymous

Holy Bible

Great for all ages! All the majesty of the Authorized King James Version in a beautiful Black Leatherflex (Imitation Leather) Binding. The words of Christ are printed in red and names are written in a self-pronouncing way. This edition features an easy-to-use illustrated Bible dictionary and concordance, which adds to your understanding of the Scriptures. Full-color endpaper maps illuminate the Bible text. This edition is ideal for gift-giving si...

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TitleHoly Bible
Release DateJan 15th, 2008
GenreReligion, Classics, Nonfiction, Christian, Christianity, History, Philosophy, Reference, Spirituality, Theology

Reviews Holy Bible

  • J.G. Keely
    I usually like historical fiction, but this particular example has been so mitigated by the poorly-hidden didactic tautology of its too-many-cooks legion of anonymous authors and editors that it was rather difficult to enjoy. It also fell into a similar trap to the somewhat similar 'Da Vinci Code', in that it utilized a lot of poorly-researched materials and claimed them as fact. A lot of the data matched up poorly with other historical accounts,...
  • Dennis
    Badly edited, poor continuity and internal consistency. Authors seem to change between books. Plot is cliched and thin, with virtually no character development save for Judas Iscariot. The main characters of Jesus and Moses are entirely one dimensional messianic figures. The novel opens with Adam and Eve, and then ignores them for the next thousand pages or so. The built-in bookmark was a nice touch, but a little pretentious.Oddly, it wasn't shel...
  • Jessica
    The Holy, Inspired and inerrant word of God! I can say no more than READ IT! I believe in one God, the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth, and of all things visible and invisible. And in one Lord Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son of God, begotten of the Father before all worlds; God of God, Light of Light, very God of very God; begotten, not made, being of one substance with the Father, by whom all things were made. Who, for us men for...
  • Jeff Menter
    God's first foray into the world of literature has made quite a splash. People the world over are talking about this book (or series of books if you want to get pedantic) and for good reason; It makes some grandiose claims, it purports to be the complete authority on almost all areas of human endeavor (aside from how to choose an internet service provider), and even makes threats to the reader.Of course, English is not God's native tongue and thi...
  • Dina
    If you're a fan of Greek mythology, this one's for you. A penchant for fiery places, gnashing of teeth, the number 666, miracle-working zombies, and utter disdain for homosexuals and feminism are helpful, but not required.**Spoiler alert**He dies in the end.
  • Manny
    I've already done a review of the New Testament, so this one will focus on the first part of the book. Looking at other reviews, most of them seem to fall into a small number of categories. First, there are the people who are telling me that this is the word of God, and the greatest book ever written. Second, there are the ones reacting to the first group and telling me that it's worthless. Third (probably the largest contingent), we have the wis...
  • Wes
    Certainly not life changing or anything. The plot was hard to follow and the editing was horrible. The characters were painfully one-dimensional and this Jesus guy delivered some of the worst dialogue I've ever read. All in all I found it too long and it took itself way too seriously. The fact that it sells so well is beyond me and the way people hold it up you'd think God himself had written the damn thing.
  • Max
    As a work of fiction it's laughably bad and poorly conceived. Giant logical fallacies, poor character development, and all the plots are scuttled by a magical, invisible entity that's petty, cruel, tyrannical, and amoral. There is no central narrative that is worthwhile (or even believable), and each of the chapters seem written by committee rather than a singular voice. Clearly the book was so bad to begin with a team of editors had to step in a...
  • Adrienne
    This is the only book you need for life. This is life's instruction manual. It will give you history, answers for EVERY issue of life, comfort in times of sorrow, encouragment, prophecy (only book with prophecies that all came true) and best of all the TRUTH of why we are here. This book is actually made of 66 books written by 40 authors over 1500 years!! It has stood the test of time. I encourage anyone to give it a try. Please do not knock it t...
  • Jack Osider
    I offer a a logical review for you:Okay let's be realistic here, people who give this book one star are simply biased and blind to the beauty contained in this book. Whether you believe the theology behind this book or not you cannot deny the power and brilliance it contains. The whole idea of living is centered around the idea of love. A book with the phrase "Love you enemy" is a book unlike any before it. The poetry and proverbs are inspiring a...
  • George
    What to say about this one? Firstly, it is much longer than it needs to be to get the point across. I mean, do we really need a few thousand pages to basically communicate the ten commandments and how God is scary, and a few thousand more to communicate that Jesus is good? I think the problem here is that there wasn't enough editing over the years. Editing was only performed by popes and kings to rewrite history the way they wanted it to go. Toda...
  • Chris
    Too much sex and violence for me.
  • RB
    The word of God? Unlikely.Inventive and full of interesting stories? Most definitely yes.But alas, I believe in Science, not fiction.Also let's not forget about all the condoning of rape, murder and pillaging that this book is full of - especially in the Old Testament. It's disgusting to think that people call this "The Good Book" and hold it sacred.*EDIT*By popular demand, here are just a few (obvious) references - did my best to find the Englis...
