Palmetto Poison (Caroline Slade Mystery Series, #3) by C. Hope Clark

Palmetto Poison (Caroline Slade Mystery Series, #3)

Are peanuts capable of murder? Carolina Slade will bust this shell game. Big money, big politics, crime, greed, and big farming-Slade, an agriculture department investigator in the steamy state of South Carolina, once again finds herself planted in a dangerous mystery. Her assignment? Find out if there's a sinister connection between the drug-dealing arrest of wealthy peanut farmer Lamar Wheeler and the gruesome death of Lamar's teenage son in a ...

Details Palmetto Poison (Caroline Slade Mystery Series, #3)

TitlePalmetto Poison (Caroline Slade Mystery Series, #3)
Release DateFeb 10th, 2014
PublisherBell Bridge Books
GenreMystery, Fiction, Crime, American, Southern

Reviews Palmetto Poison (Caroline Slade Mystery Series, #3)

  • Kathryn
    Palmetto Poison is #3 in the Carolina Slade series by C. Hope Clark. I confess I have not read the previous installments, and almost opted not to review this book as I felt guilty for not starting at the beginning. After a bit more thought I decided to see if this book could stand alone. Many novels in series leave a reader lost by references to events from the previous stories, or spend so much time bringing the reader up to speed that I get imp...
  • M. Telsch-Williams
    From start to finish, Palmetto Poison is proof that we need more characters like Clark’s Carolina Slade in fiction. Tough, determined, yet realistically vulnerable, Slade is thrown into trouble even as she tries to avoid it (and makes a little trouble for herself now and again).This time the focus is peanuts, and this twisted cocktail of drugs, corruption, and deep family secrets proves more deadly than anything Slade has faced before. As the t...
  • Mary Jo
    Wild Turkey, Wayne & the Lake HouseCarolina Slade is back again and as strong as ever in her 3rd book. If you have not read the previous two, no need, but I can guarantee you will once you finish this book. The story has the right mix of everything to keep you turning the page. It's more than a mystery, with fascinating characters, family madness, a dash of romance, and more than a few tests on relationship dynamics.C. Hope Clark brings Slade ali...
  • Valerie
    What begins at a peanut festival and ends at a nudist retreat? Palmetto Poison! C. Hope Clark puts Carolina Slade through the paces again in yet another fast-paced agricultural mystery as stubborn Slade evades attempts on her life while trying to solve a riddle about peanuts and politics for a dear friend. Clark had me blushing as Slade's quest led her to a nudist retreat where I had to stop and ask myself, "would I strip to save my sister?" Just...
  • Lisa
    Carolina is a spunky, likable heroine. I do find her a little too hard headed at times, but that's also part of her charm. She has good chemistry with her boyfriend Wayne Largo and he's a good match for her. The plot and setting kept me interested and it was a quick read. The cliffhanger ending bothered me a little but that'll just make me read the next installment to find out what happens next in Carolina's life. * I received a complimentary cop...
  • Trula Rae
    C. Hope Clark is a writer on fire. I liked LOWCOUNTRY BRIBE and TIDEWATER MURDER, but this third book in the Carolina Slade Mystery Series, PALMETTO POISON, is by far my favorite. This is a page turning thrill of a mystery. Just when I thought I had figured it out, I didn't. Can't wait to get my hands on the next book in the series, and I know there will be one, because Slade still has the ring box her man Wayne gave her sitting on her bedroom dr...
  • Michael Simon
    Having read all the books in this series, I found this one the best. The author weaves a complex plot using striking characters and an intriguing backdrop. The plot navigates a series of twists and turns as Slade struggles against her inner demons, back-stabbing co-workers and an unknown killer. An enjoyable ride from start to finish.
  • Cat Fitzgerald
    My favorite Carolina Slade book yet! What a wild ride...and I mean that literally! Slade is an expert at her USDA job but she's even better at getting herself into royal, and I do mean ROYAL messes! Had lots of LOL moments as well. Who knew peanuts could be so funny? Can't wait for the next installment to see if Slade puts a ring on her finger or if Wayne Largo gets one through his nose!!
