The Autumn Republic (Powder Mage, #3) by Brian McClellan

The Autumn Republic (Powder Mage, #3)

The capital has fallen...Field Marshal Tamas returns to his beloved country to find that for the first time in history, the capital city of Adro lies in the hands of a foreign invader. His son is missing, his allies are indistinguishable from his foes, and reinforcements are several weeks away.An army divided...With the Kez still bearing down upon them and without clear leadership, the Adran army has turned against itself. Inspector Adamat is dra...

Details The Autumn Republic (Powder Mage, #3)

TitleThe Autumn Republic (Powder Mage, #3)
Release DateFeb 10th, 2015
GenreFantasy, Epic Fantasy, Fiction, Magic

Reviews The Autumn Republic (Powder Mage, #3)

  • Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin
    Fanfreakingtastic ending to a great trilogy!!
  • Petrik
    The Autumn Republic is the conclusion to the Powder Mage trilogy, Brian McClellans debut series and in my opinion, it ended satisfyingly on a great note while saving more stories for the future trilogy.Ill try keep my review for this one as brief as possible to avoid spoilers. The story continued straight after the end of book 2 and it followed the same 4 main POV. Yes, there is no more side POV. Nila, the only female POV of the series finally ge...
  • Lady Luna. ✨
    1003/5Put me in the bin because I am utter trash for the Powder Mage Series.Really what I should do in this review is coherently review the novel, but let's be real now, what even are 'proper informative reviews' when you are suffering from a fangirl heart attack (a very serious condition FYI). I'm ready to crumble into a screaming mess over this shit. So much happened in this book and I just can't deal. I am so grateful for this series existence...
  • Haïfa
    The Autumn Republic is the third and last book of the Powder Mage Trilogy and again, it's a brilliant (and equally frustrating) mix of military tactics, fantasy, politics and investigative narrative.The action began a few days after the closing events of the Crimson Campaign. Some of the main characters found themselves in dire situations, others were beginning new adventures. So to say the least, the book started off with a bang! I would die f...
  • Choko
    *** 4.44 ***A buddy read with my friends @ BB&B, because Flintlock Fantasy is fun!!!I just finished this last installment of the Powder Mage Trilogy and I am still a bit shell-shocked, so I will only say that the author got better with every new book and from the second book on it is perfectly paced and memorably written. It is a Fantasy homage to the soldier adventures about the British-French Wars as well as the First World War... This will sou...
  • Dan Schwent
    Adro is in foreign hands. Taniel Two-Shot is missing and presumed dead. The war with the Kez continues.The conclusion of the Powder Mage trilogy has been a long time coming. Not in a geological, George R.R. Martin sort of way but I've been anticipating it since closing The Crimson Campaign. Was it worth it?Pit, yes! All the seeds Brian McClellan planted in the previous two volumes bore bloody fruit! Who would have thought what an important charac...
  • Jody
    "Death is a bloody painter and this is his canvas." I wasn't aware of the term flintlock fantasy until I had finished book 1 of this trilogy. After finishing book 3, I am hooked, and will definitely be looking for more in this genre. My only concern is will anything else live up to the standards Brian McClellan has me expecting of this type of fantasy. The mixture of politics, magic, and military is done extremely well in these books. I felt like...
  • Kaora
    The perfect ending to an incredible series earns my first 5 stars of 2015.I fell in love with this series immediately, and it quickly became one of my favorites. The Autumn Republic continues what Promise of Blood and The Crimson Campaign starts, with Tamas' dream of Adopest becoming a republic instead of a monarchy. This time a foreign army occupies Adopest the capital, and the Kez army threatens the border. The world building in this series is ...
  • Matthew
    It would seem like, after looking through other reviews, that my opinion of this book is in the minority. So, if you are reading this and wonder if it really is as blah as I make it seem, you might want to check out other reviews and still give it a shot. Maybe I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed.When I first started this series I kept waiting for it to click. It came highly recommended and many people insisted that I would not be able to...
  • TS Chan
    4.5 stars.This series changed my, rightly or wrongly, pre-conceived notions about flintlock fantasy. I thought I might not enjoy it as much as epic or high fantasy, which was why it took me so long to start reading the Powder Mage trilogy, but clearly I was mistaken. And this is a testament to the ability of the author to draw up an interesting story and supplement that with fascinating characters that you feel invested in. One thing that McClell...
  • Bradley
    I have very few bad things to say about the conclusion to this epic Flintlock Fantasy. There's tons of action, tons of characters to develop and enjoy, and plenty of interesting reveals.Specifically, however, is how much I've been enjoying Bo and Nila. Don't get me wrong, I'm head over heels for Taniel's storyline and enjoyed it from start to finish, but Bo's understatements and Nila's growing power from a washerwoman into a firestorm was easily ...
  • Eon ♒Windrunner♒
    And so all good things come to an end. And what a satisfying conclusion!Here is the short and sweet - If you have read end enjoyed the first two entries in this series, then you will love this, the last. It is better in every way.I am really going to miss the characters and the amazing world that the author imagined. A special mention must also be made for the wonderful magic systems created. I like to think, that the author, as a student of Bran...
  • Solseit
    5 stars. Great series, great characters, great story.For a moment I was tempted to give 4.5 stars but this series was my obsession, I could not put it down, I would read rather than sleep so highest marks!
  • Samir
    Actual rating 4.5 stars.The first two books of this trilogy have been a revelation. They have broadened my fantasy horizons and made me fell in love in flintlock fantasy, something Ive never thought would happen.Carried forward by the momentum of the aforementioned books I was looking forward to reading this final installment. Im glad to say that my eagerness was justified. The story continues right after the myriad of amazing battle sequences fr...
  • Chris
