One Foot In Heaven by Heidi Telpner

One Foot In Heaven

People die everyday. While most people in America die in a hospital, many families choose hospice for end of life care. Death, as experienced by hospice nurses, can be beautiful, peaceful, humorous, touching, tragic, disturbing, and even otherworldly. Hospice nurses act as midwives to dying people every day. Death transforms not just the patient and family, but the hospice nurse as well. The stories in this book are presented with the hope that t...

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TitleOne Foot In Heaven
Release DateSep 27th, 2013
GenreNonfiction, Health, Reference, Research

Reviews One Foot In Heaven

  • Better Eggs
    The author is a hospice nurse, and this is about her experiences in the hospice with people who are not being nursed to get better, but being kept comfortable until they die. I've abandoned this book. To read and appreciate it I would need to be superstitious, some form of religious - is that a tautology, superstitious and religious? I'm an existentialist, I believe in the here and now and therefore am also a pragmatist. I am in no way 'spiritual...
  • Malissa
    My dad became a hospice patient two weeks ago. Thankfully, he only lived for a week under hospice care. My daddy wasn't going to rebound from the ugly cancer that was so quickly deteriorating his body. I came home from visiting him a few weeks ago and downloaded this book. I wanted to pull the curtain back and know more about hospice care. It was an interesting and informative read. I miss and love you, Daddy.
  • Beverly Diehl
    Excellent look at what hospice looks like from the eyes of a hospice nurse, and engagingly written. I found myself eagerly looking forward to the next story, macabre as that may sound. It's short (about 160 pages) but reasonably priced.There are good deaths, there are bad deaths, and there are needlessly awful deaths. I will never forget the description of the daughter who so desperately wanted to "help" her dying father that she tube fed liquids...
  • Muni
    Tough to read, honestly written. I am glad I read it after finding it in a charity shop a week ago. She really does tell it how it is. Very useful and informative for those of us facing the death of a loved one. This nurse is highly experienced, has been through a near death experience herself, which she describes and it is fascinating and I believe very accurate. Overall, it helps you to get into perspective the fact that every one of us faces d...
  • Giddy Girlie
    Like most other reviewers here, my life has been touched by the kind hearts and helping hands of hospice nurses and so I was very interested to hear about other experiences. In my case, I have only ever seen "good death" results (where the person died peacefully and in comfort) although I know that it is not a guarantee from any hospice service provider. Although I know that the job has changed significantly in the past few years (Ms. Telpner tou...
  • Sevenponds
    For the uninitiated, the concept of hospice may be hard to grasp. For one person it may involve involve a ward where a doctor sends a terminally ill patient at the end of his or her life. For another, it may be a philosophy held by a home-visit nurse who treats a dying patient. Whatever form hospice takes, it can be hard to understand what to expect before you or a loved one has been admitted to a hospice service. For this reason, “One Foot in ...
  • Kristin
    While this is a sad book in that you know all of the patients nurse Telpner talks about are going to die, I appreciated her sharing of the stories so that readers could see that hospice can be a positive experience, particularly when the patient and caregiver connect in such a way that allows the patient's final wants and needs to be addressed appropriately. Five years ago, after my mother's death after a long illness and the intervention of the ...
  • Crystal
    From the very first page I was hooked. Whether discussing details of someone's death, their family dynamics, their home environments or their own idiosyncrasies, I eagerly read on, wanting to know more. The stories Ms. Telpner has shared with her readers evoked such a plethora of emotions. I laughed, I cried, I got angry, I was disgusted, and those intimately cohesive moments with her patients and their families were so strong in my heart they we...
  • Alice Fuller
    A very comforting readAs an RN who has worked as a hospice nurse I found this book to be a reassurance in allowing a person to "die with dignity". The author's stories are heartfelt and demonstrates the compassion and care a nurse faces every day. Helping patients and families face the final stage in life is a gift to be cherished. I highly recommend this book . It is a fast, easy read leaving the reader feeling good. I do agree with the author t...
  • Cathy
    I am glad I was given the opportunity to read this book. It's a lovely look at one hospice nurse's experiences with a number of specific patients, both positive and not-so-positive. It is a wonderful reminder for all of us that death is just as important a part of life as birth and that we all could do better to prepare for it and honor the process, whether we are the one dying or someone we love is dying. The collection of vignettes is interesti...
