The Adventures of Captain Underpants (Captain Underpants, #1) by Dav Pilkey

The Adventures of Captain Underpants (Captain Underpants, #1)

Pilkey plays with words and pictures, providing great entertainment. The story is immediately engaging—two fourth-grade boys who write comic books and love to pull pranks find themselves in big trouble. Mean Mr. Krupp, their principal, videotapes George and Harold setting up their stunts and threatens to expose them. The boys' luck changes when they send for a 3-D Hypno-Ring and hypnotize Krupp, turning him into Captain Underpants, their own su...

Details The Adventures of Captain Underpants (Captain Underpants, #1)

TitleThe Adventures of Captain Underpants (Captain Underpants, #1)
Release DateMay 8th, 2019
PublisherScholastic Children's Books
GenreChildrens, Humor, Fiction, Sequential Art, Graphic Novels

Reviews The Adventures of Captain Underpants (Captain Underpants, #1)

  • Carmen
    George and Harold were usually responsible kids. Whenever anything bad happened, George and Harold were usually responsible.I am not the target audience for this book. However, much like Goosebumps, I cannot help but have a lot of gratitude for a series which got so many kids reading.Harold and George are a couple of Ohioan pranksters who write, illustrate, distribute and sell homemade comic books called "The Amazing Captain Underpants" about a s...
  • Sita
    I read this when I was in Year 4, I read it over the holidays and I think I gave it to my little sister (it is now sitting in her bookshelf), but I don't know, there is just something about Captain Underpants and his ridiculous adventures that has me laughing (a lot). I also like the fact that it is basically two storys in one and the author wrote the comic into the story, in the end equals a funny/enjoyable read.
  • Books Ring Mah Bell
    I heard these Captain Underpants (HAHAHAH! UNDERPANTS!) books have been banned in places.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Foolishness. I can totally understand that some people can NOT handle potty humor. That's cool. But do people really think that kids will read this and be influenced to become "rebels" like George and Harold, the main characters in these books?Yes, people DO think that because people are dumb.* sigh *The boys in the book make comic books th...
  • Ronyell
    Here comes that valiant hero, CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS! “The Adventures of Captain Underpants” is a popular children’s book from the creative mind of Dav Pilkey and it is about the hilarious adventures of George and Harold as they try to trick their strict principal Mr. Krupp, but their trick ends up backfiring on them! “The Adventures of Captain Underpants” is absolutely one of the funniest books ever created!!! “Tra-la-laaa!” Man, I am ...
  • Mariah Roze
    Read this a super long time ago. I can't even remember if I liked it haha
  • Matthew
    O CAPTAIN! my Captain! your fearful underpants don't shun; George and Harold have weather’d every rack, the prize they sought is won; Evil is near, school bells I hear, children all emoting, While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring: Underpants! Underpants! Underpants! Ms. Ribble, mean with eyes of red, Where on the deck my Captain fights, Professor Pippy Pee-Pee Poopypants cold and dead.
  • Heidi-Marie
    Well, I can see why boys that this is aimed at love these books. I only read it because it was for banned/challenged/controversial lesson in children's lit class. I avoided them when my little brother read them. The bathroom humor--literally--was never to my taste. But it's a comic book feel and draws in reluctant boy readers. Still, it has so much bad grammar and few if any redeeming qualities...I cringe when I have to recommend them.Class revie...
  • Brian Hodges
    Seriously? THIS is one of the most frequently banned / challenged books of the past decade because (according to an article I read) "it is said to contain offensive language, to be sexually explicit and to be anti-family." Um... unless we're including the word "poo" on the list of offensive words, and we consider a pudgy middle-aged guy in tighty-whities to be sexual, then... yeah I don't get it. This is akin to the parents of MY generation who w...
  • [Shai] Bibliophage
    I know I'm old to read this because it is intended for young kids; I can't control my hands on getting copies of this series. This is a children's book, however the humor is slightly older so adults, such as I, could appreciate and have a good laugh while reading this.
  • Heather
    A pretty entertaining comic-starter for the youngins. Not something to be taken seriously, and actually kind of funny at times. A very entertaining read about how two boys who love pranks, create the ultimate prank.
  • Kelly H. (Maybedog)
    This was a book I didnt' want to like. I wanted to find it offensive (because the initial premise is just that: the boys make their principal into the main character which is very disrespectful and embarrassing) but I have to admit: the book is funny. Kids love it and if it gets kids to read, then I'm all for it. This book appealed to kids that I take care of that normally either don't read or only read low-level comic books (I am aware that comi...
  • Dolly
