City of Glass by Paul Karasik

City of Glass

Novel about a novelist named Quinn who's mistaken for a detective named Paul Auster and loses his mind and identity in the course of a meaningless case

Details City of Glass

TitleCity of Glass
Release DateFeb 3rd, 2005
PublisherFaber & Faber
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Fiction, Mystery

Reviews City of Glass

  • Kevin Kelsey
    Such a great adaptation of the Paul Auster novel. In the original City of Glass, the labyrinthine feel of the story was created through Auster's prose. In this adaptation, it's illustrated through beautifully creative visuals. It made me want to read Auster's book again, just to experience it through a new interpretive lens.
  • Orsodimondo
    ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES JACK A DULL BOYCredo che fosse il 1991, lanno in cui ho incontrato Paul Auster per la prima volta: La musica del caso.E fu subito amore. Amore grande: cerano in Auster umori che in letteratura mi sembravano insoliti, fuori, e oltre, che allepoca percepivo solo nel cinema (non per niente lesperienza cinematografica di Auster è sostanziosa e fortunata).Città di vetro era introvabile, così come la raccolta completa, la ...
  • Scott Mccloud
    Not only a fantastic, engrossing read, but also the most teachable comic I know. My students in a recent 9 week class took a deep dive into the book and found layers of depth even I was unaware of.It's also an adaptation that's true to the original, but does much more than merely illustrate the text. It uses every tool in the comics toolbox.
  • Sam
    the original City of Glass, by paul auster, was a book that i enjoyed greatly when i first read it. i thought it was really unique, a thoughtful, stylish blend of raymond chandler, kafka, and borges. i still like it, but it hasn't aged that well for me. a lot of what i thought was playfulness now seems precious, facile. the prose is polished, but by the same token oddly eroded, flat, sanded down. often it feels like auster doesn't actually inhabi...
  • Shannon
    This graphic novel was based on a novella by the same author and Comic Journals voted this in the top 100 for the 20th century. It's about a writer who takes on the role of his detective character to investigate a mystery but this choice sends him down a path of obsessive madness. It blurs the line between reality and fantasy and even identity as the author of this tale finds himself changing roles, stories and overall identities. The voices comi...
  • Mikheil
    Despite the fact I remembered original novel (including ending, etc.) by Paul Auster, I enjoyed having one day with this comic and think that it is worth reading. Brilliant from the very beginning to the very last page. The ideas of climbing inside an imaginary skin of someone you dont know, chasing the ghostly footsteps of unknown man, vanishing into the heart of megalopolis seem still catchy for me. While reading I remembered the first time I r...
  • George Georgiadis
    Θα ήταν πραγματικά αδύνατον το οποιοδήποτε graphic novel να φτάσει τα βάθη και τις λογοτεχνικές κορυφές της νουβέλας του Auster. Παρ'όλα αυτά, στο συγκεκριμένο έχει γίνει εξαιρετική δουλειά τόσο στην εικονογράφηση όσο και στην προσπάθεια να κρατηθεί το ύ...
  • blueisthenewpink
    [magyarul lentebb]On my journey of discovering graphic novels... just kidding, I have no intention of doing that. But I really liked this one. With a foreword by Maus's Art Spiegelman, City of Glass has a great story written amazingly (that should not come as a surprise, it's Auster after all), so it had a strong skeleton. But the graphics were not just illustrations either, they helped the story transform into something new. I found an original ...
  • João Carlos
    5 Estrelas GráficasLi o romance A Trilogia de Nova Iorque do escritor norte-americano Paul Auster (n. 1947) no início dos anos 90, uma obra inicialmente publicada em três partes (Cidade de Vidro, Fantasmas e O Quarto Fechado).Decorridos mais de vinte anos começo a ler Cidade de Vidro, uma novela gráfica, adaptada por Paul Karasik (n. 1956) e David Mazzucchelli (n. 1960), sob os auspícios de Art Spiegelman (n. 1948).A adaptação de um bom r...
  • Violet
    I haven't read the original book, but the story seems so unbelievable that I doubt I would enjoy it as a novel. The visuals of this graphic novel told the most interesting story, despite the loosely held together strings that are the existential plot. I didn't see the deconstruction of language in the story at all. I would describe the adaption of City of Glass (and possibly the novel itself) as Film Noir for 13 year-olds.
  • Casey McLaughlin
    Pure masturbation. Lots of build up with no closure. Lazy. Reminded me of the show "Lost", the endless questions keep you going until you realize they have given you no answers. Perfect bookshelf filler for the pseudo-intellectual.
  • Mattia Ravasi
    Video reviewHow do you move into a different medium a story that's written to remain stubbornly anchored to its native one?
  • Guilherme Smee
    Considero a adaptação do conto Cidade de Vidro, de Paul Auster, para os quadrinhos por Paul Karasik e David Mazzucchelli, o melhor trabalho de transcrição de uma outra mídia para os quadrinhos. Digo isso porque seus artífices conhecem profundamente o potencial da linguagem dos quadrinhos e isso pode ser verificado em outros quadrinhos seus, como o Asterios Polyp de David Mazzuchelli. De longe essa adaptação é que mais usa e abusa dos rec...
  • Mientras Leo
    Pocas veces me he encontrado con una adaptación tan bien llevada pese a la dificultad de la obra original. Es casi más un complemento añadido que una adaptaciónhttp://entremontonesdelibros.blogspot...
  • Chris
    Nonsensical, pretentious and pointless.
  • Andrew
    I read City of Glass about 2 years ago for my international baccalaureate, and had to analyse the heck out of it. I remember not being into graphic novels at all, but I had to read it for my international baccalaureate. The moment I started reading it, I was amazed by the setup of the story. It reminded me of this old detective movie, with a shady and gloomy setting. Then I started reading it, and I recognized a lot of old-detective aspects to th...
  • Dominick
