The Wallflower 33 by Tomoko Hayakawa

The Wallflower 33

NEW BEGINNINGS Noi and Takenaga clash on a group date at the amusement park! There’s no time for love when it’s an all out battle! And the trouble doesn’t end there when a New Years Eve countdown party at the Nakahara mansion turns into a scene of chaos. With giant crabs and hoards of savage girls, will Sunako and the boys ever make it out of the year alive?!

Details The Wallflower 33

TitleThe Wallflower 33
Release DateAug 26th, 2014
PublisherKodansha Comics
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Romance, Graphic Novels, Humor, Comedy, Shojo

Reviews The Wallflower 33

  • Sarah ~Sehrenity~
    The scenes with the giant crab cracked me up!
  • H.K.
    Enjoyable as always, but I'm still waiting for Sunako to grow a little bit and admit her feelings for Kyohei. Someday!
  • Evee
    I have a sinking feeling that this is gonna end with the ship never sailing. Even when I THINK they're close I get freaking fooled. I got to say all the other guy's ships are sailing just fine. They're way more satisfying to read than our main ship T-T. My prediction is that at the end Sunako will probably be a "lady" but like she and Kyouhei will just be "friends" until the end. At least with the progress we've seen so far that is the only logic...
  • Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)
    Good volume.
  • Victoria
    It is a great book to read
  • Alex
    I forgot how much these books make me smile!
  • Thetravelingpanda
    I am still waiting for things to move between Kyohei and Sunako. What really annoyed me in this volume was the whole Noi-Takenaga drama at the amusement park, when I saw that it was taking place at the amusement park I thought "great finally a romantic scene where Kyohei and Sunako are going to have lots of fun" but it was clouded by this annoying couple. Well mostly an annoying girl, Noi. I don't know why I dislike her that much, maybe her attit...
  • Rach
    I used to read this manga on and off, but was always a little frustrated by how slowly the relationships developed. When I realized it had finally come to an end, I decided to pick up the last several volumes so I could finish off the series and at least know how it ends.This volume was pretty fun - My favorite relationship has always been Kyohei and Sunako's, especially once Kyohei fell in love with her. I love how their darker sides fit togethe...
  • Yue
    Three excellent chapters and one so-so.The fist and last one were my favorites. One where Takenaga and Noi-chi have a little misunderstanding -again-. Takenaga acts like a cold boyfriend, Noi-chi cries and leaves like a drama queen, and Takenaga has to do something chivalrious to win her back. Ahh the fights between these two never fail. They are so funny.The last one is a movie production, with the visit of the director "Mim" Burton. Sunako will...
  • Lea
    I liked this series. But it's very repetitive.
  • May
    Omg I can't even read it. She just wrote a story just like one from a few books ago!! Sigh. Might be the end.
  • Amy Gideon
    I'm not sure why I keep reading this series. There hasn't been any plot development in ages. And yet here I am still reading it.