No One Needs to Know by Amanda Grace

No One Needs to Know

Sometimes, the cost of love is too steepOlivia's twin brother, Liam, has been her best friend her whole life. But when he starts dating, Olivia is left feeling alone, so she tries to drive away Liam's girlfriends in an effort to get her best friend back.But she meets her match in Zoey, Liam's latest fling. A call-it-like-she-sees-it kind of girl, Zoey sees right through Olivia's tricks. What starts as verbal sparring between the two changes into ...

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TitleNo One Needs to Know
Release DateSep 8th, 2014
GenreLgbt, Young Adult, Romance, Contemporary, Glbt, Lesbian, Queer

Reviews No One Needs to Know

  • Rose
    Initial reaction: I feel guilty for saying that I looked forward to this novel because even for the respective thematic of a cheating relationship possibly occurring and other issues the narrative had to offer, I still think this had the potential to be something beyond a cliched, shallow presentation of insufferable teens who had very few things to like about them. I'll admit there were moments in the narrative that - when isolated in and of the...
  • Liviania
    I've enjoyed books by Mandy Hubbard (Amanda Grace is a psuedonym) and I try to read and review as much LGBTQ+ YA fiction as possible. But I must admit, I found the synopsis of NO ONE NEEDS TO KNOW somewhat off-putting. Basically, Olivia falls for Zoey, who is dating her twin brother Liam. I am not a fan of cheating stories, and it seemed like it would be a huge betrayal.Surprisingly, Grace pulled it off. The attraction between the girls grew in a...
  • Joanna (joreadsalot)
    I really enjoyed this book. It was different than what I expected. It's a simple and sweet contemporary read that focusses mostly on family relationships with a sprinkle of romance. It talked about Zoey and Olivia's socioeconomic differences. Olivia hails from a wealthy family and Zoey from a poorer one. It delves into Zoey's uncertainty about the future because of the weight of responsibility she has to her family. Which I thought were all very ...
  • Amanda
    I think that what I loved about this book might be some of the reasons that people have been rating it lower. This is not a deep novel, this is not another painful LGBTQ+ teen novel with everything being horrible forever.No, this book is everything you'd expect from a light YA novel, just with f/f romance. Seriously. And that's what I was looking for. Personally, it's nice to be able to read a book about the kind of romance I want without being l...
  • Claire (Book Blog Bird)
    3.5 starsThis was a sweet contemporary read with a lovely romance, but it was a rare instance of a book actually being too short. I wanted it to be longer and I think it needed to be longer and if it had been I think I'd have been looking at something approaching a five star read.Liam and Olivia are twins and had always been inseparable until Liam joined a different school. They start to drift apart and Olivia has to compete for Liam's attention ...
  • Bree Paige
    The book was well written.. But the book was kind of Flat..Maybe the first quarter part of the book was kind of engaging but when they came at the stage of liking each other.. there was no question to their sexaulity or confusion for their feelings which is very unrealistic in the age of 18 and you never had an attraction to same sex. It COULD BE GOOD...
  • Bee {Quite the Novel Idea}
    Istyria book blog ~ B's world of enchanted booksOh this book is so wonderful! When I saw it on Netgalley, I instantly requested it and even though it wouldn’t release for months, I had a feeling I just needed to read it immediately. I didn’t care about the fact that I wouldn’t be able to put up the full review yet. Okay, I could have, but since it would be such a long time before the book’s release, it wouldn’t have had much use. And I...
  • Justin
    I think the entire story came to easy. The reason I like ya lgbt novels so much, or part of the reason anyway, is that the characters have so many conflicting emotions from confusion about how they are feeling, to worry about what others will say, to anxiety over Not knowing if the other person would feel the same, etc...... this story had none of that. Olivia just decided to kiss her then they laughed and that was that. Even though it was told i...
  • Rachel
    I really enjoyed this book. I guess you could call it a 'typical' lgbt high school romance, but I've noticed there seem to be less books about lesbians. So, I really enjoyed reading about the girls instead of my usual boy/boy fare.This was not just a story about two girls finding each other, but it was also a romance from two very different socioeconomic backgrounds. It's this element of the book that really kept me engaged. Zoey attends the pres...
  • Evie
    No One Needs to Know surprised me. In a good way. When you're about to read a book about teenagers and their first experiences with love, and not only does this book have a love triangle, but a love triangle involving siblings and two homosexual girls, well, you kind of expect a whole load of angst and drama. And you kind of brace yourself for all the tears, flip-flopping and indecisiveness. And, while No One Needs to Know isn't entirely free of ...
  • Dahlia
    This book definitely had its cute moments and a great premise, but it felt more to me like an outline than an actual developed novel. The character development was never really there for me for any of the characters, nor was the chemistry between the two girls - they never felt like more to me than best friends who realized they liked kissing each other. I didn't have a problem with the "cheating," because obviously they're trying to figure thems...
  • Lissa
    I'm going to skip the summary and go straight to my thoughts.I had a hard time rating this book. On the one hand, it was a light, rather cute, easy read about two girls who unexpectedly fall for one another. A lot of LGBT teen books can be pretty heavy, so it was rather refreshing to read one that wasn't. There weren't any huge scenes in which the main characters have a sexual identity crisis; both Olivia and Zoey just accepted that this is how t...
  • Dessy Hristova