    Interesting comics adaptation of Auster's novel is very strong on graphic design. Karasik and Mazzucchelli do some remarkable work with layout and panel design, with mixing representational and symbolic art. It's a pleasure to look at. Narratively, though, this is a highly self-conscious and post-modern take on noir. It includes the expected elements--first-person narrative, femme fatale, long-hidden secrets, etc.--but it's not really interested ...
  • Núria
    'La ciudad de cristal' es mi favorita de todas las cosas que ha escrito Paul Auster. Es también lo primero que leí de este escritor. Es la primera parte de la 'Trilogía de Nueva York' que a día de hoy me sigue pareciendo la única obra de Auster realmente conseguida. Es por esto que me animé a leer esta adaptación en forma de cómic (o novela gráfica, lo que ustedes prefieran). Una parte de mí no era muy optimista. Una parte de mí sólo ...
  • Kristen
    This is one of the most moving, weird, horrifying, heart-stopping graphic novels I've ever read, and there aren't many friends I'll be recommending it to- but I loved it.I kept singing the Fionn Regan song that says, "For the loneliness you foster/ I suggest Paul Auster," as the book deals with the themes of language, names, identity, and how we use all those things to both reveal and conceal."Things have broken apart, and our words have not adap...
  • Luis
    Se trata de una novela gráfica que relata el primer volumen de la Trilogía de Nueva York de Paul Auster, y editado por Anagrama. Con un trazo sencillo y un tanto tosco, recorre la historia desde el punto de vista de su protagonista. Aparte de seguir la trama de forma bastante fidedigna, usa recursos muy imaginativos desde el punto de vista visual para hacer hablar a sus personajes y para describir ideas abstractas y confusas que aparecen en la ...
  • Alasondro Alegré
  • antónio alves
    a adaptação para bd do texto de p. auster é muito boa.
  • Joni
    Adaptación de la famosa primer parte de la trilogía de New York.El escritor no se caracteriza por escribir cómics y el artista es un afamado dibujante de superhéroes.Esta adaptación expande la complejidad del libro al punto que veo difícil entenderlo sin haber leído la novela.Interesante experimento narrativo que juega con los planos y la metafísica de forma muy original.
  • Samidha; समिधा
    I am aware thats its an adaptation from the original 1972 novel of the same name. Holy hell, did I enjoy this. It was very intriguing to read. On top of that there is so much meta textuality, as Paul Auster (the author) is placed within the text as a secondary character, who also is a writer.There were so many beautiful panels, my favourite being the finger print and the language ones. I really enjoyed this so much. I am aware that’s its an a...
  • Koen Verbrugge
    Vreemd & bevreemdend. Dat is het verhaal. Het verhaal van Paul Auster, maar ook deze ambitieuze graphic novel versie.Dit boek is ambitieus, omdat niet rust op letterlijke illustraties van het verhaal. De tekenaar ondersteunt de tekst met visuele verhalen die op zichzelf kunnen staan.Dat merk je. Zo blijken passages met zeer statische 'vertellers', plots scènes vol visuele choreografie te ontlokken, met - wss - dezelfde ondertoon.Ik kreeg meermaa...
  • Lucinda
    A mystery about a mystery which experiments with irony, identity and reality for an altogether unique reading experience. Paul Auster cleverly combines contemporary detective fiction with nouveau roman and American postmodernism for a supremely singular story of philosophical premise and impaction. As the main protagonist descends into madness, being able to see clarity amidst the congested cityscape is imperative if one is to find themselves on ...
  • Penelope
    I thought this was a pretty amazing graphic novel, and I definitely plan on reading the original City of Glass next. Concepts of identity, the role of the author in creating meaning, and the blurred line between fiction and reality are all present here, and explored in quite an intriguing way. I don't know how I felt about the ending, though. Maybe I just haven't thought about it enough, but it seemed too open-ended to me. In a way it makes sense...
  • Ill D
    Fucking stupid.It's nothing short of a cute and novel expiriment that doesn't really go anywhere. My disapointment with this graphic novel was sorely exacerbated once I found out Spiegelman was the creative overseer and he did nothing to focus the narrative which is presented way too piecemeal and cut up for a normal reader to understand littleone enjoy.
  • Jeff Jackson
    The rare adaptation that exceeds its source material. A doubly impressive feat since it's based on Paul Auster's best novel. With its deft ink strokes and airtight plot, this brilliant graphic perfectly captures and distills the original existential detective story. One of the great graphic novels and a perfect introduction to the fictional world of Paul Auster, too.
  • Mike
    The original was great and this graphically novelized version gives it a new life. I'd like to see the rest of the New York Trilogy given the same treatment.
  • Speedtribes
    This is one of those stories where you can tell that it's very good, that it's high quality and what-not. But will never read it again because it's so depressing.Beautiful and painful story. I wanted to shoot a few people in rage once I finished it. Ended up drowning myself by watching episodes of old 80s era JEM on youtube to get the feeling of tragedy out of my system.
  • Oliver
    This is a graphic novel version of City of Glass, which is one of the best books I've ever read. The illustrator did a really great job, however, I'd rather read Auster's prose than look at pictures of it any day. Some of the best sentences are missing. It's a quick read and definitely reminded me why I liked the book so much to begin with.
    Auster's "City of Glass" was interesting enuf to begin w/ - but adding David Mazzucchelli's graphics in this series designed by the great Art Spiegleman was enuf to push it to the top for me.
  • Patrick
    This is a graphic novelization, not the actual book.
  • Alli Gerkman
    This was my first glimpse of Auster. It was good enough to make me read more, but it does not do his writing justice.