  • Elizabeth Ducie
    This is the third outing for Carolina Slade and I think it's the best one yet. Full of vindictive bosses, corrupt politicians and dodgy business men, plus Slade's usual problems surrounding her kids and her relationship with Wayne. This time we also meet Slade's sister who is a great character; I hope we see more of her in future books. Hope has brought us another exciting read set in the county she knows and loves so well. Highly recommended.
  • Dan
    I read the entire series as essentially one book. So that is how I will review it. The best time to read a C. Hope Clark book is in the summer. They are fun reads, not shallow by any means, but easy reads nonetheless, perfect for summers. I rate the books in order a 4.3, a 4.1, and a 4.7. However, Goodreads doesn't allow such nuanced rating; I have therefore rounded.I love that the books are set in my adopted home state of South Carolina. There i...
  • Toni Kief
    What a wild ride, Carolina Slade is as real and frustrating. She is realistic in her Agriculture investigative job which becomes so much more than damp peanuts. Constantly outside of her "job" this is a complex, and driving mystery with every twist and turn.
  • Sharon
    A tall cup of lemonade. Mmm. Cool, refreshing. Just what a visit to Pelion, South Carolina’s annual Peanut Fair calls for. But no, wait a minute . . . Splat!Not when the beverage is thrown at your boss Margaret DuBose, State Director of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, just as she takes the podium during a goodwill mission to inaugurate the town’s new firehouse. Quick thinking is called for. Action. Carolina Slade dives in front of DuBose,...
  • Tony Burnett
    Palmetto Poison is the third installment of a mystery series featuring Carolina Slade, a hard charging but flawed female protagonist. Slade is a new kind of hero coming from a little known branch of government, the Agricultural Department. She is a complex agent who often over steps her authority and then questions her own motives in doing so. This allows her to be used as a pawn by her superiors who may or may not have her best interests at hear...
  • Matt Jerdan
    Carolina Slade is back on the case in Palmetto Poison. Still warming up to her position as special projects representative for the USDA, Slade finds herself chasing ghosts in an open-ended, off-the-record case with South Carolina's first family seemingly playing puppet master. Does she follow the vague orders from Margaret Dubose, her boss and mentor, to keep digging or back down after veiled threats and being strong-armed by Dick Wheeler, the st...
  • Jay Lesemann
    Book Review: Palmetto Poison by C. Hope ClarkThis was my first attempt at reading a Carolina Slade mystery by C. Hope Clark and I honestly was not sure what I was walking into as it is also outside of my usual genre. The result? Clark has given credence to the saying “You never know if you’ll like it until you try it.” I absolutely loved it. I am very good at judging the end of books and up until I was reading the black marks on the white p...
  • Michael
    Palmetto Poison is not your average peanut allergy storyI'll admit I didn't know quite what to expect when I read Palmetto Poison by C. Hope Clark. This is the third in her Carolina Slade series. I've followed Clark's blog and newsletter for writing advice for some time now. So, when she offered a copy of the book for review, I jumped at the chance. I'm glad I did. In Palmetto Poison, Clark weaves together a story of suspense and political intrig...
  • Lyn
    The best way for me to write a review of a Carolina Slade book is this way:1. Slade deserves a purple heart trying to raise her preteen prima donna daughter, Ivy.2. Dubose, Slade's boss, is driving me crazy with her expectations of Slade--especially the tight rope of loyalty in the midst of politicians and government agency vipers. 3. Ally Jo, the freewheeling, I'm-the-cool-aunt baby sister, needs a big smack.4. Somebody needs to kick Pamela's a-...
  • Rosanne Catalano
    An excellent read I highly recommend even if you do not like to read mysteries. Luckily, I do love reading mysteries and crime fiction novels, because C. Hope Clark's book series does not disappoint at all. I give Hope's third book in her Carolina Slade Mystery Series a 5-Star rating because 'Palmetto Poison' is just as thrilling and can't-put-downable as her first two Carolina Slade mystery novels. Which, yes, I also read and highly recommend to...
