Girl of Rage (Rachel's Peril, #2; Thompson Sisters, #6) by Charles Sheehan-Miles

Girl of Rage (Rachel's Peril, #2; Thompson Sisters, #6)

Four days ago, Andrea Thompson agreed to fly to the United States to help her sister Carrie. Four days ago, everything changed. Now Andrea is lost and on the run. Dylan Paris is missing. Julia and Crank Wilson are under investigation by the Internal Revenue Service. The Thompson family is scattered and in danger, and Andrea’s very identity may hold the key to unlock decades of buried secrets.Andrea, the youngest member of the Thompson clan, set...

Details Girl of Rage (Rachel's Peril, #2; Thompson Sisters, #6)

TitleGirl of Rage (Rachel's Peril, #2; Thompson Sisters, #6)
Release DateMay 25th, 2014
PublisherCincinnatus Press
GenreNew Adult, Contemporary, Suspense, Fiction

Reviews Girl of Rage (Rachel's Peril, #2; Thompson Sisters, #6)

  • Stacey
    If I could give this 6 stars, I would. Charles Sheehan Miles is seriously the most brilliant indie author out there right now. This novel, the next in the Rachel's Peril Series picks right up where Girl of Lies left us gasping and begging for more. The story was just as gripping and thrilling as the last one, if not more so. We learn so much more about this crazy family and the web of lies surrounding Adelina and her daughters. The character deve...
  • Babyrn99
    Unbelievable...but I actually sympathize with Adelina...this series is unbelievably good...I'm just praying that my heart isn't smashed like it was in The Last Hour. The writing, the intrigue, the action...just in incredible. And I'm a political junkie as well as a lover of romance so this book has it all...can't wait till the next one comes out!
  • Whitney Anderton
    I think I would read anything by this man even though he has crushed my heart : )
  • Christopher Gerrib
    I’ve never personally met Charles Sheehan-Miles, but I find that he’s an amazing author. He first came to my notice with a pair of near-future SF/ thriller titles. Then he switched gears radically and cranked out a trio of romance novels featuring the Thompson Sisters. Now, he’s back in thriller territory, with another trilogy of books in which he’s wrapping up the very complicated story of that star-crossed family.Girl of Rage is the mid...
  • Michel Reinhard (Saucy Southern Readers)
    5 Stars!Girl of Rage is book two in the Rachel’s Peril series by Charles Sheehan-Miles. It is not a stand alone book and must be read in series order.The Rachel’s Peril series is a spinoff of the Thompson Sisters series. It is quite different from the Thompson Sisters series. The Rachel’s Peril series features the characters from the Thompson Sisters and adds new characters that are dynamic. The Rachel Peril series is a psychological thrill...
  • * Sara Johns*
    4.5 starsCharles Sheehan-Miles does it again with another brilliant book! I think it's impossible for him to disappoint me. This book is just as explosive and action-packed as Girl of Lies if not MORE! This book was fast paced and impossible to put down. It picks up where Girl of Lies ends. I'm usually pretty forgetful about books in a series and need a re-read, but chose not to with this and found it easy to immerse myself in this story as littl...
  • Julie Kirby
    We start immediately where Girl of Lies finishes, with Carrie's baby sister coming home to see if her bloody group is a match for little Rachel.When immediately we spend some time with Andrea, the youngest of the Thompson girls, who has been hidden away for most of her life, living with family in Spain.We learn why, as we go through the book, we get to find out why Mom and Dad are cold and distant.##Loved how we get a bit more of Dylan in this an...
  • Philomena Callan Cheekypee
    This is the terrific book two in the Rachel's Peril Series. You need to read Girl of Lies before you read this one. Although I have a long list of books to read I couldn't resist re-reading Girl of Lies before reading this. This is an absolutely brilliant and superbly well written story. I thoroughly love this series. It's an action packed story that will have you sitting at the edge of your seat. Told in many points if view we really do get a gr...
  • Kim
    This book starts off right after the pulse pounding cliffhanger inGirl of Lies. Andrea Thompson came into the US to help her sister and found herself right in the middle of a political scandal in the making. She is in danger and has gone through terrible experiences in the past few days and her whole family is now under attack in va This book starts off right after the pulse pounding cliffhanger inGirl of Lies. Andrea Thompson came into the US ...
  • Sarah - Books to Breathe
