Mortal Heart (His Fair Assassin, #3) by Robin LaFevers

Mortal Heart (His Fair Assassin, #3)

Annith has watched her gifted sisters at the convent come and go, carrying out their dark dealings in the name of St. Mortain, patiently awaiting her own turn to serve Death. But her worst fears are realized when she discovers she is being groomed by the abbess as a Seeress, to be forever sequestered in the rock and stone womb of the convent. Feeling sorely betrayed, Annith decides to strike out on her own.She has spent her whole life training to...

Details Mortal Heart (His Fair Assassin, #3)

TitleMortal Heart (His Fair Assassin, #3)
Release DateNov 4th, 2014
PublisherHMH Books for Young Readers
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Romance, Historical

Reviews Mortal Heart (His Fair Assassin, #3)

  • Rachel Reads Ravenously
    3.5 stars “If Death could grant you a wish, you would use it for someone else? Trade your happiness for someone else's?” As I always do with my 3 star reviews, I maintain that just because I rated a book 3 stars does not mean I didn't like it/it isn't good. I enjoyed this book, but not as much as the two books before it. Therefore, 3 stars. I truly believe that Robin LaFevers has brought something special to the young adult genre with he...
  • Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin
    I felt sorry for Annith for a good part of the book. All she wanted was to go out and do her duty and serve Death (Mortain) but she has been kept at the convent. She can't understand why, as the best assassin they have, that she is being kept and not sent out on missions. Yeah, I never saw that reason coming, not for a long shot. Annith misses Ismae and Sybella from the first two books so much and she can't understand why she is still at the conv...
  • Anne
    3.5 starsNot a bad finish for this trilogy, but it was a bit too long for my taste. There just wasn't enough action to keep me interested in this 444 page book. By the 60% mark, I was checking in earnest to see how much longer till Mortal Heart wrapped up.It wasn't boring, per say, it just got kinda draggy.Also, I had already figured out the 3 Big Reveals, and I was sort of just waiting on the end of the book for confirmation.Pssst. I was right a...
  • Maggie ☘ (Wonderland-Reader)
    *4/5 stars* “We are all of us, gods and mortals, made up of many pieces, some of them broken, some of them scarred, but none of them the total sum of who we are.” Mortal Heart, the last book from His Fair Assassin trilogy is a great conclusion to the His Fair Assassin trilogy, although in comparison to the other two novels, my least favourite. Wich is not to say I didn't enjoy it, I simply wasn't as in love with it - and the main heorine - a...
  • Glass
    Review posted at Ja čitam, a ti? One of the biggest surprises for me this year was discovery of absolutely amazing His Fair Assassin trilogy by Robin LaFevers. I am not the biggest fan of fantasy novels and even less of historical setting, but I picked these books up by sheer luck. Best decision ever because stories about Ismae and Sybella have everything that I love - great premise, strong female characters, political intrigue and enough of r...
  • Alyssa
    ***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog***Mortal Heart by Robin LaFeversBook Three of the His Fair Assassins seriesPublisher: HMH Books for Young ReadersPublication Date: November 4, 2014Rating: 4 starsSource: ARC sent by the publisherSummary (from Goodreads):Annith has watched her gifted sisters at the convent come and go, carrying out their dark dealings in the name of St. Mortain, patiently awaiting her own turn to serve Death. But her wo...
  • Robin (Bridge Four)
    One of the things that I have liked so much about the His Fair Assassins series, besides the Assassin Nuns of course is the blending of completely fictionalized characters with actual historical events. The time lines are not exact but the major events and characters are. Grave Mercy was more of a political intrigue, Dark Triumph an Adventure and now Mortal Heart is more of a Fantasy and love story. This book is far more invested into the lore of...
  • Cinda
    I love Robin LaFevers's work--such a cool mingling of history and fantasy and romance. I'm sorry the assassin nun trilogy is coming to an end.
  • Alise (Readers in Wonderland)
    After falling in love with GRAVE MERCY and DARK TRIUMPH, I had high expectations for MORTAL HEART. Turns out I didn’t need to worry, this book exceeded my expectations and made an absolutely great conclusion to the epic His Fair Assassin trilogy.Despite somewhat of a slow start, MORTAL HEART quickly picks as we get to know Annith a bit more. She was somewhat of a mystery in the previous books and the beginning of this one really focuses on answ...
  • Maja (The Nocturnal Library)
    3.5 stars. When Grave Mercy first came out, it polarized opinions and caused some very heated discussions. Some felt that it focused too hard on the romance and others were disappointed by the number of deaths these killer nuns inflicted. Some, on the other hand, felt that it achieved a perfect balance between court politics, murder and romance. I myself was an immediately fell in love with the characters, all the court intrigue and the beautiful...
  • Jodi Meadows
    If you have not read the HIS FAIR ASSASSIN books, just do it now. Drop everything and begin with GRAVE MERCY and do not stop until you've reached the last page of MORTAL HEART. These are some of the best books I have ever read.
  • Cee (The Mistress Case)
    I'm on a roll with assassins!!!I can’t even start with how much I love Mortal Heart. This is my favorite book in the series. I love it even more than Dark Triumph. The characters are fabulous.I’m in love with Annith. I’m in love with Balthazar. I’m in love with Death. I’m in love with Sybella. I think you get the general idea.The antagonists are believable and even though it is easy to hate them, it’s also hard not to sympathize with ...
  • Brittany
