Dear Diary by Lesley Arfin

Dear Diary

A collection of a girl's funniest diary entries from 12 to 25 years old. She updates each entry by tracking down the people involved and asking awkward questions like, "Do you remember when I tried to beat you up?" Sometimes old friends apologize. Sometimes they become new enemies. No matter who she talks to about the days we all discovered sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll, one thing becomes abundantly clear: Boys are totally immature."Here's your ch...

Details Dear Diary

TitleDear Diary
Release DateJun 1st, 2007
PublisherVice Books
GenreNonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Biography, Humor

Reviews Dear Diary

  • Pilouetta
    maybe it's just me. maybe we got off to a bad start when she said she was punk in 1993 at the age of 14 (i thought it DIED when i was 15 in 1983). and maybe i can't relate to a 27 year old whose parents supported her so she could go to hampshire college, and become a heroin addict. i found her book boring and self indulgent which, i think, is exactly what a diary is, interesting to arfin and her friends ONLY. her fucking isn't that hot, her writi...
  • Liza Miller
    Full disclosure: There is a lot (A LOT) in Lesley Arfin’s “Diary” to which I straight-up cannot relate. I don’t know what it’s like to do heroin (is that how you say it? “do heroin?”). I’ve never been to rehab. I never had a raver phase. (Should I be upset about that?) But I do remember what it’s like to write in my diary as a pre-adolescent girl about how terrifying and strange it felt to start 6th grade. And, unlike Arfin, I n...
  • Kelly
    I was looking through the bookstore purchasing materials for my vacation (rare treat to self) when this book on display jumped out at me. Recommendations on the back made it seem like it would be enjoyable, funny, and a speedy read.Well it was speedy.In this book Arfin takes diary entries from elementary school up to the present and pokes fun at them. She also goes back to talk to people she wrote about to find out if they're still jerks or wheth...
  • matt. singer.
    Lesley Arfin is not an extraordinary girl. She grew up a Jewish American Princess in Long Island, endured the same cattiness and extreme self-consciousness all teenagers suffer through, became a punk, then a raver, then went off to college — and became a full-blown junkie.How does someone go from kick line and crushes and mosh pits to Ecstasy and crystal meth and heroin? That’s what Arfin, now 28 and “straightedge,” would like to know. "D...
  • Kate
    2.5 starsI'm on the edge with this one and it's not of glory either. (Lady Gaga fans put your paws up!)I liked the format a lot. I liked that she took the entries straight out of her personal diaries and then reflected upon it from her older self and interviewed the people involved with those entries. That was what made me stick with it and read it to the very end because Lesley Arfin has some big cajones for airing her personal laundry for all t...
  • Colleen Weatherly
    self-indulgent to say the least. i found a lot of it rather boring and the quality of writing was poor. [does she really think it's okay to publish a book using abbreviated forms of words such as "btw" and "jk?"-i get it. and it makes me embarassed for this aging hipster.]i won't say that i disliked it though. i'm a pop-culturist and this is pop-culture at it's best. the author is only a few years older than me so it was nice little trip down mem...
  • Isabela Quintero
    an experiment not a book
  • Amelia
    I came across this book at a really cool bookstore in Baltimore where John Waters apparently picks up his fan mail. I'd not heard of Lesley Arfin, but apparently she writes for Rookie and I adore Rookie and the aforementioned bookstore was also selling copies of Rookie Yearbook One.So I said, "What the hell" and decided to read it.And what a goddamned waste of time it was.Maybe I'm missing something. Maybe I'm boring. Maybe I had the world's most...
  • courtney
    i have a "thing" for diary-type books. either real of fictionalized, even if they are schlocky airport fare i can never say no. luckliy, this book isn't - lesley writes this memoir that is half diary entries from her personal journals and half commentary on those entries and where she was in her life when she wrote them like a letter to an old friend from back home. it helps that she has led an interesting and adventurous life thus far- and dear ...
  • Naomi
    Oh where do I begin...I guess I will begin with I was very disappointed with this book. I read reviews that compares this book to "Go Ask Alice"... ha. Whoever wrote that needs to re-read that book and then re-read "Dear Diary".I think this book may have been able to be something great, well expect that Arfin lacks any seriously writing ability. And that fact this junkie lived off of her parents money for years... I mean you can't hate on someone...
  • MariNaomi
    This book gave me a peek into what it might have been like, had I run rampant with my adolescent/early adulthood drug use. Oh, and had I not been terrified of needles. Lesley Arfin's journal entries (and especially her observations from an older age) really rang true to me, capturing the insecurities and desperation to please that I think all young girls go through. This book felt honest, thoughtful, and her writing style made me laugh aloud nume...
  • Leonard Pierce
    Why does Vice keep sending me books? I do not like them and sometimes, like this one, they have the word "frenemy" in them. And yet they keep showing up in my mailbox.
  • Becca
    Love - love - love. A shocking turn to a woman's life and her gritty recollection of some dark times in her life. This woman has come a long way and is someone who is remarkably talented.
  • Julie G
    I picked this one up at McKays because the cover reminded me a lot of Mortified (edited by David Nagel), which I enjoyed. I also needed a book for a quarterly challenge my NBC girls do that is in diary form and the premise for this book sounded hilarious. The book is made up of entries from the author's diary from middle school through her post-college years. She also includes updated commentary on her diary entries and interviews some of the peo...
  • Judi
