The New Health Rules by Frank Lipman

The New Health Rules

New York Times Bestseller Frank Lipman, M.D., is “at the vanguard of a revolutionary way to deliver medical care” (O, The Oprah Magazine). A leading expert in the field of functional medicine, Dr. Lipman focuses on the root causes of illness and guides his patients to the deepest, most lasting sources of wellness. In this book, he and coauthor Danielle Claro make life-changing health advice available to all. Their book offers the cutting-edge...

Details The New Health Rules

TitleThe New Health Rules
Release DateJan 6th, 2015
GenreHealth, Nonfiction, Food and Drink, Food, Self Help, Adult

Reviews The New Health Rules

  •  Marla
    Some good ideas of how to make your life healthier. My favorite ideas: (view spoiler)[EATING6. Glutamine supplements 1000 mg every 4-6 hours as needed will satisfy sugar cravings.7. Use natural stevia liquid or powder as a sugar substitute.23. Buy these every week:Dark leafy greens, Cruciferous veggies, Avocados, Blueberries, Eggs & WalnutsMOVING11. Move 5 minutes out of each hourBOOSTING1. 15 minutes of sunshine each day2. 4 things for a good ni...
  • Ana Ocampo
    Beautiful photography, that's what caught my eye. It's also very well written and simply. I love it.
  • Lisa
    This little gem of a book was an impulse buy at Costco--and in this case it was worthwhile! While there wasn't much new here for me, as I have read a number of books and articles that touch on the topics covered, what makes this book so terrific is the bite-sized, to-the-point pieces of solid advice, one per page. These include Eat the Yolk, Peppermint Tea Instead of Candy, Exercise Like Kids Play, Embrace the Neti Pot, Get Your Hands Dirty, Do S...
  • Elizabeth
    Beautifully illustrated book that offers plenty of easily digestible inspiration for healthy living. One thing I objected to was the picture of a piece of bread (don't eat gluten!) -- after seeing all kinds of expertly lit photos of vegetables, etc. the slice of burnt toast and crumbs on a plate was kind of pitiful and oh so transparent. It lost the book a star.
  • Amy Morfas
    I loved this little book, which you can read in a day. Nothing earth shattering but lots of little tips and reminders about how to live a healthy life. Sadly, I'm doing everything wrong! Beautiful images, too. It is a tad new-agey, but I live in Boulder so I'm used to ignoring that stuff.
  • Jennifer
    This book is okay... Pretty pictures, and it reads like a magazine. It delves a bit too much into the latest health fads, and it does not back up any of its statements with facts, which I approach with a bit of skepticism. I'd say this book would be better titled as "The New Health Inspiration: Non-Calendar Form" because that's what the book felt like to me: an inspirational calendar without the calendar.I would recommend this book to someone who...
  • Amber Polo
    Short, lovely reminders for staying healthy in our world of changing dangers. Simple but clear.Would make a lovely gift. My only disagreement would be that I'd have chosen different photos for the yoga illustrations. Simpler poses for the less practiced body. You don't start walking by comparing yourself to a marathoner.
  • اسمة
    كتاب علمي بحت يعلم الانسان على كيفيه اختيار الاكل الصحي وكيفيه ممارسه الرياضه والعنايه الصحية بالجسم كتاب جيد
  • Gabriela
    Excellent book. It certainly encourages healthy living and getting comfortable with yourself!
  • Jamie
    3.5 Stars.A really simple read, with one or two ways to improve your lifestyle on each page with a calming image on the page opposite. It started off a little preachy and full of "shoulds" at first, but then I changed my perspective from a book full of "should-dos" to a book full of suggestions for ways to feel better about the way I am living. It doesn't just speak of nutrition and exercise, but suggestions for improvements to lifestyle (ways to...
  • Westminster Library
    I loved this book! It is a handy size that is full of wisdom- Easy to read, the author navigates through different topics with quick one page challenges. Each topic is detailed into 10-30 ideas some with beautiful photos to draw the reader in. The size and feel of the book are a delight and remind me of browsing through a health journal. It's a must have for your personal collection!Find The New Health Rules at the Westminster Public Library!
  • Melanie Betancourt
    Pretty straight forward book, loved the photography on it. Simple, easy to read book.
  • Jhoanna
    📚📚📚📚 ( audiobook)
  • Inez
    Basic, straight-forward, but excellent advice.
  • Gerald
    This is an on-your-face do's and don'ts about eating, walking and living generally. There were good advice in there but it's not everyone's cup of tea.
  • Reham Aldeeb
    نصائح سهلة الأتباع حول الاكل بصوره صحيه واداء التمارين الرياضيه والحصول على مزيد من النوم والتأمل .. ويحتوي هذا الكتاب على صور فائقه الجمال ستشعر نحوها بشعور جميل آخاذ ❤
