Staged (Exodus End, #3) by Olivia Cunning

Staged (Exodus End, #3)

The world is his stage…Exodus End’s legendary drummer, Steve Aimes, plays the role of a rock star better than anyone in the business. Since his divorce, he’s embraced every rock ’n’ roll stereotype and uses those vices to keep women at a safe emotional distance, while keeping their physical distance recklessly close. He vowed years ago to never give any woman the power to break his heart again. He just has to keep playing the part, and ...

Details Staged (Exodus End, #3)

TitleStaged (Exodus End, #3)
Release DateNov 13th, 2018
PublisherVulpine Press
GenreRomance, Music, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance

Reviews Staged (Exodus End, #3)

  • Natalie ✩★ The Biblioholic ★✩
    After Jessica from Chatterbooks Book Blograved and raved about this author's books and how much she knew I'd love them, I figured it was about time to find out if she was right. She was! So thanks Jess for putting me on to a stellar book! As this was my first read from this author, I didn't know the back stories of the characters or the inner workings of their interpersonal relationships. And that was fine because the author wasn't lying when she...
  • Gülsen J. Aydogdu
    Steve Aimes??!!FANGIRLING SO HARDBut ''out in late 2017''??? I guess I have to wait.
  • Jane Hughes
    It’s been like 2 years? Is the author not finishing this series?
  • Antonella
    I started this book many many months ago. And I stopped at 20% and I have to say I need to give it up. I love this author and I think she writes the best rock star romance books. So I don't know what was the issues here....* maybe it was way too much time between books * maybe it is too long * maybe, maybe, maybe
  • Lacey (Booklovers For Life)
    Surprisingly romantic and sweet. Who knew Steve Aimes was such a sweetheart when in love!?
  • Namera [The Literary Invertebrate]
    Okay, so, 1000 years later, WE FINALLY HAVE THE NEXT EXODUS END BOOK!!!I won't lie, I didn't really remember who Steve was, or some of the other characters, but Olivia's writing is absolutely amazing so it didn't take long for everything to come rushing back. Sweet, sexy, very detailed relationship between Steve and Roux. Five-star supporting characters. I've knocked off a star because, shockingly for this author, a potential gay relationship bet...
  • H
    Olivia Cunning is one of my favorites, so it pains me to write this. But WHAT was this book?!- [main character] is drugged/date raped and [other main character] keeps pressuring them to report to the police/drag the perpetrator all over the tabloids when the [MC] expressed their reluctance. Respecting agency for survivors, who? (see excerpt under spoiler)(view spoiler)[“You stole from us,” Max said, his hand wrapping into the fabric of Sam’...
  • Lisa
    Who knew Steve was so romantic?!!!i loved it! Roux was a sweet and spunky match for him. Their story is equal parts hot as sin and sweat as chocolate. Great addition to the series. I need Dare’s book like I need air. Please don’t make me wait two years. Who knew Steve was so romantic?!!!i loved it! Roux was a sweet and spunky match for him. Their story is equal parts hot as sin and sweat as chocolate. Great addition to the series. I need Da...
  • Ro M
    The world is his stage…Exodus End’s legendary drummer, Steve Aimes, plays the role of a rock star better than anyone in the business. Since his divorce, he’s embraced every rock ’n’ roll stereotype and uses those vices to keep women at a safe emotional distance, while keeping their physical distance recklessly close. He vowed years ago to never give any woman the power to break his heart again. He just has to keep playing the part, and ...
  • Coral
    *SBTB Quarterly Challenge- January 2. So Long 2018:: Read a book published last year.*Goodreads, how could you let me down like this? You didn't tell me there was a new book from Olivia Cunning? I had to figure it out myself three months later? I'm not mad, just disappointed.Anyway, the book itself was ok. The hero and heroine's initial antagonism lasted for about five minutes before they both became as mushy as spring snow. There was very little...
  • litljen
    The long wait for the third Exodus End book is finally no more! Olivia Cunning delivered Steve Aimes's story and it's a doozy. He's much deeper than expected and I loved watching this party boy fall hard for the beautiful Roux. Lots of new characters were introduced and I'm looking forward to their future stories as well. The book was a bit long and girthy (kind of like Steve!) and at points, I did wish it would speed up a bit during the first ha...
  • Ruthie Taylor
    ~~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads ~~This is the third book in this series (and links in with the Sinners series too). It is an absolutely wonderful read, and moved the band's story forward a lot, as well as giving Steve his chance at a true HEA. I would definitely recommend that you read these books in order, as they really are installments in a bigger story. Just as the second one (Outsider) overlapped som...
  • Liz
    A really delicious slow burn rock star romance. I loved Roux and Steve (and the appearances of other much loved characters) I'm looking forward to reaidng more about the Baroquen girls at some point in the future.
  • Ines
    2'75 starsIt was going really well but there was a twist at the end that wasn't well handedly done and it pissed me off. That's why the low rate. Otherwise it was a sweet and sexy book.
  • Shanna
    This was another winner for me by an author I have come to know and trust, so far I have read every one of the 3 series books that have come out by Olivia Cunning and she does not disappoint. I will say for people who are big fans of her kinky rock stars, this book is slightly different, and for me thats what made me love it even more. I think that having 2 main characters who were so mature and in-tune with each other made a huge difference for ...
  • Stephanie
    STAGED Offers the Best and Worst of Humanity new opening act has come on board for Exodus End’s much vaunted world tour, with dramatic results. This novel runs 17 hours which is a long time for a steamy, contemporary romance of the rock-n-roll variety. It doesn’t seem long, or as if there is a lot of filler. While the relationship develops quickly, it is over a period of at least a month. But then agai...
