Without Fail (Jack Reacher, #6) by Lee Child

Without Fail (Jack Reacher, #6)

Skilled, cautious, and anonymous, Jack Reacher is perfect for the job: to assassinate the vice president of the United States. Theoretically, of course. A female Secret Service agent wants Reacher to find the holes in her system, and fast - because a covert group already has the vice president in their sights. They've planned well. There's just one thing they didn't plan on: Reacher.

Details Without Fail (Jack Reacher, #6)

TitleWithout Fail (Jack Reacher, #6)
Release DateMay 17th, 2002
PublisherBrilliance Audio
GenreThriller, Fiction, Mystery, Crime

Reviews Without Fail (Jack Reacher, #6)

  • Alp
    4.75/5 “Why look for trouble?”“I'm not looking for trouble. I don't see it as trouble.” Alright, Lee Child had me glued to the pages in his engrossing suspense/thriller once again. I couldn't put this book down even for a minute!Jack Reacher is amazing as always and I admire him even more in this book. Man, he’s freaking clever! Thankfully, Neagley helped him with this investigation; otherwise things might turn out differently from what...
  • Sara
    I like Reacher. I really do. But Lee Child creates the most flawed scenarios and it drives me batty sometimes. Reacher has been recruited to help deflect an attempt to assassinate the new VP. Now, if we are to believe this story, the Secret Service is employing idiots. For example, Reacher specifies a church tower that could be used by a shooter. Does the SS put a man in the tower to prevent the possible use by an assassin. Or even to be able to ...
  • Gem
    I was pretty disappointed with the 6th book in the Jack Reacher series. The first few were brilliant - fast, furious and somewhat believable despite the larger than life protagonist and plot lines.Without Fail lacked most of the drama that we have come to expect from Lee Child's thrillers. The plot didn't tie up (I won't spoil it, but the antagonists had a very poor motive for killing the VP). There is also one massive plot hole that doesn't add ...
  • William
    This is an important Reacher book. Don't skip it. An extra whole-star for the important and interesting character background here. Even though the pacing is often slow with plot holes, and there is sometimes excessive detail (a sad flaw of Child, too often), I give the book 4-stars.1. This book is perhaps the single best book showing Reacher and Neagley working as a team as investigators and thinkers, as an action duo and as friends. 2. It shows ...
  • Richard
    6/10It seems this type of book works well in audio, even more so when it is abridged as it cuts out any extra waffle or character development which is needless in an action romp where the characters tend to be in it for one book only.Reacher is hired to kill someone of minor importance, the Vice President of the US. Why would he take such a job? Well it’s more like an audit of the internal security detail but with a hidden motive. Things move q...
  • Ashish Iyer
    Without Fail is not going to disappoint fans of Jack Reacher. Lee Child comes up with a new setting for Reacher's persuasive combination of detailed analytical thinking and overwhelming violence. Actually the latter is fairly understated in this story, and our hero does not end up taking on two, four or six mindless heavies in a brawl, which seems to be the fairly normal scenario.This time round there is a plot to assassinate the vice president e...
  • Heather
    I bought this book when Cody's - historic, tragic Cody's as anyone in the Bay Area knows - was going out of business. It was 40% percent off, and I was casting about for the type of book that would magically unlock the keys to moving plot forward and making pages turn since, ahem, I was having some slight trouble in that regard. I don't know if I learned anything in the craft dept other than that Jack Reacher is an awesome badass, stone-cold prof...
  • Mike (the Paladin)
    Okay, another good read. Jack is what some may call an "odd duck"...sorry for the technical terminology. I mean he refuses to use or have anything that puts him on "the grid". He travels around looking like a huge homeless giant, he throws clothes away rather than wash them, no one can fins him... Yet he keeps ending up working with (untrustworthy and corrupt) government agencies and agents.It has to do with him being an incorruptible and bad-ass...
  • Mike Finn
    This is a bare-bones thriller, a puzzle played-out in blood and death, with almost no emotional involvement.Jack Reacher stands at the centre, almost more puzzling than the mystery he is trying to solve. He has insights that stretch credibility, based on a hyper-aware level of observation, remarkable recall and a willingness to run with intuition when logic can't get him there. Yet, the man who sees everything, seems to have no desire to engage w...
