The Power of Story by Jim Loehr

The Power of Story

YOUR STORY IS YOUR LIFE In The Power of Story, the bestselling coauthor of The Power of Full Engagement examines the way we tell stories about ourselves to ourselves -- and, most importantly, the way we can change those stories to transform our business and personal lives.All of us continually tell ourselves stories that profoundly effect how others see us and we see ourselves -- stories of success or failure, power or victimhood; about our...

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TitleThe Power of Story
Release DateSep 18th, 2007
PublisherSimon & Schuster Audio
GenreBusiness, Nonfiction, Self Help, Personal Development, Psychology, Productivity

Reviews The Power of Story

  • Merrick
    Jim Loehr describes how stories create meaning for our lives and provide context for our experiences. Most notably, the stories we tell to and about ourselves create our destiny. Loehr asserts that individuals must create new stories and those stories can only become reality with full engagement, including one’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy. To become fully realized, new stories must become unconscious habits and rituals gr...
  • Jen
    I was initially disappointed that this book focused so much on business or work performance. However, in the later part of the book, I saw how what he was proposing, his fundamental tenet, that we focus on energy (that is, health) rather than time, would be revolutionary if it were implemented on a wide scale. The work place would change drastically. The structure, the simplistically punative systems, the oversight, all of these things would have...
  • Kate
    This is funny because the title, in big letters on both the cover and the title page is: The Power of STORY: Rewrite your destiny in Business and in Life. Maybe the title got changed between publications. I truly loved this book, and I can feel myself already changing in small ways to achieve what I want out of my life.
  • Danny Hui
    My review:I recently took a landmark course, and it showed these concepts in a practical sense. We live our lives as a story. And often times we misinterpret what happens to us, viewing what happens as the single source of truth. Usually, we color that story as negative. Why did I have to fail that test? That instructor had it out for me. Etc... This book goes over how we view these stories and gives some direction on how to change it up.What I r...
  • Kathy Keating
    I found this book to be a great recipe for reconnecting with ourselves along multiple dimensions (work, family, health). It helps us reconnect with and build habits to optimize our energy along these dimensions. The health advice is outdated per current science, but the intent of that section is still spot-on. This book is better read, not listened to/audiobook. There are many exercises that would be difficult to grasp in audio format, and there ...
  • Kristin
    Great concept - the most important story we tell ourselves is our own story. What is dysfunctional about our current story? What in our story is keeping us from going where we want to go in our life? What is our Ultimate Mission? What new story can we create that has the 3 essential pieces of good story telling: purpose, truth, and hope-filled action. The exercises in the last 30 pages of the book sums it all up pretty nicely and you could take a...
  • Stephanie
    The best practical advice I got from this book was the idea that the stuff which consumes you becomes part of your story (negative thinking begone); and as far as figuring out your purpose, thinking in terms of what you would want engraved on your epitaph. Three stars because the book just wasn't for me, but I think anyone who is far more business minded would enjoy this book.
  • Steve Garvin
    A wise, well-written look at how the story we imagine for ourselves and the story we create for ourselves are often at odds with one another. Loehr, doesn't stop at revealing that gap, though. He provides the structure by which his organization helps their clients get back on track with the story they want to be telling, not just settle for the story that isn't working.
  • Joshua Key
    This book will convince you to take a hard, honest look at yourself and feel good about it.I like how he addresses the importance of dealing with your demons, while emphasizing forward movement at the same time. Both are important.
  • Helen Biersack
    This one caught me off guard because it is set up so that you do work WHILE you read it. I need to re-read it and do the work this time. I think everyone must read this book!
  • Jon
    some tough discussions here about work life balance. key take aways spend the the energy you have on what you are doing, multitasking doesn't help. exercise helps better sleep
  • Teri Temme
    Great motivation to re-write your story 🤗
  • Michael Lodl
    Good nuggets, but not a page turner.
  • Ietrio
    Crappy dialogue in a messy text. Loehr seems incapable of writing fiction or non-fiction, hence this book that is neither.
  • Toby
    This is a good book with a lot of down to earth ideas. In some ways, it seems to be the practical side of a lot of the ideas that move through therapy and self-help circles. Therapy minus the touchy-feely stuff that makes it harder for a lot of people to swallow. In essence, stop telling yourself lies, tell yourself the truth and take action! Also, I like the practical way that Loehr helps to make that happen. A lot of books have a lot of ideas, ...
  • Manu