    How much did I love this book? Let me count the ways…The way he kept me on my toes and turned me into a conspiracy theorist.Truths turned into lies, and even the lies ran deeper than I could imagine. There is a depth in his writing that you don’t find often. From the multi-faceted characters to the environment to everything in between. No stone is left unturned, and even though you’re left with more questions than answers, you keep coming b...
  • Krystle Marie
    Girl of Rage is the superbly-written second installment of Charles Sheehan-Miles’ Rachel’s Peril series. This book continues where the first book, Girl of Lies, leaves off and follows the lives of the Thompson sisters who we all met and fell in love with in the Thompson Sisters series.This series is very different than CSM’s Thompson Sisters series. This series is intense, fast-paced and very complex. It is the epitome of a page turner and ...
  • Adrienne Scales
    Charles Sheehan-Miles is simply amazing.  Girl of Rage is EPIC.  The entire series so far is EPIC but this book, this book is just phenomenal in my opinion.  You're immediately sucked right back into the story as if you never stopped.  The story picks up pretty much where Girl of Lies leaves off, with Andrea and Dylan on the run.  Julia and Crank are trying to get back to the East Coast.  Carrie, Alexandra, and baby Rachel are at the safe h...
  • All Romance
    MICHELLE'S REVIEW Warning: This is not a standalone. If you have not read Girl of Lies you will be really mad at yourself for reading this review so don't do it. You don't need to read the Thompson Sisters series but you should cause they're good books.Girl of Rage picks up exactly where Girl of Lies ends. You can read my review of book 1 HEREOnce again, Charles has knocked it out of the park. Just when you thought this story couldn't get anymore...
  • Kelli
    So I actually made myself reread Girl of Lies before letting myself start this book. Even though it was sitting in my Kindle app begging to be opened. But I'm glad I did because the 2nd pass sure helped me get the characters straight before diving headfirst back into the lives of the Thompson sisters.The suspense and action from the first book only intensifies in GoR and I was so engrossed in it at times that I couldn't put it down. Didn't want t...
  • Chu
    Review Originally Posted at: Book FreakTheir family was in a mess, just four days ago, Andrea Thompson agreed to go back to the US to help her sister Carrie with Rachel. Now, she’s lost and on the run with her brother-in-law, Dylan. Julia and Crank have problems with the IRS, their mother and Jessica was nowhere to be found and Andrea’s true identity might be the key to solving all the mysteries that has long been forgotten. So, the youngest ...
  • RedRedtheycallmeRed
    This series is quite different from the other books in the Thompson sisters series. Those were more focused on romance, this series is more action packed, with lots of political intrigue. But at its heart, it's still about the women of the Thompson family, whom I've totally grown to love. This book picks up right where the last one left off, and it's edge-of-your-seat the whole way through.Adelina, the family matriarch, is a character that I hate...
  • Rachel
    This was a page turner in the best sense of the term. From start to finish I could not put Girl of Rage down. (It may have accompanied me through my kids’ bedtime routines, kept me up past my bedtime, and infiltrated my dreams even after I had finished.) Where the middle installment of many trilogies fall flat, this one captured my attention and held on until I lost several hours buried in the book.Girl of Rage picks up right where Girl of Lies...
  • Carrie
    Read this in one day! Amazing follow up to Girl of Lies and I can't wait for book three.Expanded review coming :)~*~*~I am a huge fan of Charles Sheehan Miles. His Thompson Sisters trilogy sucked me into this totally dysfunctional family and his follow up series Rachel’s Peril is a complete roller coaster of events. The first book in the series Girl of Rage set the tone and began a fast paced series of events that changed everything you thought...
  • Emily Eck
    This series is like crack. I can't put it down. As a reader I've been sucked into this fictional world where the Thompson Sisters are my BFFs. When they hurt, so do I. The writing is flawless. As a reader, I appreciate the depth of the characters, how connected to them I feel, and the ease at which I am following along in the series. As an author, I am in awe at how CSM managed to keep so many characters and story lines straight, as well as keep ...
  • Jane
    Girl of Rage starts where Girl of Lies left off in the story of the Thompson sisters, as powerful men in our government and foreign government attacks them in an attempt to cover up a wartime bombing of a village with sarin, a deadly biological weapon. Richard Thompson was one of the men involved in supplying the gas for the attack.Andrea, at sixteen flew to the United States from her home in Spain to help her older sister Carrie, was kidnapped u...