  • Rob
    Number 6 in the Reacher series.A bit disappointed in Without Fail I found it a bit on the slow side in places. Lots of, what I would call, irrelevant information.I found the plot a bit unbelievable, the secret service couldn't protect the Vice President without Jack Reacher's help?? At the beginning when Jack was brought in to do a independent audit for the S.S., this sounded like it was feasible. But when Jack found gaping holes in the S.S's pro...
  • Corey
    Without Fail is probably so far, my most favorite Reacher adventure yet! I've enjoyed all the other ones I've read so far, and not a bad one among them, but this one so far in my opinion is the best!Jack Reacher is approached by US Secret Service Agent M.E. (Mary Ellen) Froelich, who had been assigned to protect Brook Armstrong, the Vice-President elect. Froelich has approached Reacher because someone is sending threatening messages to the VP, an...
  • Eric
    I'm gradually reading the Jack Reacher books in order, and this is the sixth. After making it through nearly half the extant books, I'd have to say that the other Jack series (Repairman Jack by F. Paul Wilson) is the more consistently entertaining, that is if you don't ...mind a little supernatural horror with your vigilante action. The previous Jack Reacher outing, Echo Burning, was a superb Texas gothic tale. But this one strains credibility in...
  • Sean Peters
    HiI really enjoy the Jack Reacher books, so far, with the Reacher books read, this is my second favourite behind One Shot. Although nice to see a regular character helping and returning in this book to work with Reacher.Always readable, gripping.As always he is the ladies man.very enjoyableregardsSean
  • Stuart
    This was a fairly disappointing continuation of Jack Reacher's drifter ways for me. A threat exist against the Vice President and suddenly Jack finds himself employed to seek holes in the VP's security - that was about the jeist of the story.
  • Abram
    My Rating: 4.3/5Great Novel just like the others. This is not as good as Echo Burning. A bit slower here and there. The twists at the endings are not as impressive as the other novels. But still a great novel. There is no bad stuff about it. So, yeah. See u guys in the next one.
  • Mark
    Another "Reacher" reread because of reading a couple out of the series of "Hunt for Reacher"...Reacher is pulled into the Secret Service & their duty to protect the Vice-President by an ex-girlfriend of his brother Joe...Great Read like all "Reachers!"
  • Hossein
    یکی از کتابهای خوب مجموعه جک ریچر که طرفدارانش(از جمله خودم) رو کاملا راضی میکنه باید بگم برخلاف کتابهای قبلی که معمولا یه فرضیه واحد رو دنبال میکردند و تغییرات جزئی در اون میدادند فرضیه اصلی آدم خوبای کتاب چندین بار تغییر میکنه و مسیر اصلی داستان ر...
  • Molly
    Have you heard of Jack Reacher? He's become a favorite among a handful of people I know. We were each introduced to Reacher at one time or another by the same person, who conveniently has almost every book written about Reacher. Lee Child's brainchild is a gargantuan man, ex-military, a nomad, and deadly (both to enemies and to women). In previous books, he would tell time without looking at a watch. But in Without Fail, he was constantly dependi...
  • Jane Stewart
    3 or 4 stars, can’t decide. Reacher didn’t beat up as many thugs as I would have liked, but I still enjoyed it.STORY BRIEF:Someone is threatening Armstrong, the newly elected Vice President. Froelich is in charge of the Secret Service team protecting him. She used to date Reacher’s brother who told her about Reacher’s talents and abilities. She hires Reacher to test her security and then to help with the current threat. Reacher hires one...
  • Mark Chisnell
    I’m a huge fan of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series, and I think I might have mentioned previously that they were the inspiration for some aspects of Powder Burn and my new ‘Burn’ series. So I needed no encouragement to pick this one up when it was also chosen as a Goodreads group read. And as usual, I wasn’t disappointed.Jack Reacher appeals to the angry and vengeful core in all of us – there are no judges or juries in Reacher’s worl...
  • D.G.
