Adventure Time (Adventure Time OGN, #4) by Kate Leth

Adventure Time (Adventure Time OGN, #4)

Princess Bubblegum must start her yearly journey to the outer kingdoms, with the help of Peppermint Butler she goes to see how her distant friends are doing and to rejuvenate the crystals that keep their kingdoms alive. Of course with time things constantly change and Princess Bubblegum is going to discover that a lot has changed since her last journey and this might be one problem she won't be able to fix. Written by talented Kate Leth (Kate or ...

Details Adventure Time (Adventure Time OGN, #4)

TitleAdventure Time (Adventure Time OGN, #4)
Release DateNov 11th, 2014
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Fantasy, Adventure, Graphic Novels Comics

Reviews Adventure Time (Adventure Time OGN, #4)

  • A Bookish ✧ Fable
    ”Radical.” - Princess Bubblegum This was so cute🙊What the heck.It was so flowy~ Also Peppermint Butler is damn scary who is this man even.The artwork is 10/10 as Always and I love it so much. Bless.
  • Jaimi Rachelle
    Bubblegum is just plain cute.
  • Charles
    Stuff I Read - Adventure Time OGN Vol 4: Bitter Sweets ReviewOkay, so full disclosure, I love Adventure Time. Like probably a little too much, given that it is presumably for children. But it is amazing and always deals with such mature topics that I just can't get enough of it. Case in point, I love the Adventure Time comics, and especially these original graphic novels, because it presents such a fun look at some fun aspect of the world. And th...
  • Kate
    Finally more on Princess Bubblegum's important tasks to keep the Candy Kingdom intact! I kind of wish this was also an episode. Bonnibel travels to her fellow ally kingdoms to recharge the magic that keeps the Candy Kingdom thriving. Of course discovers something dubious going on. She then has to come to terms with her friends, and find a way to deliver a just punishment. But also to help set things right accordingly. I especially love the bits o...
  • Alex Firer
    Maybe my expectations were just too high for this thing considering the other Adventure Time comics, but this weird current trend in kids comics where there's no difficult conflict, no negative characters (it's odd to see the bad guys crumble and apologize immediately upon getting caught and confronted-- it doesn't make for a particularly human story or involved conflict) It's almost as if the idea of negativity is too upsetting for the folks inv...
  • Aisha B.
    I liked volume 3 better, but I stil loved this one!
  • Sas
    I love Kate Leth so much. She is one of my favourite humans, 100% 10/10 awesome person would date her/be here best friend forever. My favourite part of this comic way Peppermint Butler and his LOVE OF FIRE! Such a cute comic.
  • Hamster
    Plot was pretty good if simplistic. I guess that goes with the watered down art. It felt like they were trying to make this for elementary school kids. (Wait, is that who is supposed to be reading this stuff?) So better than some AT comics I've read but def not among the best.
  • Odhran
    Very much an Adventure Time comic, and all the better for it.
  • Karen
    Cute little volume featuring adventures of PB and Pepperemint Butler.
  • Sandy Quach
    Enjoyable and real to what the shows have built the characters up to be. However, the plot felt a bit rushed.
  • Jonah Mae
    Great story
  • Eva
    It was cute! The art is a little different and took me a bit of adjusting. Princess Fern and Forest Princess are my faves.
  • Giovanna Kimberly
    I love how all these comics are super simple yet they’re super meaningful at the same time. This is my favorite in the series so far along with the short story that comes with it.
  • Alyssa
    Loved this installment in the series. It has a fun plot line and the illustrations are beautiful. Overall I would and do recommend this graphic novel series to my friends who are a fan of the show. Can't wait to see what the next book will hold. Here is the breakdown of what I thoughtCHARACTERS:The quirk and personality of the characters translate beautifully from the TV show to the graphic novel. Everything feels consistent and authentic. THE PL...
  • Su
