A Quilt for Christmas by Sandra Dallas

A Quilt for Christmas

In Sandra Dallas' novel A Quilt for Christmas, it is 1864 and Eliza Spooner's husband Will has joined the Kansas volunteers to fight the Confederates, leaving her with their two children and in charge of their home and land. Eliza is confident that he will return home, and she helps pass the months making a special quilt to keep Will warm during his winter in the army. When the unthinkable happens, she takes in a woman and child who have been lef...

Details A Quilt for Christmas

TitleA Quilt for Christmas
Release DateOct 14th, 2014
PublisherSt. Martin's Press
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Holiday, Christmas, Fiction, Military History, Civil War

Reviews A Quilt for Christmas

  • Carol
    3.5 Stars "There is indeed an awfulness to being alone." I must admit I was not really looking forward to reading another bookclub pick with the dreaded word QUILT in the title (sorry girls), but Sandra Dallas' A QUILT FOR CHRISTMAS was a pleasant surprise.It is a story of courageous women left behind to fend for themselves, their children and each other during the horrendous Civil War of 1864 when hiding slaves and survival was commonplace. And,...
  • Carole
    A heartwarming Christmas story set in civil war times. I liked Eliza and the circle of friends she quilted with. She took in a widow, Missouri Ann Stark, and the women ran the farm while the men were away in battle. I enjoy reading books set back in time when attitudes and thinking we're so proper, and ways were much simpler. Recommended for reading after a busy day of Christmas preparations!
  • Connie G
    I was in the mood for a book with a quilting theme after visiting a quilt exhibit at the New Britain Museum of American Art recently. A Quilt for Christmas is a book about strong women during the Civil War era. Their husbands were soldiers with the Kansas Volunteers, and some were killed in the battlefield. The women treasured their monthly quilting meetings because their friendships with other women helped keep their spirits up. A Stars and Stri...
  • Don
    Sandra Dallas is a fine storyteller, that is a high compliment. Her books are well researched and extremely well written.Her stories tend to be too "woman-y" in storyline for me, at least usually, but the writing is so fine I have to read them. A Quilt for Christmas is no exception.Not fodder for the Hallmark Channel at all, I enjoyed this book no less than others by Dallas. It is not a Christmas story, nor a story about quilts. Those are devices...
  • Fran
    It was a quick fun read. It was perfect for the holiday season, as that the story begins during the final year of the Civil War with the making of a quilt, and ends with that same quilt coming home with an unexpected stranger the following year. The story's final chapter is set Christmas the year following. I really enjoyed it, and recommend it as a holiday read for anyone who enjoys either romance and/or historical fiction.
  • LemonLinda
    I received this via Goodreads First reads in exchange for an honest review.I won this several months but saved it to read at Christmas and although not a Christmas read per SE, it did have a good Christmas message of home, family, forgiveness and tolerance. It was not a deep book, but one with a simple, straightforward moral lesson where enemies become friends and deep-seated vengeance and hatred gives way to kindness and understanding. Set in th...
  • Margaret
    I was undecided if I should give this book three or four stars, most likely it is a 3.5 for me. The story was very interesting though I do question the use of down for stuffing the quilt sent to her husband. Reason being is that down when wet, is useless (for warmth) and I am sure if a quilt is sent to a soldier in the Civil War, it would encounter some rain. That part made me really question the author's research, but again perhaps I am wrong on...
  • Krista
    Thank you to the publisher for the ARC. I have to say this was not my favorite of Sandra Dallas' books. Her characters are usually SO well-drawn, but Eliza fell a little flat for me. The supporting characters felt a bit more vibrant. I would have liked to know more about the story of Clara, and even Missouri Ann. I did enjoy it and it was a quick read, I just still think it wasn't as good as The Bride's House or True Sisters. Now I do have to rea...
  • Amanda
    Sweet story in Civil War era. I finished it in three days, so I’d say it was a page turner.
  • Theresa
    All one would have to do is take a trip through my Goodreads shelves to know without a doubt Sandra Dallas is one of my most favorite authors. Her writing and word choice flows so easily and I find myself reading her work very quickly. This book was no exception. It was a fast paced historical fiction account of a Kansas family dealing with the realities of the Civil War. There were several quilt references as one might expect in a book named "A ...
  • TL
    I received this via Goodreads First reads in exchange for an honest review----- enjoyed this one:) It's a quick read with wonderful characters. I also liked the setting during the civil war...I admired Eliza's and Missouri Ann's courage and strength throughout thr book. They never backed down and stood up for themselves and others (especially against a certain despicable family.)Loved the other ladies in the quilting group, I would not have the p...
  • Mary
    If you are a fan of Sandra Dallas’s The Persian Pickle Club you’ll be pleased to know that the characters in Eliza’s quilting group are grandmothers of the Persian Pickle Club ladies. I haven’t read The Persian Pickle Club but I’m certainly tempted to now that I’ve read A Quilt for Christmas.Sandra Dallas had me riveted to her story. My Great(3x) Grandfather Stephen came to the US from Ireland, settled in Wisconsin and fought for the ...
  • Ronna
    For me, this is one of Sandra Dallas' best books. The interaction between those in need, forgiveness between enemies, and the companionship between women in war times was especially well done.During the last year of the USA Civil War, Eliza Spooner and her two children are waiting out the war times missing their husband and father. Will is a loving and compassionate man who has joined the Union Army. At home, Eliza takes in a war widow and her ba...
  • Lisa
