Promises, Promises by Patricia Scanlan

Promises, Promises

The village of Glenree is home to the Munroe women, including from the glamorous new in-law, Emma; the homely Miriam; and airs-and-graces Sheila, who is forced to watch her own daughter Ellen become the talk of the county. The saying "love is blind" could have been invented for the wayward Ellen, whose life changes for ever when she leaves the ebony darkness and winding country roads of Glenree for the bright lights of the city. It is there she f...

Details Promises, Promises

TitlePromises, Promises
Release DateApr 2nd, 2007
PublisherTransworld Publishers
GenreWomens Fiction, Chick Lit, Fiction, Romance

Reviews Promises, Promises

  • Julie Haigh
    ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS I'VE EVER READ!!!!!!!!! This is a two part story so it's really a must to read Mirror,Mirror also. I had not heard of Patricia Scanlan before and really bought the set of two books because they were on special offer but this author should be at the top of the bestseller lists because I was really pleasantly surprised at the quality of her writing. It's a family story where a girl falls for a rotter and, for a time, things se...
  • Sue
    The cover of this book compares it to Maeve Binchy's books. I must agree! I finished this quickly and plan to move right along to Mirror, Mirror. A nicely told story of an Irish catholic family whose children are growing up in the 1960's. I remember the shame back then of having daughter get pregnant without the benefit of marriage. Heck, I only got married due to being pregnant in order to spare my own family the shame. LOL. Times have changed q...
  • Bubblestarlet
    I got totally drawn into the world of the characters in this book. Made me feel as though I was living everything with them. It made me switch off from the 'real world' and not many books manage that these days. Looking forward to reading the sequel.
  • Jessfack
    Enjoyable read, written in a way that allows you to see it from perspective of each of the characters as they go through life
  • weaverannie
    De familie Munroe telt drie vrouwen: moeder Sheila, die zich belangrijk voelt door in het bestuur van de vrouwenorganisatie van Glenree te zitten, daar vooral veel voor de bakken en te braden en zich vooral 'goed gedraagt'.Haar schoondochter Miriam. Slecht behandeld door haar eigen familie, omdat ze nooit nee zei en door haar vader en broers als voetveeg werd gebruikt. Nu is ze gelukkig met haar man en kinderen en is de beste vriendin van haar sc...
  • Rachel
    wow, if I could have given this book more than 5 stars, I would have; i loved loved loved this book. It was so full of drama but it all turned out right in the end which is how I like books to end, because I'm a softy, like Ellen, (not saying I'd let men treat me like she did though. I felt very very sorry for her throughout the novel.)And, how the 'upper class" people were in this book made me so angry.Anyway, I found it very hard to put this bo...
  • Nicki
    I love Patricia Scanlan's books. She and Sheila O'flanagan are the only two women's writers who are consistently good and never seem to write duds. This is more of the same. Perfect comfort reading about relatable women and situations. This one is mainly about Ellen who falls for the vile Chris. But also her sister in laws Miriam and Emma. And interfering mother in law Sheila. Sheila really annoyed the hell out of me, but I think that's the idea....
  • Jillean Whyte
    After reading and loving the City series by Patricia Scanlan, it was my mission to find more books by this lady fast becoming my fav author. This book has surpassed my expectations, you can totally imagine you or someone you know being the characters. It is so well written, not a page is weary or added without reason. Fantastic book, bought its sequel half way through this book. Love, love, loved it.
  • Daisy M
    great writing, I feel like I am one of the characters in the book too bad I didn't specifically identify with any of them just a few similarities with both Ellen and Emma but otherwise great story wish I can find more like this.
  • Mical
    First book of the series. Mirror, Mirror the next. Very cozy feeling of family and village. Good story teller.