The Earl's Scandalous Wife (Marriage by Scandal, #4) by Ruth Ann Nordin

The Earl's Scandalous Wife (Marriage by Scandal, #4)

Finally, Season after Season of not being able to secure a wife, Lord Clement's life changes for the better when a beautiful stranger kisses him. Now he has a wife who has it all: beauty, passion, and excitement. What more could a gentleman want? Miss Paula Leighton has to do something before her brother marries her off to a drunk duke who wants nothing more than to use her to get an heir. So when she sees Perry Ambrose, the Lord of Clement, she ...

Details The Earl's Scandalous Wife (Marriage by Scandal, #4)

TitleThe Earl's Scandalous Wife (Marriage by Scandal, #4)
Release DateJan 20th, 2014
PublisherWedded Bliss Romances, LLC
GenreRomance, Historical Romance, Historical, Regency, Historical Fiction

Reviews The Earl's Scandalous Wife (Marriage by Scandal, #4)

  • Dawn
    ++Possible spoilers++3 stars. Pretty good. This one had a little more conflict driving the story, but I would still consider this light reading. Very low angst IMO.The whole plot revolves around the heroine's secret past. She does much to try to hide it, but her evil brother uses this knowledge to try to extort money from her and her new husband.Eventually push comes to shove and she has to reveal her past to her husband and he being the awesome ...
  • Dawn Hurley
    Love PerryLove PerryI would love to have a Perry for my very own. I would love him and squeeze him and take him with me everywhere. He is Perfect. This book was so sweet I literally got a toothache.
  • Griffinyarn
    Warning: This review contains quotes regarding sexual content from the book. If you are offended, please don't continue reading (and don't read the book).I will start by saying that this was the first (and only) book by Ruth Ann Nordin that I have read. So maybe if I'd read the other books in this series I would feel differently but as it is...I couldn't get into this book. It just didn't have that sparkle for me. Even though the initial situatio...
  • Widala
    At the beginning this story was interesting. The characters were nice and the dialogue somewhat funny. But as the story went, it fell to a repeated cycle where Paula scared Perry will found out about her past then succumbing to her brother's blackmail while singing praises to the perfectness of Perry. Over and over again. I skipped some and didn't miss anything. And the confrontation with the brother was somehow anticlimactic, I'm like, what? tha...
  • Katherine
    This was my least liked book in this series and it kinda bored me. The plot revolves around the heroine's secret past and her evil brother which is obvious. She doesn't act as innocent as she should pretend be, to be believable to society as a whole to be fooled by it. The whole needless melodrama caused by the heroine not trusting her husband kinda vexed me to no end, I was close to grinding my teeth at points. The inconsistencies in the era it ...
  • Sandra R
    Yet another charming, feel good story from this author. Simple, but well written, it's easy to read and enjoy. Her heros are always so sweet! As usual it doesn't feel terribly English in flavour, but I dismiss that as I enjoy this author's work so much. If you haven't read her American late 1800's Historical books - Pioneering/Homesteading/Mail Order Brides, I urge you to do so, as they are so interesting. 3.5 stars.
  • Lawanda Reed
    Not the first in the series but a good read.I like the characters. I am going back and reading the first three books. Ruth Ann Nordin is a good historical romance author.
  • MsFunnyP
    Overall not very exciting. I finished it just because i started it.
  • Lisa Weaver
    3.5 stars
  • Beth
    Refreshing More realistic than other books I have read. At least the heroine did not immediately think of running away. Fairly fast paced
  • AnnMarie
    The Earl's Scandalous Wife by Ruth Ann Nordin is the 4th book in the Marriage by Scandal (regencies) series.This is the story of Paula Leighton. She once thought herself in love and she and her betrothed ran away to Gretna Green to get married. Unfortunately for her, the man in question changed his mind and left her, ruined. Her brother came to the rescue and through all manner of ways made sure that nobody found out about his sister's folly. He ...
  • Judy
    The Earl's Scandalous Wife by Ruth Ann NordinMarriage by Scandal Series Book 4Perry Ambrose, the Earl of Clement has had no luck in finding a wife. And he actually wanted one. He was born with one leg a bit shorter and he was sure the use of his cane was an embarrassment. So he couldn't believe his luck when a scandal caused him to marry. And everything about his new wife was so wonderful. The things he knew at least.Paula Leighton had marred her...
  • Gretchen Fatouros
    Read the 1st 3 "Marriage by Scandal" books (actually, was the "Regency collection" at first and there were 4 books before this one), then book 1 of "Marriage by deceit" and then this one.Enjoyable read, like usual.Order...* The Earl's Inconvenient Wife - Nate Buford (Earl of Roderick) & Claire Lowell* Her Counterfeit Husband (no longer part of the series)* A Most Unsuitable Earl - Ethan Silverton (Earl of Edon) & Catherine * His Reluctant Lady (s...
  • Faye Lawson
    You want a husband quick? Create a scandal!Paula Leighton needed a husband quick or her brother Stewart was going to marry her off to the nasty old Duke of Leav-something repulsive as he and she's not having it! A flight to Gretna Green a ceremony over the anvil and she's home free! But ah, there's a catch, because of a secret in her past her brother proceeds to blackmail her! She then lies, steals to and from her husband Perry the Earl of Clemen...
  • IrishAmber
    Mild, luke warmIt was o.k., but more of a flat lining finish to a series. There was really no excitement. Just a caring man being taken advantage of. A woman who got on my nerves with her secrets and stupidity. Added with a little family scawbling from the brother, and there you have it. So like I said, it was, To finish the series, it was worth a read. I did enjoy Christopher's character, though it did seem pushed at times. This was ...
  • April
    I waiting for this story. I really loved the Character Perry from the other books and hoped he would get his happy ending. So when this book came along I just could not put it down. He in my opinion is the perfect man and girl would love to have. To bad most pushed him aside but in the end he got his love and happiness. :)
  • Victoria
    After awhile I was thinking that this was going to turn out to be a sappy romance and that was it, nothing more to it than that mushy stuff and the little scandal that happened in the beginning that sets up the whole book was it. But, it got better! I really hated Paula's brother!
  • Barbara
    The past come back to haunt you. This time it's the lady's past whose brother will stop at nothing to blackmail his sister especially since her new husband has lots of money. But brother gets stung in the end. Good book.
  • Cindy Larson
    Great read. This book I read in less than 24 hours. I was completely captivated by the hero and heroin. It was a great follow up to the others in the series. Over all The series as a very charming and entertaining read.
  • Tara Humphrey
    I liked this one. I thought it was very sweet. Perry was just adorable. I think it would have been a little more crazy if Daniel had shown up more in the book but I still liked it regardless.Recommended reading.
  • Caroline O`Sullivan
    Not badA good story to end the series it was quite enjoyable to read a nice winter day read beside the fire
  • Kelly W
    Loved itThis is a great addition to the series. Loved Perry getting his happy ending. If he loved the other books she has written this is a great one to have.
  • Diana
    Another win for Ruth Ann Nordin!
  • Carmen Gentes
    Loved it!Beautiful ending to a wonderful series!!! You can't help but love the characters as you follow their lives and their mischief!
  • Nikki
    Number 4 is the best in this little series. It has the most tension. It's nothing stellar but of the 4 it was the most engaging.
  • tired
  • Natisha
    I love me some Perry was so happy for him sweet love story
  • Tammy
    Heart feltGreat book,your books are good I will be looking for more. If any one needs a good book try these you want be sorry, they ha 've it all