    4 Stars!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟 “We are all of us, gods and mortals, made up of many pieces, some of them broken, some of them scarred, but none of them the total sum of who we are.” This was my favorite of the series I think.... LaFevers did an amazing job with this last installment. In this book we follow Annith, like her sisters, she has been trained to be Mortain's assassin. We know from the previous books that the Abbess wants her to be the ...
  • Keertana
    To be frank, I don't have much to say about Mortal Heart. It's a satisfactory ending to LaFevers debut trilogy--and wraps up all the loose ends nicely--but as far as being Annith's story, I felt it lacking. Perhaps it's simply because Annith isn't as strong a force to be reckoned with as Sybella. It's not that Annith isn't a formidable assassin--because she is--and her force of will is to be respected as she struggles to find the truth within her...
  • Fenia
    I dont want this to be the end,but it is and its beautiful. The final book in this marvellous trilogy was far more than i anticipated. The story took such a different and weird turn,and at some point you're just left looking at the void and thinking 'WOW,I did NOT see this coming.' Annith reminded me so much of Rapunzel,and her ferocity and stubbornness to be what she wanted to be and live how she wanted to live, led her ,in the end, to her happy...
  • Sh3lly (
    This is the final book in the historical fantasy His Fair Assassin trilogy. Each book focused on a different "daughter of Mortain," or Handmaiden of Death. This was Annith's book. I liked it. Everything wrapped up nicely and everyone got their HEAs. I was surprised by several twists in this. This book wasn't as exciting as Sybella's book, Dark Triumph, but it was still enjoyable. Annith was a pure soul who deserved to find the answers to her past...
  • Deborah Obida
    This series took the longest to finish, I started reading it in 2017 and finished in 2019, I read a book each year and am glad I splitted it.This book is my favourite in the series, Annith is also my favourite of all three girls, her story had so much revelations and its a great conclusion to the series.World building and Writing Before this series I had no idea the French invaded Brittany. The author did such an amazing job depicting it. There w...
  • Krista Wright
    This was a great ending to the 'His Fair Assassin' series. Everything was tied up really well, and I am glad to see Ismae, Sybella, and Annith all get a happy ending. I didn't enjoy this quite as much as the first two books. And it is definitely more of a fairytale than a historical fiction, in my opinion. Still, I loved this series very much and I am glad to have discovered it.
  • Kristin Hackett (SuperSpaceChick)
    Originally posted on Super Space Chick:Personal Thoughts: I’m not quite sure why it took me so long to finally finish the His Fair Assassin’s trilogy. I really enjoyed Grave Mercy and Dark Triumph which I read last year but I hadn’t reached for Mortal Heart until very recently. Maybe I was worried about not having anymore to read once the story concluded but someone pointed out to me that we’re getting two more books set in the same world...
  • Tanja (Tanychy) St. Delphi/James
    Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti? It might be surprising why I waited for so long to finish this trilogy. Well the thing is, Annith was one I had high expectations for. After reading Dark Triumph somehow this series started to get away from me, as I did't connect with it as much as I did with Grave Mercy. But luckily for me, Mortal Heart returned this on the right track. It'll be heart to write a review solely about this book without spoilin...
  • Meg
    So probably the saddest thing that happened to me this summer was that I finished this book trilogy way too soon and I wasn't ready for it to be over by the time I finished Mortal Heart. I wish there had been more books in this series following more of "Death's Daughter's" but I understand why it was only a trilogy. That being said, Mortal Heart is my second favorite in the trilogy. It follows Annith now, who just like Ismae and Sybella is going ...
  • Anne Osterlund
    Annith is the most adept assassin-in-training at the convent honoring Mortain, the god of the dead. Her skills at archery, riding, and weaponry are unmatched. She is ready. Yet time and again she is passed over for an assignment beyond the convent walls. Then the abbess announces that Annith will never be selected as an instrument of Mortain’s justice. Instead she will be trapped in a tiny room and isolated in the role of Seer.Or . . . she can ...
  • Lauren (Shakespeare & Whisky)
    This series is set in the mid 15th century in Britain and revolves around girls brought up in a convent dedicated to assassinating the crown's enemies.I read the first book and found it a bit dull, a little to clean, but serviceable. I picked this up seeing a GR friend had enjoyed it and thinking the plot sounded like a bit more fun. It wasn't. The plot of this book is incoherent and meandering. It takes ages for anything to happen and the "roman...
  • Booknut
    **Check out the original review with added content over at 21st Century Once Upon A Times**"Your love cannot change a man or a god. All it can do is open a door, create a new path for him to choose. One that has not been open to him before. That is what the power of your love can offer him - all of that, and no more. (...) Your love makes him happy. Whether it will give him the courage to step through that door remains to be seen."'Without freedo...
  • Athena Elizabeth
    Well this was by far, I think, my favorite of the three books so far. It is hard to compare them because each assassin has her own amazing story, but I just loved the plot progression in this one.The hellequin are up my alley too, riding their otherworldly horses and rippling with death and shadows. How about their leader ;) I felt the despair of their plight, loved their stories, and appreciate their heroics for the duchy. They made a similar ty...
  • Emma
    I did enjoy this but not as much as the first two in the series. There were some good twists in this, some of which I guessed in advance! I liked the way Ismae and Sybella were still an important part of the story. A good trilogy! Recommended.