JFK Jr., George, & Me by Matt Berman

JFK Jr., George, & Me

If George magazine was about “not just politics as usual,” a day at the office with John F. Kennedy Jr. was not just business as usual. John handpicked Creative Director Matt Berman to bring his vision for a new political magazine to life. Through marathon nights leading up to George's launch; extraordinary meetings with celebrities including Barbra Streisand, Robert De Niro, and Demi Moore; and jokes at each other’s expense, Matt developed...

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TitleJFK Jr., George, & Me
Release DateMay 20th, 2014
PublisherGallery Books
GenreBiography, Nonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Politics

Reviews JFK Jr., George, & Me

  • Susan Breslow
    First off, in case anyone is confused, this book is by MATT Berman, George Magazine's art director -- not by MICHAEL Berman, who was JFK Jr's business partner at the magazine. I plowed through nearly a quarter of the book before I realized which Berman had written it. That said, it's an affectionate remembrance of the former President's son who died tragically when the private plane he was piloting disappeared in the dark night. Prior to joining ...
  • Suzanne
    JFK Jr, George and Me is a thoroughly enjoyable recounting of the author's experience working as the Creative Director of George Magazine. But there is more depth to it than the title implies. This is the story of a young man's journey, from a boyhood traumatized by an accident resulting in substantial facial scars, into the world of art, beauty and design. Obviously naturally gifted, Matt Berman's desk doodling evolved to weekly art classes and ...
  • Melissa
    So far I find this book incredibly interesting and don't understand some of the harsh reviews. It is not intended to be a comprehensive bio of JFK Jr. It is simply a very small window into one aspect of his life - his venture with George magazine. The author got to know him through their work on George. Unique perspective and not salacious at all. If you are interested in the Kennedys or JFK Jr., definitely worth the read.
  • Nicole
    Quick, easy read. Everything Ive read about JFK Jr says what a nice guy he was...this book basically reaffirms this fact. A great guy taken too soon, the story told by someone who really liked & respected him. It was interesting to read about the cover shoots & some of the history of the magazine too.
  • Donna
    This was a tiny little peek into the world of JFK Jr. I did read the George magazine, and did so because of John Jr. and the intriguing covers! The book started slow, only because I wanted to hurry up and get to the John part. But after reading the book thought differently. Matt did a good job of telling his side of the George magazine story. Who knew so much went into creating a cover? The celebrity stories were fun. And the French magazine stor...
  • Aubry
    Berman has a lovely writing style. I felt as though I was next to him as he remembered his time and relationship with JFK Jr. I don't know why the Kennedy's have always fascinated me, but I loved seeing the "real" side.
  • Anthony Colozza
    The book is somewhat interesting at times. It deals with working in the magazine industry, which I have to admit I have absolutely no experience with. So a lot of the items that were brought up by the author and were portrayed as important and meaningful just seemed pointless and petty to me. The book comes off as somehow winey and overly dramatic on mostly trivial events (except for JFK JRs untimely death). However, it does provide some insight ...
  • JJ Wall
    This is the second memoir I've read regarding JFK Jr., the first being Fairytale Interrupted.Like Fairytale this memoir was punctuated with stories that highlighted what a great guy and amazing friend JFK Jr. was.
  • Penny McGill
    It was inevitable that I'd read this book, no doubt at all, but it wasn't inevitable that I'd like it. I have been super critical lately and I was fully prepared to dislike this guy. I was fully prepared to come away thinking the author was trading on his chance meeting/working with JFK Jr. and that was not at all what this book was about. He definitely was aware that his working relationship/friendship was fortunate and freely admitted it but th...
  • Hannah
    Anyone who wants to know about the great wonderful kind person that John F Kennedy Jr and his lovely wife Carolyn was should read this book. The book is written by the former creative director of John's debut magazine George, Matt Berman. He worked for five years with John developing and creating each issue of the magazine that is 'not politics as usual'. The author shares great stories and past memories and by the end you will have felt you work...
  • Jackie
    It was a fun, quick and sentimental read. It was really about JFK Jr. last of the three topics, which was good because I could tell that the author and John Kennedy Jr. mostly knew each other from work settings. The author comes off as snobby, but he is a great storyteller who genuinely cares about demonstrating that his buddy was a real person.The final thoughts on JFK Jr. made me cry with emotion and leave the book store to let the closing thou...
  • Debra Pawlak
    I thoroughly enjoyed this delightful book. As Creative Director of JFK, Jr.'s George Magazine, Matt Berman had the most wonderful opportunity. He not only was responsible for the magazine's iconic covers (think Barbara Streisand as Betsy Ross), but he had the unique chance to know and work with John F. Kennedy, Jr. Berman introduced us to a young man who grew up in the world spotlight, but was really unaffected by all the hoopla. JFK, Jr. was a g...
  • Cassie
    This story is more about the author and his transformation from being insecure and lacking confidence to building his career as one of the go-to guys in publishing. His depiction of JFK JR is how I always pictured him in my head, so it's endearing to know that the genuineness that came through every time JFK JR did press or was at an event was truly who he was. John took great care of the people he loved. He knew how to help people shine, and Mat...
  • Sarah - All The Book Blog Names Are Taken
    It's hard for me to write a review because Berman did what he called people out on in the last few pages - capitalized on his friendship and the death of JFK Jr.The Kennedys have always fascinated me. Though I was only in my early teens at the time he was being called the sexiest man alive, JFK Jr was the man I wanted to marry, my celebrity crush. I remember being devastated when he died, and hoped for so long that they'd all be found alive.I rea...
  • Leigh
