Real Life Paleo by Stacy Toth

Real Life Paleo

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TitleReal Life Paleo
Release DateNov 4th, 2014
PublisherVictory Belt Publishing
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Food, Cooking, Health, Nonfiction

Reviews Real Life Paleo

  • Suzanne Barrett
    In the beginning I wasn’t sure the Three-Step Approach was the one for me. After all, I don’t have finicky children to cook for and I’ve followed a Primal/Paleo approach for nearly three years. How wrong I was! Real Life Paleo is for everyone. Not only does it provide an easy-to-follow three step plan divided into “Swap”, “Remove” and “Heal”, it offers over 175 recipes that work.Beginning with a practical approach, authors Toth ...
  • Lisa
    This is one of the better Paleo cookbooks that I have seen out there. The three phases are quite easy to follow and understand. There were so many pictures for each recipe. There were also menu ideas. All of the recipes were divided into sections that made complete sense. The recipes themselves most of them had not too too many ingredients, or instructions. A very small amount of them had an overly amount of ingredients. This would have deterred ...
  • BookBec
    I'm probably not the target reader for this book. There are no children in my household to eat the chicken fingers, the corn dog muffins, and the fruit gummies. And I'm not wholeheartedly Paleo; I'm more a cookbook omnivore, finding tasty whole-food recipes wherever I can.But I didn't find an awful lot of recipes that appealed to me here, and the first thing I made, the pseudo mac-and-cheese, only resembled mac-and-cheese in its orange color and ...
  • Mallorie
    This is a very informative and helpful Paleo book. It gives steps to ease you into the Paleo lifestyle and has some really great tips and information. The recipes are excellent and there are a couple that have become family favorites! The three steps outlined to help you ease into the Paleo lifestyle really do help to ease the transition and allow you to slowly work your way into this new way of eating without making it too hard, it even lays out...
  • Carla
    THE Paleo transition book! The three phased introduction outlined in Real Life Paleo is easy, doable and very well laid out in this great new resource. The recipes are delicious and the photography is beautiful. My favorites are those that have multiple recipes (varieties) for a single item/technique. Not just for Paleo newbies, the recipes will serve everyone feeding Paleo families very well. While the Paleo Whole 30 is like ripping off the band...
  • Carol Cheney
    RLP is a "must-have", "go-to" resource guide to gradually assist in transitioning to a Paleo lifestyle. The photo's are beautiful, the recipes are written in a concise manner that even children can follow. The method is simple to follow and before you know it, you are well on your way to replace unhealthy processed foods to clean Paleo living. Give yourself and your loved ones the gift the health this holiday season.
  • Kym
    This cookbook is the best I have seen so far for helping someone begin and maintain a Paleo diet. Most of the recipes are also Whole 30 compliant. The recipes are familiar and include helpful photos. There are menus given which is really nice. The ingredients are clearly defined and any unusual ones are introduced clearly. A definite must in a healthy cookbook library!
  • books4me
    I love, Love, LOVE this book! It's all you really need to successful eat in a paleo lifestyle, or anyone really who wants to eat real food. At times, the recipes were a challenge but I haven't found one recipe so far that I don't like! Did I mention that I LOVE this cookbook?!
  • Heydi Smith
    Love this book. Totally packed with easy to do healthy recipes.
  • Rachel
    Quite easily the BEST paleo cookbook and lifestyle guide I've ever found. The authors bring together the best, most simple and doable ideas and organize everything beautifully.
  • Melissa
    Loved this book for the recipes!!!! My husband isn't a huge paleo person but eats it because I do and the egg Stacy was absolutely amazing!!!!
  • Debra Getz
    A awesome way to transition to a Paleo lifestyle