Kiss Me, I'm Home (Tennessee Waltz #3) by Bella Street

Kiss Me, I'm Home (Tennessee Waltz #3)

The prickly Morgan Lee Faye has a penchant for family TV shows and a dislike for the people around her, but she's the best travel agent in Tennessee. So good that she catches the eye of the mysterious proprietor of Avalon Travel, Mr. Kane.If Morgan accepts the job, she's promised adventure around the globe and gold for her pocket, but she worries the offer is too good to be true. It is. And Kane isn't the only one with a creepy agenda. Her co-wor...

Details Kiss Me, I'm Home (Tennessee Waltz #3)

TitleKiss Me, I'm Home (Tennessee Waltz #3)
Release DateMar 22nd, 2014
PublisherFirefly Press
GenreScience Fiction, Time Travel, Romance

Reviews Kiss Me, I'm Home (Tennessee Waltz #3)

  • Sandie Parrish
    Kiss Me, I'm HomeIt is difficult to review this book as from beginning to the end it is absolutely captivating. I keep reading it, didn't want to.put it down. A young woman is a travel agent who consistently out sells all the other agents is promoted and with a group of other agents is sent first to Hawaii then to England to research each area to better sell trips. Some unusual things occur to her and because of her that make this book ...
  • Patricia
    I have to admit that book 3 seemed so different from books 1 and 2 and entirely NOT what I was expecting that I struggled to like it at first. I decided I had liked the other two books well enough to give this one the benefit of the doubt. I was also reassured when finally there was mention of characters from book 1 and 2 and I felt eventually the connection would be revealed. The story kind of grew on me in its own way. I am glad I persisted thr...
  • Holly J. Handy
    Weird story.This book was a little far-fetched. It was hard to follow and hard to believe at times. But I wanted to see how it would end.
  • Tasha
    Bella Street has done it again! I loved this book. I enjoyed how all three books seamed into one.
  • MsChris1161
    Bella Street gives her readers another incredibly imaginative story with this third installment in her Tennessee Waltz series. Before I go further, I have to say KISS ME, I'M HOME is a clever and absolutely perfect title for this book. Love it! This a story about the lovely, Morgan Lee Faye. She is an overachiever who is very successful in her work at a travel agency, but has very few social skills and no friends. The detachment she perfected gro...
  • Cassandra
    WOW!!! This is my absolute favorite in the Tennessee Waltz series... First of all, the descriptions of the other realm were so amazing. Every kiss shared led to a vision of the other world. I kept waiting for those kisses. The wings sounded so beautiful, I just wanted to hear more and more about it. All those familiar names from the previous books were in this one. LOVE this book. Morgan really seemed like such a "B" in the beginning of the story...
  • Laurie
    An Amazing Story and Addictive SeriesShe's done it again. Bella Street has pulled me into the enchanting and very mysterious world of magical suspence and mystical romance. Morgan, the main character, is a travel agent, often pursued by movie-star looking Hunter and pinned with charming passion by the very shy but sensual Warren. It's not your average love triangle, though,  as Morgan is potentially drugged before a robbery.As the stakes are hig...
  • Ryan Snyder
    hehe. I smell another book after this one! When does Tinker get her own love story, man?!