    This is a quintuple memoir of the author, John F. Kennedy Jr., George magazine, the end of an age of magazine publishing, and the 1990s. Matt Berman was a designer who John F. Kennedy, Jr. adroitly saw the talent in an hired him for his political / entertainment magazine project, in the era where they would fly to LA to photograph Barbra Streisand and work with photographers like Herb Ritts. John F. Kennedy Jr. sounded like the world's greatest c...
  • Stacy
    This book is short - not a lot to it at 200 pages. Written by Matt Berman, Creative Director of George magazine and friend to John. I loved George magazine, read it while I was in college. I think it mostly went over my head and I so wish it were around today - it really was a great idea and ahead of its time. Matt and John worked closely together and became good friends. This is a fun look into the magazine, the people who ran it, and John and h...
  • Chris
    This was a quick read. It's more about the life of Matt Berman, who worked with John F Kennedy Jr., on "George" Magazine. Much of this book is about the various covers of the magazine, and how he thought up the ideas for these covers and then the actual cover shoot, with the celebrity that they had chosen, like Barbra Streisand and Cindy Crawford. For those almost 4 years, Matt said he worked closely with JFK Jr. and had nothing but praise for hi...
  • Ruth
    Mr. Matt Berman did not need JFK jr. to make his life interesting, and I hope he writes another book about the rest of his life. Kennedy love is in my blood, and I won’t be ashamed. I don’t mean the watered down generation of Willie Smith Kennedy, though even they fascinate me. Such staying power. Berman speaks highly of JFK's wife Caroline, unlike William the friend from the Cape who wrote a similar memoir. Berman loves that JFK is such a re...
  • Nathan
    I was one of the initial subscribers to George Magazine. In fact, I think I still have a stack of them in my basement. It was fun learning about the genesis of the magazine from the perspective of an insider. The recap of cover shoot after cover shoot grew a bit tedious, but even most of those had their interesting anecdotes about the celebrities they shot. But what made this book the best was the inside it gave into the life of JFK Jr. It was a ...
  • Kristine Mckenna
    Interesting and funny stories about the working life at George magazine. Matt Berman, the creative director really admired JFK Jr and his wife Carolyn. It is nice to hear that and not the usual cutting people down to add interest to your book. The monthly magazine shoots featuring different celebrities were described and was entertaining. A little too much name dropping, like a didn't much care where Matt garbed a sandwich or the name of his favo...
  • Teresa
    Library book. Read in 3 hours. Hated it. Hated the author. He's egocentric, self-aggrandizing and incredibly insecure at the same time...tries way too hard to show/prove he's cool. But really, he's only just brushed the coat tails of interesting people, which doesn't make him interesting too. He told me way too much about himself and nothing terribly "new" about JFK Jr. It had moments that might be interesting to people curious about magazine pub...
  • Jillian
    An inside look at the working relationship between JFK, Jr. and his creative director at George magazine. JFK, Jr. is a kind, generous, funny and remarkably down to earth person. Obviously the book is bittersweet as his life and that of his wife, Carolyn and her sister Lauren's are tragically cut short as they fly in his plane to Martha's Vineyard. Learning more about John, Jr. as well as finding out which celebrities were difficult to work with ...
  • Paige
    I highly recommend this book, not as just another book about a famous person, which it is NOT... our library categorized on the spine as "Biography Kennedy"...the author, Matt Berman, gets short-changed here...it is right in the subtitle: "My Unlikely Friendship with JFK Jr"...this memoir is about him, and his professional and personal relationship with JFK Jr, as well as others he (Berman) worked with in his early career in publishing, then duri...
  • False
    I'm surprised the author held off so long in writing his version of being JFK, Jr.'s friend and co-worker. Not much new was added other than some amusing sections about working with the famous for the cover shoots of the magazine, George. I wonder if it's possible to achieve fame and not become so intertwined in your own self absorption you choke like some smothering snake? Someone should write a tell all about his wife. So far, they've been bles...
  • Esther
    Another trashy pick up from the library. The parts about working with the celebrities for the George cover shoots was really interesting - the Barbaras Streisand and Walters are ridiculous and well as you'd imagine in their high maintenance bubbles. But the rest of the book is little more than tittle tattle about JFK Jr, such is the fascination I guess still generates. So we get office ancedotes which are not terribly interesting. Erm, John gets ...
  • Helen
    A nice quick sentimental read. It should be titled "George, JFK Jr. & me" as it focuses on Matt bermans time working at George magazine with JFK Jr. Only two things I didn't like. He kept referring to himself as John's Creative director when he was really George magazines creative director. And secondly toward the end of the book he complained about others capitalizing on Johns death umm isn't that what you are doing as well? Otherwise a good qui...
  • Eileen
    Read an excerpt in Vanity Fair and liked it enough to read the book. I was a JFK Jr fan and had a subscription to George. Matt Berman gives his perspective from inside the magazine world (before the rise of the internet)and recounts some great stories from the making of George and all the celebrity cover photo shoots. Along the way he includes stories about JFK Jr, without exploiting him.
  • Cathy Branciforte
    An enjoyable, quick read about the author's relationship with JFK Jr. I enjoyed reading about the making of the magazine as well as the background behind some of the covers. Not much new about JFK, yet it was a nice look into his every day life at work and the relationships he shared with his colleagues.
  • Patrice
    Matt Berman was the art director of George magazine. According to this account George was his magazine and JFK, Jr. was a dabbler. Makes sense. But who wants to read a book about Matt Berman? JFK, Jr. kind of waltzes in and out of the narrative. It should have been titled "ME, George and JFK,Jr."
  • Lynette Milliman
    I was a huge fan of George magazine so was very pleased to find this book. It was a glimpse into the behind the scenes happenings at a very interesting magazine.