Unlimited Memory (Mental Mastery Book 1) by Kevin Horsley

Unlimited Memory (Mental Mastery Book 1)

Kevin Horsley Broke a World Memory Record in 2013... And You're About to Learn How to Use His Memory Strategies to Learn Faster, Be More Productive and Achieve More Success Most people never tap into 10% of their potential for memory. In this book, you're about to learn: How the World's Top Memory Experts Concentrate and Remember Any Information at Will, and How You Can Too Do you ever feel like you're too busy, too stressed or just too distra...

Details Unlimited Memory (Mental Mastery Book 1)

TitleUnlimited Memory (Mental Mastery Book 1)
Release DateJan 26th, 2014
PublisherTCK Publishing
GenreNonfiction, Self Help, Psychology, Personal Development

Reviews Unlimited Memory (Mental Mastery Book 1)

  • Elena
    I have a month of Kindle Unlimited that I'm frantically trying to use up. After I read The Miracle Morning, I inadvertently convinced some Kindle algorithm that I am now seeking self-help books by the cubic ton (or e-book equivalent). This was the most appealing of all of the ones that were thrust at me.I started becoming more interested in improving my memory last year when I decided I needed to 1) get more serious about maintaining languages an...
  • Doug Taber
    I was looking for a book on memory training after reading Moonwalking With Einstein. This book covered many of the principles I was looking for. A good starter kit for memory training.
  • Alana Moore
    A Diamond in the RoughAs it turns out, I don't actually have a bad memory. We were just never shown how powerful our memories really are. Going from being dyslexic barely making it through high school to having one of the best memories in the world, Kevin Horsley is living proof. This book is low on fluff filled to the brim with practical application. I had modest expectations, but i'm giving it 5 stars because Horsley showed me that my memory wa...
  • Taha Jassim
    “Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.” - The Wonder YearsI have always asked me self why is that I am able to remember some memories and lose the others, or that I am able to recall some paragraphs that I studied in middle school and not able to remember some thing I read recently. Having read multiple books about memory improvement, I must say it was not a straight forwar...
  • Belal Al Droubi
    amazing.i am a medical student and this helped me a ton, especially in studying anatomy..I am now also practicing at the hospital...and I am using these techniques to memorize patient ID numbers and It leaves a big goddamn impression to my colleagues when I just recite the ID off by heart instead of looking through the names In the search Hahajust a note:1-this book is short ,nevertheless don't be fooled. this definitely is an amazing and helpful...
  • Gilgamesha
    I don't know why I bother with these books. The author compared us to a lioness in hunting in order to demonstrate we should not multitask....ummmm really??? It did have some good points hence the 2stars.
  • Julie
    I bought this on a whim, because it was $1.49 on a Kindle daily deal. I have always had a good memory. I have never kept a calendar. If the dentist tells me what date and time to come back in 6 months, I remember. I remember things people say to me word for word. I remember names. I am a good test taker, because I can recall information or picture how it looked on the page of the text book. I can not recite a huge chunk of Pi or the Declaration o...
  • Peter Mcloughlin
    A short book has the same tricks found in"Moonwalking with Einstein" but wrapped up in self-help go get em, change your life treacle that is inspirational filler and detracts from the book. If I wanted a pep talk I'd hire a life coach and throw my money away on that. Well no actually I wouldn't I am allergic to positivity babble in either written or verbal form.
  • Tara
    What a pleasant find! I'm glad that I read this. I now have some new and very pleasant techniques on how to increase my memory. Highly recommended to those who have a large interest in the subject. It does take some work but there are ways to make it fun.
  • Antonia
    Pretty good. It delivers on its promises and for that, I give it 4 stars. I was really more interested in learning how to improve attention and focus than in learning how to memorize lists of items. I’m not so sure that memorizing lists is a skill that’s very transferable to my everyday life. Why would I take the time to memorize a grocery list, for instance, when I can write it down? I know, I know. It’s not that simple. I can see how usin...
  • Jaide
    “May you never forget what is worth remembering, nor ever remember what is best forgotten.” –Irish Blessing and quote from the bookGrandmaster Kevin Horsley's extremely informative book Unlimited Memory should be required reading and implemented in every freshman high school classroom. The various methods he teaches the reader are intended to aid in memory enhancement, and with practice are tools that can be used effectively over the course...
  • Dee Renee Chesnut
    I downloaded this for free reading with my Amazon Prime membership when it was available. I give this book five stars because it asked the simple question, "What excuses are you going to make for not using the information that you are going to learn?" Wow, light-bulb moment for me as I listed the excuses and realized the truth of his challenge that they are the same excuses I use every time to stop myself from learning any thing new. His challeng...
  • Vagabond of Letters
    ** to **1/2.Good introduction to method of loci, peg method, etc. but thoroughly contaminated with reprobate new-age power-of-positive-thinking self-help trash, and thinly-veiled advertisements for books, methods, and ideas of these unscientific and worldly self-help gurus. Unfortunately lists of these 'laws' and 'emotional, social, and sexual intelligences' and 'attitudes' form the contents of the exercises used to introduce each method of memor...
