No Known Grave (Detective Inspector Tom Tyler, #3) by Maureen Jennings

No Known Grave (Detective Inspector Tom Tyler, #3)

From the well-known author whose books inspired the wildly popular Murdoch Mysteries TV series, comes the third WWII-era DI Tom Tyler mystery; for fans of Foyle's War, wartime dramas, and, of course, Maureen Jennings!      It's summer, 1942, and after a tough couple of years, DI Tom Tyler is making a fresh start in Ludlow, Shropshire. On the outskirts of town, St. Anne's Convalescent Hospital, staffed by nursing sisters who are Anglican nuns...

Details No Known Grave (Detective Inspector Tom Tyler, #3)

TitleNo Known Grave (Detective Inspector Tom Tyler, #3)
Release DateOct 21st, 2014
PublisherMcClelland & Stewart
GenreMystery, Historical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Historical Mystery, Crime, Cultural, Canada, War, World War II, European Literature, British Literature, Thriller

Reviews No Known Grave (Detective Inspector Tom Tyler, #3)

  • Amy Thorleifson
    Set in England in 1942, Inspector Tom Tyler has just been relocated to Shropshire when he is called upon to investigate two murders. A father and son are found shot in their cottage on the grounds of an infirmary for recuperating war victims. It soon becomes clear that the murderer must be someone from the staff or patient roster. But many of the patients are blind and/or suffering from severe burns. Tyler works with his new team to learn who the...
  • Sally
    The third in the Tom Tyler series set during WWII. In this one he has been transferred to Ludlow in Shropshire as a detective. The murders are connected with a convalescent home for wounded soldiers and war workers. Although most seem to be in bad shape--blind, paralyzed, mute--someone inside the hospital is committing murders of innocent people: a blind hospital worker, his sixteen-year-old son, and a nun. Add to this that the daughter of the de...
  • Andy Plonka
    Using WWII as a backdrop Jennings has developed what appears to be a variation on a locked room mystery but turns out to be more when te perpetrator and his motives are finally revealed.
  • Mainer207
    Sad story done well. I'm coming to like Tom Taylor. Good narration. I'm looking forward to the next in this series.
  • Verity W
    I haven't read any Maureen Jennings before and I found this interesting and unpredictable. Proper review to follow - but I'll be keeping an eye out for more.I reviewed this book for Novelicious: Known Grave is the third book in the DI Tom Tyler series by Maureen Jennings – who also wrote the Murdoch Mystery books. This time though, instead of late nineteenth century Canada, the setting is England durin...
  • Val Sanford
    Inspector Tyler has transferred to a new station in what is to be his new start at life. Near 50 years of age, separated from his wife, his son dead, this is harder than he imagined. A dual homicide at a convalescent home for blind and disabled men and women brings Tyler close to those who have suffered and given so much for their country: site, voice, healthy bodies and hope. A blind man-- a father, and his son are shot on the grounds, the young...
  • Cindy
    Loved this mystery set in a convalescent hospital outside of Ludlow, Shropshire. Detective Tom Tyler has moved there for a fresh start after the death of his son and a separation from his wife. There has been a brutal double murder at the hospital. Later on a nun is murdered as well, but Tyler quickly learns her death was made to look like a suicide. Tyler is relentlessly piecing together clues, but the clues tend to lead in no particular directi...
  • Diana
    Detective Tom Tyler has taken a new post in Ludlow, England during World War II. He is called to investigate a double homicide at a convalescent hospital nearby. The hospital is staffed by Anglican nuns whose patients have experienced traumatic injuries. Tyler has the task of trying to find out why the victims were murdered and who could possibly have committed the crime when the only suspects appear to be incapacitated. I was unable to guess who...
  • Evelyn Harvill
    This is an excellent series set in WWII. Each book is more fascinating than the one before. The plot was excellent and well-paced and the wide range of characters (police officers, nuns, wounded soldiers, and wayward girls, to list a few) were three-dimensional and believable. Since DI Tyler has moved to the area in which this book took place, I really hope we see some of these folks in a future novel. And the reference to a real historical incid...
  • Linda
    This is the third installment in the Detective Inspector Tom Tyler series. The setting is 1942 in Shropshire, England where several murders are committed in St. Anne's Convalescent Hospital. The Detective has many obstacles in his path to solve these murders. The author writes vividly of wartime Britain, the effects of the war on the village and the severely disabled military and civilian men and women.
  • Peggy
    Tom Tyler must investigate a double murder in a rehab hospital which deals with soldiers wounded in WWII. One of the most interesting aspects of this novel is an insight into the effects of the war, especially those who are disabled and disfigured.
