The Laws of Murder (Charles Lenox Mysteries, #8) by Charles Finch

The Laws of Murder (Charles Lenox Mysteries, #8)

It’s 1876, and Charles Lenox, once London’s leading private investigator, has just given up his seat in Parliament after six years, primed to return to his first love, detection. With high hopes he and three colleagues start a new detective agency, the first of its kind. But as the months pass, and he is the only detective who cannot find work, Lenox begins to question whether he can still play the game as he once did.Then comes a chance to r...

Details The Laws of Murder (Charles Lenox Mysteries, #8)

TitleThe Laws of Murder (Charles Lenox Mysteries, #8)
Release DateNov 11th, 2014
PublisherMinotaur Books
GenreMystery, Historical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Historical Mystery, Audiobook

Reviews The Laws of Murder (Charles Lenox Mysteries, #8)

  • Charles Finch
    Was four stars last week but I edited the hell out of it
  • Julie
    Another really excellent entry in the Charles Lenox mystery series. The last book was my favorite, so I wondered how this next one would compare. It compares beautifully. Mr. Finch has been able to maintain the excellence of this series, never resorting to any kind of formulaic plot, as, truly, most mystery series writers do. His characters continue to grow, their lives and situations change, but they stay true to their principles. As the previou...
  • Sharla
    This series keeps getting better. I read this installment slowly, not because it was less than engrossing but because I wanted to savor it. I love the characters and the period detail and atmosphere. The plot was good with a twist that wasn’t too obvious. Having each chapter build up at the end with a mini-climax to keep you turning the pages can feel contrived in many books but not in this one. Charles Finch has it working smoothly, logically,...
  • Kirsten
    Another well written mystery. Only one weak point: I guessed the murderer early on!!! (That never happens to me.)I really enjoyed it. At first, I felt it was a lot darker than normal. Charles Lenox seemed older, more depressed. But it grew on me and moved into an excellent mystery. Loved it.
  • Cherie
    I'm done, and now I am crying. The story was great. The ending was touching. I'm trying to hold back the tears. How long will I have to wait.Until Charles completes the next?Please, Mr. Finch...Don't let it be years!I listened to this book on CD, narrated by James Langton.
  • The Lit Bitch
    4.5 starsI am a big fan of this series. I have read the first four books and would have kept reading the next ones but I had to wait for the 5th book to come out and when it finally did, I couldn’t work it into my reading schedule. However, when this one came up for review I jumped on it.Though I have missed the last three books, I didn’t feel like I really missed out on a whole lot of the story. One of the things I like most about this serie...
  • Esther
    This Victorian murder is different than the gritty, hard core thrillers I usually read. I found it very thoroughly researched and well written. Multiple murders, multiple suspects. It's fascinating to read how crimes were solved in the days before internet, DNA, phones or even fax machines. Understanding how they had to do it, it's surprising that any crimes were ever solved in those days.
  • Jeanette
    This is a solid Charles Lenox novel #8 taking place in 1876 London. It was fully 3.5 star for plot and details for manners and structures within/of the Victorian period. Although I rounded it up for the family life and excellent portrayal of the "starting of a small business" for this particular era. With the business struggling, losing one of its 4 partners and possibly a second- this was an under plot that I thought held excellent sensibilities...
  • LJ
    First Sentence: A late winter’s night in London: the city hushed; the revelers half an hour in their beds; a new snow softening every dull shade of gray and brown into angelic whiteness.Charles Lenox has retired from Parliament and returned to detective work, opening an agency with three others. Business has fallen off, and unfavorable statements have been made about the agency in the press, one by Inspector Jenkins, a long-time Scotland Yard a...
  • Lelia Taylor
    I’ve been a fan of this series since the very first book, A Beautiful Blue Death, came out in 2007. Somehow, I always know that I can count on Charles Finch to make the newest adventure just as fresh and entertaining as the one before and The Laws of Murder did not disappoint me in any way.Scotland Yard hires Charles Lenox to aid in the investigation into the murder of one of its own, Inspector Thomas Jenkins. This is much more personal than so...
  • C
    4.5 stars. Perhaps the thing I most cherish about the Charles Lennox mystery series is that I find myself smiling each time I flip the last page and close the book. It is akin to finishing a cuppa Earl Grey—having enjoyed something familiar yet still incredibly satisfying after the hundredth taste. Charles’s gentle, inquisitive nature and his basic at-heart goodness soothe my soul. He is by no means flawless and suffers from human foibles, in...
  • Mal Warwick
    Mystery stories set in the past hold a certain fascination for me, so I turned to the Charles Lenox detective series with anticipation. The Laws of Murder, the eighth and most recent addition to the series, is a workmanlike effort but fell short of delivering the thrill I get when a mystery or thriller truly captivates me.The book begins with promise, serving up the dead body of an aristocrat (a marquess, which is apparently a big deal, outranked...
  • Joyce