    I loved the art in this book, illustrated by Zachary Sterling with contributions from Chrystin Garland. I'm a huge fan of the glossy, color pages that many of the Adventure Time graphic novels offer, and these did not disappoint at all. But the story by Kate Lets fell a little flat for me. The story and plot weren't bad - just very simple; and the conclusion is almost too obvious. Don't get me wrong, AT doesn't have to be serious all the time, bu...
  • Amanda
    Omg, the art was super cute in this volume, with lovely full color and really darling outfits! Epaulets! Lollipop cloak clasps! Algorithmic!Peppermint Butler is one of my favorite characters, so it was great to see him and Princess Bubblegum starring together and running around taking care of royal business. His forked serpent tongue when he goes into evil mode is so funny, and he has the best line: "I always want to burn everything." Burn, Pepp ...
  • Christopher
    Adventure Time comics are hit or miss with me. Sometimes, they don't capture the manic energy of the show or they rachet it up a few too many notches for it to be readable. This one had the perfect amount of manic energy and story to keep me interested. The exclusion of Jake & Finn (not my favorites in the comics) and the inclusion of Princess Bubblegum and, my absolute favorite in the comics, Peppermint Butler (or as I'll always call him Pep. Bu...
  • Jon Shanks
    Another sojourn into the Land of Ooo, this time focussing on Princess Bubblegum & Peppermint Butler in a quest to other realms beyond the Candy Kingdom. This may sound like a fluffy children's story and in some ways it is, but there is also a lot of humour and even a touch of darkness (Peppermint Butler can be one creepy dude!) mixed in there and the artwork really pops with strong colours that were missing from the previous Adventure Time graphi...
  • Stacy Fetters
    Oh My Glob!It's been Ten years and now its time for Princess Bubblegum to wonder outside Candy Kingdom. And whats the first thing she does? She parties down with her friends. Those evil thief's. Peppermint Butler finds out and wants to destroy them with fire!!!! It's a cute story of friends learning a very valuable lesson and learn that when in need, friends are always here to help. We all have to be responsible at some point.
  • Ashley
    Loved seeing Bubblegum do her shady business. Sad it turned out to be a bit less shady than I like to think she is, but overall looooved the story. Loved all the new characters and the relationships between them. A nicely woven story. Definitely one of the better original graphic novels of Adventure Time. I was happy to see Marceline and Bubblegum interacting, and Peppermint Butler being unsettling.
  • Jamie Whitman
    Beautifully illustrated. But PB acts a little different in this comic than she does on the show. She's still a powerful ruler, but at one point she breaks down and cries when faced with a difficult decision. It's an honest moment, but I think if this story happened in the show she would have been more likely to get angry and cut ties with her "friends" even if it's not the best decision. PB has shown she can be stubborn and merciless. I like that...
  • Chelsey
    I moved my "real" tbr pile to mi novio's house, so all I had left at my house was an unread stack of graphic novels. I'm glad circumstance forced me to finally dig in to these--I always forget how much I love Adventure Time until I read a graphic novel or re-watch the show. A mood-lifter like none other.
  • Jeff Powers
    It was good to see an adventure based around Princess Bubblegum, but this volume really lacked the feel of an adventure time story. It seemed to missing the charm, the unexpected humor, and really over the top moments. It was a decent story, but ultimately fell flat compared the many great books we have seen in the series.
  • Alice Urchin
    Art was colorful and awesome, as usual. I'm excited that they're doing these in color now! :) I liked the characters in the other kingdoms, but plot-wise the ending with the big magic ritual and the gems was a little confusing.
  • Jennifer
    I'm not a huge fan of Adventure Time, but it came highly recommended from my middle child! I actually enjoyed this because it focused on Princess Bubblegum & gave her a chance to be a hero this time around! Great job, guys!
  • Yuiko
    I enjoyed this adventure quite a lot :)I really loved how pb(princess bubblegum)started in it with pepperment Butler :DNot only is the art really awesome and mangalike but it showed a good moral about stealing being wrongThis is a thumbs up in my book