The Bishop's Bride by Elizabeth W. Watkins

The Bishop's Bride

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TitleThe Bishop's Bride
Release DateJan 1st, 2007
PublisherCovenant Communications, Inc.
GenreLds, Lds Fiction, Romance, Christianity, Fiction, Adult, Humor, Novels

Reviews The Bishop's Bride

  • Heather
    The Bishop's Bride is a fun book. With each crazy adventure that comes to Andrew, I couldn't wait to tell someone about it. I laughed my way through the entire book. I am currently reading it with my husband. Our checks are always sore after, due to all the laughing. I hope the author writes more books. It was pure enjoyment.
  • Teri
    I thoroughly enjoyed The Bishop's Bride. I thought this was an absolutely delightful romp. It was a quick read, had a lot of laughs interspersed with the story of how a widower finds a new bride as the most important duty of his upcoming calling of bishop of a new ward, as he is told he has to find a wife in three weeks!!! Andrew McCammon is being called, as the stake is being changed. Andrew doesn't know how his adult children will react to this...
  • Kent
    Andrew McCammon has been a widower for about 3 years and learns he is about to be called as Bishop (leader of a local LDS congregation). Furthermore, he needs to be married and has three weeks to be engaged or serious about someone.Well, things fall into place, as you knew they would. The book is somewhat predictable in the outcome, but the events along the way are somewhat unpredictable. Remember the Love Boat? Well, all things seemed bleakest a...
  • Emily Morris
    I read LDS romances pretty much as fun escapist fluff, and that is what I was hoping for from this one. Though I found the set-up a little over-the-top, I figured I would roll with it and see how it worked out. Unfortunately, this was all so contrived. Which still could have been saved if this had a little less lesson-disguises-as-a-story to it. Andrew McCammon has three weeks to fulfill one aspect of his upcoming calling as bishop: get married. ...
  • Sharlene
    I listened to this book on tape. I could not believe anyone could get away with publishing something that was so clearly contrived. There were so many times when I thought to myself---Where do these people live? And, I live in Mormon country. I like it here, but we are real people. The characters in this book are so perfectly set up (having accomplished every stereotype and Mormon expectation…). The book was full of side-notes covering all the ...
  • Cherie
    After starting this little novel, I had to make myself keep reading to finish it. I have read several LDS novels in the past and they have been interesting, not too "churchy", but this one was so "cheesy" and so very simplistic, that I just about gagged! So glad the widower who was called to be the bishop and told by the stake president to find a wife in three weeks was able to find the dear sister who just moved into the ward, who just happened ...
  • 02KathrynC
    this book is about a man Andrew McCammon who gets called to be bishop. He lost his wife susan 3 years ago and the stake president says that he has to be atleast engaged within 3 weeks.that day a sister(Jannette Parkinson)came back to the ward after her parents passed away. the sunday she was speaking about family history. her parents house which she lived inwas on fire and is to damaged to live in. she spends alot of time with the mccammon family...
  • Megan
    Widower Andrew McCammon doesn't date because he doesn't think he could ever find someone as wonderful as his first wife. When his Stake President calls him to be a Bishop, the calling comes with a catch: he has 3 weeks to find a wife.It really is as ridiculous as it sounds, but I enjoyed this novel. Great if you are looking for a quick, fun read. It's LDS fiction, and Bill read it and then poked all kinds of holes through the plot and mocked me f...
  • Cindy
    Andrew McCannon has just been called to be the new bishop. One condition - he has to get married, or at least engaged, before he can begin his calling. And he has three weeks. In no time at all, he finds the perfect woman, gets the go ahead from his adult children, and falls in love. But he can't seem to find the perfect moment to propose.I liked that the story starts off with the man, instead of the woman, as usually happens in a romance. The ch...
  • Londi
    This was a good story, however I wish the author expanded more and explained more. All the events and decisions the characters made seemed to happen too fast and left me wondering if they published her roughdraft by mistake. It definitely could be been longer and some of the plot seemed to happen out of no where. There would be times where an event would happen that there would be no explaining of or no build up to. It just happened and then it w...
  • Princess
    The cover is misleading... I needed a book to take along on a road trip and thought this looked cute. I was expecting the story to be about people my age (in their 30s) as depicted by the cover photo, but the characters are actually late 40s, early 50s. That's not a bad thing, just unexpected. The story overall was cute. Andrew has been called as a bishop but he is widowed (his wife died three years earlier) and the stake president told him he ha...
  • Jill
    The cover and title of this book didn't attract me. At all. I glanced at it in stores and in the library and rolled my eyes as I chuckled to myself. Last month, a friend recommended this book to me when I asked for a funny book that wouldn't have me rolling my eyes. She was right.There was more plot and character here than I generally give this genre. Predictable moments, yes, but that's what an escape read is for. It is safe. And it has some pre...
  • Allison
