Breaking Point (Tom Clancy's Net Force, #4) by Steve Perry

Breaking Point (Tom Clancy's Net Force, #4)

In the year 2000, computers are the new superpowers. Those who control them control the world. To enforce the Net Laws, Congress creates the ultimate computer security agency within the FBI: the Net Force.Reeling from a shattered personal life, Net Force Commander Alex Michaels is informed that top secret information from a joint Air Force--Navy venture has been accessed and downloaded. The research involves an atmospheric weapon with the capabil...

Details Breaking Point (Tom Clancy's Net Force, #4)

TitleBreaking Point (Tom Clancy's Net Force, #4)
Release DateOct 1st, 2000
GenreFiction, Thriller

Reviews Breaking Point (Tom Clancy's Net Force, #4)

  • John
    The last 150 pages make good on the Tom Clancy name, but the first 200 are like a soap opera written for men. If you've been reading this series in order, you might be invested enough to care about these characters' personal lives, i.e. their romantic and familial relationships. If you come into it cold, however, the first half of BREAKING POINT will have you as bored as a ten-year-old watching C-SPAN.The excitement doesn't build so much as go fr...
  • Francis
    Not very good. Shallow characters, improbable situaton, deus ex machina ending. Good for when watching kids a beach: won't distract you enough to overlook them
  • Donna Sundre
    I needed a change of pace, and I sure got it. Fun to read about cyber security and weird technology. I was certainly relieved that we didn't have to wade through a lot of Clancy type detail like how nuclear fusion works and the inner mechanics of a submarine--good grief. This was fast moving with lots of interesting characters, nefarious and noble. It was a quick read.
  • Hank Pharis
    Not quite as good as the previous one but still plenty of fun.(Note: I'm stingy with stars. For me 2 stars means a good book. 3 = Very good; 4 = Outstanding {only about 5% of the books I read merit this}; 5 = All time favorites {one of these may come along every 400-500 books})
  • Honza Prchal
    This is classic not Clancy, though it isn't terrible, and is fun. The "net" in NetForce is the real weak point (it would have been better had I not started with the fourth book), BUT J.J. Abrams didn't ruin the travel sections … probably because Perry did the real writing.
  • Preston
    I really enjoy Steve Perry's works. The characters continue to be well developed and interesting to follow. I also like how the author takes some feasible aspects of science and assumes there are some advances that will take place which enable the plot to be tenable.
  • Brian
    Breaking Point is about a team of FBI agents called Net Force. This story of a dangerous plot to rule the world has caught the attention of the Net Force. This book tells the story of cyber crime fighting. Breaking Point is a very violent and exciting chronology of the science of death and destruction.
  • Randy Grossman
    Honestly this story just wasn't REAL exciting. It took TOOO long to develop and spent more time reading like a whose dating who and who wants to sleep with who story, then an action novel. I know I've read better Net Force books. But I won't be in a hurry to read another one if they are going to be as humdrum as this one.
  • Devin Shreve
    Another Tom Clancy has been written and once again I have read it as always. This book was not one of the greatest books that I have read from Tom Clancy but it was still a great book to read. What this book is about is about a scientist who develops a way to use a low frequency ray to mess with the minds of people all over the world. The director of Net Force must do all that he can to stop him from using this powerful tool, or selling it to the...
  • Rachel
    In this book, the fourth of the Net Force series, Perry finally throws off much of Clancy's influence and heads straight for the mystical martial arts and spiritual stuff he's famous for. He still throws in the token cool new guns in each book (described carefully by name and features), and keeps the military mission at the end intact, but the missions are starting to tend more toward 1-1 martial arts tournaments, with the military taking a back ...
  • Ross Bussell
    This book was written in 2000, and imagined what the "net" of 2010 might be like. I'll admit, the views of the kooky visual virtual reality was pretty laughable when reading with the advantage of being in the year 2014, obviously that wasn't really the way things played out. Of course I understand, nobody could've seen the whole wireless / smart phones and tablets trend coming, and that completely changed the trajectory of future technology. Now,...
  • Stephen
    Alex Michaels is the commander of NetForce and has the job of protecting the US from cyber attacks. This book is the last in the series of Net Force(I believe)and wraps up the series. In this book a Dr. has made a deal with the Chinese to manufacture a machine that will alter peoples minds through sound waves and environmental factors. The ultimate connection between NETFORCE and this Dr. is that half of the formula is published online and NETFOR...
  • An Odd1
    ** "Breaking point" by Steve Perry is 4th in the Net Force series. Starts with Toni in England, ends with her pregnant and proposed to, epilogue to her as dieu ex machina. Per the formula, the book starts with death, a test of brain waves sent amok. A meek scientist hires an assassin mercenary leader for protection while he negotiates with the Chinese, to sell the weapon, and Net Force operatives intervene. Mostly live action, or tense threat of,...
  • Martin
    Konečně! Změna! Už tu není megaloman, který chce ovládnout svět, ale naivní vědec, který chce prachy. Tohle sérii hodně pomohlo - vymanit se ze šablony, kdy už bylo předem jasné, co se bude dít.Pár zajímavých zvratů, ale hlavně extrémně sympatický a schopný nájemný ochránce/žoldák, pracující pro "záporáka". Net Force konečně maká tak, jak by měla. A vedení není parta supermanů, co zvládnou vše a nic ne...
  • Jim Bocko
    As with all works of fiction, the authors throw in a mixture of fictional characters and situations into some real world locations and personalities. Copyrighted in October 2000, it is a book of what they thought the future, 2010 might be like. Now in September 2009, we realize that some things are more advanced and others have not reached to dreams the authors had for the future. This book kept me interested from the beginning to the end.
  • M.G.
    An excellent continuation of the Net Force franchise. The authors had taken great strides to make the first few books in the series flow from one to the next. Look forward to reading Point of Impact next. It saddens me that with each Clancy book read, I am closer to finishing the Clancy collection. RIP.
  • Zaid
    I stumbled over this book accidentally.I was actually looking for a sci-fi thriller and now I wish I should've rather read another book. Had no strength in story , lots of side-stories, lack of thrill, lengthy.I was tempted by the title of the book and the series is also familiar to me as I had played some games of Tom Clancy which was brilliant. Didn't knew that the book will be that poor.
  • Rita
    Not as suspenseful as I had hoped. I didn't really see a purpose for the romantic diversion. Locations sited in the book were interesting since some of them were my destination on this airplane trip out west.
  • Angel Serrano
    El relato mezcla la ciencia ficción con la amenaza tecnológica de los ordenadores y su agresividad anti humana, con el suspense de una novela de acción. El resultado no está muy conseguido, los personajes no transmiten credibilidad y la acción es falsa.
  • Sjoerd
    The story is as dumb as the title of the book.
  • Kristoffer Maron
    The story fascinating... It's not far from reality... If it's possible to drive people mad that easy... where will be the safest place...
  • Jim
    Not my preferred reading. If you like the 'Executioner' you'll probably like this book. Not Clancy's writing at all.
  • Jason Case
    Why Tom Clancy's name is on this book I don't know. Sheer money grubbing and mass marketing. He is obviously a genious but this book will not prove it.
  • Buddy Draper
    Good book; good series
  • Pradeep
    Only for hard core Net Force fans.
  • Krissie
    killing ray - scary
  • Sonny Levine
  • Laura
    Fun read. Ending was a bit abrupt, but other than that very interesting ideas. Fun to read about 2010 written in 2000.