One Thing At a Time by Cindy Glovinsky

One Thing At a Time

Simple, effective ways to put things in their placeThose piles of papers, clothes, and other things you thought you'd successfully de-cluttered have returned, and this time they brought friends. What's the use of trying to fight the clutter? Is there a better way?This powerful and useful guide delivers solutions that work, no matter how overwhelmed you feel. The answer isn't an elaborate new system, or a solemn vow to start tomorrow. Instead, psy...

Details One Thing At a Time

TitleOne Thing At a Time
Release DateJul 1st, 2004
PublisherSt. Martin's Griffin
GenreNonfiction, Self Help

Reviews One Thing At a Time

  • Patty
    I can't believe I am saying this, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! I rarely give 5 stars to a book, but this one deserves it!As I was reading some of the other reviews, I will say this - the book is written for those of us who have a hard time with organization. Furthermore, her writing style is great for someone with a short attention span! She lists 100 tips, each one taking up a page to a page and a half. My house is so much more or...
  • T Crockett
    This book is a great companion read - something you can pick up, read a section (usually 1-2 pages) and then put down again. I was worried the book might just be a bunch of organizing tips and praise for labeling machines. It's not like that at all. Glovinsky goes beyond organizing to get at the emotions that lead to the creation of clutter in the first place. The tone is friendly and the advice clearly comes from someone who has worked with A LO...
  • Bethany Lockhart
    I'm a sucker for organizing how to's. Especially one that breaks big, daunting projects into bite sized chunks. Written with easily relatable tips and advice, author Glovinsky also helps to look at causes behind the clutter-- to help you make real change. There were even a few humorous moments thrown in! Gotta love keeping a sense of humor about clutter management.
  • Lisbethlevine
    I've started a lot of organizing and time-management books, but this one I actually finished. Cindy Glovinsky doles out one tip at a time, making it easy to read the book in short bursts and start applying what you learned. Some of the tips are outdated due to changes in technology and some are so basic that you wonder whether they need to take up real estate on these pages, but overall, I got a lot out of it. Her mantra, "one thing at a time," r...
  • Tina Razzell
    One Thing at a Time – Book ReviewThe book contains 100 simple ways to live clutter free every day. The chapters are short, but contain a lot of useful advice. Here are a few ideas from the book that spoke to me:Keep It MovingIn both the chapter on laundry and the chapter on dishes, the author urges us to “keep the clothes moving on” and “keep the dishes moving on”. We need to realize that dishes and clothes are a fact of life and move t...
  • Cindy
    I liked this organizing book - it is organized into 100 short suggestions (no more than 2 to 3 pages) to help with getting clutter under control. Her suggestion is to read this through and then go back and select/work on/implement those bits that speak to your particular problem areas. I think it's a good suggestion and have marked a few passages for further action:Living clutter-free requires that you take care of yourself. Things have a way of ...
  • Ruthmgon
    I really really like this has some good ideas. It is laid out so you can stop and start at any section, after the introduction which goes over one or two of the authors basic tenants. Most sections or chapters are about one page long-easy to digest and ponder or skip on to the next. They have some immediately useful ideas, ones you can make use of mid sort without having to remember why was that way of doing my files important? Sometimes...
  • Kathleen
    I'm very picky about what books to keep on my bookshelf, and this one I am keeping.The author, Cindy Glovinsky is very sweet and patient within this book in explaining a long list of different tips to help a variety of different people with different needs and personalities in keeping your things organized, clean, and clutter-free. The author doesn't scold you for making a mess of things, but rather helps you to see with a few different steps tha...
  • Katherine
    Very helpfulEasy to read. At least one item from this book will stay in your mind or memory. I read this 10yrs ago. My bf threw it away and I have tried to find alternatives but this book is irreplaceable for scattered minds. I am excited to see how much use it gets on my kindle fire tablet. I would like a paperback version but enjoy the ability to always have this available via phone, tablet, kindle, or pc.
  • Amy
    Good advice. I mostly skimmed this because I didn't have time to read stories about every single 100 tips. I like self-help books simply because I become motivated regardless of the effectiveness of the author. They just get me in the frame of mind to make change in my life.
  • Kari Stidger
    The information in the book felt dated. And the author's tone seemed condescending. I read this one after finishing Dana K. White's De-Cluttering at the Speed of Life and much preferred Dana's style and tone. That book felt like having a coffee date and chat with a friend. This one felt like my mother giving advice on how she would handle my clutter. There were some bright moments with advice that I appreciated but the majority of it was overly s...
  • Heather
    A little dated but some great simple tips for decluttering & staying Organized.
  • Mary
    3.9 starsA bit dated (the author talks about the importance of having a ROLODEX) but these simple tips somehow struck a chord with me and my slightly hoard-y ways.
  • Annburnett
    Gives some good things to do to get clutter under control. It is a good book to get motivated again on your decluttering.
  • Dolly
    Dated and contrary to much of what Marie Kondō says in her popular book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, this book offers a laundry list of 100 suggestions to help clear clutter. The topics were each short reads that were designed to give the reader a specific chore to complete, but they weren't very cohesive and many seemed to only conceal clutter (put it in a box, neat stack, or file) more so than rid a person of it. Having recently rea...
  • Kathy
    A few weeks ago when I asked friends for recommendations on home organization books, almost everyone answered, "Have you seen my house?". They wanted me to let them know, however, if I found any good books. Well, I haven't. This book is not intended for anyone who has even the remotest bit of organization in their lives. I can't think of anyone I know who would benefit from this book.
  • Coreyann
    Simple ways to declutter. Most were not "ah-ha" moments but more common sense. I did, however, find it motivational to an extent. I gifted this book on to someone else who may also find it inspiring to clear the junk from life.
  • Maria (Ri)
    Lots of good reminders and tips in here for maintaining a clutter free home after you've made the big purge.
  • Leanne
    A very easy-to-read help book. Some chapters didn't apply to me but some were interesting and helpful.
  • Lorna
    This is a good book to read while preparing to move. The most helpful advice for me is the same as the title: one thing at a time!
  • Marijke Dyke
    If you are new at decluttering than this book is for you. Even die hards can glean a few nuggets. The chapters are short and an easy read.
  • Sarah
    I can't praise the author enough. I am new to living clutter-free and this book was a an eye-opener for me.
  • Hend
    More than perfect. Im in the middle of it and it already changed me :))
  • Jen
    This is a good step by step book. Some great ideas.
  • K Grant
    A wonderful, easy to read, easy to follow suggestions.
  • Mycala
    Cute book! While I already do a lot of things suggested in here, there were enough other ideas that I still found it to be helpful and informative.
  • Mary Luzader
    I liked this book better then the very trendy The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. This books presents 100 simple, realistic ideas for tidying and decluttering your home and your life.
  • MSP
    Easy reading and helpful. I was able to use the strategies at home and work and I still find myself quoting some of her de-cluttering rules.
  • Kathleen
    If you're reading this book in 2017, you have to look at the "big picture" aspect of it rather than the specific tips (at least in some cases). Many of Cindy Glovinsky's organizational tips have become a bit obsolete, as technology has changed this century. The essence of her suggestions, however, still apply -- and clutter hasn't exactly become obsolete.