She-Hulk, Volume 1 by Charles Soule

She-Hulk, Volume 1

Jennifer Walters is the She-Hulk! A stalwart member of the Avengers and FF, she's also a killer attorney with a pile of degrees and professional respect. But juggling cases and kicking bad guy butt is a little more complicated than she anticipated. With a new practice, a new paralegal and a mounting number of super villains she's racking up as personal enemies, She Hulk might have bitten off more than she can chew! When Kristoff Vernard, the son ...

Details She-Hulk, Volume 1

TitleShe-Hulk, Volume 1
Release DateOct 21st, 2014
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Superheroes, Marvel, Graphic Novels Comics, Fiction, Comic Book

Reviews She-Hulk, Volume 1

  • Jeff
    If you ever wanted to know what the Incredible Hulk would look like in drag, check out the last two issues of this book. Does She-Hulk have an Adam’s apple? Does she have man hands?Ron Wimberly, who illustrated issues #5 and #6 has a fuzzy, lumpy style that hurts your eyes just to look at it, not to mention his inability to simply illustrate what’s happening from panel to panel. “Tigra tried to do what, when?” I go back, check it out, loo...
  • Anne
    2.5 starsPink Taco Buddy read with my fellow Shallow Readers!Criteria? Chicks as the title character or in a leading role.It's time for me to feel lonely, I guess. And guys? I am so sorry!I mean it! I feel HORRIBLE! I know that literally everyone else loved this (I checked...twice!), but I just didn't think it was all that awesome.Ok. The very first issue was great, and if I'd reviewed that by itself, I would have given it 4 stars. Easy. She-Hulk...
  • Sam Quixote
    Charles Soule must be able to harness the power cosmic or something because his schedule is unreal - writing 7 monthly ongoing comics yet still retaining a high quality?! I’m about to make She-Hulk sound really boring by saying it’s heavy on the lawyering front but, hey, John Grisham’s popular, right? People like courtroom dramas and lawyers hunting down stuff for their cases (I’m guessing - I’ve never read a Grisham and probably never ...
  • Sesana
    She-Hulk is the kind of book where the lead character will spend her morning filing an intellectual property theft suit against Tony Stark and her afternoon battling doombots. Or taking on an immigration case. Which maybe makes the book sound more dull or scattered than it actually is. This is partly because Soule knows what he's talking about. This guy is an actual lawyer, and he actually practices immigration and corporate law. Right now. As he...
  • Anthony
    Would really like to be giving this 4 stars, because Charles Soule is a genuine hard working guy who writes good comics, and I'm happy that Marvel are putting out a book like this.This current run on She-Hulk is aiming for the Hawkeye demo-graph. An indie-ilk take on a b-list character, that's very character focused and doesn't tie in with any events or other titles. Exactly the type of title I like to read.Since Soule has a background in law him...
  • Bradley
    Not bad, not bad! I guess I'm a sucker for the odd girl striking out on her own after being screwed over by her big firm bosses. The light touches of humor and her down-to-earth manner makes She-Hulk pretty awesome for a Green-Skinned Bulletproof Lawyer. :)And she's pretty damn smart, too. I'm all for rooting for her!The main plot tho? What the hell is going on here? lol it's all over the place and then the author gives up on us like that? WTH? D...
  • Lono
    I’m gonna double down with this Green Taco review since I think that it fits the criteria for both of the current buddy-reads I’m doing with my Shallow Comic Reading pals. I’m guessing it’s cool, cause who isn’t down with a little D.P. Yep, talking about you Gavin.I couldn’t help but think of Marvel’s new Hawkeye and Daredevil series while enjoying She-Hulk. The lighthearted fun that helped define both of those two series is what ma...
  • Crystal Starr Light
    Bullet Review:Good solid story, though the first four issues were stronger, and I'm not sold on the blue folder storyline.Art wise, Pulido rocks and Wimberly needs to be fired. Wimberly's art is ugly and awful - all weird angles and edges and BLECH. Pulido's art though is GORGEOUS.This was not as good as I expected after reading a single issue, but better than some of the disappointments I've had this year.
  • Scott S.
    I had an old co-worker ( old as in he was much older than me, and this was over 20 years ago) who used to exclaim "What a revoltin' development this is!," which was from a radio / TV show much before my time. Well, that indignation was in my head when finishing She-Hulk: Law and Disorder. She-Hulk is such a likable character, and for most of the time this volume was a breezy action / humor romp. (A tipsy, needy 'Patsy Walker, Hellcat' = comedy go...