  • Karen
    WOW!! wow wow....5++ starsGreat second book in the trilogy (which is a continuation of the Thompson Sisters books) Thoughts about this book* I was glad that we got some answers, but also new questions. Not everything is answered. But it also wasn't a 'typical' second book which can sometimes be full of fluff and/or just becomes the link between a great first book and a great third book. THIS second installment was it's own story. I felt satisfied...
  • Nancee Cain
    4.5 out of 5 stars! The plot is getting thicker and more muddled. Sadly my political knowledge isn't that great. I'm one of those that tends to skim the news and I read for pleasure, mostly romance. These last three books in the Thompson sisters series wouldn't technically be considered romance and yet, there is definite romance involved. The more than a quick look, a sigh and a jump in the sack type romance. These relationships are built on trus...
  • Senayda Pierre
    OK I finished this bad boy in one night and let me tell you!!! Charles Sheehan-Miles knows how to tell a story! I COULD NOT put "Girl of Rage" down. The story was action packed from beginning to end. The story immediately picks up from book one where Andrea escapes and Dylan stays behind defending her. I'm so glad to know that he didn't die protecting her. All of the sisters are intricately involved throughout this story. It's such a great read a...
  • Halyna
    BEYOND AMAZING - COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN, NEED THE THIRD BOOK LIKE YESTERDAY!!! Charles Sheehan-Miles is one of very few authors, whose new books you take with 100% certainty, that it will be unforgettable and quality reading. Girl of Rage was all that and more. Loved every episode, every plotline, every emotion and development of events. A rare case, when the spin-off is even more powerful, than already excellent main series. Doubtless highly recom...
  • Colleen
    This book went way too quickly. I need more!!The story of the Thompson Sisters continues as we learn more and more about the secrets of the Thompson family. Excellently written with characters your heart aches for, this story continues to unfold and pull you even deeper into the twisted web of deception that has masked the truth for these sisters throughout their entire lives. Important info and events have left me yearning for the conclusion of ...
  • Julz
    It happened again. I was so engrossed in this book that the ending caught me by surprise. The books involving the Thompson sisters just get better. From the first book, a romance involving broken characters such as Song for Julia, to the very gritty view of the military and then leading into the ugly side of the world of espionage in Girl of Rage. What will happen next? I am so invested in these characters that I need the next book now. Please wr...
  • Adriana Aviles
    I read the Thompson sister trilogy a while back and waited for this second trilogy to be complete before I continued with the story because the last book "the last hour" left me pretty traumatized. This was a fast paced intricate tale of corruption and abuse. It explained the dysfunctional family dynamic we are introduced to in the first series. The truth of how the family came to be is intricate and complicated. I read all three books in three d...
  • Lisa Icard
    I read this book in one day... Between my daughter's recital performances!! I love this series... Every single book! The story picks up where it left off and some of the puzzle pieces begin to come together. The Thompson sisters are spread all over the country, all in danger, yet you feel they are all fighting for each other. This book was suspenseful from page one. This family has been through hell and I hope they find peace in the last book. I ...
  • Kimerin's Confessions of a Bibliophile
    Girl of Rage is absolutely, at the very least, a 5 star read! This is an edge of your seat nail bite inducing roller coaster ride of emotion and action. I am beyond anxious to find out what happens next!!! I very highly recommend this book along with any and all of Charles' others.
  • Michelle Kannan
    MICHELLE'S REVIEW Warning: This is not a standalone. If you have not read Girl of Lies you will be really mad at yourself for reading this review so don't do it. You don't need to read the Thompson Sisters series but you should cause they're good books.Girl of Rage picks up exactly where Girl of Lies ends. You can read my review of book 1 HEREOnce again, Charles has knocked it out of the park. Just when you thought this story couldn't get anymore...