    That was brilliant. Not just this book, but the whole trilogy. I had a great time getting to know these characters and understand the world and magic system behind them. It was refreshing to have a base trilogy to go with, rather than an unending epic. It was also a plus that all three books came out within a year or two of each other. That doesn't always happen...Yes, there is a new series that just got started in this world, as well as a bunch ...
  • Bookwraiths
    Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths.Brian McClellan fans! Powder mage loversAnd everyone else here who is searching for the next great fantasy series to read:Today, today, you must fall to your knees in thanksgiving.Bow your head in joyful celebration.For I have the pride, the privilege, nay, the pleasureOf announcing before all my fellow bibliophiles that The Autumn Republic is splendid.Nay, far more than that: spectacular.A finale which amazes, ...
  • Mr. Matt
    The cannons are silent across Adro. The pall of gunsmoke and spent powder are gone, as are the armies of Kez, the old royalist order, and the corrupt machinations of a mad God. And I kinda sorta don't care, which is very, very sad. Maybe it was because I had really looked forward to this book. The first two books in the Powder Mage series were off the charts for me. I couldn't wait to see how it all came to a close; however, on reflection I don't...
  • Petros Triantafyllou
    Meh...I don't know, it wasn't the epic conclusion i was expecting. Sure, it followed in the tracks of the previous two books, but nothing special about it. The whole story could and should fit in 2 books and not 3. Two positive things from this book. Firstly, Adamat's POVs suddenly got more interesting. Secondly, we have a nice grim finale and not a fricking happy ending. Thank God.You can find more of my reviews over at
  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    3.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum end of the Powder Mage trilogy has finally arrived with The Autumn Republic. I really enjoyed the first two novels, and was very much looking forward to this concluding volume. So did it meet my expectations? All told Im happy to say that it did, in all the ways that count. Still, I confess I can be quite particular about my series-enders. As much as enjoyed this book...
  • Rob
    Executive Summary: A highly satisfactory conclusion to a highly enjoyable series. Easily the best one yet. Full Review 12 likes and I hadn't even written a word of my review yet, talk about pressure! I was hovering back and forth between 4 and 5 on this one. I think if I could give it a 4.5 star rating I might. However, the end had me so wrapped up in it, and I enjoyed this book/series so much that I rounded up for a change, something I almost ne...
  • Michael Britt
    Actual rating: 3.25 stars. But this is a pretty good 3.25Ok, I'm gonna keep this short because work has me exhausted. I liked this one more than the first book, but not nearly as much as book 2. I loved each of the characters, but one of the characters basically getting super powers out of no where was a bit dumb. I liked the character and that character's chapters, but it took away from the story for me. The ending felt really rushed and underwh...
  • Conor
    4.5 Stars The Autumn Republic was an engaging and brilliantly paced ending to a very enjoyable fantasy series. While this wasn't ground-breaking, it was very readable and enjoyable and with it McClellan has once again shown his ability to improve with each major publication. Combined with his high level of productivity (for more on this check out his bazillion (that's only a rough estimate, don't have the time to fact-check) short stories) this m...
  • Phee
    A fantastic way to end 2017, and an absolute corker of a finale. This wasnt quite as good as Crimson Campaign but it was one hell of a satisfying ending to a series and world that I have fallen utterly in love with. Obviously being the last book in the trilogy, I cant discuss any of the plot without spoiling things so I wont do that. Just know that the action, the pace and stakes were even higher in this one. So much has happened since Tamas star...
  • Matthew
    The capital has fallen...Field Marshal Tamas returns to his beloved country to find that for the first time in history, the capital city of Adro lies in the hands of a foreign invader. His son is missing, his allies are indistinguishable from his foes, and reinforcements are several weeks away.An army divided...With the Kez still bearing down upon them and without clear leadership, the Adran army has turned against itself. Inspector Adamat is dra...
  • Liam Degnan
    4.5 stars.By far the best of the trilogy, and we FINALLY got a great climax with a satisfying conclusion. Several questions still left unanswered though, and I have one or two complaints about the story as a whole. These books were really, really good. Not incredible, not mind blowing (for me anyways). But honestly, just straight up good books are very hard to come by nowadays. What makes reading these books even more satisfying to read is that t...
  • Scott Hitchcock
    Great series and I'm looking forward to the next one starting in the same world. There were some issues I had with the series in terms of why a character would do a certain thing but overall again it was great. Unusual in that the middle book was the best of the series IMO. Books one & three were 4.5* and book two a 5*.
  • Terry
    Im finishing this trilogy with the same rating for book 3 that I gave to books 1 and 2, 4.5/5.0 stars. I was hooked on this series from the start, and that carried through until the end of the last one. For me, I just felt that there was a uniqueness to this series that felt right. In other words, it felt real. Book 3 picks up right after book 2 and works through to resolve what was set up in books 1 and 2 pretty well. Is the resolution perfect? ...
  • Anthony K
    Sneaky Sneaky Taniel! This book ended fantastically. I wish I had more time to write better reviews, but I have been spending all my free time plowing through books. lol.
  • Mili
    Awesome conclusion to a magically invested and action packed series! So many characters to root for and twist and turns to enjoy and be excited by. All books are chunky but you literally fly through them, it pulls you in and the writing is easy to follow. Cannot wait to dive into the next series that continues in the same world and I believe also a few known characters from this series.I find it hard to write more cause to me this felt like one o...
  • Terence
    The Autumn Republic starts shortly after the end of The Crimson Campaign. Field Marshall Tamas has returned to Adro to find Brudanian Forces under the command of Lord Claremonte have taken control of the city.The war with the Kez continues on, but Adro's forces are divided.Taniel and Ka-poel are in hiding all the while being hunted by brigades of his treacherous country men.The Autumn Republic is a great yet at times sad conclusion to the Powder ...