    Another solid entry in a good series. Excellent characters--I love the relationship between Lenox and his wife and among the group of friends. there's a real sense that the characters have lives outside of solving the mysteries. And it's a good puzzle, complex with a twist. Details of mid-Victorian times and political/social issues. Relaxed pacing, elements of cozy in comfortable character lives and little violence or gritty descriptions (bad thi...
  • Elizabeth
    This was the best-written Lenox mystery. It held my attention from start to finish, and I was completely engaged. The reason I can't give it 5 stars is because of the lurid component of the mystery. It was too sensational for my taste. When the subject was first broached, I was fine, but then the investigators delve into the nitty gritty of the circumstances which was a real turn off.Everything else in the book, however, was perfection!
  • Jim
    This reader is very happy that the series detective is OUT of Parliament. This is the eighth in the Lenox series, the sixth I have read, and the best by a long shot since the first two. Good too to see Lenox knocked down a couple notches with some failure and setbacks. Complex story, new and old characters, a little action and the usual Victorian setting.
  • Malia
    The newest in the wonderful Charles Lenox series, might just be my favourite. The mystery was very engaging, and quite personal for Charles this time, which only served to add to my curiosity! I also loved the new dynamic of Charles and Dallington working much more together again, because they just have wonderful chemistry. The thing I like best about this series is that there is so much character development, yet what I love about the characters...
  • Stephanie Lee
    I absolutley love the Charles Lennox series. I picked up the first in the series A Beautiful Blue Death and it was one of the best gems I have found because it allowed me to get to know the characters and appreciate them for who they are - reading each book in the series. This one did end fairly quickly but that being said I definitely can't wait for the next one to come out!!
  • Patti
    An excellent edition to the Charles Lenox series. The twists are terrific in this book.Highly recommended.
  • Pauline Lloyd
    The Charles Lennox series just gets better and better. I read this in one day. Just could not put it down. Never a dull moment. Keep them coming!
  • Jennifer
    I just love these books! Rock on Charles Lenox!!!
  • February Four
    Oh well done, possibly the best one of the lot! Very well done.
  • Dawn Michelle
    Well. THAT was quite the ride. I have stated before that I love this series. That has not changed. If anything, I love them more after this book. SO may twists and turns, some I saw coming, some I never in a million years would have seen coming [NOT happy Mr. Finch with that murder. NOT. HAPPY. AT. ALL. ]. But even with the unexpected twists, none of them take away from the absolute fantastic writing and great storytelling that Mr. Finch provide...
  • Kiesha ~ 1Cheekylass
    Lenox continues to get better and better. This story had it all. With these stories, I generally have a good idea of the culprit before its announced but understanding how the criminal pulls it off keeps me going. Also, Lenox vs the nuns 😂!
  • Edith
    Charles Finch (whose protagonist is also named* Charles--an unusual thing, and probably not a favorable sign) writes stiff-sounding pseudo-Victorian prose into which an 21st century expression occasionally inserts itself tinnily. It is 1876, and Charles Lenox, son and brother of baronets, and former Parliamentarian, has, with three others, formed a detective agency. As this is a business, he struggles mightily to reconcile his gentle background w...
  • Julie
    Charles Lenox is back. After having resigned from Parliament to start a detective agency with his protege, Dallington, and two other detectives, Charles decides to begin with a little refresher by going after criminals who managed to elude him in the past. He's thrilled by his latest capture, and certain that it bodes well for the opening of his agency. However, instead of praise and excitement greeting the start-up, Charles instead finds that th...
  • Deborah
    What did I think? I thought it was really good! I stayed up late last night finishing it. This book is #8 in the Charles Lenox Mystery series. Although I had been away from the series since the early books, I won #7 and an advance reading copy of #8 in a Good Reads Giveaway (Yay!). I liked this book, #8, as much or more than #7 (Yay again!).The last book ended with Charles Lenox leaving parliament to start a detective agency with 3 other detectiv...
  • James
    Set in London during 1876, Gentleman Detective Charles Lenox is no longer a Member of Parliament, but one of the founding partners of a detective firm hoping to combine the brains and ability of several resourceful detectives introduced in prior novels. The firm struggles and Lenox has to establish himself not just as a gentleman dabbling in detective work, but a valuable, earning partner bringing in business to the firm. Lenox leads his team in ...
  • ☯Emily
    I have never read a mystery by Charles Finch until I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway. I am very happy I was sent the book (in just three days!) and delighted that the book was so enjoyable.I like historical mysteries, especially those set in Victorian England. This author's lead detective is Charles Lenox, a member of the aristocracy. He has just given up his seat in Parliament to set up a detective agency. Even though Lenox wants to be a d...
  • Hope
    Basic story: Charles Lenox has always loved solving mysteries. After a career in Parliament he decides to become part of a detective agency, but business is tediously slow. When a former colleague is murdered, Lenox plunges headfirst into crime-solving again.Author Charles Finch was educated at Oxford and Yale, majoring in English and history and it shows. He gives little sketches of Victorian practices throughout the novel that enrich the story....