The History of Ancient Rome by Garrett G. Fagan

The History of Ancient Rome

Course Lecture Titles 1. Introduction 2. The Sources 3. Pre-Roman Italy and the Etruscans 4. The Foundation of Rome 5. The Kings of Rome 6. Regal Society 7. The Beginnings of the Republic 8. The Struggle of the Orders 9. Roman Expansion in Italy 10. The Roman Confederation in Italy 11. The International Scene on the Eve of Roman Expansion 12. Carthage and the First Punic War 13. The Second Punic (or Hannibalic) War 14. Rome in the Eastern Mediter...

Details The History of Ancient Rome

TitleThe History of Ancient Rome
Release DateJan 1st, 1999
PublisherThe Teaching Company
GenreHistory, Nonfiction, Audiobook, Ancient History, Historical, Classics, Philosophy, Literature, Ancient, European History, Education

Reviews The History of Ancient Rome

  • Jim
    This is a survey course (audio download) about the (ancient) history of Rome and not intended as an in depth study of all of ancient Rome's very complicated history. Dr Fagan presents a no-nonsense series of lectures that provides the basis for understanding the social, political and military evolution of possibly the most important and successful civilization of the western world. From monarchy to republic to empire the Roman models have been re...
  • Amy
    Excellent lecture series. Not a boring moment in the series. Highly recommend it if you're interested in Roman History.It's not as good as reading the ancient texts but it's much better & more informative than any current book on Roman History.
  • Choko
    I love Prof. Fagan, sexy accent and all:) He makes all history fun:)
  • Daniel
    A very good and thorough but admittedly shallow look at the history of the Roman Empire from its inception to the fall of the Western Empire. It was informative and very well presented and had some asides into culture and entertainment as well as military organization. It's 38 30 minutes lectures long but well worth the time involved.
  • David Readmont-Walker
    Outstanding Teaching Company series by the man, Garrett G. RIP.
  • Fred Fifield
    An excellent lecture series on the History of Ancient Rome. I could do without the canned applause at the beginning and ending of each lecture. That gets surprisingly annoying.
  • Jeffry
    Can't recommend Fagan, or the Great Courses Lectures, enough. My brother Chris turned me on to the Great Courses & I've been enormously grateful for the many hours I've spent listening since.
  • Dennis Murphy
    The History of Ancient Rome by the late Professor Garrett Fagan remains one of the best courses I have ever taken by the Teaching Company. This is the second time I have gone through the course, and it has not failed to enthrall me. Fagan is one of the major influences I have from afar when it comes to guiding my thinking during my college years. In fact, I first took this course between my community college years and my venture to American Unive...
  • John Dembowski
    OVERVIEWI consider myself fairly well versed in Roman history, but my knowledge could be seen as vignette in nature, with gaps between major events and characters. This course helped me bridge those gaps together to have a more complete view on the empire as a whole. SCOPE OF THE SERIESIt covers from the foundations of Rome (both myth and archeological evidence) to the fall of the Western Empire. This being said, the vast majority of the lessons ...
  • Daniel L
    WOW. SO good! Good voice. Good overview. I was looking for an overview of the Roman Empire from start to finish, and this was it. Positive:Fagan is a historian. He shared bits and pieces of the evidence we have and highlighted the limitations in the extant information (for example, inscriptions, archeology, and histories written by ancient authors). This was helpful as a scientist, to understand the gaps we have in the information. His treatment ...
  • Adrian Crawley
    Like other reviewers have said this is a very brief overview on the entire Roman Empire, beginning to end. As someone who knows very little about these people and this period of history, I felt that this book gives a decent overview and should be used as a means to evaluate your interest in the matter and/or what interests you the most about the Roman Empire. If you are already interested/know more than the basics I doubt this book would shed any...
  • Nightshadequeen
    Honestly, I preferred The History of Rome: The Republic by Mike Duncan, but this is a pretty decent overview. The lectures are well put together and entertaining.
  • Ali Haidar
    Garret Fagan is the best history lecturer I have ever listened to. He is immensely knowledgeable, an excellent communicator, funny, easy to listen to, and immensely engaging. I was heartbroken to find out that he passed away at such a young age. I will always recommend this lecture series to anyone with a serious interest in roman history
  • Charles Lupo
    This was like Mike Duncan with an Irish accent.Since I've listened to Mike's podcast thru, twice, this was mostly a refresher, and I found it good to get another author's perspective.The course goes over the history that you'd expect, but also takes a few detours into culture and customs, that I found quite interesting.
  • Michael Nash
    Great Overview. Bogged down a bit in the middle. Spends several lectures on Ceasar and Augustus and the leadup to the end of the Republic and rise of the Empire, then kind of yadda yaddas the next 400 years. Still, great detail on the early parts of the empire.
  • Dirk
    I am referring to the audiobook.Excellent overview of the history of Ancient Rome. Each lecture lasts about 30 minutes. If you are interested in Ancient Rome Fagan’s book is a great starting-point.
  • Krista
    48 lectures at approx. 30 minutes each. I now know EVERYTHING I ever thought I needed to know, and many things I didn't know I needed to know about Ancient Rome. Time spans approx. BC 190 (?) - AD 500. ANCIENT Rome.
  • Colleen Martin
    A great, comprehensive review of one of the most fascinating times in world history.
  • Ken Hamner
    Very informative and interesting.
  • Renee Stamp
    Wonderful synopsis of the various periods of the Roman Empire as well as their culture. Would highly recommend. The lecturer delivers an excellent presentation of the material.
  • Tammy
    Really enjoyed this! Didn't know how ignorant I was about Roman History until I listened to these lectures! Increase your knowledge, listen!!
  • Xandria
    Very much enjoyed. Great lecturer, great information. Encourages me to learn more.
  • Jay
    If you think times are tough now you should study Ancient Rome.
  • Judy Masters
    A very long audio book. I learned quite a bit, but it was a bit too much information. Glad I am finished.
  • Jerome
    Solid overview of the history of Rome.
  • Estuardo Choc Salazar
    48 hours of lectures, I think it's fair enough to say that anyone can learn a lot from this. It also includes a couple of lectures about the fall and decline of the empire but obviously this is just a plus.
  • Tristan Brandmeyer
    I thought this was an excellent lecture series on the history of Rome. Anyone interested in broadening their understanding of Roman history, and history in general, should give this a read (or listen on audio).
  • Nilesh
    The lecture series is important, academically sound and full of rich details but lacks the story-telling flavour to provide a proper context.The series does well to span the rise of Rome from complete obscurity in particular. The strength is particularly in the description of the republic, how it came together and eventually yielded to the formation of the Empire. Somewhat astonishingly, the lectures have too little time for the eras of the power...
  • Melinda
    Dr. Fagan is proving to be an exceptionally interesting and engaging teacher! Am enjoying these CD's a great deal! Highly recommended so far.....VERY very highly recommended. The description I remember best is of how we should look at the development of the Roman republic into the Roman empire. It is like walking into the kitchen of a highly eccentric old man. There are old and new appliances in the same kitchen. Each of the old ones are kept bec...
  • Luke
    Content : An extremely good source for introductory information about the history of Ancient Rome. Prof Fagan gives a fascinating and entertaining narrative of Rome's long and complex story by going through its three main stages: Kingdom, Republic, and Empire. Along side this narrative, short stories are constantly delivered about various assemblies, writers, emperors, consuls, concepts, laws which greatly help the reader / listener better unders...