    So far, Without Fail has been among my favorite books in the Reacher series mostly we got to know more about Joe, and Reacher's feelings after his death. Reacher keeps everything in the vest and like a tough guy, he doesn't dwell too much on things he can't change but you would think that what happened with Joe would leave consequences. In this book, we got to know what he thought and felt. Note: This book has spoilers for Killing Floor.The actio...
  • William
    Audio book for my second time around this storyWithout a doubt I would have given this four stars when I read the book upon original release. I was just captured with Jack Reacher; he attack the bullies that we all encounter in our lives.Now, I am looking at the individual story and how Child delivers it. Outside of the information about my country and it's institutes I find little here.
  • Robert
    The formula is strong with this one. JR gets dragged into a situation by an exaggerated sense of duty or honor and hi-jinks ensue. It's a good formula, and a good story, but I was actually more interested in following the opening set-up in Atlantic City than the actual story told, since Reacher works best on a smaller scale, not crisscrossing the country as a reluctant arm of the government.
  • Darius Murretti
    Actual 3.5 Mary Ellen Frolic's dramatic death scene in Reacher's arms is one of the most touching in all of literature---- classic or contemporary ....I own this whole series and was listening to this one last night while planting blackberries
  • Sandra Bašić
    Ovo me jako umorilo i nije mi sjelo... Reacher mi je stalno izgledao kao da je u drugom planu i kao da mu se ovaj put nekako ništa nije dalo :)
  • Siobhan
    Anyone following my progression through the Jack Reacher novels knows of my strange love-hate relationship, whereby I label the Jack Reacher novels as guilty pleasure novels rather than novels I go out of my way to read. I tend to hand out three star ratings to the books, having only given one other four star rating prior to this one… and I think ‘Without Fail’ has earned the spot as my favourite Jack Reacher novel (thus far in the series)....
  • May Wong
    Jack Reacher is a man’s man, but also a woman’s man. This is the enigma. He lives by his own code of conduct; a law unto himself. He believes in taking an eye for an eye, especially in retaliation for the death of someone he cares about (but not necessarily). Jack is judge, jury, executioner – fans might say “avenger”.The characters that Lee Childs paints are so nasty; they do not seem to deserve our understanding and certainly not our ...
  • Bookish Indulgenges with b00k r3vi3ws
    This is one of the few Audiobook experiences I have and of course I went on to read the paperback copy of the book later on.In this instalment of the Jack Reacher Series, Jack is recruited to find any loopholes in the Vice President’s security coverage. The Secret Service is pretty sure of an imminent attempt on the VP’s life and so they want a fresh pair of eyes on their plans to find out any holes in the plan that they might have missed. Wh...
  • Dreamer
    This Jack Reacher novel revolves around the political world in Washington - meh. Reacher and his old army pal Neagley are employed by the secret service to help Froelich, his brother's ex girlfriend, find out who is leaving threatening notes for the Vice President Elect.“That's how you've got to think,” Neagley said. “Pump yourself up. Get to the point where it's impossible to imagine that these jerky guys with their silly notes are going t...
  • Harry
    I'm going to add the same review for all of the Reacher series, so if you've read this one, you've read 'em all. If you feel a certain affinity for the lone hero, a man of principle, of unwavering knowledge and assent as to his own actions, than Jack Reacher's your kinda guy. Lee Child has created an unforgettable and unique character in his creation of Jack Reacher. Jack seems to implicitly understand that he is a unique animal/human running aro...
  • Mahoghani 23
    There's nothing like a good book to keep you 0ccupied while visiting the doctor's office. As usual, there's a situation and no one is better to resolve it than Jack Reacher. This time it's with the Secret Service and there request will rock you off your feet. With the help of a former military member, they conduct the mission but it will require a lot of tedious time and skills to convince the secret service that they are in a no-win situation. T...
  • Matt
    It all began with a proposition. "How would you like to assassinate the Vice President?" Reacher is contacted by the Veep's Secret Service lead agent, in hopes of finding some of the loopholes in the current coverage. After learning the agent's his dead brother's ex, Reacher must take a moment to reassess the situation, but soon takes the job and puts his knowledge to the test. After showing the Service many of their faults, Reacher is pulled in ...