  • Mary Moore
    HOSPICE WITH A BIT OF HEAVEN INCLUDED!I loved everything about this book! At no time was I bored or uninterested! Even though I am not a nurse, I have always been interested in HOSPICE! I truly love being around people so I can help them. I love the stories they tell. I have empathy in all situations! There wasn't any part of this book or the stories she told that were sad,unbelievable or upsetting! There were so many different situations through...
  • Carol
    Anyone who has a relationship with a person who is terminally ill, will understand this book. I, like many others, have seen the wonders that Hospice nursing care can bring to the patient and the family. This book made me even more comfortable dealing with death than I was before. What "Angels" these people are! I will need care for a loved one in the near future, and thank God that these wonderful people will be available for both my husband and...
  • Deedra
    This is the story of one Hospice nurse,how she got to be a hospice nurse and the people she 'midwived' out of this world.It was interesting,well written and supposedly true.Lori Moran was a perfect choice to narrate this book.Her voice is calming and led to a great 'listen'.I was gifted a copy through Audioblast for an honest review.
  • Lee Credle
    Wonderful, heartwarming readI am currently helping a relative who has been referred to Hospice and this book helped me so very much. it is so hard to let anyone you love go but with the assistance of Hospice, the transition has been easier to take. I truly admire and respect this author as all Hospice workers who devote their lives to the patients and families.
  • Sandy
    Excellent, honest bookI loved it. I loved the honesty of the stories and, as a RN, I loved the way it was written. Very easy to follow and to understand. Thank you for sharing your incredible story.
  • Erika
    Great readAs a newer nurse interested in hospice this was a book that kept me enthralled from start to finish! The stories were so intriguing and showed the gritty side and the special art of nursing.
  • Lyvonne Hill
    Amazingly honest tales of a hospice nurseHeidi tells her experiences with grace and dignity. She honors both her occupation and her clients in a vivid recall of events and feelings.
  • Heidi
    The complex and often not talked about parts of Hospice are so clearly and concisely laid out with just the right mix of humor. A touching book that emanates in my soul and will change my earthly outlook on death forever!
  • Laurie
    Anyone who will have a parent or friend die needs to read this book! Very informative. Great bookAnyone who will have a parent or friend die or is afraid of during should read this book! Great book
  • Dawn Pittman
    very interesting. we always want to know how to deal with life but think very little of how we would deal with death. This was eye opening for me
  • Kristin Shick
    Fascinating to read the unique stories/experiences of patients upon their approach to death, told by a dedicated hospice nurse.
  • Shelley L. Bokum
    Hospice nursingEvery day that I went to work I could picture myMyselff in her shoes. We choose this work because it is meaningful to us..
  • April
    What a wonderful account of her amazing experiences in Hospice Nursing. Thank you for writing this book, Heidi.
  • Pamela Cox
    So inspiring
  • Manuel Aranas
    The best.I've read a lot of books about nursing and though I am an accounting graduate, I have always been interested in the medical field. Heidi's book gave me tons of knowledge as I am planning to work as a hospice volunteer in Las Vegas. She wrote clear and simple and she managed to even interject humor in some of her stories. This is one book you'll find hard to put away once you've started reading it. Thank you Heidi for imparting your wit a...
  • V-ann Davis
    Wonderful, yet heartwrenching, story written by a hospice nurse about some of the people she helped usher over into a peaceful death. Many of the stories I had to only read a page at a time as I was crying too hard to read more. The author has a real heart for the dying and it shows in her words.
  • Christy Petersen Holloway
    "All paths lead to truth. All roads lead to God". I thoroughly enjoyed this lovely memoir of a hospice nurse. Hospice is a beautiful transition from this life to the next and she captures the all dark and lovely moments. Truly a treasure for all nurses to read.
  • Danette Schmidt
    NursesI was once a HHA and CNA and know how hard it is to care for patients esp in Hospice. Nurses are underrated for sure. I loved the stories in your book esp the one about Marcus and Thomas ❤And esp the ones on heaven! NursesI was once a HHA and CNA and know how hard it is to care for patients esp in Hospice. Nurses are underrated for sure. I loved the stories in your book esp the one about Marcus and Thomas ❤️And esp the ones on heav...
  • Patricia Hankins
    Many feet in heavenThis is a great book. It's very informative about the hospice program and the stories will warm your thoroughly warm your heart.