Even the Queen, & Other Short Stories by Connie Willis

Even the Queen, & Other Short Stories

Included are these stories:"Even the Queen": Virtually every new technology spawns Luddites who insist it's a bad thing. In this case, an entire cult is involved.Winner, 1992 Nebula Award and 1993 Hugo Award, Best Short Story."At the Rialto": A look at a scientific conference held in Chaos Central, and an attempt to explain the link among quantum physics, mid-life romance, and the Frederick's of Hollywood bra museum.Winner, 1989 Nebula Award, Bes...

Details Even the Queen, & Other Short Stories

TitleEven the Queen, & Other Short Stories
Release DateDec 1st, 1991
PublisherWyrmhole Publishing Ltd
GenreScience Fiction, Short Stories, Fantasy, Fiction

Reviews Even the Queen, & Other Short Stories

  • Stephen
    2.5 stars. Connie Willis is an excellent writer and her stories are original and well plotted. I think the reason that I do not rate them higher is that I am a big fan of "emotionally" powerful stories (a few examples of these would be "Hell is the Absense of God" by Ted Chiang, "Lost Boys" by Orson Scott Card and "The Star" by Arthur C. Clarke) and Willis' don't generally have that "startling" aspect to them that makes you think about them long ...
  • Laura de Leon
    Somewhat uneven, but overall I enjoyed these stories. All of them were funny and thought provoking."Even the Queen" was best the first time I read it, but I still enjoyed it this time through. Even when technology solves a major problem, someone is going to rebel. It'll probably be teenage girls, and it will all be their mother's fault."At the Rialto" is a chaotic look at a gathering of scientists interested in Quantum Physics. This one shows off...
  • Nancy
    "Even the Queen" is absolutely brilliant. I was present in the hall when Connie Willis accepted the Hugo for this wonderful short story and her speech was classic. (I don't want to quote her because it might spoil the story for those who haven't read it.)Her writing is effortless, realistic, exquisitely detailed without talking down to the reader, and just plain brilliant. And to make it even better, she's a delightful and approachable author. It...
  • Erich Franz Linner-Guzmann
    Even the Queen: ****At the Rialto: *****Death on the Nile: *****Close Encounter: ****Why the World Didn't End Last Tuesday: ****All and all, they were all enjoyable short stories. I listened to these stories as I did some house cleaning. There were a few times that I had to rewind it a little bit and pay closer attention to what was going on, but in general I could just let it roll.
  • Verónica Díaz
    Llegó a mí por una alma caritativa que sabía que podría disfrutarlo y no le erró. Tiene el toque justo de ironía tocando temas cotidianos y siempre presentes. Y recuerden que siempre la culpa es de la madre..y que también daba para más.
  • Julieta Steyr
    Muy bueno. Bravo.Eso sí, abstenerse mujeres sensibles y que no encuentran nada gracioso las bromas (y más ironías) sobre la femeneidad, qué es machismo encubierto y qué no, además de tener una típica discusión nuera-suegra.Lo malo que le vi es que me quedé con ganas de más, por eso 4 estrellas. Es cortísimo, casi un suspiro, pero me arrancó un par de carcajadas por su forma de ver el mundo.
  • Robert
    I really enjoyed these stories. They are super witty and had me smallish and laughing. The only negative would be that the works are a bit dated and if you don’t remember the early 90s then some of the jokes may be lost on you. Still worth a read though.
  • Victor Lyashok
    К вопросу о том, что фантастика бывает смешной (и немного пошлой). Представьте, что женщины избавились от давно мучившей их проблемы, ну, той самой, что есть даже у королевы. Как бы тогда все изменилось! Слава богу, сейчас слабому полу еще есть в чем ...
  • Jessica Shu
    Read Even the Queen.
  • Debra
    Anthologies are, by definition, a mixed bag. Some stories/poems are great, others not so much.The title story Even the Queen is wonderful. Discussing feminism by using humor works. The other stories, well, not bad but definitely a step down. Which is still a higher level than those written by mere mortals not named Connie Willis.I usually avoid audiobooks read by the author because too many people just can't get the fine points down. Ms Willis is...
  • Joe
    As another reviewer as said, all anthologies have their high points and low points. For me, the high point of this collection was 'Death on the Nile'; the rest of the set was a low point. Perhaps if I were female I would relate better to a story such as 'Even the Queen' better if I were female, but I am not. 'At the Rialto' felt laboured, and the less said about the rest, the better - I think my point has been made already.
  • Cheryl
    Most of the stories were okay, but I did enjoy one in particular about the planning committee for the apocalypse. You'll just have to check it out. Even the Queen, being the title piece, was of course quite clever.I recommend actually reading these stories. The author is by no means a professional reader, so the performance has a lot to do with the two-star rating. If I had read these on paper, it might have been three.
  • Ray Johns
    Connie Willis writes about women issues with a stimulating acerbic wit and biting satirical edge . She emphasizes in a new creative way the old adage . Don't always be too hasty to wish for things you want because you might just get it and live to regret it. ;-) .
  • Libby
    The title of this book is just one of Connie Willis' short stories. It is hilarious and caused me to laugh so much my two cats left the room. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a good laugh.
  • Natalie Thaddeus
    I didn't finish it. The narrator was too grating and the second story was confusing. Maybe it was just me, but the author was making jokes that either weren't funny or again, didn't make any sense in the context. I returned the book.
  • allison
    Got a chance to read the short story "even the queen" today and loved it. The entire time I was wishing i could see it on stage. The dialogue was wondful and it was wonderful to see all the family dynamics play out. It's a great story!
  • Rebecca
  • Gary
    Stuff we need to think about
  • Jenni
    The last story was by far my favorite. Super cute alien story. Connie Willis is hilarious.