John Howe Fantasy Art Workshop by John Howe

John Howe Fantasy Art Workshop

Here?s how I do it, and why?: this is the premise behind John Howe?s very first practical exploration of his artistic inspirations, approaches and techniques. Perfect for practical artists and fans of John Howe?s work, this book provides step-by- step demonstrations, sketches and outstanding finished paintings, some of which were designed specifically for this book. The book covers a wide range of subjects essential to any aspiring fantasy artist...

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TitleJohn Howe Fantasy Art Workshop
Release DateOct 14th, 2007
GenreArt, Fantasy, Drawing, Reference

Reviews John Howe Fantasy Art Workshop

  • Parka
    (More pictures at Howe best known for his work based on J. R. R. Tolkien's worlds. He's also one of the chief designers for Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy.This book is a collection of tips and insights on creating fantasy art, with material covering the course of his career. There are no step-by-step tutorials so you won't see how he actually paints. That's the only thing lacking in this (More picture...
  • Ανδρέας Μιχαηλίδης
    I will readily confess I bought this book something like a decade ago, just for the pretty pictures. I knew John Howe from the Tolkien, Robin Hobb, Guy Gavriel Kay and all manner of other cover illustrations and this was a chance to have some of his material in larger format to gaze at.I cannot draw, or, if you prefer, I know it would take painstaking time and effort for a rather mediocre result, so I really have no need for technical books and "...
  • Casey
    I was very conflicted in picking this up even after seeing it in countless "art book essentials " lists, but after spotting it at the local library I did what I knew I had to.It was worth it, ultimately. While I'm not the biggest fan of Howe's art, his thoughts on his craft are definitive and clear. I thoroughly enjoy seeing an artist's process. I was also thrilled to see this wasn't a run-of-the-mill "how to draw" book. I do wish he touched more...
  • Laura
    This is not your typical 'how-to' art book. If you're wanting a book that tells your what lines to make where to draw such-and-such, then this is not the book you're looking for. John Howe doesn't tell you how to draw. He more teaches you how to approach drawing, how to craft ideas, use references to guide elements of your work, but not how to draw it. He understands that art is a very personal activity and that what works for one person, does no...
  • Jorge Rodighiero
    I love John Howe's art; if this book would have been titled -and marketed- as a collection of some of his work, I would have rated it with more stars.However, as a fantasy art workshop it fails to deliver. There are no tutorials or tips (besides the pencil you should sketch with: 4B). It is wonderful to read about his inspiration and thought process, but there is not enough information at all to transform this book into a workshop.
  • Misaki Lenomi
    My childhood and my desire for the Middle Earth - LOTR lore lead me to these people, Alan Lee and John Howe whose design and sketch for the trilogy LOTR (and The Hobbit too). John Howe - the illustrator. This book is a combine of masterpieces.
  • Dora Yang
    To be fair I only looked at the pictures
  • Julie Akeman
    I highly reccomend this to artists and those who love the LOTR movies and The Hobbit, cause this guy was the key Conceptual designer of all that. There are some stuff from his work that I am going to try out, you know, like how artists copy a Master's work to learn the technique. I can visuallize well what he is driving at...watercolor washes for the backgrounds and using gouche for the layers. He's pretty funny at times, like how he organizes hi...
  • Thomas Cardin
    I have my mother to thank for giving me this book for Christmas a few years back.It is not a how to book so much as it is an inspirational book. John Howe goes over how he does things, his studio setup, and his tools, but you won't find out how to use them here.What you will learn is one very good artist's techniques for finding the elusive fantasy setting in real places. You will learn his inspirations for the marvelous pieces he describes. I fo...
  • Peggy
    This is not a workbook as the title perhaps suggests but is, instead, a thorough insight into John Howe's personal working process and approach to commercial commissions in his own words. Valuable techniques and work methods are also revealed by the artist, the most valuable of these being amazing case studies showing several paintings in the progression from rough sketch to finished piece with multiple work in progress photographs. Any admirer o...
  • Jess
    Currently re-reading the original English edition.Those reading this review should note that I am reviewing a Chinese edition of the book - I will not claim to have fully understood the translated text.Mr. Howe provides lots of his artworks and insights into his working method. This is not a typical step-by-step tutorial-style book; it's more of a "read and learn how I work" book, which provides tips for higher-level artists wanting to learn how ...
  • Isis Sousa
    As a fan of Tolkien works and Fantasy at it's best, John Howe's workshop couldn't be missing!I liked to read how the artist thinks, the ideas behind the paintings, how he did to achieve the results of the images/artworks presented in the book. Really nice to have a look on behind the courtain and learn about Howe's interesting painting and drawing processes.The best part: is itsn't a "how to" book. Here you learn, have some insights and get inspi...
  • Darren
    I feel weird giving this a low rating, because the paintings are so beautiful. Had this just been a gallery of Howe's work, and marketed as such, I would probably give it five stars. But as an instructional, it fails. Even as anecdotes of his own process, it doesn't really get into enough depth to be interesting. It's telling that I have this book within arms length of my computer desk, and yet I never take it down, even to browse through.
  • Kelley Pounds
    Great information on inspiration, ideas and technique, but what I really appreciated was learning how this professional went about organizing his reference materials. The book includes sections on movie set design, book illustration, portfolio presentation, etc. Seemed to be a well rounded look at how to improve your art while also focusing on career possibilities in the field of fantasy art.
  • C
    John Howe is amazing and I love his unique perspective on fantasy classics such as elves, dragons and so forth. For me this is a book to study and delve into detail - an educational tool for artists digital and "manual" alike. For those who simply appreciate fantasy and fantasy art, his work is enjoyable and inspiring.
  • Denise
    Have to admit that I bought this book for the pictures. An impulse buy from Barnes & Noble mostly because John Howe is one of my favorite fantasy artists. I would not consider this a beginner's how-to in art. It is a summary and reminder of what it takes to make art pop.
  • Sarah Judd
    An amazing collection of drawings and paintings by the fantastic John Howe accompanied by an explanation of what he uses, how he organises his artist tools and more! Its a great book packed with inspiration for aspiring artists, fans of his work and anyone in-between!
  • K.
    Now, I'm a terrible artist. I leave all that to Eric. I picked this up because John Howe is a legendary figure in fantasy art and I wanted to get into his head a little. Also, I wanted to look at the pretty pictures. I got what I wanted. ;)
  • Fanie
    Loved, loved and still love this book. A great reference for any artist but particulary if you're interested in fantasy illustration. John Howe is a great teacher and shows you all his tricks. :-)
  • Gina
    Such a lot of fantastic fun! Brings back my love of fantasy art and fantastic worlds.
  • Blak Rayne
    Very helpful and wonderfully illustrated. Mr. Howe is definitely an accomplished artist!