Preserving by the Pint by Marisa McClellan

Preserving by the Pint

Preserving by the Pint is meant to be a guide for saving smaller batches from farmer's markets and produce stands -- preserving tricks for stopping time in a jar. McClellan's recipes offer tastes of unusual preserves like Blueberry Maple Jam, Mustardy Rhubarb Chutney, Sorrel Pesto, and Zucchini Bread and Butter Pickles. Organized seasonally, these pestos, sauces, mostardas, chutneys, butters, jams, jellies, and pickles are speedy, too: some take ...

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TitlePreserving by the Pint
Release DateMar 25th, 2014
PublisherRunning Press
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Nonfiction, Food

Reviews Preserving by the Pint

  • Emily
    I checked this out of the library because I was interested in making jam, but not interested in having a zillion jars of one kind for just two of us to eat. I made several small batches using recipes from this book and they all turned out quite well.
  • Lindsay
    I read every word of this book. Marisa Mc is perhaps the most compelling and engaging food writer in the history of forever. Seriously WHO CRIES reading a cookbook? (me.) I'm making everything. We are one.
  • Jen Visser
    Hard to believe, but this book is even better than Ms. McClellan's first. I'm so thrilled to have a new series of recipes to try going into 2015. She gets full credit for my canning adventures, without her books I probably would have never moved past pickle relish and tomato sauces. Lots if fun and delectable goodies ahead!
  • Laura
    For what this is, it's perfect. It's a small-batch canning and pickling book. Her recipes are super clear and easy. Since you're only making a jar or two, there isn't a lot of the specialized equipment that makes canning and preserving intimidating. Her recipes are creative, and perfect for using up leftovers or a garden surplus. And the pics are beautiful.This isn't an everyday cookbook, but if you're an avid gardener or creative cook, it's wort...
  • Katie Hopkins
    The PERFECT follow up to McClellan's "Food in Jars", "Preserving by the Pint" breaks down recipes by season. Each recipe sounds delicious and was fairly unique to other canning books I have seen.As usual, the greatest thing about McClellan's recipes is that they are created in small batches so you don't commit yourself to having 8-12 jars of something you may or may not like. I'm getting a copy for my birthday and I can't wait to start canning! S...
  • Matthew Stuart
    This totally works. I was a little dubious that one could make only a few pints of jam at a time but it worked out smashingly. Takes a lot less time too. I was a afraid a little batch would take all afternoon but it only took about an hour included sterilizing. The blueberry ginger tasted good too.
  • Alexandra
    I realized while reading this book that I knew a lot more about proper canning techniques and preserving food than I thought I did. I did learn a couple more tips about canning that will really help me in the future. There were a lot of great recipes, and I saved a few to make in the different seasons. That's one thing I really enjoyed about this book, it was broken into four sections: one for each season. This helps because it shows what will be...
  • Selket Nicole
    things i love about this book include: (1) the fact that it's written specifically for small spaces, and my kitchen is nothing if not a small space. seriously, so many canning books are assuming that you're in some huge farmhouse kitchen rather than an urban "galley kitchen" (which is really more of a hallway); (2) it's divided by what's seasonal, which i appreciate since i'm doing all of my shopping based on what's at the farmer's market that we...
  • Robynn
    These recipes are a little more ... interesting than her first book, Food in Jars, because her first book was so complete. Just because these ideas aren't conventional though does not mean they aren't delicious! I've tried some from her website previously and I'm super excited to enter the growing season with this new book in hand!
  • Sarah
    once again, Marisa has hit a home run! page after page of recipes I'm dying to make, or flavor combinations similar to those that come to me when I'm jam planning. I checked this out from the library today and am now anxious to have a copy in my home library.
  • Jan Patetta
    Beautiful little book for small-time canners like me. Recommend.
  • Natalie
    I bought this book without seeing it first and was sorry. Tattered Cover has it now. Layout and instructions were fine, but the recipes are so hipster that apart from the strawberry champagne jam, I wasn’t interested in eating any of the final products. Also, I want to know how to make the basics before flying off into the world of “Mustardy Rhubarb Chutney”. (See, told you: Hipster.)
  • Lisa
    This was just ok. Not one of the better ones that I have seen, even by this particular author. The one plus that I did like about the book was that it was divided into seasons. I am taking it that was for seasonal items. What I did not like was that there were not many pictures in the book and many of the flavor combos to me were quite odd.
  • Kathy
    I loved canning in small batches. I made the oven-roasted rhubarb compote in the spring and blueberry maple jam in the summer. Both were delicious. I also made the blender salsa and it was so good that four jars weren't enough, so I made it again! I can't wait to try more
  • Kimberly
    Meh. This is a boring collection of ideas you've seen before. I guess these itty bitty recipes make sense if you're some rich white dude who shops at the farmer's market ironically, but it's not for practical people who want to put up what they grow.
  • Lisa
    I didn't love this nor did I hate it either. The book was just not what I thought it was going to be. There were not enough pictures and the page set up was not what I would have liked either. Moreover, the recipes themselves were a little on the strange side as well.
  • Diane Baima
    I might change to five after I try the recipes! They sound so good!
  • Erin Anderson
    Borrowed from the library and can't wait to buy
  • Laronda Blessing
    Lots of good recipes and tips for more manageable preserving.
  • Lia Marcoux
    This writer gave us the confidence to make jam and the know-how to not die of botulism, so I am a fan.
  • Amy
    Great book for small recipes to try out
  • Kendi Judy
    Fantastic little cookbook on canning for those who want a variety and don't want to spend hours doing it.
  • Meredith
    Next to Ball this is THE best canning book I have read! Using many of the recipes now and can't wait to try them!
  • Missy
  • Cheryl
    Great recipes for someone new to canning & preserving
  • Linda
    A great collection of small batch recipes for water-bath canning and lacto-fermentation. No waste like using large quantities for small families or singles. I love this book!
  • Fernleaf
    Great recipes, I tried out a number of them this summer. Like most canning recipe books yields can be a little fluid depending on the fruit itself and weather you measure by weight or volume, but flavor was superb in everything I tried. My favorite thing about this book is the unique flavor combinations, definitely falls into the 'foodie' category with things like Pickled Ramps, Rosemary Rhubarb Jelly, and Pear Jam with Chocolate, however there a...
  • Aja
    I love this book almost as much as I love Food in Jars. I really like the fact that it is divided seasonally. My canning urge starts in late spring and it is great that there are recipes I can make before the raspberries, cucumbers, and other such things are in full swing. My favorite was the pickled garlic scapes, I loved them so much that I'll make a triple batch next year. I also really like that the recipes have smaller yields. Until recently...
  • Allyson
    Marisa McClellan is my new cooking hero. Or I should say canning hero. Thanks to her easy-to-follow instructions and recipes for small batches, I was able to dive into canning this past summer without worrying about wasting too much time or money on failures. I needn't have worried at all, though, because every recipe I've made so far has been easy and delicious. I can't believe the summers I've wasted not canning, thinking that canning was a big...
  • Sandra Lassiter
    I have a fairly small kitchen, so I don't really do large batch preserving. This book is perfect for me! Small amounts of scrumptious goodies from Honey Sweetened Strawberry Jam to Caramelized Onion Spread with Sage are perfect for small kitchens. Another great thing about the small batches, is being able to try something new without being stuck with a huge batch if you don't like it! I've seen interesting looking recipes in other preserving cook...