    Wow! I don't know what I was really expecting from this book, but it was far worse than I could have ever imagined. The story was so far-fetched that nothing about it was believable. I am not sure how the author meant us to take it, if she was kidding and knew that the storyline was ridiculous or if she was being serious. I basically skimmed the last part of the book just to finish reading. There is a sequel to this book which I have no intention...
  • Kayla
    this book is really funny. i really liked it. i can relate because my dad is the bishop and they would never call a person to be bishop when their not married. in the book the bishop has to find a bride in three weeks before he is set appart. and it just so happens that a woman in his ward needs help because her house burnt down. so the bishop to be is helping her out while falling in love with her. it is soo funny.
  • Anita
    So I was thinking this would be a romance/ chick flick type book, and it's really not so much. I still liked it, it just wasn't what I was expecting. However there were some good moments in the story that made me glad I read it. I was surprised to find out that the main characters were in their late forties, I was assuming they would be more in their 30's. It was just the light hearted read I was needing that day.
  • Susan
    Tongue-in-cheek LDS humor. Delightful book. At first I started reading it as serious and wasn't sure --. But once I relaxed and laughed- I really enjoyed it. Had to read the twins phone call to my husband and kids. A 50 year old widower is called to be a bishop but must be married, or close to it within three weeks. In a fun manner it deals with the philosophy that if God asks you to do something, he will help you.
  • Lisa
    Watkins takes an implausible, but not impossible, situation and makes it work through her interesting characters and credible plotting. I really enjoyed the characters of Andrew and Jeanette and the situations and people that contrive to bring them close together. I also love almost any book whose protagonist (Jeanette) is a family history lover, as I am. Highly recommended for those who enjoy LDS fiction.
  • Melanie
    This sounded like a cute book from the description. However, it was so cheesy at first that I almost stopped reading it. Everyone was too perfect. I decided to keep going and, amazingly, it got a little more interesting (everyone stayed perfect, though, except her neighbors). I would only recommend it if you're really bored and it's the only book available to you.
  • Brittany
    This author assumes everyone reading it is I can imagine a lot of people being really confused. I just read it for book club, and the author was actually there - she's a friend of mine's mom. The book was ok. The romance was pretty predictable, but there were a lot of other surprises in the book. My favorite parts were the geneology stories, believe it or not.
  • Anne
    Andrew McCammon has been a widower for about 3 years when his interview with the stake president reveals that he's about to be called as the bishop of his ward, and has 3 weeks to find a wife (or at least get engaged).This is an enjoyable read with a few twists and turns. Not earth-shaking, but fun to read.
  • Vicki
    I really did enjoy this book. It's a fun read. Probably never going to be a great read, but I enjoyed reading it! The parts where they are doing Genealogical research were fun for me, especially when the person they were looking for spent time in Virginia City, NV, where our Great Great Grandfather, John Percival Jones, spent some time gaining his fortune! Very fun!
  • Sheri
    A cute story, but so unbelievably cheesy. This book is one of the best examples of why I'm not normally a huge fan of LDS fiction. It was a really quick read, but I may have rushed through it just to get it over with. Though other people may love it. My mom absolutely loved it and forced it upon me, but she's a big fan of cute, cheesy literature.
  • Ndshill
    I read this book for my Book Club. I wish I had bought the CD instead of the book. I think I would have enjoyed the story if I was listening to it while running errands or something else useful. I could never suspend my dis-belief! I kept saying to myself "Yeah, right!" I kept wanting to sleep or quilt instead of read.
  • Tina
    I've been discovering the joys of my local library lately. I had forgotten how many authors there are out there, as I mainly tend to read new books from the same authors.When I picked up this book at the library yesterday, I noticed that there is another book that follows it. I can't wait to continue reading more of the McCammon family's story!
  • Cheryl
    This was such a funny book! It really tickled my funny bones. It was clean, refreshing and delightful to read. It's great to see this fun fiction available through all these awesome LDS authors. It's cute, romantic and really makes you stop and think. I loved it and would reccomend it to everyone!
  • Kristi
    Picked this book up at a free book exchange at church. It's totally cheesy but I still loved it. Great brain candy read. I read it in about a week just reading a little bit every night. At first I wasn't sure about it but then I got hooked. There were more twists than I expected considering it was sort of predictable.
  • Kaye
    Predictable and gentle read. A Widower is called as a new Bishop and is given 3 weeks time to find a wife. I don't often read "LDS novels" because they seldom are really good (stories or writing). There was nothing objectionable just the simplicity of knowing all will work out.
  • Elaine
    This was a very funny and uplifting book. I really enjoyed reading it. It touched my heart and made me think about some things. If you are looking for a easy read and a good book I suggest reaching for this one.
  • Annie Lamae
    This book was really predictable. There was no controversy in anything. You knew exactly what was going to happen from the very beginning of the book. It would be better if there was something in there to throw you off or make you nervous..but nothing.