  • ♞ Pat Gent
    I tried. I really did. I needed a book with the word Palmetto in the title to finish a challenge, and thought I'd try a new author / new series read. I'm sure that there is a story worth reading in there, but the narrative was too choppy and bouncy to catch me and pull me in. I couldn't get lost in the story because the narrative kept interrupting me with yet another character to add to the already overburdened list, or there was yet another acti...
  • Andi
    I was honored to get a complimentary audio version of this book, and I loved both the book itself and the recording. While Carolina Slade, the protagonist, pushed my buttons a bit, I realized that may be because, well, I'm much like her in some ways. I appreciated the layered story-telling in these pages, and I really liked the way geography and South Carolina culture set the tone for the novel. Plus, the story kept me engaged as it unfolded. Rea...
  • Dawn Brotherton
    This is the third book in the series, and it is well worth reading if you enjoy cozy mysteries. C. Hope Clark is every bit as a good as Lillian Jackson Braun. Her books keep getting better with time, and I've enjoyed them all.
  • Bonnie Tharp
    I love the Carolina Slade series. The character has grown and like most of us makes a lot of mistakes, but in the end she gets things done with a lot of heart and gumption. I can so relate to this character and I highly recommend the series to readers of mystery and mainstream fiction. Good Times!
  • Diva
    C. Hope Clark continues to amaze me with this series. Slade is such a likable character and I love her tenacity and strength! I think I enjoyed the plots of the other books only a slightly better, but this one was another winner for me. It made me both happy and sad in parts and that is always a good thing to have in a book. I love the descriptions and the dialogue scenes. The way every word flows just takes my breath away. I absolutely can't wai...
  • Cliff Yeargin
    Carolina Slade is one tough cookie. In the third book of her adventures, C. Hope Clark keeps you guessing and then leaves you wanting more with a tease at the end. Clark’s breezy conversational style goes down smooth as sweet tea as Slade winds her way through the mystery. Any story that starts at a peanut festival, weaves around a a powerful Southern politician and ends up at a nudist colony is my kind of book! Clark’s words and settings con...
  • Deane Louise
    C. Hope Clark has written another edge of your seat mystery novel. Twists and turns kept me guessing to an unexpected ending.
  • Barbara Lucas
    Great reading. Great series of books. I will be waiting for more books from Slade and Callie Jean Morgan. They were all hard to put down.
  • Linda
    A solid story with engaging charactersWho knew investigating agricultural crimes could be so deadly? Carolina Slade has one of those jobs that seems like it might be kind of boring...until people start dying. Her complicated family life, and that of her love interest sort of collide, too. And then there's chapter 15. I stayed up way too late the second night to finish this book. I don't regret the missed sleep at all.
  • Debbie Hyler
    Loved this book!Slade continues to engage readers in her escapades. I loved how Pamela was brought in as a main character in this third book of the series. When will the next book be released? Can't wait to read it!
  • T.M. Bradshaw
    Carolina Slade, C. Hope Clark’s heroine, is different from any other female sleuth I can name. For starters, she isn’t a private detective or a policewoman, but a USDA investigator. She isn’t a loner and she isn’t hardboiled. But she is resilient, determined, and willing to follow a line of inquiry past the point where someone else would drop it due to concerns for her own safety. And why does she keep going? Not so much for the intellect...
  • Sherrey
    I almost turned down Hope Clark's offer of a copy of the third installment of the Carolina Slade Mystery Series. I have not read the first two books, and I'm always concerned it will take an extra effort to catch on to characters and their personalities, the gist of the mystery plots in the series, and what the writer is trying to convey.Not Hope Clark! This book, Palmetto Poison, easily stands alone (although I will be reading the first two just...