Naruto, Vol. 01 (Naruto, #1) by Masashi Kishimoto

Naruto, Vol. 01 (Naruto, #1)

In another world, ninja are the ultimate power—and in the village of Konohagakure live the stealthiest ninja in the world. But twelve years ago Konohagakure was attacked by a fearsome threat—a nine-tailed fox demon which claimed the life of the Hokage, the village champion. Today, peace has returned, and a troublemaking orphan named Uzumaki Naruto is struggling to graduate from the Ninja Academy. His goal: to become the next Hokage. But unkno...

Details Naruto, Vol. 01 (Naruto, #1)

TitleNaruto, Vol. 01 (Naruto, #1)
Release DateAug 6th, 2003
PublisherVIZ Media
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Comics, Graphic Novels, Young Adult, Fiction, Comics Manga, Adventure, Action, Media Tie In, Anime

Reviews Naruto, Vol. 01 (Naruto, #1)

  • karen
    japan is full of wackiness. this is a fact. have you ever seen tokyo gore police?? i have. it is wacky. so is visitor q. they airbrush the pubic hair in their porn, they make beer for kids, they sell soy sauce flavored kit kats, their game shows are mind-boggling, everything is cute and brightly colored and for some reason, they still love hair bands from the eighties like bon freaking jovi. it is a land of wacky inventions:[image error]and wacky...
  • Bradley
    I'm pretty much a die hard fan of this series, and now that it's done, I'm sad.For the sake of my aching heart, I'm going to reread it again and revel in its moments of light-heartedness, its pain, its desperate hope.Well, there was a bit of pain in the first volume, a lot of light-heartedness, and a taste of the promise to come. The nine-tailed demon fox is still far off on the horizon, but for now, we've got cute character exploration and dista...
  • Sean Gibson
    Buddy read with the inimitable Aja.An interesting start to my Manga career. I'll write more after volume 2...
  • Sam Quixote
    Naruto’s a teenage orphan with a secret. He’s training to be a ninja in ninja school in a village that used to be menaced by a giant fox with nine tails. But he’s a bit screwy – he doesn’t have parents so he’s a bit wild and acts out quite a bit, though he just knows he’s gonna be the greatest ninja ever. I think he will too because his name is the series title! The first volume introduces us to Naruto and his world. He learns how t...
  • Djezelle
    Nothing matters until this manga has Sabaku no Gaara.He alone is worth 5 stars.
  • Arafel
    I resisted reading this for a long time because I was determined not to succumb to another one of my daughter's crazes (Pokemon -yes, I'm a 40 year old Pokemon Master, and Fruits Basket -wasn't as crazy about that one. A little too emo for my taste.)But this Naruto is well worth a read. I quickly grew to care for spunky, spazzy, orphaned Naruto and his shinobi-in-training classmates. They are oddly focused for 12-year-olds though, and the trials ...
  • Ilias
    My opinion about this manga is heavily biased because I basically grew up with it. This is the only manga that has ever hit me emotionally like a train on multiple occasions. If I could give it 6 stars I would do it in a heartbeat. Of course having said that ... Naruto has some big flaws . There were some huge plot holes that could not be explained. The final fight felt like as if Kishimoto had a good concept of how things should play out, but he...
  • Χαρά Ζ.
    The nostalgia is killing me
  • Sarah Apsey-Barres
    The quality of this level of story-telling is so superior to anything I've read before. Kishimoto weaves a moral tale that is dynamic, powerful, funny, dramatic ... it has everything one could hope for from any work of fiction one might endeavour to read, at any level. It is no wonder this series has reached the level of popularity that it has because it's so complete. Most importantly, on this day Master Kishimoto has reminded me of why story-te...
  • Terence
    (Like a doofus I accidentally deleted my review of this. Fortunately I saved a copy.) "Once appeared a nine tail demon fox, its might tails could crumble mountains and cause tsunamis." "To fight the demon the people assembled all the shinobi of the village. One brave shinobi was able to seal it the demon, but because of that he lost his life. That shinobi was called the 4th Hokage." Welcome to the wonderful world of Naruto. The title character N...
  • Karl Marberger
    I was a big fan of the anime throughout adolescence and into early adulthood. I can’t believe it took me this long to start the manga.
  • Megan
    I never had any plans on reading Naruto. I'd heard about it and to me, it did not sound that great. During the first book, I thought it was really boring. As I got further into the series, I started finding it more enjoyable. The characters are all unique. The drawings aren't bad. The plot is enjoyable. I would recommend it to anyone who's addicted to ninja or action stuff.
  • Joyzi
    Now I'm going to review not this volume but Naruto as a whole, 'kay? Get it?So Naruto, what can I say, I'm obsessed with the anime, and since my cousin was like spoiling things, like Sasuke kills Hitachi but Hitachi was not a bad guy blah blah blah...So I'm like Sasuke what? Hitachi what? So my curiosity finally got me and then my cousin recommend this site onemanga wherein you can read manga scans for free and then I started to read not the begi...
  • Mohammad Saadeh
    كانت أروع أيام تلك التي عشتها مع عالم ناروتو, أيام الطفولة ,أيام المراهقة, وأيام النضوج الفكري.طالما تمنيت أن أصبح مثل ناروتو أو أن أعيش في عالمه في قرية الورق.ناروتو يعلم البشرية كلها معنى الاصرار على الوصول إلى الهدف, ناروتو الذي كان مكروها من قبل ...
