I Shall Be Near to You by Erin Lindsay McCabe

I Shall Be Near to You

An extraordinary novel about a strong-willed woman who disguises herself as a man in order to fight beside her husband in the Civil War, inspired by a real female soldier's letters home   Rosetta doesn't want her new husband Jeremiah to enlist, but he joins up, hoping to make enough money that they'll be able to afford their own farm someday. Though she's always worked by her father’s side as the son he never had, now that Rosetta is a wife ...

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TitleI Shall Be Near to You
Release DateJan 28th, 2014
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Military History, Civil War, Romance, War

Reviews I Shall Be Near to You

  • Kara
    It has taken me weeks to try to write this review, simply because I'm not a good enough writer to put into words how strongly this book affected me. This is one of THOSE books: the kind you can't get anything else done until you finish it; the kind that makes you convinced that Jeremiah and Rosetta are a part of your life; the kind of book you sneak away at work to take "bathroom breaks" because you just can't stop reading; the kind that leaves y...
  • Carol
    It's 1862 and Jeremiah Wakefield is off to fight for the Union leaving his newlywed bride behind without a proper parting goodbye. Distressed by his absence, and unwilling to succumb to menial "womanly" chores delegated by her nit-picking mother-in-law; after only two days, the proud and strong-willed Rosetta proceeds to cut off her hair, disguise herself in manly clothes and join-up to be with her man.Inspired by real people and events, McCabe d...
  • Diane S ☔
    3.5 Based on actual letters and reports from the more than 250 woman who fought disguised as men on both sides, during the Civil War.Rosetta is a memorable character, she comes from a poor but hardworking family and Jeremiah is her one true love.They have hopes of moving to Nebraska and buying their own farm. The $150.00 sign up fee for joining is his motivation for joining up. For Rosettathere are many other reasons.In this novel we gain the fem...
  • Cher
    4 stars - It was great. I loved it. Based on historical facts and letters surrounding at least 250 women that disguised themselves as men to fight and serve in the Civil war, Erin McCabe has created a memorable story about a woman who follows her husband into war (quite against his wishes). The heroine, Rosetta, is based loosely on the real lifestory of Sarah Rosetta Wakeman, who inspired the feisty and strong-willed framework upon which the fict...
  • Mary
    "His arms pull me tight against his chest and I bury my face in his shoulder. He shakes and it is dark enough I can still say I ain't ever seen him cry. My heart goes to cracking wide open, but at least I am alive to feel it. I am a different kind of woman now, a wife who knows what this war really is. At least I am part of this war, part of the things Jeremiah's done here, things that will always be hiding somewhere in his heart." New York, 186...
  • Wendy
    The concept of this book is a really cool one--a girl following her husband and joining up with the Union Army during the Civil War? Potentially awesome. However, I feel that this book failed to live up to its potential in every possible way.First off, this isn't a new idea--people have known for quite some time now that during the American Civil War (or the War Between the States, if you prefer, or perhaps the Uncivil War), many women disguised ...
  • Britany
    New York during the Civil War. Our narrator- Rosetta Stone-- helps her family out on their farm, she is brutally honest, headstrong, and independent. When her new husband enlists, her heart breaks open. She feels alone and disconnected. She decides to chop off her hair, put on some slacks, and heads for Utica to enlist alongside her husband.As the war goes on, "Ross Stone" goes through deaths, sickness, gore, shooting, and surprises. At times, th...
  • Connie
    Jeremiah Wakefield had a dream of buying a farm in Nebraska. When the call went up in his upper New York town to join the Union army, he enlisted to earn the money needed. His newlywed wife Rosetta was a strong girl who had grown up helping her father on their farm since he had no sons to work the fields. She loved working outdoors, preferring it to traditional women's work. A few days after Jeremiah left for training, she decided to disguise her...
  • Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~*
    Setting: Civil War-Era AmericaSteam Factor: mildWhen Rosetta Wakefield's husband Jeremiah, enlists with the Union Army there is no way she is going to be left behind. So disguising herself as a man and renaming herself "Ross Stone" she joins alongside Jeremiah and his buddies. Of course their marriage and their abilities are then strongly tested as the couple moves from training drills to the full-fledged battles as the War that everyone expected...
  • Lori
    Loved Rosetta, and i was fascinated to learn that this novel was based loosely on a real Rosetta's experiences as a woman disguised as a man fighting in the Civil War!!! Enjoyed!!!
  • Terri
    Original review found at http://kristineandterri.blogspot.ca/2...I received an ARC of this novel from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. the expected publication date is January 28th 2014.I literally just finished this read and all I can say is wow. I was so moved by this story that I do not even know how I can begin to put any of my thoughts together. I shall try however I fear that there is nothing I can write that wi...
  • Jennifer
    What a wonderful historical fiction piece. The author's note at the end will tell you that this is loosely based on a REAL Rosetta plus the stories of 200 other women who donned either the blue or the gray and fought for their homeland in the Civil War.Rosetta's character is wonderfully rounded out to include her reasons for leaving home (deeper than simply being so in love with her husband that she couldn't stand to be parted). This book felt so...
  • Lisa Wolf
    From my recent post at Bookshelf Fantasies:Five Reasons Why You Should Read I Shall Be Near To You… ASAP!Here are my top five reasons why this may be the book for you:1) Strong female character: Simply put, Rosetta Wakefield is one awesome woman. A young bride who decides that she will not sit home while the man she loves marches off to war, Rosetta takes her future into her own hands. Ignoring family disapproval and potential shame, not waitin...
  • Barb
