Culture Matters by Lawrence E. Harrison

Culture Matters

Prominent scholars and journalists ponder the question of why, at the beginning of the twenty-first century, the world is more divided than ever between the rich and the poor, between those living in freedom and those under oppression.

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TitleCulture Matters
Release DateApr 5th, 2001
PublisherBasic Books
GenrePolitics, Nonfiction, Cultural, Sociology, Economics, Philosophy

Reviews Culture Matters

  • Patrick McCoy
    Culture Matters: How Values Shape Human Progress edited by Samuel Huntington and Lawrence E. Harrison is basically an interesting discussion about how cultural values affect the progress of societies. I can't say that there were a lot of answers to why some societies are able to develop easier than others. There seems to be plenty of disagreements between the various essayists as to why this is. Furthermore, most of these essays are written from ...
  • Garrett Lu
    If I could give this book no stars I would.This is by far the most ethnocentric piece of garbage I've had the displeasure of laying my hands on. With references to likewise Eurocentric justifications of Western imperialism, Harrison weaves a logically fallacious and repugnant narrative of why some cultures are superior and destined for progress. While discounting that industrialization and Western "progress" is simply a value of select few societ...
  • Mafalda Cardeira
    Economic view of the cultural policies. Historical examples but very incomplete. Mostly economic focused. Culture is left to be only related to economy. Should be more like economic culture and not culture matters, since the profound issues of culture development related areas and culture in strictu sensus is left behind. Hoping for something different, but read it until the very end.
  • Alejandro
    Academic discussions from the symposium organized by Harvard.A few articles are worth reading, some not.Moral maps by Richard A. Shweder takes a lighter view of Western centric conceptions of progress and poses the relativity of advances in society vs the wider held view that economic growth is equal to progress.Does Africa need a Cultural Adjustment Program by Daniel Etounga-Manguelle sets forth "The Four Revolutions We Must LeadEducation.... Po...
  • Chelan
    Автор делает смелое предположение, что весь третий мир бедный потому что у них такая культура. Неприспособленная под богатство, прогресс, развитые демократические институты и прочие прелести западной цивилизации. Смело приводит в пример читате...
  • Seth Rumbley
    There were a few great chapters; I enjoyed Michael E. Porter's "Attitudes, Values, Beliefs, and the Microeconomics of Prosperity" and found Lucian W. Pye's "'Asian Values': From Dynamos to Dominoes?" thought-provoking. However, the vast majority of this book came across as ethnocentric and patronizing. I would recommend searching for Porter's work elsewhere and skipping this book entirely.
  • Amar
    This book has been assigned in the class. Powered through it during the vacation after that semester.Many information I had as new that is true.But this was clearly a combination of essays.Those essays were assigned to famous people as a task.Some of these essays are quite bad quality.
  • Matt
    Culture Matters was a mostly interesting collection of essays in the role culture does or does not play in economic development. It presented a diverse array of viewpoints and read as a serious, courteous and thoughtful discussion.
  • Brian
    A series of essays that discuss and attempts to explain the characteristics or factors in a particular culture that consequently leads to greater economic development. It avoids value judgments about a culture and its output, such as determining whether a Verdi opera is "better" than hip hop....Instead it focuses on quantifiable factors, such as per capita GDP and access to clean water, that are derived from various cultures and sub-cultures. Alt...
  • Georges
    Estou lendo esse livro que através de diversos artigos que antes foram palestras proferidas num encontro em Harvard. Neles se debate como aspectos culturais podem impactar o desenvolvimento econômico. Um livro muito importante para quem quer sair do modelo de patrulha ideológica dominante e está aberto para ouvir opiniões diversas, as vezes até contraditórias mas que servem como base para uma reflexão profunda sobre as sociedades e sobre ...
  • Liann McCreery
    Finally, a reaction to our reactionary political correctness age. Still sensitive, but of course human progress is a subjective, western ideal and once basic needs are met, some cultures are happy.Sadly, the overconsumption of some cultures is at the expense of the basic needs of those not on the same progress escalator, and that's where we run into big problems.
  • Ci
    This is a collection of scholarly summaries largely from a modern Western mainstream view. The authors are renowned academics, but the pieces are too dry and short to serve as an educational text, nor making for lively reading. Also the topics within this collection may also have suffered the irrelevancy of time. Much as changed since 2000.
  • Hans
    Excellent book. From my own personal experiences of traveling abroad, I agree with the authors of the many essays in this book.
  • ernesto cuellar
    from myself, to understand mine mind
  • Boy
    very insightful writings about social science
  • Yonnibardavi
    Great book.