  • Petros
    (just for the record, this is a slight alteration of my anime review) Despite being one of the most famous shonen titles around, eventually Naruto doesn’t escape the pitfalls of its genre but it definitely does a better job than most in terms of complexity. The artwork is definitely original in a way, as most areas, especially the ninja villages, are very cool looking in their design. Yet, it is full of anachronisms and irrelevant details. For ...
  • M.J
    I LOVE the Naruto world! The characters, the plot, the backgrounds, everything. And apart from a few 'blah' moments I find no faults with the manga or the anime, although I do prefer the Japanese adaption of the anime, the English voices do not do it for me, bring on the out and out sexy Japanese voices. Masashi Kishimoto is a genius as far as I'm concerned. It's one of those 'you love it or you hate it' things and everybody has their own tastes ...
  • I'Mdoggo
    This its better than anime for me. This it´s better than anime for me.
  • Angela Auten
    Naruto Volume 1 ReviewManga Rating: 5 stars out of 5. Story Line: 5 stars out of 5. Naruto is one of my favorite anime. I'm currently watching Naruto Shippuden! I'm almost 400 episodes into it. That being said...before I finished watching the anime I wanted to read the manga. I loved it so much! It's nostalgic going back to the beginning of the series. I love to see how Naruto develops throughout this series. Shippuden is lot heavier than the beg...
  • Neftis
    No ha estado mal y me he reído en algunas partes pero prefiero otro tipo de mangas.
  • Hitarthi Pandya
    note:i havent read it....just religiously watched for many years. ahhhhhh i was (and still am to a degree) obsessed with naruto they were the best years of my life. me and my brother used to wake up super early and sit in our room and watch naruto all day long. we cried, we laughed, we felt all the emotions watching it. lol i am getting emotional just thinking about it. Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke are all annoying idiots and but they all grow immen...
  • Paula
    que nostalgia ver al trio junto y tan chiquitos, el momento que conocieron a kakashi y a sakura odiando a naruto, todo quedo taan atrás y bueno aunque ya este avanzada por el anime no puedo no leer el manga de uno de mis animes favoritos y además esta bueno recordar. A ver cuanto me lleva terminarlo....
  • Edlira Dibrani
    Having watched the entire anime during my childhood and my adult years, reading this manga brought me back memories when I first started watching it and I am so happy that I have already started reading the manga as well. During the whole anime, it hit me emotionally like a train on multiple occasions. If I could give it 6 stars I would do it in a heartbeat. Best anime ever.
  • Theresa ♫
    I started Naruto with the anime and I'm just in love with the fact that the anime is JUST LIKE the manga. They didn't change a thing!!! HYAAA~H you can't imagine how thankful I am!!Anyway, onto my review. NOTE: This is on the entire series--meaning Naruto Vol. 1-27 (not including the Shippuden series, but anyway . . .).Technically, I first heard about this story in 3rd grade, when one of my friends explained to me that it was about a blonde ninja...
  • Gusfina
    --- Naruto 1-72 ---Plot: Naik turun maju maju mundur maju.Gambar: Ok.Penokohan: Terlalu banyak tokoh yang likeable dan lovable.Oh ya ampun! Saya belum pernah menuliskan review untuk Naruto? Baiklah, kukatakan saja sekarang. Ini salah satu judul komik terpanjang yang pernah saya ikuti. Nama besar Naruto juga sudah tidak perlu dipungkiri lagi diantara para pembaca komik (mungkin). Tentu saja, ada yang suka dan tidak suka. Saya sendiri? Oh-o, tentu ...
  • Phire
    I've decided to finally pick up the Naruto manga, since it has finally reached it's end! I really missed these characters who were so much part of my teenage years.I had completely forgotten how hilarious this was. I identify myself with Naruto a lot, when I was younger I was a troublemaker who loved pranking - mostly to get people's attention.The fact that Naruto has the Nine-Tail fox demon inside of him still gives me the chills.This is such an...
  • Bookishrealm
    This was actually really good. I've always been intimated when it comes to the three big Manga series (Naruto, Bleach, & One Piece) so when I was required to read a manga for one of my classes I got really excited. Naruto is an interesting and hilarious character and I really enjoyed his confidence despite the fact that everybody pretty much hated him. The final scene which I won't go into for spoiler reasons had me laughing out loud and I genuin...
  • Radwa
    This is going to be a great challenge. I haven't read a manga this long, but it makes sense to read one of the mangas that started the whole anime/manga/japan love for me! It's bringing a lot of memories already (I watched a loooot of the show), and even though I was spoiled for the ending, I feel like I'm going to enjoy this. PS: I cringe every time I read Naurto's famous line, "I'm going to be Hokage." I don't know why, maybe because he says it...
  • Sara➽ Ink Is My Sword
    4 Stars Fun, quick, full of action and ninjas! What else would you ask for? hahahaThis is my first time reading naruto, besides I haven't watch the tv series, so it is my first time with this manga. Altough it took me a little while to be able to read without getting confused in the order of reading. I am excited to continue :)
  • Ash
    pretty good