The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau

The Happiness of Pursuit

A remarkable book that will both guide and inspire, The Happiness of Pursuit reveals how anyone can bring meaning into their life by undertaking a quest.   When he set out to visit all of the planet’s countries by age thirty-five, compulsive goal seeker Chris Guillebeau never imagined that his journey’s biggest revelation would be how many people like himself exist – each pursuing a challenging quest.  And, interestingly, these quests are...

Details The Happiness of Pursuit

TitleThe Happiness of Pursuit
Release DateSep 9th, 2014
GenreNonfiction, Self Help, Travel, Personal Development, Business, Psychology

Reviews The Happiness of Pursuit

  • Ryan Dejonghe
    This book is not about happiness. Throughout, the author writes about loneliness, failure, despair, and the “post-quest funk”. If you are seeking a book about happiness, I have some recommendations for you below. Instead, this book is about the quest. It is about channeling your inner Don Quixote and dreaming your impossible dream--and then going for it! This book is a guide: about picking your quest, planning your quest, and achieving your q...
  • Becca
    This is an alright book. I really enjoy Chris Guillebeau's work, his blog and his outlook, and I loved The Art of Non-Conformity. But I was a little disappointed by this one. It has some interesting stories, for sure; it was fun to read about the different bizarre and wonderful quests that people the world over have taken on. But although it tried, it didn't really offer any solid advice. Sure, there were tips for how to go about picking a quest ...
  • Mignon
    I received an advance review copy of this book and enjoyed reading it. Like The $100 Startup, which I am using in class this fall, The Happiness of Pursuit uses case studies as a way to explore the philosophies and realities of undertaking a great quest such as visiting every country, walking across America, visiting every baseball stadium, cooking a meal from every country in the world, and so on. Each person's story is fascinating in its own wa...
  • Sasha
    Full disclosure - my story is one of the many featured in this book. Even if this were not true, I would still love this book. Here's why: I recently finished my quest and found myself struggling with the "what next" which can feel quite a bit like postpartum depression! While Chris addresses this in the latter part of the book, there are also valuable nuggets to be gleaned throughout the text (from other people's quests). As I read through all t...
  • Brittney S.
    The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau is a book purported to assist creative individuals launch and fulfill their life quest. For those unfamiliar, Guillebeau rose to fame after proclaiming and pursuing his life quest of visiting each country on Earth before the age of 30. His quest for such an amazing feat, has been inspiring to many and he has authored three books. Many are familiar with his first book, The $100 Start Up. Although his qu...
  • Sam
    I was sent this book because I signed up for the street team and I'm SO glad I did because this book changed my life. I didn't think I was going to be able to read it in a day but I did because there is just so much good advice and it's written so well that I couldn't stop.Basically, this book is about pursuing a quest, centered around your passion or interests, that will challenge you and bring meaning and happiness. Chris has so much advice to ...
  • Mireille Duval
    This was really inspiring. I've been feeling aimless for... an embarrassingly long time, this perpetual "what next?" hanging over me, and though I don't think visiting all the UNESCO World Heritage sites will really give my life meaning or make the world better, it sure sounds a lot better than waiting for time to pass before I die, right? Plus it fits really well with the completist part of my personnality. We'll see if I end up doing anything -...
  • Kate
    I found this book to be too superficial to be life-changing. The message boils down to "having a big, long-term goal can lend order, structure, and purpose to your life, which in turn can make you more satisfied." OK, good premise so far. But the book lacked any deep exploration of the hows or whys, the practical steps to finding and completing this quest that is supposed to make your life so much better. The book tells the stories of dozens of p...
  • Kirk
    I had an incredible opportunity to read this book prior to publication. You cannot possibly dislike a book written by Chris, who has been to every country in the world. His books are top notch and powerfully written. I would argue that The Happiness of Pursuit is Chris's best yet. This book has given me a new inspiration to engage in and begin quests individually and with my family.Although I am working full time, finishing a masters degree, expe...
  • Patricia
    I was really hoping to learn something new about happiness from this book. That definitely did not happen. This book could easily have been understood just by reading the first appendix. In the first chapter, he decides to define what a quest is. I didn't agree with his findings. According to the author, worthy personal pursuits like losing weight, getting fit, or quitting smoking are not lifelong focus types of activities. Suffice it to say we d...
  • TheGeekyBlogger
    Listened for Review (Random House Audio)Overall Rating: 4.00Inspiration Rating: 4.00Story Rating: 4.00Audio Rating: 4.00 (not part of the overall rating)Read It File It (short review): The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau is one of those books that will inspire you take on a quest for your life. To pursue something you have always wanted and accept all the things that come with it. I was impressed that he tackled the highs and lows of que...
