State of War (Tom Clancy's Net Force, #7) by Steve Perry

State of War (Tom Clancy's Net Force, #7)

Minor viruses are eating away at the Net Force computers. The e-mail shut-downs and flickering monitors are hardly emergencies—but they’ve been keeping the tech department hopping. Same with the sudden rash of time-consuming lawsuits. No one in Net Force has a moment to spare, which is exactly the way Mitchell Townsend Ames wants it. Because when the shadowy mastermind launches his master plan, he wants Net Force to be looking the other way...

Details State of War (Tom Clancy's Net Force, #7)

TitleState of War (Tom Clancy's Net Force, #7)
Release DateMar 4th, 2003
GenreFiction, Thriller

Reviews State of War (Tom Clancy's Net Force, #7)

  • Kenneth Kushlan
    Though I liked the book, I felt that the VR sequences were just put in a filler. Would have been much better to just go through a more realistic investigation.
  • Randy Grossman
    It took a little bit of time to get the ball rolling in this one and at times I do not totally understand how Net Force uses Virtual Reality to get sources and clues in tracking down the enemy, but as it jelled together it was impossible to set down for any extending period of time. There was a section of the book that was becoming pretty laughable of the snowballing "bad luck" that one of the bad guys was having. And Steve Perry, the author, des...
  • Garry Thompson
    Didn't realize it was so late in the series. May try again with the first of the series.
  • Rachel
    Whoa, was I complaining that they were too predictable? This one sticks to the formula, but only loosely -- there's a new co-author Larry Segriff with a more military POV, and everyone spends the book deciding to retire! The threat of the book is a wealthy lawyer who would probably be an admirable foe other than the fact that he's trying to take over the world and failing. He's busy suing Net Force for their military assault on CyberNation in th...
  • AndrewP
    This is the last of the Net Force books that features the main characters that have been there from the beginning. In the end Alex, Toni and Gen. Howard all call it a day and leave the government behind. From the reviews I have read, the characters that take their place in the following books are not as interesting so this is probably the last I will read. A bit of a disjointed story. There are a few loose ends and threads that seem to have been ...
  • Sylvia
    i thought that this book was interesting... i hardly read science fiction but i really enjoyed it. it was in the year 2012 which is not that long from now. i was amazed at how advanded the tenhology that was described. i can barely use my computer and i strongly doubt that i would be to use the technolgy decribed in the book. i thought that the weapons that they used were at times good but also at times bad. in the story, a 15 year old gets acess...
  • Jim
    As you probably guessed, I really like Tom Clancy and specially enjoy the Netforce series (yep, I have already done 1-6 and now 7). I enjoy the on-going characters in the series and how each book adds to their story. This installment is about a key member of the evil Cybernation group who hires a hacker to release a series of viruses upon the net. Netforce (cops for the net; kinda FBI-like) use "VR" (Virtual Reality) to track down their subject a...
  • Elyse
    Good read, especially following after Net Force Explorer #11 (which I thought was this set of characters).Fair amount of time invested in character development, especially for John Howard and Alex Michaels. The reason becomes obvious as the plot unfolds.A little disjointed, especially because told from the perspective of so many different characters. Not my favorite in the series, but still a fun ride.
  • Shane
    Disappointing. Killing the goose that lays the golden eggs!Having read the Net Force books from the very start, they are now loosing their way.ITS NOT written by Tom Clancy but by Steve Perry & Larry Segriff.This is just not of the same quality as the first few books in the series.I give this one a thumbs down!
  • Greg (prince) Bandy
    i thought it was really cool i like the whole idea of tom clancy's books. this one in particular because it was set up like movie there was a lot of dialougue to keep the reader interested to see what would happen next. i would give this book who is into combat and who likes tom clancy's style of writing.
  • Mustafa Said
    A very good book, fun to read, and although it's the first book i read from the whole series i didn't feel left out of the loop, very realistic and believable events made me really not believe it was written in 2003.
  • Kevin Kosar
    Wow, talk about slapdish. A real disappointment, especially as I have enjoyed some other Clancy novels. My review of this book is at
  • David
    i did like this book because it was like talking about guns at some point and saying this is natural and i'm not too sure because it's confusing while it keeps on switching back on some things. But this is my first Steve perry book i read from him and i'm hoping to read more by him.
  • Trilok Reddy
    this book is getting on to my nerves... have no regrets in saying i am quitting reading this book.... haaaaaaaa feel so delighted after saying that....
  • Jaide
    a little confusing right now, hopefully it'll get better, if it doesn't i'm gonna stop reading it.
  • Xander
  • Jane J. Janas, Ph.D.
    Tom Clancy 19s Net Force State Of War 1D Steve Perry and Larry Segriff
  • Krissie
    Minor viruses are eating away at the Net Force computers. The e-mail shut-downs and flickering monitors are hardly emergencies
  • Josh
    I only vaguely even remember the story. I do remember it being a letdown for Clancy standards. It wasn't bad though. Worth the time spent listening (& driving).
  • Chris Wiley
    Really love books about the net. This one is no exception.
  • Andrew
    I liked this Net Force book, but I am cautious to see how the series continues with the majority of the main characters leaving the story.
  • Martin
    A další hacker na holení ;-) Standardní kvalita, mírně nestandardní zápletka (hurá!), oddychové, předvídatelné, relax.
  • Jonathan Knopf
    I hate hate hate hate hate Tom Clancy.This crap is driveling, sensationalist, uninteresting, and uninspired. Boo.