Soul Stories by Gary Zukav

Soul Stories

True Stories That Transform Lives Writing with profound psychological and spiritual insight, prize-winning author Gary Zukav has had a major impact on the consciousness of millions. In his New York Times number-one bestseller, The Seat of the Soul, he explained how the expansion of human perception beyond the five senses leads to a new understanding of power -- the alignment of the personality with the soul -- which in turn leads to an awareness...

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TitleSoul Stories
Release DateDec 26th, 2000
PublisherFree Press
GenreSpirituality, Nonfiction, Self Help, Inspirational, Psychology, New Age, Philosophy, Metaphysics, Short Stories

Reviews Soul Stories

  • TW Yeung
    when they say:When the student is ready, the teacher appears.i have never thought that it could be so impactfully real until I came to this book, a powerfully written honest account of the author's personal journey of transformation in the subtlest and least pretentious way.all the more so, when my own deeply buried issues re-surface(d) upon eyeing at the page about inner truth and spiritual is one brilliant journey, and you know...
  • Bruce
    If you want to know more about engaging your intuition, this is the book you need. "...When you see everything that happens in your life as a way for you to learn important things about yourself, you start to look more closely at the things that happen in your life. The more you do, the more you learn about yourself. The more you learn about yourself, the more you can change the way things happen. After a while, you are happy for everything that ...
  • Radhika (rads)
    There s no doubt that Gary Zukav has a way of getting you to peek into your soul and ask the questions you do not want to ask and know the answers to. You get to realize your strengths, your weakness and Zukav enlightens in a spiritual way, drawing fine lines and interlaces religion and spirituality. The stories, the passionate yet occasionally long drawn narrative can be a bit hard to get into, and to be honest, it did take me some effort to sti...
  • Jon Vergara Abrera
    Gary Zukav made me look at religion and spirituality in a different light. This book helped me appreciate concepts which made a lot of sense.Warning: This is not for those who are not open to other "religious" and "spiritual" insights as you may find some of the thoughts sacrilegious and heretic to a certain extent.
  • Susan
    Wow! This book was not at all what I was expecting. Had I known, I'm sure I would have read it sooner. With his uniquely delicate wit and charm, Gary shares personal anecdotes (some his own and some second-hand) to give his insight into this virtual reality called life. He does this in 52 chapters (yes, by design - one idea per week). I read through the whole book fairly quickly but plan to read it again at the "one chapter per week" speed.
  • Terry
    Zukav concludes the book with a whole treatise on how interrelated we all are and how we need to grow beyond seeing our "earth suits" or differences to experiencing all that unites us. He and his spiritual partner have a website that delves into spiritual relationships and authentic power.
  • Viet Hung Nguyen
    I would recommend The Seat of the Soul (the same author). I'm in the middle of rating between 3 and 4 for this book. While it has a few good points, it's not solid as the other one. Actually, this can be considered to compensate for The Seat of the Soul. If you read the other one, that'll be enough.
  • Srividya
    I liked the book,it's not extraordinary,but like the author says " I love soul stories ...every story makes me appreciate me and you and makes me happy that we are together...".i was able to complete it in one sitting.
  • Chadwick
    This one is mostly New Age feel-good drivel, but that doesn't mean that there isn't something to learn from it.
  • Mary
    Good book that goes along w/ the seat of the soul book. It is stories that illustrate the premiss of the Seat of the Soul. Should be read slower, as he suggests, but I would like one little story and go on to the next, but sometimes I would stop and contemplate the story and meaning and what it meant to me, and would then put it aside for a new story tomorrow. "Every time you set an intention to create harmony,cooperation, sharing or reverence fo...
  • Juney
    Unlike his other work I did not care for this one at all. I could not get over the feeling that throughout in his writing, he was doing a lot of tooting his own horn. I found it to a an egotistical memoir. I felt like he had really gotten away from the "intentions" behind his original purpose of publishing these books. I could not respect one word written in this book.
  • Wendy Arnott
    This book has been on my parents shelf for I don't know how long.. for me to find this book at this point in my spiritual journey is a total blessing. There are things explained in this book that so coincide with a reading I had two months ago that I had to stop and re-read the passages again. :)
  • Jae
    Gary Zukav is life changing. With his words he exposes what is already within you; your flaws and your strengths. The best relationship that came out of the readings of all of his novels is the relationship I have with myself. I am so grateful for his wisdom.
  • Linh
    it's the author's personal experiences intertwined with enlightenment teachings. if you're interested in how to truthfully read yourself, your actions or lack of and how that effects your daily interactions with others, it's an eye opener. good stuff.
  • Jo
    I liked some of this book, but I jumped all over the place, and I didn't get some of the stories or concepts. Other parts I thought were insightful nd made me think. Definitely want to read seat of the soul now
  • Maurean
    This book wasn't quite what I had expected. I was looking for something a bit more...intellectual 'soul-searching', I suppose, altho the stories were nice...just a bit *too much* 'rainbows and lollipops' for me, ya know?
  • Annmarie (Annie) Kostyk
    Wonderful introduction into using your perception beyond your 5 senses and living a life beyond the obvious. Fantastic read on how to become extraordinary.
  • Rhea Abramson
    Love Gary Zukav....these short stories are like hearing Gary's personal anecdotes at a retreat. Worth every page!
  • monicadear
    I'm on an educational journey about souls and this appeared at precisely the right time for me - a loving and compassionate look at how we all are evolving to be "new" people
  • Megan
    Outlines four soul functions, and shares his view of relationships which is applicable to people today
  • Carole
    This was my first spiritual book and it was perfect for where I was at the time. Just little chapters showing stories and examples of a new way to look at things.
  • Julian Friend
    Quite a few compelling stories in here, and some quality insights on walking the spiritual path. When he moves away from telling stories, it can get insipid.
  • Della
    There were a few great nuggets in here, but I also ended up skimming toward the end as the stories became repetitive. I'm really glad to have gained those nuggets, though.
  • Diane
    I didn't enjoy the stories because they seemed too elementary to me, but I did like the truths he pointed to at the end of each story. Those were encouraging.
  • Linda
  • Penny
    I started this book early in the new year. Put it down when I was half way through. Picked it up a few last week, determined to finish it. For me the midsection was not terribly strong, the stories rather lightweight. But the end was superb. Zukav uses a combination of little stories from his own life and more generic exemplar stories, almost fables, to illustrate his thinking about our fundamental human nature. Implicit is a belief in reincarnat...
  • Toni
    Not the book I expected it to be. There were some good parts, but plenty of things I did not like about it, which makes me sad, as I really wanted to enjoy this book.52 short stories are designed to provoke soul searching, but some of them felt like an agenda to promote selfishness and diminish family values and selfless care of our loved ones. I loved his idea of Old male and Old female, some parts of the book brought tears to my eyes, but, I ex...
  • Cody Raschella
    This book was subtly stunning. But didn’t all the great things in life start out as small things? I took away some major insights from this book even though it’s laid out in a easy to follow, simple format. Gary is a kind soul trying to reach as many other souls as possible - for that I am grateful. I would read this again in the future. It’s staying in my personal library
  • Cassi
    This was a nice book. It’s the kind of book that reminds you to appreciate people and our experiences. I wished it was a little deeper and so skimmed a lot of it, but can see that people who need a bit of niceness in their life might really love it!! Def don’t pass this one up on my account!