  • Phil
    Toni Morrison has set me free.Not in the "Oh, her Beloved is a Masterpiece! I'll never be the same again!" kinda way. But this Harvard professor, Nobel winner admitted that she reads consumes loads of mysteries. So my dirty little habit is validated.Lee Child is a writer with an austere mind. I like that glimpse into foreign territory. His characters are also logical and nimble enough to surprise. Jack Reacher, the protagonist of his books, was a...
  • Bill
    I've read 4 or 5 of the Jack Reacher thriller series now and Without Fail (Reacher #6) by Lee Child is one of the better ones so far. The story starts with Reacher in New Jersey, helping an old couple, both jazz musicians, get out of the clutches of an unscrupulous (mob-associated) club owner. He is approached by M.E. Froelich, a Secret Service agent and ex-girlfriend of Jack's older brother. Joe, also a Secret Service agent, was murdered years a...
  • Mackey
    Until the most recent releases, I like Lee Child's books featuring Lee Child. However, Book #6 is about an assassination attempt on the VP of the US. In this story, the Secret Service calls in Reacher to tell them possible scenarios allegedly because Reacher was the best shooter the Army ever had. Riiigghht. The guy is a drifter, at this point he still hate the military, but let's call him in to tell us how to run a special ops. In addition, ther...
  • Nate
    Barely makes the four-star rating because of Frances Neagley, who is both a smart, ruthless ass-kicker like Reacher as well as being an interesting character. I really wish Child would include more of her and less of the capable but ultimately forgettable girlfriend-sidekicks that populate the books.
  • Vikas
    Once again Jack Reacher finds himself trapped in a dangerous situation and again meeting people from past. Not only his own but from his brother's too.This is typical of Lee Child book where in the villains are hidden till the last act/chapter and then revealed but none the less its a rollercoaster of a book which is action filled and fun.Jack Reacher never be beaten whether in a fight or the fun quotient.
  • Linda
    It's been a while since I've read a Reacher, and I really enjoyed this one.Jack is working to prevent the assassination of the Vice President elect, and he's doing it a bit in the shadow of his deceased older brother. The women are smart, capable and human... always a plus.There is a lot of speculation throughout the book as to why the VP elect is a target. During that speculation, an interesting theory was suggested, especially right now as our ...
  • Dan
    Another really good read. What a great series.
  • Erik
    The 6th novel in the Jack Reacher series was published in early 2002, but had to have been completed before the events of 9/11 because there is no mention of any heightened security anywhere. That being stated, I was disappointed in one aspect of this novel; (SPOILER) Jack Reacher is recruited to work closely with the CIA's detail in charge of providing security for the Vice President-elect. But throughout the story, Reacher, who doesn't own anyt...
  • James
    The next in the series, and Jack Reacher time has come around again. This time Reacher is approached by the Secret Service to perform a secret audit of their protetion detail for the vice president elect. Reacher realises immediately that there's going to be more to it than that – in fact, Reacher audits the protection so quickly that it doesn't even make it into the book, instead he briefly describes his report to the agent in charge, M.E. Fro...
  • Hannah Polley
    I picked up this book at a charity shop and didn't realise it was the 6th book in a series. The book is about a former military person, Jack Reacher, who is enlisted by the Secret Services to help protect and defend the Vice President. I was initially a little disappointed in the book as I felt the first couple of hundred pages kept building the suspense but then nothing actually happened and the pacing of the story seemed a bit off. But once the...
  • M. Ashraf
    The idea is very good, No one really give any attention to the VP so when he is a target of an assassination plot, it's somehow unique...On a side note, not related to the book, TNT tried to make the VP cool giving him a secret organization to protect the republic in Agent X and the show backfired and got cancelled after only one season with Sharon Stone as its lead star so :/ the VP is still lame.Anyway, The idea was good but the reason, the why...
  • Sheila
    For basically being homeless and unemployed Jack always seems to find himself in tense life and world changing situations. As ex military with high clearance levels he is sought after by the leader of the Secret Service detail tasked with protecting the vice-president elect from assassination. There have been viable threats against the vp and Jack is asked to "assassinate" him. In other words to pretend to be someone out to kill the vp and find t...