  • Marjorie Elwood
    I love books about goal-setting, and this book is even better, because it's about quests. Quests provide a clear challenge and bring meaning and fulfillment to our lives. With inspiring examples of quests, ideas on how to structure them, and a call to action, this was a motivational read."Why pursue a quest? Because each of us in our lives is writing our own story, and we only have one chance to get it right."
  • Natalie Harroch-Harper
    This just compounded my hunger to stick it to the rat race and corporate hustle 'n bustle tenfold!! Yoga training in India? Biking through South America? Volunteering in Africa? Visiting every bookstore in North America? Whose with me??? Let's go.
  • Cindy
    Interesting collection and reflections on the perspective of life projects as quests. Inspiring and easy to read. Have a browser handy so you can look some of the questers up!
  • Dave
    I liked the general premise. Finding quests in your life is a great idea, having them be measurable is good, having "big" things to attempt to attain is great. However, the book itself was very repetitive.First, I think the great majority of the book could have been one long blog post. He didn't cover a long wide range of techniques and tricks to find/do quests, it was primarily a rambling way to convince you that you should have one, they're goo...
  • Valerie
    Have you ever felt discontent in your life? Have you ever wanted to do something inspired? Are you feeling like something is missing? If any of these sound like you, this may be the book for you.In this book, Chris Guillebeau introduces to some amazing people who have felt empowered to take a quest. In doing so, he interviews people who have done all sorts of unique things with their lives. I loved reading the stories and hearing about the amazin...
  • anchal
    Chris visited every one of 193 countries before turning 35.-> real meaning of a quest.-> stories of many other such people from different cultures.-> quests bring meaning and fulfillment to our lives.-> quests do not always develop as planned. most of the time, something else happens along the way.-> everyone who pursues a quest learns many lessons along the way.-> what excites you? what bothers you?-> embracing new things often requires us to em...
  • Van
  • Jacob
    A former entrepeneur decides to set a life goal of visiting every country in the world, and in the process of communicating his progress and talking with other people, he discovers that pursuing a large lifetime goal is, well, a process, almost no matter what your goal is.This book seems to me a lot like Joseph Campbell's The Hero With A Thousand Faces, but identifying universal aspects of setting and achieving large life goals instead of univers...
  • Rishav Mukherji
    This book seems like a ramble. It doesn't match the title and the author gives a bunch of random examples while trying to say how to choose a fulfilling life quest. However even then, his views are haphazard. For example, he says that "lose weight this year" is not a good goal because it isn't specific enough. Totally agreed! However his example to show what an improved version would be is NOT:- lose 12 lbs this year OR- lose 1 lb each month of t...
  • Dustin Raymer
    This was an incredibly inspiring book. I read this at a time I was making a transition from working in an office to actually pursuing a dream of mine. I gained some really valuable insights and inspiration that I believe I can utilize in my own pursuit. Very easy to read but filled with incredible stories and feats that will motivate you to do that thing you have always wanted to do. highly recommend to anyone who has ambitions of doing something...
  • Amy
    Fantastic! Shouldn’t we all follow our heart and chase our dreams?! What may be intriguing to one might seem ridiculous to others. Therefore let the haters hate. Pursue your passions! You never know what you can accomplish, but you will be happier if you are actively engaged in a good cause.
  • Donny Teeter
    When it first started, I thought it was just going to be stories of people pursuing their quests, but there turned out to be quite a bit of information about how to discover, plan, and pursue a quest. Includes some pretty interesting and inspiring stories.
  • Christine Ofslager Halpaus
    A fun way to think about extracurricular projects or goals. Reminded me of a few things I had said I’d want to do one day and started putting the pieces in motion. Would have loved to read more about other people’s quests in depth instead of how pieces of their quest helped him make his point.
  • Robyn
    3.5 stars // For anyone already following curiosity in life, there is not much here of note. But I do appreciate how these pages have the potential to spark ideas for one's own future quest(s).
  • Tabitha Krug
    Really motivating, filled me with a number of dreams... I've started on a bucket list focusing on language learning with specific goal posts.
  • Lorna McGlynn
    Wish I could think of MY quest, but I'm at least thinking about it. Very thought provoking.
  • Caitlin
    More inspiring for its anecdotes than for its advice, but an interesting read all the same. Cue the wanderlust.
  • Sandy
    An enjoyable read but I didn't necessarily find that it helped me personally discern what it purports to help with according to the cover "finding the quest that will bring purpose to your life". It was interesting to read about others who have embarked on fascinating quests.
  • Aira Agbayani
    Actual Rating: 3.5