  • Wes
    More of a tutorial than a book. An impulse buy in the category. Great tutorial on memory structure and how to implement, but as a book he doesn't have a single original thought written which was pretty annoying not to mention the overdose of self-help rhetoric. Stick the books on the matter written by modern day people who taught yahoos like this one in turn are just trying to score easy bucks off other people's expertise and break throughs.
  • Mehul Gohil
    Wonderful book ...amaze to read, Want to Thank @smirti my reader friend to pick this book for me in reading challenge
  • Anil Swarup
    It is a remarkable book with not only the rationale to improve ones memory but also provides for a practical guide to achieving this. There are indeed some seminal statements as well : "Learning is not a destination, it is a continuous process" and "If you believe your limits, your life will be very limited". The author quotes copiously from legends to drive home his points. The one from Alexander Graham Bell stands out : "Concentrate all your th...
  • Devika
    I came across this book on Kindle Unlimited, as I've set out to prototype a week of using Kindle. Part of me likes to pretend that this is an attempt to go green, however with my binge reading it turns out that reading is becoming an expensive habit. Also where do I keep all these books! It is a very easy read, and as per Kindle stats you can finish it in a little over 2 hours. However, I recommend spending at least a day with this book, so that ...
  • Jeff
    Unlimited Memory is the first book I've read dedicated to the topic of strategies to improve one's memory and while I suspect very little content of the book and the principles are new, they were new to me and as a result, I was captivated. I've already begun to implement the simple techniques like the car technique for memorizing short lists such as my grocery list by visualizing the items in places in my car. The linking technique is also easy ...
  • Prakriti
    When I first came across this book, I was sceptical it will be of any help in remembering medical knowledge, since the kind of information we are supposed to remember as doctors is very different and can often be non-conforming. But the foreword, which was written by a doctor, urged me not to rebuke it right away. And I can safely say, I do not regret that decision.The author describes numerous strategies to help one retain vast amounts of inform...
  • Kevin Groosalugg
    Much of the information included here is pretty well known but it was nice to review it all in one place. A very short read (few hours including activities), I think it was worth the investment. As there was little "new" information, and occasionally it read like an advertisement for other self help books, it can't get past the 3 star "I liked it" for me.
  • Yesenia Gonzalez
    An amazing book that I am currently using to create my system of memorizing as it explains. Read it twice on e-book then purchased the actual book in January 2017. A MUST have especially if you have said to yourself and others "I have a horrible memory" FALSE!! You have a phenomenal memory!!!!
  • Tina
    A clear, concise and very practical book. It brushes briefly through the most commonly used memory techniques and gives some very good examples on how they are used.I will definitely start trying to put them into practice.
  • Jon Patterson
    Very interesting, and has some helpful tools. Like most self-help books I totally disagree the humanistic "you can do anything you believe" worldview. I would say worth reading for the tools, but sift through the worldview present. It is also a very engaging and quick read.
  • Mifrah
    Excellent! Must read for students.
  • Pooria
    I had attend a few seminars on memory and it seems that most of them quote from this man Kevin Horsley and his ideas in this book, but it still makes me wonder if his ideas are original. If you split the book into parts and hand it out to someone and tell them these are ways to get better at memorization, help you in university, with your career...they will not laugh at you but also insult you. The techniques seem funny and hilarious. To be hones...
  • Mouhammad Ayyad
    Exactly what I needThis is one of the most valuable books that I have read lately. As a sales account manager, I meet many people daily only to find out that I can’t remember their names a few days later. This could be a serious obstacle for building rapport and relationships. Nothing is more embarrassing than having dinner with prospects and forgetting their names when you bump into them later on.I decided to take action and came across this b...
  • Brian Nicholson
    What I enjoyed most about this book were the examples. Horsley explains in clear language the techniques and how to perform them. I also enjoyed his introductory section about how your beliefs affect your memory. He encourages the reader to “catch” yourself having good memory. While I’ve experienced this in my own life enough to know it’s true, I often don’t take the idea seriously - that your thoughts and attitude really make a tremend...
  • Elora Orazio
    After a string of less than helpful "self-help books", I was unsure if I would find this book to be more useful, but I was surprised by how practical this book is. It is filled to the brim with tangible techniques to help increase memory. The key, according to Horsley, is to utilize creativity when creating memories in the first place and to connect new short term memories with long term memories in order to create medium-length memories. Those c...