Riverboat Point by Tricia Stringer

Riverboat Point

Savannah Smith’s been hurt by life. She doesn’t need people, then she meets Ethan Daly. In the peace of Riverboat Point, magic can happen.From the award-winning author of Right as Rain and Queen of the Road.Savannah has a chip on her shoulder. And no wonder: apart from her tough teenage years, a car accident not only claimed her parents’ lives, but left her with permanent injuries.She’s not close to her little brother Jax either – altho...

Details Riverboat Point

TitleRiverboat Point
Release DateDec 1st, 2014
PublisherHarlequin MIRA
GenreRomance, Romantic Suspense

Reviews Riverboat Point

  • Sharon
    Savannah Smith has survived tough times when a car accident left her with permanent injuries and also claimed the lives of her parents. Her brother Jaxon lives in a small town Riverboat Point where he operates his own houseboat business. Although they are not close, Savannah decides to go and see Jaxon as he wants to see her. But once Savannah arrives, she soon discovers Jaxon is not there. She had no idea where he was or long he'd be gone. She d...
  • Brenda
    When Savannah Smith finally arrived at her brother Jaxon’s home on the banks of the Murray River, she was shocked to discover he was nowhere to be found. A letter with a list of instructions was the only evidence that he had expected her. But she didn’t know where he was; how long he would be gone for; even if he was safe. And it seemed the fate of J&S Houseboats was now in her hands. She was furious at Jaxon – how could he do this to her; ...
  • Dale Harcombe
    Three and a half stars.City girl Savannah has been hurt by life. A car accident killed her parents and left her scarred. She come to Riverboat point after a desperate plea from her brother Jaxon. When she arrives Jaxon is gone and she is left to run his houseboat business, something she knows nothing about. There she meets her near neighbour Ethan, who also has his own scars from life courtesy of two tours in Afghanistan and a rocky relationships...
  • Shelleyrae at Book'd Out
    Set on the bank of the Murray River, Riverboat Point is the third contemporary Australian rural romance title from author Tricia Stringer.Savannah Smith is furious when she realises her brother, Jaxon, has lured her to his property in the middle of nowhere and then disappeared, leaving only a note asking her to run his houseboat hire business in his absence. City girl Savannah hasn't a clue as to what's involved and hates having to rely on her br...
  • Sam Still Reading
    I was intrigued by this story because there aren’t that many stories set on the wonderful Murray River in Australia and also, there are houseboats involved. If you’re familiar with the Murray, you’ll also recognise the sight of houseboats idly wandering down the river. It’s always looked to me to be a perfect relaxing type of holiday, avoiding the hustle and bustle of city life, and then docking at beautiful towns like Echuca-Moama (one t...
  • Bree T
    Savannah Smith hasn’t been living her life so much as merely existing in it. Ever since the accident that left her with terrible injuries and a limp, Savannah hasn’t been able to hold down a permanent job. She lives an isolated life in Adelaide until her brother Jaxon contacts her and asks her for help. Jaxon runs a houseboat business up on the Murray and Savannah’s future is tied up in it as well. When Jaxon disappears, saying he needs a h...
  • Dianne Sidebottom
    I started reading this book and the print was so small... so I went on read other books but I have come back to finish of reading Tricia's books. Interesting characters and storyline. I haven't taken a riverboat cruise but did a daytrip from Mannum on Queen Mary. Two wounded people trying to find their today n tomorrow.
  • Amanda - Mrs B's Book Reviews
    4.5*'s Reading Tricia Stringer’s 2014 release Riverboat Point, makes you want to drop everything and take a holiday on a houseboat - it did for this reader anyway! Riverboat Point is the latest and third book from Australian author Tricia Stringer, who is also one of my favourite authors in the rural romance genre. Riverboat Point has a cracking narrative, full of twists, turns, complications, a mystery to solve and a slow building romance. Sav...
  • Michelle
    The length of the Murray River is scattered with small towns and Riverboat Point is another, it is also the home of Jaxon Smith and J&S Houseboats.After thinking we were being a little creative I have to say I am a sucker for a book character called Jaxon these days so Riverboat Point was always going to be on my TBR pile. Jaxon may have caught my attention but he is not one of the lead characters in the story, though his home and business are ce...
  • Aileen
    I loved this book, I had trouble putting it down. Thank you Goodreads for choosing me as a winner of your giveaways for Riverboat Point. The Murray River is a favourite part of Australia for me, reading a book that is set there was a bonus. I had many holidays there when I was young and I fell in love with the romance of the Murray River. I loved reading how Savannah coped with being thrown in at the deep end to run the house boat business after ...
  • Space