  • Connie
    I very much enjoyed this third book in the series. I've read the other two and this one had the added benefit of a connection with another book I'm currently reading about WWII.Highly recommended!
  • Bonnie Szirtes
    I am loving this Tom Tyler series! So glad I discovered Maureen Jennings and this series; I do hope she continues it.
  • Carol
    Good overall story, but IMO the murderer's rationale for the killings was far fetched
  • Caroline Ingvaldsen
    Third in the Detective Inspector Tom Tyler mysteries set in Britain during World War II: a particularly grim and poignant thriller.
  • Faith Hignight
    Excellent read! I like my mysteries fast moving, well written and with some character depth and development. I was not disappointed.
  • Patricia Gulley
    Tom has a new location and he and his wife are divorcing. The murders happen at a convalescent hospice for men and women who have suffered severe war wounds. While a good mystery with an interesting take on a real war event, there was too much description and contemplation of unrelated things and not enough resolution of Shirley.
  • Rae Marie
    Keeps you guessing..
  • Gilda
    I'd give this book 3.5 stars. A good, old-fashioned mystery. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Will read other books by this author.
  • Debbie
    The solution to the mystery came a bit out of left field for me, but the evocation of the era is enjoyable.
  • Doris Thomsen
    Was a bit slow to start, but picked up the pace and became a really good read.
  • Marley
    Really like this, ever so much more than the first (I missed the second somehow).
  • Joanne
    I'm giving this book 3.5 stars. Once again the author has done a terrific job of capturing the time and place: rural England in the middle of World War II. Tom Tyler is central to the story again, and I like his character development. The story revolves around a set of seemingly senseless murders at a convalescent hospital for seriously injured victims of war, people with such crippling disabilities that it seems inconceivable that any of them co...
  • Gwen
    Shades of Enigma meets Among the Mad. I actually enjoyed the book more *before* going to book club and having the book dissected... =/But, as usual, book club tends to be right: the ending was rushed, there were too many characters to keep track of, and the motive for the murders didn't make much sense. The highlight of book club came when one of the members breezed in at the end with significant knowledge of (view spoiler)[Lidice, since she grew...
  • Jill Meyer
    Readers of mysteries know that there are different styles within the genre. One of those are the "murders done in a confined space and almost anyone can be the murderer (and the victim, come to that!); sort of like "Murder on the Orient Express". "No Known Grave", by Maureen Jennings, is the third in her "Tom Tyler" series and offers exactly that plot and a similar cast of potential victims and murderers.The "Tom Tyler" series is set in WW2 Engla...
  • Gretta
    There were several points where Tyler was very lucky--that a new constable grew up in the area, that he had a friend in secret operations, for starters, that he had had a course which allowed him to recognize the significance of the double gunshot. Still, I enjoyed this immensely. In the beginning, I found it problematic to have so many characters. It was hard to remember all those hospitalized folks and their injuries. Later, the story focused o...
  • Sheila
    DI Tom Tyler has just moved to a new post. He is just learning the surroundings and who his staff are and their capabilities when he is thrust head on into a murder investigation at the St. Anne's Convalescent Home. The victims are a blind ex-soldier and his young son. There does not seem to be any motive. As Tom begins his investigation, he strongly suspects the murderer is someone at the Home. Then he starts receiving mysterious letters that ha...
  • Lisa
    Classic locked room mystery. Great story and development, and a really interesting motivation for the murderer. Another great group of characters; I wish we could keep some of them for the next book!There were a lot of characters, especially patients. Sometimes they were called by their first names, sometimes last, and sometimes nicknames. That made it hard to keep everyone straight. I wish there had been a bit more background on the patients bec...
  • Sheila
    Set in Ludlow England during the summer of 1942, Britain is at war. St. Anne's is a nursing home for pateints severly disfigured during the war. A blind massage instructor and his son are murdered in cold blood, followed by one of the Sisters/Nurse from St. Anne's. The victim's daughter Shirley is preganant by a foreign national who is in Special Services/Commando Unit overseas is abducted. Inspector Tom Tyler of the local constabulary is on the ...
  • Vionna
    Like her previous DI Tyler mysteries set in World War 11, the plot was well thought out (who is killing some residents of a nursing home) and kept you turning the page. The characters from Sister Rebecca to Alfie were well drawn and completely believable as was the dialogue.