    Simply did not like this book and wish I could give it less than a whole star. When I picked it up at the library, I didnt know anything about it, I was just attracted to it because I have always been a huge journal keeper. I didnt care for the cover too much, but just assumed it was there because the author was still so young and immature. The original diary entries just didnt strike me as genuine; there was something that didnt feel right about...
  • Renee
    if you do not understand irony, please do not read this book. this 'memoir' (can you really write a memoir when you're 27 and the only life experience you have is going to college and doing copious amounts of drugs?) has aspects that kept me reading- blatant juiciness and bad-girl behavior written in a straightforward manner that makes you feel like you're having a conversation with your (pretty annoying) friend. arfin is obsessed with cool vs. l...
  • Monica Fastenau
    Read the full review here: concept of this book is fantastic: Lesley inserts an old diary entry from her teen or young adult years, and then writes an update or interviews the people mentioned in it. When I think about all the ridiculous things that are probably written in my own childhood diary entries, I can’t help wondering what kind of updates I’d end up inserting.But the main thing that happens...
  • Katy Graham
    In this book with Diary pages that have dirty secrets that come funny and clever talk about Lesley’s life story and everything she likes and does in her teen and young adult stages. She talks about just everything possible you could imagine and things that would be way out of your mind to think about. The main focus in Dear Diary is talking about how Lesleys repeated mistakes lead her into drugs and how her drug addiction got stronger, she ende...
  • S
    This book was terrible...just...terrible. Really.I found it in my housing association laundry room library... maybe one day I will learn that usually free books are pretty bad. I am soon going to be a librarian, but I got up from reading the last page of this book, walked straight over to my bin and chucked it in.I *did* fish it out but only because I remembered it wasn't mine to throw away.Dull, inane, self absorbed, badly written drivel. Don't ...
  • Lori
    The author is shallow and full of herself....basically, she's the person who just wants to go on and on and on because she likes hearing herself speak. There is nothing useful or helpful here, the writing is weak, undeveloped, and juvenile; the author seems very proud of herself for what she was involved in--and what info there is of that is very sketchy. Even as I was reading this five-minute story, I found myself wondering why this book had bee...
  • Eliza
    I was so intrigued by this book - it has the dramatic trifecta: sex, drugs, and rock and roll - that it's hard to believe how bored I was reading it. Even with all of the crazy things that were going on it wasn't fun to read. Lesley is hard to relate to. I felt like she was trying to impress us. I guess it comes down to the fact that I don't know her and she didn't manage to make me care about her story. I couldn't even finish the book.
  • Katrina
    A glimpse into a tortured soul's struggle with addiction.
  • Katie
    Rating this highly because of its importance to me & my nostalgic view (totally bias), not because of the quality! Haha still great & worth a read!
  • katyjanereads
    1. I was 6 in 1991, so I wasn't familiar with every early 90s reference. There was so much pop culture in this book, which I appreciated on one hand, but there were so many references that I had to look up that I felt like the book needed a dictionary with pictures. I have an idea of what she was talking about but if a teenager was reading it today, they might get a little lost.2. I was "ousted" in about 5th grade. Literally no one spoke to me fo...
  • Stacy Bruton
    This book has been in my library for awhile and now I know why. I loved the blurb on the back of the book and was looking forward to this being a funny semi relatable read. I however am extremely disappointed and could not finish this book. There are some great nostalgia bits during the parts of Lesley’s younger years that I can relate too. I had tons of girl drama in my past and the way she describes them hits the nail on the head for me. As t...
  • McKenzie Richardson
    For more reviews, check out my blog: Craft-CycleThis book was okay. I found it in the Little Free Lending Library, was drawn in by the interesting cover and cool diary-like book design, and figured, "Worth a shot". At first I thought it was a work of fiction as many "diary" books directed to young girls are. Then I actually read the description and realized it was a true story about a girl growing up who eventually gets addicted to heroin. Nothin...
  • Fiona
    This book was fun in theory, and while some of the insights ARE fun, I felt like it was mostly a reflection of “I did a LOT of drugs in my 20’s.” There wasn’t even a lot dissuading the reader from experimenting for themselves, I suppose because nothing really bad had ever happened to the author that would cause her to say otherwise. I was also not a fan of some of the derogatory slang used, while I realize it was reflective of the time, I...
  • Skylar Dobbs
    This book is not for the weak minded. Various entries of sex, drugs, and experiences of a Jewish teenager growing up and getting involved in drugs, guys, parties, and raves. With her real diary entries, the author gets very detailed about what she wrote as a kid throughout her school years. Tracking down the people from her past she wrote in her diary about, she asks them if they remember it. Some say yes and some say no. She documents the conver...
  • Annika
    This book took some time to grow on me, but it was fun and easy to get through. Arfin can be pretty grating at times, especially because she rarely acknowledges her privilege, but her brutal honesty is enjoyable. I don't think I can blame her for being too self-absorbed, because isn't that the point of having a diary? The book is easy to "hate" on the surface level, and I certainly understand the negative reviews. But our class discussions on it ...
  • Aubrey Cyr
    Dear Diary is a book that I think many people can relate to on certain ideas. Many people have gone through times when they feel like they dont have many friends or dont fit in. I believe those things couldve possibly influenced many of the things Lesley does. I chose this book because the cover seemed very interesting. When I flipped through the book and saw the drawings it made me want to read it. The book was very detailed and honest, which I ...