Circle of Friends 25 One-Pot Dinners by Gooseberry Patch

Circle of Friends 25 One-Pot Dinners

It doesn't get any easier than a one-pot meal, so we've gathered 25 of our best-tasting, tried & true recipes for those busy nights when time is short, tummies are rumbling and no one wants to do dishes!

Details Circle of Friends 25 One-Pot Dinners

TitleCircle of Friends 25 One-Pot Dinners
Release DateDec 17th, 2013
PublisherGooseberry Patch, LLC
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Nonfiction, Food

Reviews Circle of Friends 25 One-Pot Dinners

  • Julie Barrett
    Circle of Friends Cookbook One-Pot Dinners by Gooseberry PatchCookbook where anybody can submit their family favorite recipe-they make it and put it in the next release of the cookbooks they produce.Always love to glance through them and can usually pick out a dish or two that will work for our family meals.Loved the shrimp pasta but knowing how much cholesterol is in shrimp we'll be avoiding it but we could make it with chicken or turkey instead...
  • Jan Sandford
    25 One Pot Dinners is another freebie from Kindle. I love to collect cookery books so was very pleased when I noticed that this book was free. The layout of the book is simple to follow with a list of ingredients and instructions for each recipe. At the top of each page there is a cute hand drawn picture of a cooking pot with food inside it. The same picture and border comes with every recipe. There are 25 recipes in all, including soups, pizza, ...
  • Ella Warren
    Great cook bookI thought it was a great book. up can't wait tillage and my family get to try some out. the only thing I recommend is add in pictures so people can see what the recipe looks like when it's done. I hope this makes you want to read it. I love cook books and trying new things. This was a great book and I hope you enjoy it as well.
  • S
    Although I like this book many of the recipes use ingredients I hardly ever, if ever, have on hand, so it's not a lot of use to me on a daily basis. However, the Gooseberry Patch cookbooks are always fun to look at and read through.
  • Mo
    Simplistic recipes from home cooks. There is not a single recipe that I find at all appealing. Each one looks more disgusting than the last. There are not even any pictures to tempt you into making any of them.
  • Donna Zigmont
    This was a great cookbook. I downloaded it to my Kindle and am real glad I did. This is the time of year the family gets together a lot. And I'm kind of sick of always making the same things. This gave me some great options.
  • San Frazier
    Comfort foodI have not tried any of the recipes yet but they look wonderful super simple to make. I love things that are easy and quick.. I plan on trying them when we get more in to fall. They remind me of some of the stews and soups that we used to eat when I was growing up.
  • Mellie B
    I only found one recipe I would consider making - a type of risotto - but I would make modifications. Not a very healthy cookbook - too many high-salt and canned ingredients.
  • cynthia messere
    Great bookwonderful recipes, great book tasty east to follow directions very quick to make dinners.try the spinach lasagna one it's great.
  • Jennifer Tse
    There are some good recipes in here. I want to try to cook at least 2. I'm thankful for this free e-book on my Nook app.
  • charles hudson
    Kitchen table and foodGreat food with some dressing isn't so bad after a little moreA good example for everyone to do old fashion cooking
  • Sherry Hills
    Ok recipes Recipes use a lot of pasta and we are not a paste family. Recipes seam to be easy for a one dish meal.
  • AnnMarie
    fun recipes! it got me with the 1st pizza one :-) easy looking recipes i definitely would recommend for ppl that like collecting cookbooks and recipes. its another free book I got on kindle!
  • Eileen Carter
    Good recipesthere are lots of seafood recipes in this book. most seemed easy to make but more for adults tastes then children.
  • Rebecca Lesher
    Not for meI'm not much of a seafood eater. If you like it then I'm sure you'll enjoy the recipes. happy cooking!!
  • Leslie Dobson
    Great foodI'm definitely going to cook some of these on our next trip. The talapia and shrimp will be excellent on the beach
  • Denise
    Very small book but you can't fault the recipes. They all appear to be hearty and tasty. And this book feeds my desire for home-style recipes to feed a hungry family.
  • Jenny Houle
    Looking forward to making the pizza potato puffs casserole and the apple stuffed pork chops.