Latitude Zero by Windsor Chorlton

Latitude Zero

Jurassic Park meets Lord of the FliesA group of mismatched adults are accidentally marooned on an offshore island in the tropics. Left to their own devices for 10 days or so, with neither supplies nor a means of communication, the veneer of civilization is quick to rub off.

Details Latitude Zero

TitleLatitude Zero
Release DateJun 3rd, 1997
GenreThriller, Fiction

Reviews Latitude Zero

  • J.K. Grice
    I don't even recall I how I stumbled upon this book by British author Chorlton. Even now, I think LATITUDE ZERO is one of the best adventure thrillers I've ever read.
  • Bibi
    Fine, it might not be a masterpiece in literature but this book is quite thrilling. It's not even the plot - unprepared group - island - problems - tigers - but it is the writing. It won't let you go. Like a well done blockbuster movie, you can picture every scene on a big screen. Defintely a great read.
  • Jing
    It was interesting. But I feel that the ending wasn't very well-crafted. A couple of loose ends left untied. "Latitude Zero" is like the R21 version of "Lord Of The Flies" - realistic, but leaves a bd taste in your mouth.
  • Novia
    It was just an Okay book. I finished like two weeks ago and when I was about to write my review, I have forgotten the detail of the story. It was a fun read but not memorable at all.
  • Simon
    It was ok .......... not really sure what else to say, a few little twists at the end, and prob would make a reasonable film too.
  • Elancharan Gunasekaran
    Predatory and primal...
  • Phil
    an attempt to copy The Beach. Or at leat The Beach did it better.