  • Angel Hatfield
    Roux’s best friend was Raven who was the bands stylist. Raven was also her foster sister. The band Roux was a part of with other foster sisters was Baroquen. Each of the five women had a different color for the costume as well as hair to offset the black goth dresses and makeup they wore in public. Roux color was red. Roux barely recognized herself when in costume. She was the keyboardist of the up and coming band that would soon go on tour wit...
  • Jeannie Zelos
    Staged, Olivia Cunning.Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre: RomanceWay back when I got my first kindle I found a free book I liked the sound of. It was Brian and Myra's story, the first Sinners book. I loved it and went on to buy the rest. I wasn't so taken with the Sole Regret novels, liked them but as one off reads. I was so keen to read Exodus End books, having met Dare several times in Sinners novels. I'm still keen to read his story,...
  • Maggie
    I was so surprised and excited to learn that Staged , the third book of Exodus End, was released after an extensive wait. There was not a lot of buzz before the release, but being a groupie of Olivia’s rock-gods, I one-clicked it in no time.I absolutely love this sexy, heart-warming, slow-burning rock-star romance. As usual Olivia delivered another well written story which had a great balance between erotica and romance. The sexy times were ab...
  • Mile High KINK
    HE QUEEN OF ROCK STAR ROMANCE IS BACK AT HER BEST - AGAIN!!2018 was a great year for sex and rock n roll! Legendary drummer Steve Aimes is about to embark on another Exodus End World Tour. This time, he will be without his best friend's group Twisted Element who has been replaced with an all female rock indie group BAROQUEN.STAGED tells the story of Roux and her foster sisters/bandmates while mingling with rock and roll royalty - Exodus End. As t...
  • Angela Charles
    So let me just start off saying that I love me some Olivia Cunning. I fell in love with her when I read her Sinners on Tour series. One of the issues that I I'm having with this new series is the fact that there are a lot of outside factors and so much random drama. I do not mean to compare this series with Sinners but there is a huge difference when it comes to writing. In this series there seems to be a lot of outside people in order to make th...
  • NhaughtyV says Damn the Zon Save the Reviews
    Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll…if any of those words are offensive to you, just stop reading now and move on...To Exodus End drummer, Steve Aimes, the world is his stage. Hiding behind the persona of a typical sexed and drugged up rock star, no one would believe he has a heart of a hopeless romantic. That is until up and coming rock band Baroquen is introduced, and Steve sets his eyes on keyboardist Roux Williams. Steve is all in when it comes to w...
  • Emily (Mrs B's Books)
    **Copy Provided by Netgalley and Kobo Writing Life, for an honest review**This is the third book in the series and can be read as a stand alone and we are still following the members of the rock band Exodus End.Steve Aimes is the drummer for the band and has been a bit of a party animal and man whore since his divorce from Bianca many years ago, however when he meets Roux he changes. Steve is a man with a big heart who can only love completely, h...
  • Bella
    This one is one hot rock star erotic novel. Exodus End drummer Steve falls for Roux the keyboardist of their new opening act Baroquen. They fall really quickly in love in each other but it is a problem Roux wants their relationship to begin after the European tour because she doesn't people to say their relationship was the one who gave them to be the opening act. But that is not all that those two lovebirds have to worry. There is still the tabl...
  • Pam Nelson
    I want MORE, I want DARE like now lol but I am so glad we got Steve’s story. This book was fantastic. I am a super fan lol I am invested, Sinners is one of my favorite series. Olivia can do Rock Stars and do them well. Steve Aimes is a secret sweetheart! I love the relationship he has with his band and with his best friend. When he falls, he falls hard, I love that his bandmates know this about him as well. His past relationships really kicked ...
  • Amandajane
    Another winner from this author. I really liked this one. The heroine was another strong female lead without being over-the-top out there. I liked that the typical sexual assault scene that seems to be in every romance novel now had a twist to it and was dealt with legally. I don't get the message authors are sending to women when they have characters stay quiet and unwilling to go through all the hassle of reporting. So I was glad to see this au...
  • ANNE but not Hathaway
    This book is my Much Awaited Book of 2018. Seriously.I loved it. It may be quite different from Olivia Cunning's previous books in terms of "sexcapades" but the story really works. I love the characters and the portrayal was perfect. The flow of the story maybe confusing to others but never to me. I never had a problem getting along with the flow, character's name and previous happenings. That's how much I'm obsessed with Olivia's book. I just ca...
  • Jeanne
    Roux Williams has overcome so much in her life. Her and her bandmates of Baroquen, have finally gotten their big break and are opening for Exodus End, on the European leg of their world tour. She won't let a little thing like lust for their drummer, Steve Aimes, ruin their big chance, regardless of how amazing he can be.Steve Aimes had given up on Love and silly embraced the Rick start life after his bitter divorce. Trusting a woman is not high o...
  • ♡B♡
    I haven't read an Olivia Cunning book in a while. I forgot how much I love her rock stars!Now to be honest at the end of the book she writes that she had a bit of an issue with the book. I have to say what she was expecting is kind of what I was also but that isn't what we got. I am happy with what we got though. It turned out better than I thought it could have been. I can't wait for more. I know I am behind on the one night with sole regret so ...