  • Magrat Ajostiernos
    No había leído nada de Hulka hasta el momento pero siempre me había llamado la atención, el hecho de que se hiciera hincapié en su faceta de abogada parecía hacer este tebeo para mi pero....... no.No es para mi.Creo que le falta chispa, gracia, acción, interés por todas partes. Quizás los fans del personaje lo disfruten más pero yo me esperaba algo mucho más original y carismático. Además el dibujo de Wimberly es el horror (aunque el...
  • Brandon
    After discovering her employer only hired her as a publicity stunt, Jennifer Walters (a.k.a. She-Hulk) leaves to open her own practice. Unfortunately, her green skin kind of makes it impossible to hide that she’s a superhero and because of this, she begins racking up enemies quicker than a hiccup.As with most collections, this volume deals with a few different stories. First up, we have She-Hulk taking a case for the immigration of Kristoff Ver...
  • Anna
    So, I am giving this 3/5 because the first two-thirds is a solid win. The art is fun, the story is easy to follow (but still engaging) and I was all-around enjoying reading it. Then some truly atrocious art hit the scene and the portrayal of Jen was just so jarring visually, I couldn't bring myself to read the rest of it. So technically a DNF. But really a WTF? more than, seriously Marvel, WTF???!!!And the very manly looking Jen and...
  • Mike
    Pink Taco Buddy Read with the most hallowed Shallow Readers!Heretically, we decided these comics *must* feature a female character. Sue us.Read at the tail end of the Shallow Comics Readers' Green Week and the beginning of Pink Taco week. Double-duty comics are the bomb. Jennifer Walters is a hero who deserves more air time. I read her last series by Dan Slott when it was running and I enjoyed it, and now that I'm sitting down with the latest sol...
  • Gavin
    2014-07-29 others have said it and I'm late to the party...but the positives? This is in the same vein as Fraction's Hawkeye and Waid's Daredevil, both books I love. However, this one by Charles Soule isn't quite on the same level. The artwork for the last 2 issues is fucking hideous. Made me just skim it. Stupid.That was a huge detriment to my enjoyment.I enjoyed the whimsical, day-glo colourful palette for the first 4 issues (Marvel really did a g...
  • 'kris Pung
    ***This is the first of the "Green Theme" Buddy Reads with the Shallow Readers, criteria being: well she's green 99% of the book.***I think it's physically impossible for Charles Soule to write a bad book, everything I've touched with his name of the cover has been wonderful.Firstly this is mostly a set-up book with a lot of the day to day stuff of being a lawyer (all be it for superheroes) and setting up a new practice. Sounds boring right?? Wro...
  • Miguel
    If you like matt fractions HAWKEYE please read this book. Its just fun! It really hooked me up since the first issue. She-hulk (the character) is amazing!!! The writing is beautiful! Dawn side: The art of the last 2 issues. But its not that bad, i still give this book 5 stars so... If you like something more indie and fun, without the problem of continuity and the marvel history read it! Really good for new readers!
  • Keith
    I bought the first issue of Soule's She-Hulk when it came out, and decided it was so excellent I'd wait for the trade. Which I then forgot all about, until a friend loaned me the book. The book is not as excellent as the first issue -- I mean, it's pretty good, and She-Hulk has the weirdest secretary ever, but that first issue was great. Plus the artist bails early and they replace him with some dude that looks like he's drawing Aeon Flux but on ...
  • Stewart Tame
    I like Soule's take on She-Hulk. I'll admit to not closely following her over the years. Most of the stories featuring her that I've previously read have been either with the Avengers or the Fantastic Four. One thing Soule does, that I haven't often seen before, is remember that, before she became She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters was a lawyer. In this series, she opens her own practice, and spends more time defending clients and filing briefs than she ...
  • Nikki
    I've been meaning to try some She-Hulk comics for a while, so Charles Soule's Law and Disorder seemed like a good place to start. And it was: it's not part of some big overarching plot, although Jen remains part of the superhero world, with super clients, a formerly super-landlady, and apparently a super paralegal as well. Several heroes (and villains) make their appearance, including Daredevil, Tigra, Hellcat and Dr Doom.It's a fun book, altoget...