    A very in-depth research into the concept of a "story" by Loehr. This book is totally focused on an individual's life story rather than on the art of storytelling (like in other books on story). I felt that this book is more about self evaluation to understand one's purpose in life, how to be totally true about it and what should be done in towards realization of that true purpose. The idea is to do soul searching on 3 parameters: purpose of life...
  • Deepak Chaudhary
    I liked this book but not as much as his other one "The power of full engagement" which was just amazing. but the book was great still it was a bit boring for a bit atleast that is what I thought but it was quite informative and provided an awesome way to look at your own life and evaluate whether at the end of your life you would consider yourself a success " In your own eyes .... according to what your values are". the book explains how in the ...
  • Teresa
    I didn't "devour" this book - I found the material repetitive & the writing style not very interesting. Maybe I didn't need 200+ pages to drive home the point that what you tell yourself & others about YOU is very much tied to our success and failure. I was glad for the reminder that how we see ourselves - our "story" - is self-fulfilling but I didn't need chapters of explanations or examples to assist me in identifying ways I might be hard-codin...
  • Sandi
    Just skimmed this book in several hours and downloaded the 8 Steps of Storyboarding the Transformation Process.The basic premise is that we need to be honest with ourselves about what our story really is before we can make meaningful changes in our lives. You must create your ultimate mission, or the purpose; what moves you to action. Your inner voice matters - need to give yourself positive self-talk.We should focus more on energy rather than ti...
  • Steve Bivans
    Why does our world seem so negative? Why do we struggle so hard to achieve our dreams only to see them disappear? Jim Loehr's book goes right to the heart of the matter, or the mind of the matter would probably be more accurate. According to Loehr it is our internal stories that hold us back. Our stories are flawed, filled with negative, false images of ourselves and those around us. In order to reach our true destiny in life, we must first artic...
  • Glenn Hunter
    Jim Loehr effectively reiterated his premise that energy, not time, is the most valuable commodity in self-improvement. He emphasized the premise that personal success is driven by owning and improving your individual story. Furthermore, he provided tools to reinforce the exercises that he described as leading to personal fulfillment. His ideas seemed valid, and I have implemented more attention to rituals. Overall, the book contributed sound adv...
  • Rosa Frei
    Your story is your destiny!Is the story you're telling (publicly and inwardly to yourself) bringing you towards your goals? Do you live the life that is aligned with your purpose and goals? If not, this book is a great help to get you where you want to be. The author teaches a straightforward approach how you can define your purpose in life (Ultimate Mission), identify you're Old Story, write a New Story, and write a Training Mission (hope-filled...
  • Nick
    The Power of Story is really a mis-titled self-help book about how positive thinking can change your life for the better. Loehr tells the reader to make up a new story about herself in order to change the future. If you've been unable to get ahead, for example, it's probably because you tell yourself, 'I can't get ahead'. So change your story to -- wait for it -- 'I can get ahead'. It seems like a forced use of the concept of story, though all th...
  • Zsolt
    I read this book number of times and I have approached several people to do the writing exercise with. For years, everyone who picked up the book in my circles told me it is great, and how much they are interested to read it. To date nobody ever followed through with the writing exercises that I know of. Presently I am working on the exercises alone and still looking for an equally or more motivated person than I to do the work, laid out by Dr. L...
  • Janet
    I think this book has a good message and positive overtone about the power of the mind and the things you tell yourself and others about YOU. I'm interested in it, even though I've only just begun. Currently reading a few self-help type books and this one ranks up there for me. Hoping it keeps my interest the further I get into it.
  • Taylor Cline
    I listen to this on tape and the author had a very annoying way of telling a story. Yes irony from a book about story. But the book is about presenting yourself in a better light, to you and others around you. Especially using positive motivation to move yourself toward your goals. I just didn't enjoy the presentation of the book.
  • Lily
    mostly a lot of thought and not a lot of action. I don't need any help doing that. not really a business book, more like a self-help / reflection book. for people who don't know what their lives are about. such as twenty year olds.
  • Erin Wicomb
    A little fluffy for me but great concept of how we are not what we think we are we are more than that and we can change who we are by simply changing our stories and beliefs we tell ourselves daily, emphasis on habits in this book were good too.
  • Marcel
    I'm not sure it was necessary to read this book after reading the Power of Full Engagement. It ended up being something of a refresher course. What more can I say? Come to think of it, that's probably what Mr. Loehr was thinking to himself as he was writing it, too.