  • Melanie
    I just finished a 1 1/2 year study of The New Testament. I think it was my 2nd time reading it all the way through. This 2nd time through was a much more in-depth study. I loved my study and I learned so much. My favorites parts were reading about Paul and then the Book of Revelation. Revelation has always fascinated me and so it was very interesting to really dig in and satiate my curiosity. One of my favorite verses is in Revelations 21:4, "And...
  • Paul Bryant
    I realised that in my house books follow a traditional Christian path through their lives. They arrive here from a mysterious place far away (I call it Amazon) and spend a long time downstairs (on shelves, the earthly plane of existence). Eventually they come to the Day of Judgement (when I read them). After that the judgement is pronounced (Goodreads!) and they are sorted into the sheep (three to five star ratings) and the goats (one and two sta...
  • Jen
    The Holy Bible is the written world inspired by God and written by many who walked and talked with God over the past 6000 years. The creation of man, man's fall, God's plan of salvation, the prophets, judges, kings. Christ and his disciples and his ordained Apostles and their works. The Bible is the human handbook of instruction for our daily life. It holds out hope it teaches truth, it shows us the comforter and how to walk uprightly in truth an...
  • Kim
    What can you say about one of the most boring books of all time, yet still tops the charts for best-selling fiction. Firstly the writing style is atrocious. It's like twenty guys were only given part of the story and told to make it up and make it all fit. The inconsistencies are everywhere. They really needed a better editor. And with so many different cooks the styles are everywhere. From dry accountant listing everything person and every thing...
  • Ian
    A Bible You Can Bank OnMy dear HolinessThank you for the opportunity to let the Church's Bankers comment on such an early draft of this first Bible Project.While our familiarity with the Truth is more economical than theological, may we be so bold as to make the following recommendations after extensive consultation and debate.Concerning Matters of NumberWe were of the unanimous view that the Good Book only needs one Testament, not two.If the Bib...
  • Pete
    inconsistent narrative; main character seems fickle. interminably long passages about wandering, followed by some pearls of wisdom, songs, lots of war, and plenty of stonings. passages can be interpreted or misinterpreted as mysogynistic, racist, and homophobic, if the reader tries real hard. apparently, every sperm is, in fact, "sacred". evolution and genetics called into question without convincing arguments or statistical data. last chapter se...
  • Jonny
    If it wasn't for the fact that some people actually took it seriously, this book would be a fantastic read. It's action packed, full of death and destruction, as well as advocating murder, vengeance, wars, sacrifice and rape, and even the stoning of adulterers and homosexuals - it's definetly a thrilling (if somewhat disturbing) read!However, if you wish to read the original stories, then you may want to refer to Mithraic holy scripts, which pred...
  • Carrie
    1 Million Bibles are sold every week.....4.7 billion sold....no other book comes anywhere near that record!It is unique.I find it strange that some say, 'I don't believe the Bible' that's like saying 'I don't believe History'...go to the British Museum and see for yourself all the artifacts and the Biblical references to the places mentioned in the Bible.So many lovers of William Shakespeare do not seem to be aware of the fact that the Bard took ...
  • Mary
    The Holy Bible—the Book of all Books. A guidebook for life: “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” Explicitly shows God’s love for humanity in the sacrificial Gift of His Son – Jesus Christ. Explains in simplicity what a man must do to be saved. “Seek ye out of the book of the LORD, and read: no one of these shall fail…” Isaiah 34:16
  • Chris
    I felt this book had a very scattered perspective. Almost as if there were several different authors. The editing could have been better in order to eliminate the dry spots. (Begat, begat, begat, etc.... Boooooring.) Solomon's Song.... ??? What the heck was that all about. Also there were several highly unlikely characters. People living 900 Years?? 9 foot tall giants?? I'm dead, wait I'm not?? It's MY baby, no it's MY baby. Moms... wouldn't you ...
  • Michael
    I guess it's pretty cheeky to give the Bible a bad review, but why not?It's boring, self-contradictory, petty, and mean.I only read it out of some kind of weird obligation to understand how the other 98% lives.I did learn a lot, however.If guests come by and want to rape my angel, I will let them rape my daughter. So say we all!
  • Shane Lusher
    Poor prose, plot disjointed, internal logic flawed, no verisimilitude whatever. From a literary perspective, whether you're analyzing based on the idea that it's fiction or nonfiction. Most of it doesn't make sense. Worth reading because it's the basis of modern western civilization (along with the Torah, but I haven't read that), but also because you will find so much of it that has not been quoted that is just so...strange. So many things that ...
  • Amy
    The "LDS Edition" is great because of the footnotes and reference pages at the back that make it easier to study-- but as long as it's the King James Version it is good by me! :)(I'm not a big fan of all these new-fangled Bibles where they use hip and simple words. There were enough things changed and left out by previous translators!! I don't think we need MORE people interpreting and "simplifying" the word of the Lord.)
  • Juan Hovez
    I really don't get what the big deal is. The dialouge is wooden at best, and the love stories are stapled on. The gay zombie knife fight at the top of a waterfall is almost worth slogging through the Book of Obadiah, but I admit I just skipped ahead. The One True Faith? Maybe for the Reader's Digest crowd, but I just couldn't buy it.