    I liked Rosetta Wakefield, she immediately pulled me into the past of her life and held me there until the last page. Erin Lindsay McCabe has created a moving tribute to the women who passed as men and fought alongside their husbands, fathers and brothers in the Civil War. The author's note is fascinating, her fictional story is based on fact, over two hundred women are known to have fought in the Civil War, one fought at the battle of Antietam d...
  • Laura
    This book had such promise, but it just fell flat. There were a lot of potentially interesting characters and supporting characters, but nobody was really fleshed out enough to connect with. Also, there were attitudes that just didn't fit into a mid-1800's mindset. I get turned off by authors who can't separate their own ideology from the setting they've created and instead try to foist modern ideas and perspectives. Finally, too many F bombs--wh...
  • Lynn
    Rarely, perhaps never, have I been so drawn into the horror of the Civil War. Jeremiah and Rosetta are sweethearts when he leaves to fight in the Union Army. They marry, spend a very short time together, and then he is gone. She is left behind with her family with whom she no longer really belongs, and an unfriendly mother-in-law. Her decision is to cut her hair, put on pants, enlist, and set off looking for her husband. She does find him, but sh...
  • Carrie
    I am a HUGE historical fiction fan and I have a soft spot for Civil War books. Raised in the South, having a parent who was a Civil War reenactor, visiting battlefields and historic cemeteries has definitely left a mark on me. I Shall be Near to You came highly recommended and it did not disappoint. Erin brought these characters and battles to life. I could see them clearly walking across those fields and feel their excitement, their nervousness,...
  • Bonnie
    ‘Laying there on our bed is Jeremiah’s work shirt where I left it, the map unfolded beside it. And then like a hornets’ nest in the hot dust that you almost don’t see until it’s too late, but once you have, you can’t not see it for the buzzing in and out of the crack in the dirt crust, the idea of it just comes to me.’ It’s 1862, and the country is in the midst of the Civil War that goes on for another 3 years. Jeremiah Wakefield,...
  • Gerard J. Medvec
    I SHALL BE NEAR TO YOU by Erin McCabe, seems at first a cumbersome title. But as the incredible story with its even more incredible main character, Rosetta, wrap themselves around you, it becomes clear the title words are fished, like serene thread, through every vile, violent and loving page until the last, when it shoots from paper into your heart, a barbed hook, locking you into a forever-relationship with this American love saga.This book ref...
  • Jenny (Reading Envy)
    Based on letters written during the War Between the States (Civil War, War of Northern Aggression, I'm trying to take the middle ground here), I Shall Be Near to You tries to encapsulate the topic of women soldiers during the war, who had to pass as men to enlist.In this story, all the historical research and discovered letters are consolidated into the narrative of one couple - Jeremiah and Rosetta. It is part love story, part war story, and is ...
  • Colleen
    A moving love story in a war adventure with a bit of history mixed in. What a few brave women did for our country back then compares to what we can do today, without having to do so in secret. Very detailed and believable; the battlefield descriptions set the scene well. I was given a free copy of the book from Random House in exchange for an honest review.
  • Danielle
    What I love most about this novel is unwavering Rosetta. She's not a woman of her times, but she's loyal to her husband and very believable in the setting. Some Civil War imagery is disturbing because, you know, it's war! Even so, if it evokes a strong reaction it's good writing.
  • Becky ♡The Bookworm♡
    This has to be the most powerful, emotional, and memorable book I have ever read. There are books out there that have touched my heart and moved me to tears, but this time....the tears continued to flow even after reading the last page. The author has written a well researched and beautiful story based loosely on real-life history. The writing is superb and flows seamlessly from cover to cover, but what really stands out is Ms. McCabe's ability...
  • Tracy
    I loved this book! I always like strong female characters and you can't get any stronger than heading off to war as a man and your husband doesn't even know you are going. I loved Rosetta and Jeremiah and the authors descriptions of the marching and fighting of the soldiers seemed so real. I found myself cringing as Rosetta tried to help this bloody damaged soldiers. My heart broke at the ending but I think she left the army correctly and I was g...
  • Emily Cerda
    This is one of those rare books that had me reading well into the night (against my better judgment), with palpable characters, a rich setting and captivating plot that will stay with me for a long, long time. One of the best books I've read in a very long time.
  • Danielle (Love at First Page)
    Just over here, crying my eyes out. This is why I don't read sad books. Never again.
  • Connie Lacy
    A very moving story. Fascinating that women disguised themselves as men to serve in the Civil War. Well done.
    FIRST THOUGHTS:It's definitely closer to a 4.5-4.75 stars in rating! But seriously, first, Rosetta is one heck of a character. I admired her so, and really enjoyed being in her head for this story! And what a story. Not only did this tale succeed in getting me completely fascinated by this time period and women fighting during the war, but it also managed to keep me riveted to the pages. Beautifully done!REVIEW:(Originally posted on Alexa Loves B...
  • M. Garzon
    I always admire those who can write good historical fiction, who can recreate not only the everyday details of another time, but so immerse themselves in yesteryear's mindset that they can whisk their readers along with them. That's precisely what I found in "I Shall Be Near To You".The important details of war aren't the battles and dates and strategies, but the stories of the lives shattered and families affected for generations to come. The au...
  • Kat
    Amazing, I loved this book and I couldn't put it down, finished it in two days! Rosetta isn't your typical women and when her husband leaves to fight in the Civil War she doesn't want to stay behind and do her mother in laws mending. Disguised as a man, she joins her husbands regiment, and fights with him and her childhood friends. Based on letters and research of real women who fought in the Civil War this is a entertaining, informative and hear...