    Something about the mystery and allure of the outback sucks you into this novel. You feel as though you are right there on the Murray yourself. Everyone seems so real. Everything seems so real...until it turns into just another stupid romance fantasy about some ridiculous ideas on how things happen. Suddenly the author whips you out of the oh-so-convincing scene she has painted and plonks you into some twisted fan-fiction it seems she wrote in ea...
  • BookWorm
    Riverboat Point has a good plot setting (Murray River) and the characters were well developed. It was an interesting read and one where you actually see the characters as people and not just empty templates. For the most part I enjoyed the read but there were a few moments where I was wondering whether I was reading the same author and I was thinking 'wait, so is this book good or not'? But they were brief moments so it didn't change the overall ...
  • Hannah
    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I honestly wanted to love this book. Unfortunately, I didn't.It was written well, the characters were good, but the storyline was just slow and a little unbelievable.I feel like it took too long to get into the story, and didn't build up the mystery as well as it could have. There was also very little chemistry between the two main characters. I didn't feel it.There were parts of the...
  • Sandy Vaile
    This story had a real Aussie feel, with engaging characters and enough drama to keep me reading.Savannah is on a fast learning curve when she's thrown into looking after her brother's houseboat rental company alone. Add a reclusive ex-serviceman neighbour to help out, and there's bound to be trouble.The push and pull between Savannah and Ethan was captivating, and their personal emotional frailty genuine. The involvement of the characters from th...
  • Karen
    ***GOODREADS GIVEAWAY***What first interested in this book was the setting because it was an area I had a little familiarity. I loved the setting and the mentions of a nearby town I knew thanks to childhood visits to family. That helped with picturing where Riverboat Point was in comparison. The writing style of the book itself was easy and enjoyable. Some of the subject matter was interesting too. My reason for only a three star rating is that i...
  • Talking Books
    Action, mystery, suspense, romance and thrilling moments make for a read that was unmissable! Lots of friction and chemistry between Ethan and Savvy and the portrayal of their friendship came across to readers as authentic and added depth to an already fabulous story. Lots of twists in the story with characters that aren't all as they seem. Riverboat Point was a strong read with many likeable characters that turn your head to the story and have y...
  • Carly
    thanks so much to goodreads and also to the author for running this great giveaway. i was very lucky to win a copy of this book. i thought the story was very original and complex and extremely interesting to me. it only took me two days to read this book but i went hardcore on the reading! i really enjoyed it and i liked the main character a lot. i think that i will be giving this book a re-read sometime in the future. i recommend this story to t...
  • Suzanne
    Purchased on Friday, started and finished on Saturday. An easy read to wind down. Quick, punchy storyline that kept you guessing as a reader. Was Ethan a character in another one of Stringer's novels or is the ex-Army soldier returning from Afghanistan in another Australian Rural Romance novel?If you have ever been houseboating on the gorgeous Murray River you can relate to the setting of this novel. Reading it was like reliving our holiday exper...
  • Loraine
    Good read...unexpected twist. Only gave a three star initially but realised I was still thinking about this story after I read another two, which is unusual. I enjoyed the houseboats and river reminding me of my sister's Houseboats at Tin Can Bay. Ethan becoming endearing and I loved the strength of the heroine! Four stars, memorable.
  • Jennifer
    Liked the pieces where there was some excitement on the river, bit of mystery, but it took ages to get round to any interesting romantic inclinations. The author seemed to forget to mention the attraction of the pair for about 100 pages.
  • Pamela
    This is the third book I've read from Tricia Stringer and like the others, I loved it! I have found that there isn't too many books based on the Murray River, so the book really appealed to me as it's such a beautiful peaceful spot. i would definitely recommend this book to others. Great read!
  • Deb Bodinnar
    This is the first book I've read by this author and will definitely be getting the others. From family differences, war vets, houseboats, love and crime, this one had the lot. Didn't want to put it down. If you haven't read this book, DO!!
  • Tanya Boulter
    my favourite of hers so far. nice little twist near the end
  • Anita-maree
    love this...
  • Lyn
    An interesting story with a bit of a twist. This story had a lot of different elements which I was able to relate too; veterans issues, shearing, the Murray River and life in small towns.
  • Cheryl Hill
    A nice, easy read for the holidays.
  • Louise
    Easy holiday reading. The story 'twist' was a little odd, but fun.
  • Nerida Fell
    Light holiday reading. Enjoyed it overall.
  • Trish Croot
    Yes good book
  • Paula Clark
    Although an enjoyable read, it wasn't quite "there" for me.