Black Widow, Volume 1 by Nathan Edmondson

Black Widow, Volume 1

Home is where the hurt is!And the Black Widow has plenty of that. She may be an Avenger and an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., but the Widow has her own mission: to atone for her past as a KGB assassin. Her methods are dirty. Her heart is cold. But her work is flawless. On an undercover assignment in Russia, she finds that the Hand of God is reaching for her--and it's as merciless as its name. Outmatched by the brute force of this powerful new villain, Na...

Details Black Widow, Volume 1

TitleBlack Widow, Volume 1
Release DateAug 5th, 2014
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Superheroes, Marvel, Graphic Novels Comics, Comic Book

Reviews Black Widow, Volume 1

  • Anne
    3.5 starsNot quite good enough to give it a full 4 stars, but I liked it.I wanted to love this so much more than I did, though.And it's good. Really.I just didn't connect with Natasha like I wanted to. I thought she was going to be all BANG! in your face...badass. Or something. But?Well, she wasn't especially witty, or cool, or WhateverTheFuck I assumed she would be.Anyway, I was a bit underwhelmed, but I think that may be my fault. Just becaus...
  • Alejandro
    Really good start but it could be better I read this on its single issues but I am choosing this edition to make a better overall review of the whole storyarc.This edition contains the comic book issues from #1 to #6 of "All-New Marvel Now! - Black Widow".Creative TeamWriter: Nathan EdmonsonIllustrator: Phil Noto MY HISTORY WITH HER I am not unfamiliarized with the Black Widow and certainly I wasn't interested about her just because she got into ...
  • Jeff
    Two and a half stars rounded down.I really wanted to like this series. Black Widow, a character who’s been around since the sixties, deserves a stellar treatment, sadly it won’t be this one.When a stray cat becomes the metaphor, focal point and leitmotif for Natasha’s need to remain aloof from people, you know the writer is biting off a little more than he can chew from the thematic pie.Black Widow is trying to distance herself from her pas...
  • Chantaal
    Dear Marvel,Make a movie already.Love,Everyone
  • Jan Philipzig
    Not sure why I am supposed to care about any of this. A slick fictional world that is defined by aestheticized violence and has absolutely nothing in common with the world I know; a cool and stylish heroine without any kind of comprehensible psychology; a bunch of underdeveloped, dehistoricized, random espionage and "anti-terrorism" jobs; a Russian killer-monk with a childhood trauma and a huge bazooka. I'm afraid this does not add up to anything...
  • Samantha
    Black Widow is my favorite character in the Avengers and in the MCU right now, so I wanted to venture into the comics and learn more about her. She has a long and rich history, so I figured I'd jump into a more recent run. Sadly, I was disappointed with this volume. Black Widow in this run is struggling with a lot. She feels depressed, and unlike the character I was used to from the MCU. One of the things I love about Black Widow is that she embr...
  • Sam Quixote
    Black Widow’s inevitable series has arrived and thank Thor it’s good!Actually, I’m not surprised – a female spy story seems highly likely to succeed. Look at Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting’s Velvet for a series that could easily be Black Widow in her 40s/50s – that comic RULES! The TV show Archer, the Bourne/Mission Impossible movies, and of course Bond - replace the dudes with a hot redhead? Come on. A Black Widow espionage comic in th...
  • Kate (GirlReading)
    3.75*Yay for enjoying my first ever Marvel comic! I wasn't sure at first as the plot was somewhat haphazard and slightly confusing but I definitely got into it more throughout each issue. The art work was gorgeous. It's so different from art styles I've come across and I utterly loved it. I will say, as of right now, I prefer movie Black Widow as I don't think there was a lot to comic Black Widow. I've always be so intrigued by her as she's in so...
  • Ashley Brooks
    3.5I liked this...but it didn't wow me. Really enjoyed the art, and the story definitely picked up towards the end but it wasn't exactly what I was expecting. This isn't the MCU sassy and badass Scar-Jo version, but more of a bummed, lonely and guilty version..which is fine I suppose. Perhaps I'm biased as I really love MCU Black Widow (cough, give her a movie, cough)I already own the second volume so we'll see where it goes from here.
  • Sesana
    This was just overwhelmingly... not bad. There are no glaring problems to be had, and some good things. But nothing great, either.I really have no complaints with the characterization of Natasha. Good thing, because this is very much a solo book, and because her internal monologue dominates. See, Natasha (this version, at least) is more of the strong, silent type, with an active mind. Reading her thoughts on espionage, on her own life, on her cur...
  • Cora Tea Party Princess
    5 Words: Espionage, danger, conflict, violence, alone.I loved it. Absolutely loved it.I especially loved the internal monologues, and the insight they gave to the character.My favourite thing about this volume was how there was a clear definition between Black Widow and Natasha Romanoff, not only through the art but also through the writing.
  • ellie ♡
    4.5 | ah i love natalia. i’ve been meaning to read more about her bc i love the mcu version of her, and i absolutely adored the comic version!! she’s so kick ass and amazing. i love this little russian spy!!
  • Anthony
