Successful Drawing by Andrew Loomis

Successful Drawing

The illustrator Andrew Loomis is revered amongst artists for his mastery of drawing technique and his clean, realist style. His hugely influential series of art instruction books have never been bettered and Successful Drawing, the third in Titan's programme of facsimile editions, returns this classic title to print for the first time in decades.For over 60 years Successful Drawing has provided a superb resource covering all the techniques needed...

Details Successful Drawing

TitleSuccessful Drawing
Release DateJan 1st, 1951
PublisherViking Books
GenreArt, Drawing, Nonfiction, Reference

Reviews Successful Drawing

  • Parka
    (More pictures on my blog)This book is more advanced than the two earlier books, Figure Drawing for All It's Worth and Drawing the Head and Hands.Compared to other books that try to cover everything, this book focuses on certain aspects of drawing.There's a great deal of emphasis on perspective and that section is 80 pages, which is half of this 160-page hardcover. At times, it can be quite difficult to follow because there's too many things expl...
  • Sumaya Subhi
    "To learn to draw is to draw and draw and draw."-Andrew Loomis
  • Hala
    من اجمل الكُتُب في الرسم ،، وأرشحه بشده للي هيدخلوا امتحان قٌدُراتعمارة او فنونمليان مناظير ومجسمات وتهشيرها وتظليلها صح ولاند سكيب والنِسَب رااااااااااااااائع رااااااااااااائع
  • Daniel
    I read through the book. I only did a few exercise because I did not have time to do them all. So I will have to read the book again and do all the exercises. I liked the book.
  • Kalin
    This is an excellent book that has an extensive section on perspective drawing. I bought it to fill in knowledge gaps left out by other books in my collection - specifically perspective drawing as it pertains to the figure. The drawing examples can be a bit more difficult to understand than in other books, especially when there are lots of dark construction lines cluttering up the images. This is one of the reasons why I don't think this book is ...
  • Rahul Jain
    There are artists. There are masters. And then there are teachers. Loomis writes with the technical sincerity of a physicist writing the proof of a theorem - and the book expects equal amount of work and dedication on your part. The section on perspectives is quite long, and sometimes hard to follow - but that's only because a novice will have to practice and return to assimilate the depth of the content. The book is also an interesting source fo...
  • Michael Scott
    Andrew Loomis's Successful Drawing is a classic course on drawing. In it, Loomis expresses his approach on becoming a competent sketcher/painter. The wannabe artist has to master five aspects: proportion, placement, perspective, planes of light, and pattern or texture. To create, the same artist would have to traverse a path that starts with conception, traverses construction, contour, character, and ends with consistency. The book illustrates ea...
  • Lau
    I can hardly wait for the Titan Books release of the new printing of this book, a long-treasured part of my drawing library. I have had to handle my original printing with great care to preserve it - so I look forward to being able to really dig in to upcoming reprint.As noted in other reviews, this is a complete drawing course and while excellent, may be challenging to some. Loomis' discussion of perspective is one of the most valuable I have fo...
  • Serge Pierro
    Another classic tome by Andrew Loomis. It is easy to see how great artists such as Alex Ross were influenced by these books. This one deals mainly with Perspective and Lighting on Form. Personally, I felt that the section on Lighting Forms, for both basic shapes and anatomical forms, was the highlight of the book. The section on Perspective was also very educational. Great artwork is presented for the examples.
  • claudia
    I highly recommend books by andrew loomis, because of the individual detailed subjects he draws and write about. And most importantly these books are for free download. They don't make them like this anymore.
  • Bella
    Good one
  • Amber
    good book for that person that you know that is always drawing. wonderful examples!
  • Alun
    Another great book by Andrew Loomis. This, together with his books on figure drawing and portraits, are a must for any serious artist.
  • Lisa Ulibarri
    A good book on perspective; Light, shadow, distance,...
  • Evan Spendlove
    Just plain amazing, it goes into great depth about perspective, and constructing shapes in perspective!its also useful for lighting and basic form.