    The title is about a quilt for Christmas, which the story is about. The story, though, is more so about what the Civil War did to those left behind while the husbands went to fight in the war, North versus South. The feelings, how the women coped left alone to farm and take care of their families, the hardships they went through during the course of the war.In 1864 Eliza Spooner’s husband, Will, joined the Kansas Volunteers to fight the Confede...
  • Barb Martin
    As always, Sandra Dallas crafted a sweet little story that passed quickly. This tale, about a woman whose husband has left their farm to fight for the Union in the Civil War, has her classic touches: good women friends who bond over quilts, troubles from folks who mean them harm and a chance to show their character and level of friendship. There were a couple of surprising twists and an ending that seemed appropriate, although perhaps a tad unlik...
  • BookishStitcher
    A Christmas story set during the American civil war that deals with families, love, and forgiveness. The writing was okay and the plot was good. It's probably not a story that will stick in my mind for long.
  • Amy
    I really enjoyed this book. I look forward to reading more by this author. A good historical read. 5 stars.
  • Loraine
    This is the story of 5 strong women whose husbands have left Kansas to serve in the Union Army during the Civil War. They support one another as they raise their children, birth new babies, sow the fields, and harvest the crops. They take a break once a month to meet together and quilt, but they continue to quilt at home as well. Eliza Spooner's husband, Will, has gone off to fight. The first Christmas he is gone, she sends a special quilt that s...
  • Kari
    I am on a roll with the Christmas books this year!This one I picked up three years ago, autographed personally by Sandra Dallas when I met her at a Women Writing the West conference. Set in Kansas during the Civil War, Eliza is a strong farmers wife who loses her husband to the War, soon after he receives the Christmas quilt she made for him. This story is a story of survival and perseverance on the plains; friendship and family.
  • Elizabeth Meadows
    I really enjoyed this Civil War era drama. The book was set in Kansas and featured people left on the home front during the civil war with all of the difficulties of the time period. I have read 4 other books by the author and this one just became my favorite.
  • Carlissa
    I read this book for an A-Z challenge I'm doing for one of the groups I'm in here at Goodreads. I enjoyed reading this story about a group of quilters during the Civil War.
  • writer...
    Rigors of war, for family left to survive farming alone at home and for husband fighting on the battlefield, descriptively expressed by husband , Will's letters home. Narrated by Pilar Witherspoon, authenticity and anxieties carried admirably for this Civil War story set in Kansas.#CSReadathon 2018
  • Sharon Huether
    In 1864 William Spooner left his home in Kansas with the Kansas Volunteers to fight the confederates.While will is away his wife Eliza starts making him a patriotic Christmas Quilt, with down batting.Eliza takes in Missouri Ann and her daughter when she escapes from her abusive in-laws.Eliza also helps a negro slave woman from getting caught and sent back to her master. Eliza had such a gift for helping others.After Eliza's husband Will, die in b...
  • Joanne G.
    The Civil War left women to care for their families and farms. Eliza Spooner's husband joined the Union side full of passion and zeal, but she didn't get to choose the task of running the farm with her young son and daughter, trying to keep food on the table and danger at bay. Yet, when another widow, Missouri Ann, and her baby are in desperate straits, Eliza takes them in. She yearns for the end of the war and the return of her husband to give h...
  • Roberta
    I won the ARC and absolutely Loved this book. It is a period piece that take places during the civil war. Unfortunately it does show the horrors of war but also show the strength and compassion of those who were left behind. BEWARE I have spoiled part of the book below.The main character is Eliza and she has 2 children. Eliza's husband Will goes to fight the Confederates and she is left to raise the children and maintain their farm. She makes a q...
  • Marleen
    A Christmas Quilt tells the story of a circle of courageous women who are left behind on their farms in a time of war. In this case the men joining the Kansas Volunteers fighting for the Union in the Civil War. Overall, I thought the story-telling came across as a tiny bit simplistic, but still enormously touching. I especially liked when Eliza and her children read the letters they received from her husband, Will, fighting on the front. Those le...
  • PopcornReads
    Book Review & Giveaway: I get all nostalgic when I read historical holiday themed novels, so I was very interested when I saw A Quilt for Christmas by bestselling and award-winning author Sandra Dallas. If you’ve read Ms. Dallas’ novel, The Persian Pickle Club, you might recognize some of the characters in this novel as their ancestors. If not, no worries because this is a stand-alone novel.I’m in awe of people who, when the country was sti...
  • Anna
    Eliza Spooner and her husband Will moved to Kansas from Ohio soon after their wedding. They have worked hard to establish their farm, and provide for their two children, Davy and Luzena. When Will joins the Union Army to fight the South, Davy at fourteen must step up to help Eliza with their farm. Life is difficult, winter is settling in, and it will soon be Christmas. Eliza has made a beautiful quilt for Will to keep him warm and remind him of h...
  • Judy
    Chalk up another great read from Sandra Dallas. This isn't a Christmas story per se. It's a story of love, family and sacrificing for those you love. Dallas writes with true heart and give us a personal look of how the Civil war affects the life of Eliza when her husband joins the Union Army. She makes a quilt for Christmas to help keep him warm. Eliza and their two children manage to run the farm in Kansas, but with sacrifice. She welcomes a you...
  • Katie
    A beautiful tale of love and forgiveness set in the time of the Civil War, from the perspective of Northern soldiers' wives. Held together by friendship and support, the women provide safety, companionship, and help to each other while their husbands are gone. But as the husbands begin to return home, new challenges arise. Those who have been widowed now feel more alone than ever, while others are reunited with husbands that carry the scars and b...