    Yeaaaaah. This was pretty cool. I think a lot of it was to do with the art. The writing was good too. The first few issues are close to standalone, and see Natasha on missions doing her spy stuff. When the series gets a little further along, they start to connect more. It's pretty accessible for new readers (besides the Hawkeye cameo, that's more of a joke for people who have read Fractions Hawkeye). But like I said, the best thing about it is th...
  • TL
    Artwork was pretty good and I loved seeing (view spoiler)[Maria Hill (hide spoiler)] in there but what should have been an interesting storyline was dull for me instead.Natasha herself was on point but she deserved better material, imho.and also (view spoiler)[Why not call in the Avengers to help? Makes no sense (hide spoiler)]I did like her lawyer though... he seems like an intriguing guy.Will I read next volume? Probably not.
  • Terence
    Natasha Romanoff is trying to atone for her past as an assassin. Natasha takes mercenary jobs and donates any profits she'd receive to charities.I like the idea of the series more than I liked The Finely Woven Thread. The Black Widow just doesn't bring much personality to offset the massively overused trope of a one person army.It is funny when I think that this is how an assassin like Black Widow runs a charity. She takes on special jobs that on...
  • Crystal Starr Light
    Bullet Review:This was...okay. I really loved the art (bumped this to 4 stars), but comparing Black Widow to say Hawkeye, Hawkeye has way more personality.UPDATE: Rounding down to 3 stars, because I can barely remember the "story" when I was talking to a coworker about this comic. Art is still gorgeous though.
  • emily
    AHH. Darn it. Okay. This really wasn't as great as I was hoping it would be.Here's the thing. I love Black Widow. I love Natasha Romanov. But the way I fell in love with her is through various Marvel movies (you know, all the ones she's been in yet never starred). So maybe it's a little weird going from Scarlet Johansson's wonderful, badass interpretation of Black Widow on screen to this illustrated version I just read. Maybe that was a road bl...
  •  Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)
    Black Widow is definitely going up my list of kickbutt heroines to die for. Her backstory is tragic and conflicted, and it informs the choices she makes. Black Widow is trying to make up for the red in her ledger when she worked as a KGB agent. She takes missions so she can send money to the families of people she hurt back in the day. And she navigates the spider's web of the world she inhabits, where black and white doesn't exist.Phil Noto has ...
  • Steve
    4.5 starsA great combination of outstanding writing and simply beautiful artwork. Edmondson successfully portrays Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow not only as a premiere spy, but also as a fully developed character with thoughts and motivations that captivated me throughout this first volume.This also seems to be a good jumping-in point for this character. I've been more and more disgruntled with DC Comics' offerings across the board, and have decide...
  • Joseph
    the art alone is worth five stars but although the story is good, this isn't a very cohesive take on the Black Widow. We know she's not well off, has a rather shady lawyer, and doesn't care when Clint Barton is hit by a car. Her missions, though, are rather random and although Edmondson ties it together at the end, it doesn't make sense. There's dialog and lots of inner monologue, but characters pop up and the casual reader, like me, doesn't know...
  • Elizabeth
    "Black Widow, baby."-Iggy Azalea
  • Lono
    Nathan Edmondson has probably created my favorite “version” of Natasha Romanov with Black Widow: The Finely Woven Thread. The espionage angle really appealed to me. I have always enjoyed stories about clever spooks and deadly assassins and Nate definitely put aspects of both types into this one. Natasha comes across as a no nonsense, professional that is focused on whatever the job at hand is. She won’t allow herself to have a life outside ...
  • Brittany
    ***Pink Taco Buddy Read with the Shallow Readers! Female Lead this time: Black Widow a.k.a. Natasha Romanoff***I really liked this! It was my first Black Widow, and I found Natasha totally refreshing as a woman AND a super hero. I want more Romanoff.The story lines were great, and they totally played into Black Widow's past, her issues, and her moral dilemmas. She's such a badass but she isn't opposed to realizing when she fucks up. Also, I know ...
  • Aimee Meester
    12/10 would let Natasha break my heart and my knees again
  • Elena
  • Pamela
    Did I miss something? I must have missed something. Right? Right???The majority of readers are skipping about, going "Oh my Avengers! This is AMAAAAZING! I LOOOOOVE it! Yay Black Widow comic!"Well, okay, I agree with the last part. The one good thing I can say about this book is that I didn't once say to myself, "Dang, someone got a little too enthusiastic when drawing Black Widow's figure." She looks, of course, superhumanly fit, but it's not li...
  • Gary Butler
    16th book read in 2015.Number 313 out of 444 on my all time book list.Follow the link below to see my video review:
  • Tiago
    Phil Noto, nuff said.
  • Scott S.
    Reminding me a little of an episode of TV's Dragnet with its terseness, The Finely Woven Thread was a good if workmanlike product showing our titular antiheroine globe-trotting on a handful of lethal but non-Avenger-related assignments. Barring a jocular line maybe once an issue and only the briefest glimpse of her (almost non-existent) private life, the volume is otherwise all business / all the time. Natasha Romanoff gets first-person narration...