  • Milka
    Nothing earth shattering in this book but plenty of sound advice to make healthy food choices.
  • S
    Love the simple, yet wonderful tips. Will always keep near me
  • JeriLyn
    I read a review of this book somewhere . . . wish I could remember where (but I know it wasn't Goodreads, it was probably on a health site such as Well+Good or Greatist). Anyway, whatever I read made me want to buy the book instantly, so I got on Amazon and ordered it right then. When it showed up two days later, I was a bit taken aback. Not what I expected. It's like an elementary primer on health with the following categories: eating, moving, b...
  • Kathryn
    First sentence: Welcome to The New Health Rules, a wellness book with a different sort of mission: to bring you the secrets of feeling your absolute best, while keeping you engaged, inspired and awake.Favorite quote: the same as the first sentence, I just loved how the last word is awake.This is a book that must be held in your hand and then you open it just to look at the photography. It's incredible. I would give this 5 stars except...I will ne...
  • Cate
    This is a very pretty book filled with easily digestible suggestions on how to take care of your health. I found most of it common sense, but I still appreciated the succinctness of the advice, and the reminders of how simple changes can have a huge impact over time. I put it in the category of Tom Rath's book Eat, Move, Sleep. In fact, reading both together would definitely get you off the couch.If you want the 1040EZ version of this book, it's ...
  • Wendy Hastings
    It's like visual eye candy. There was not a lot of new information for me personally, but it just reinforced ideas I already was familiar with and reminded me of some I had forgotten. For somebody who is new to the thought of whole body wellness, this little gem is packed with short, simple entries on a variety of things you can do to live healthier and feel better. They open with a Bob Marley quote, so you know you are in the right place.
  • Janet
    Learning to live a healthier life is so simple, and this book lays it out easily and beautifully. I'd say I'm about 80% there. That said, in some ways this book assumes a certain level of privilege that includes access to fresh local veggies and the money to buy organic creams and balms and grass fed beef.
  • Martha
    An easy read plus great tips!This book is for everyone. The short, info packed chapters are easy to understand and can spark simple changes to improve your health. It's not at all overwhelming like some of these kinds of books can be. Choose one thing to change and build on that. I highly recommend this book!
  • Ali Minasian
    Good, easy-to-read book (finished it in about an hour). Nothing in it that I didn't really already know, but good reminders of the simple changes (eating, exercising, healing, living, etc) you can make in your life to achieve good health. The photos are stunning.
  • Patrick Buggy
    Awesome tips, lovely images. Presents meaningful health changes in an approachable manner.
  • Julia
    I bought this little book at Costco just yesterday, on an impulse. (there's goes my new year's resolution!) But I am not opposed to purchasing Resource books, ones that I will reference many times. It is called the new manifesto for how to eat well, feel good and live long. I read it in 2 sittings today. It's glossy pages, beautiful photography and short concise advice on 5 main topics; Eating, Moving, Boosting, Healing & Living keep me turning t...
  • Lizzy Bringhurst
    This book is good for reading a few helpful health tips here and there. Also, there's pretty pictures to help convince you to listen to the tips! Some of the tips are a little cliché and vague ("eat the rainbow!" and "get some sun!", for example). However, for every good and sound healthy tip, there's one that's just psuedo-science garbage not backed by any conclusive research.I can't take a book seriously once it says something as debated as th...
  • Gina
    The New Health Rules: Simple Changes to Achieve Whole-Body Wellness is just shy of three stars for me because it is nothing more than a rehash of the various books, articles, and blog posts that I have read over the past three years, but I gave bonus points for the following: * the author's honesty regarding the safety issues surrounding factory farming and the unethical labelling practices of the chicken and dairy industries* the importance pla...
  • Michelle
    I'm not sure how I stumbled across this. It may have been when I was searching for books on how to detox, energize, declutter, etc. That said, I really liked this book.It's a great primer for those wanting to live a healthy lifestyle, and they don't know where to start. For those who keep up with current trends, there's nothing new in it. However, it's a great little book with one item per page, and the color photos are nice. As much as I like it...