    I've read this before, mostly to check out why it was listed as a banned book. I thought it was hilarious and although our girls weren't too eager at first for me to read it to them, they loved it once we got started. It was a fast read, with lots of cartoonish illustrations and it had lots of tongue in cheek humor that I appreciated. It had "potty talk" in there, but not nearly as much as you'd think.Jan 2012 - Our youngest is in love with these...
  • Stephanie
    My kids loved these back when they were in elementary school! I read this as part of a "Banned Book" challenge and I really don't see why this was so offensive, even for little kids. People will get their noses out of joint for some of the silliest reasons....
  • Indah Threez Lestari
    629 - 2013#Program BUBUPertama kali dibeli dan dibaca pada tanggal 4 Maret 2010. Untunglah bisa kubeli lagi di Gramedia Matraman dengan harga cuma 10k!====================================================Andaikan saja kamar kosku tidak sebegitu sempitnya, barangkali aku benar-benar sudah tertawa terbahak-bahak sambil berguling-guling di lantai (LOLROTF, literally!). Buku ini kocak banget, cocok untuk melepas stres!Tapi tentu saja, buat anak-anak r...
  • Ilse
    Haha I loved this. WHY DIDNT I ACTUALLY READ IT BACK IN THE DAY? Oh yeah I was lazy and thought reading was boring. WELL LOOK HOW THE TABLES HAVE TURNED.
  • Nusrat Mahmood
    এত কুট! মানে কিউট রে বাবা!
  • Lucy Banks
    My two boys think these books are the FUNNIEST things ever. As you might imagine, there's plenty of toilet humour and silliness, but also some very clever plays on words etc. Only one little bugbear - the inaccurate spelling throws my youngest off sometimes, and means he spells the words wrong himself! Well worth reading with kids aged 5-9ish?
  • Jerry
    The original was a blast...but it's even more fun in color!
  • Renee
    This review consists of 2 parts: 1. My son's review (he's 5) and 2. My review (I'm the Mom). The 3 stars represents the average score between us. He gave it 5 and I gave it 1. For the full review, please visit us at www.motherdaughterbookreviews.comSON SAYS:What I liked and disliked about it: I like the part where they bring Dr. Diaper to the police station and tie him to the pole with underwear on his head and put a sign on him that says “Arre...
  • Michelle (Sherbet Lemon)
    This is a really fun and ridiculous book, but even as an adult I enjoyed it and could feel why it was appealing to kids.
  • The Rusty Key
    Reviewed by Rusty Key Writer: Jordan B. Nielsen Recommended for: Mainly boys, ages 7 to 10, but it could appeal to certain rough and tumble girls as well. One Word Summary: Impressive. A fine example of the reason to never judge a book by its cover, (or its illustration-packed pages) if parents withhold Captain Underpants from their kids for fear that it’s not ‘educational enough’, they’ll be depriving them of a witty, loveable, well deve...
  • Kristy K
    A great book to read with or to children.
  • Laura
    I came upon this book when working at a Daycare/Kindergarten program. One of the students had decided to read it for Quiet Time. He asked me to read it. I was unaware as to the content of Captain Underpants book. This is a book that should not be on the shelves for Kindergartners. It is inappropriate and vulgar. It is one thing if your the parent and want your kid to read it. I don't have too much problem with that, but I don't believe that it's ...
  • Erin *Proud Book Hoarder*
    The cover looks silly but for children this is fun. There's humor that's not cheesy or obnoxious, everything from the villain's van saying "The Bad Guys" on it to the bizarre conception of the Captain Underpants comic book. Not actually a story about him, it's the two of two bratty kids who conceive this character and make a comic book out of him, order a hypno-ring to control their irritating principal, and spread general mayhem around school an...
  • Giselle
    Hah I used to read my brother's Captain Underpants books.. tra la la la
  • Nathalia
    3.5Es adorable y entretenido para pasar el rato, pero me resultó demasiado tonto para la edad para la que se promociona.
  • Jerry
    Very cute and funny, with great artwork. This thirty-year-old kid at heart loved it.
  • AoF
    4.5 stars | Blog “George and Harold were usually responsible kids. Whenever anything bad happened, George and Harold were usually responsible.” There's not much to say that hasn't already been said about the Adventures of Captain Underpants. Yes, it's silly—insanely silly, really—but it's also hilarious. The two troublemakers George and Harold sure know how to get into trouble…but they also get themselves out of it. The graphic novel as...
  • Blair
    Genre: Graphic NovelSummary: George and Harold are two 4th grade class clowns that created a comic strip company called "Treehouse Comix Inc." where they would produce comics and sell them on the playground at school. The mean principle Mr. Krupp is hypnotized by the boys after being mean to them and turns into Captain Underpants, the super-hero from George and Harold's comic books. Critique: A. Ability to relate to studentsB. The Adventures of C...
  • Sam
    The Adventures of Captain Underpants is the first epic novel in the Captain Underpants series written by Dav Pilkey. The book is about two fourth-grade students, George and Harold, and their comic book hero Captain Underpants. George and Harold are two responsible kids; whenever anything bad happens, they are responsible. In their spare time, they like to write comic books about Captain Underpants; a superhero who dresses only in his underpants a...