    Read this in a couple of hours. It was an easy read and I enjoyed the story even though I didn't like some parts of the plot. The relationship between Zoey and Olivia happened way too easily and I didn't like that there was no anxiety that the characters felt about who they were, discovering themselves and all that. Also, I didn't like that Liam accepted his sister's betrayal so easily... But overall it was an okay book.
  • Milo
    I was a bit apprehensive going in to this, but it turned out to be a sort of sweet romantic queer YA novel. It exceeded my expectations for sure.
  • Amy!
    This was a sweet story of a couple figuring out that they're super gay, actually. Neither of the girls really handled their weird love triangle very well, but everything worked out for these two. This is set in Washington state and very white.This was short and quick.
  • H
    2 really disappointed stars...Damn! After reading the completely amazing The Truth About You and Me, I immediately looked for the rest of Amanda Grace's work because her writing is AMAZING. Seriously -- we're talking Jenny Han emotional depth. And the synopsis for sounded SO good -- twins that fall in love with the same person?! This should've been a lock. But the execution of No One Needs to Know was extremely poor, hence two stars. Liam sighs. ...
  • Leah
    I'm a big fan of Young Adult novels and Amanda Grace (aka Mandy Hubbard) is rather big in big in the YA world with many novels under her belt. I haven't read any of her novels though I have one of her novels on my shelf and I've always wanted to try her Amanda Grace novels as they seem darker than her Mandy Hubbard books so I was sooooo happy to spot No One Needs To Know on Netgalley and even happier to be approved to read it and I couldn't wait ...
  • Danielle
    Read This Review & More Like It At Ageless Pages ReviewsYou can pry the ship of Olivia and Zoey out of my cold dead hands. I am so unbelievably in love with them as a couple and I’m desperately invested in their relationship.And to think I almost missed out on this book entirely because the cover and title imply it’s about cheating.The blurb does this book a huge disservice, so allow me a minor spoiler. Liam is not in love with Zoey. He never...
  • Shane
    Even though No One Needs to Know had its good points, it's so not what I'd expected it to be. The story didn't grab me a lot the way the blurb did and to be honest, at times it got draggy and I sort of drifted away from some scenes, anticipating the end. I didn't get the fireworks so to speak, but overall, it wasn't a bad read because it was my first time getting into a book of such premise and I liked it.The story is told from the alternating PO...
  • Marie
    3.5-ish starsI really enjoyed No One Needs to Know. Olivia and Zoey were both complex characters, and I enjoyed their separate stories, and also how their lives intertwined. There was a part of me that knew I should be upset because cheating isn’t okay, and a love triangle involving twin brother and sister should be weird, but…I just couldn’t get too upset over it. I knew it was wrong, and I wouldn’t condone it in real life, but somehow i...
  • Estelle
    Last year, I really got a lot out of The Truth About You & Me by Amanda Grace. Sure, it was about a teacher and a student relationship but there were so many shades of gray/layers to the story that I found myself rethinking all my initial judgments of a relationship like this one.Unfortunately, No One Needs to Know didn't have the same depth. I did like how naturally Olivia and Zoey feel for each other; there wasn't this big conversation about be...
  • Kristen Cansler
    Love triangles and cheating are my biggest turn-off in books. No One Needs to Know had a lot stacked against it before I even turned to the first page. But I was completely shocked and proven absolutely wrong. Love triangles can work whenever authors handle them with finesse like Amanda Grace did. I was absolutely blown away by this book. I loved it! The book switches back and forth between Olivia and Zoey. I daresay if Liam's point of view had ...
  • Jeanne
    DNFCouldn't hold my interest. To be fair, I think this suffered from comparison to Frenemy of the People, which I enjoyed a great deal more. The pacing is really slow, and I really struggled keeping track of which girl was talking. Their voices were so similar that they blended into one in my head. Honestly there needs to be a little more difference in lead characters than the "rich prude" and the "poor slut" to hold my interests. To say nothing ...
  • Stephanie Gillespie
    This was a short book therefore a fast read. Story is about a girl named Oliva and her Twin brother Liam. Liam begins dating Zoey, a girl with a troubled family with not much money. Oliva and her family are wealthy with there home and there summer home. Oliva and Zoey do not get along and they try to avoid each other so when Liam begins dating Zoey it becomes rather frustrating for Olivia. That is until Oliva begins to have feelings for Zoey. lia...
  • Amy Adams
    I had really high hopes for this book, but I was really disappointed. Though it's billed as an LGBT YA novel, none of the characters ever actually come out. It's written more like a preteen boy's fantasy. The characters are shallow, the plot line is thin, and the story's format of switching perspectives between characters for each chapter reads as muddled and confusing. The author does not seem to relate to the points of view of any of her charac...
  • Marianna
    I actually enjoyed this book. It is fast paced and cute and it keeps you interested. Sure, it is kinda cheesy and cliche but I really liked it anyways. However, it kinda bugged me how easily everything came together. Sure there was a fair amount of angst, but one of the qualities that I love in ya is the angst, the uncertainty and contrasting feelings that torture the characters. Here it had an awfully optimistic sunshines-and-rainbows-and-puppie...
  • Ashley
    I do not normally read GLBT books, so this was something a little different for me, and I was worried I wouldn't be into it.But I honestly liked this book. It was a totally cute YA romance between two girls. It didn't go over the top, and had zero sex in it. It was a nice, clean romance that I would recommend.*Received an ARC for honest review.*
  • Erin
    While this wasn't a bad book per say, it felt like it took dragged on without much direction. I think more characters development needed to be done & less focus on the meaningless details. My rate: 2.5 stars