  • Chris Lemmerman
    Charles Soule is probably the perfect person to write a She-Hulk series, considering he himself is also a lawyer. Soule takes She-Hulk to the next level by giving her her own law practise, a collection of crazy clients that clash with her superheroic lifestyle perfectly, and a final two part story that promises to continue menacing Shulkie through the next six issues too. The mysteries surrounding She-Hulk's new paralegal are interesting too, and...
  • Ashley
    2.5. I liked the first part significantly more than the second part.
  • Gemma ♕ Books_McCoy
    Really enjoyed getting to know She-Hulk. She is one of the characters I don't really know much about but really want to. I am so intrigued by the Blue File. Only thing that I struggled with was keeping up with who was who as there were a lot of characters I wasn't familiar with who weren't really explained as I guess they are known in the wider marvel world which made it a little harder for someone who has come into it late and hasn't read all th...
  • Chelsea
    2.5 starsI really wanted to like this more. Unfortunately, the things I liked about this weren't enough to outweigh the elements I didn't care for. First, Kevin Wada is a genius. I follow him on Twitter because his art is breathtaking. I mean he's 99% the reason I have a crush on Jen right now. He drew the covers for every single one of the issues and I can just imagine people buying the book for his art and being disappointed that he didn't draw...
  • Callie Rose Tyler
    Okay, so She Hulk is my favorite female superhero. For me it goes 1) Batman 2) Spider-man 3)She Hulk. My love for the character is really due to John Byrne and Dan Slott, their treatment of the character is fantastic. They wrote She Hulk as sexy, strong, witty, smart, and so so so funny.In this newest reincarnation of the character She Hulk doesn't have that same larger than life presence, she doesn't even really feel like a superhero.The story l...
  • Chessa
    I liked this fine, but didn't love it. I liked the earlier storylines better than the last few - and I really didn't love the art in any of it. She-Hulk's face in particular - I found it distracting! I kept wanting to order her to take a nap to help with her intense dark circles. Petty, but it really did distract me.I'll be reading Volume II to finish part of a reading challenge (read a complete run of a comic). I'm neither eager to do so, nor dr...
  • Joseph
    Well, this was really good. Funny, strong characterization, good action, a nice little mystery -- just what a comic needs.Too bad this book didn't make it. I'd rather read this than the majority of the super-serious stuff out there right now.
  • Aaron
    I'm really enjoying this indie style Marvel's allowing some of its writers and artists to adopt lately. I think Matt Fraction's Hawkeye must've really shown them those kinds of pared-down, character-driven, humor-filled books can really expand the world and bring in a new set of readers. Soule's She-Hulk fits squarely into this category, and it's a good (but maybe not great) example of it.Rather than focusing in on Jennifer Walters' more smash-fi...
  • The Sapphic Nerd
    Not as good as I expected. People I've talked to generally praise this series and though there are things I appreciate about it, I wouldn't go so far as to rave. It's a decent read that sufficiently holds your attention, but She-Hulk has so much more potential than what's being given here. I feel like Soule's trying to balance the lawyer and superhero sides of Jen and the result is less than impressive on both fronts. Her "triumphant" lawyer mome...
  • Tamahome
    Good fun. Good supporting cast. I liked it better than Hawkeye (I think this artist worked on it too) and Captain Marvel. The first 4 issues were really strong. The last 2 were kind of a mess, with a different artist who made everyone look like Aeon Flux. Can't they keep the same artist for a whole trade paperback? It lasts forever you know. This is the 3rd book I've liked by Charles Soule. The others were Strange Attractors and Letter 44. Too ba...
  • Shannon Appelcline
    I think that She-Hulk-as-lawyer has been the most successful concept for a She Hulk series, so I'm happy to see (lawyer) Charles Soule give it another try. The result is fun, and an interesting contrast to Dan Slott's ground-breaking lawyerly run. Where Slott's run felt very four-color and larger-than-life, Soule's run is much more grounded. We still get the likes of Dr. Doom, but it feels much more like a street-level story. Soule's lawyering is...