The Moon Sisters by Therese Walsh

The Moon Sisters

After their mother’s probable suicide, Jazz and Olivia Moon struggle to move on with their lives. Olivia, an 18-year-old who can taste words and see sounds, blinds herself by staring at the sun, then decides to walk to the remote setting of her mother's unfinished novel to resuscitate her hopes and dreams. Jazz, 22, plagued by unresolved conflict with her mother and a hidden trove of her unsent letters, takes a job in a funeral home before bein...

Details The Moon Sisters

TitleThe Moon Sisters
Release DateSep 4th, 2018
PublisherTherese Walsh
GenreFiction, Young Adult, Magical Realism, Coming Of Age, Contemporary, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Adult Fiction

Reviews The Moon Sisters

  • Therese Walsh
    Dear Readers,I wrote The Moon Sisters, and love it fiercely. I'm so glad for the opportunity to tell you a little about it. My two sisters are a part of this book in ways even they don’t realize. They inspired the push-pull-love-hate blood bond that is at the heart of The Moon Sisters.The three of us lost our father when my youngest sister was still a teenager. Grappling with death and the very meaning of life has been something we’ve struggl...
  • JuliaOrlando
    After their mothers death, Jazz and Olivia, two sisters as different as day and night, travel to the setting of their mothers unfinished novel to lay her spirit to rest.I didn't think I would like this book, but I did. There was alot of tension between the 2 sisters in the beginning of the book as they had different points of view regarding their mothers death. There were times during the book when I wanted to shake some sense into both of them, ...
  • Jamise // Spines & Vines
    Review sometimes you come across a book that speaks to your soul. Loved this book!
  • Silver Thistle {adores JAFF & TEOTWAWKI. Oh, and accronyms :P}
    I loved this one so much! I was offered this one by the publisher and I'm so thrilled I accepted because it's a wonderful story. I barely laid it down from start to finish. I'm a REALLY slow reader usually but I just rattled through this one.It's hard for me to write a review for something I loved as opposed to one I hated as it's all about the 'feels' for me and I can't put it into words sometimes. (Just an FYI - with this one I have a lot of fe...
  • Connie
    3.5 This is the story of Olivia and Jazz Moon, sisters who embark on a journey following the death of their Mother. One of them hoping to finish her Mother's story, the other not knowing where the journey will take her. These two sisters are polar opposites yet the bond they have is a strong one, though not always loving. The story is told from the point of view of each sister in alternating chapters, with flashbacks as well. I appreciated that ...
  • Randy
    I was lucky enough to receive an early copy to blurb. Moon Sisters by Therese Walsh shimmers on the precipice where the grief-stricken teeter between loss and recovery, a place that often resembles madness. Sisters Olivia and Jazz battle as they hold each other tight in this touching coming of age tale that weighs family loyalty against distinctive truths. Walsh leavens magic realism with comedy; balances enchantment and pragmatic truth, and stir...
  • Catherine McKenzie
    A great read - Therese Walsh knows how to make distinctive characters and draw you in. This book, in particular, was very lyrical in the way it was written.
  • Kim Bullock
    The Moon Sisters is a more personal novel than The Last Will of Moira Leahy, and I believe it was kismet that Therese Walsh chose a condition like synesthesia to bestow on her character, Olivia Moon. Synesthesia is a neurological condition where senses overlap, allowing a person to hear color, for example, or taste words. It would be impossible to write from that viewpoint without taking all perceptions of how the world works, tossing them out, a...
  • Cameran
    Jazz and Olivia Moon are sisters and as different as can be. As the elder of the two, Jazz has always felt trapped by her mother’s expectations, while Olivia -- who has a neurological condition called synesthesia, which allows her to see sounds or taste smells -- was allowed to be free to wander and dream. The recent and unresolved death of their mother has left the entire family weighted with grief, and one day Olivia decides to travel with he...
  • Vaughn Roycroft
    I don’t want to offer any sort of spoilers, but I was startled, even a bit unsettled, by the events that open this story. I may have been unsettled, but I was hooked. The opening, and how the story plays out, are going to mean so much to so many people who’ve been affected by similar circumstances.In Olivia and Jazz, Walsh has created a pair of sisters that perfectly represent the archetypes of just about any sibling rivalry, and yet they are...
  • Britany
    Olivia & Jazz Moon, two sisters that are complete opposites lose their mother unexpectedly. They end up on a journey to the Cranberry Glades to help resolve what actually happened with their mom...The chapters alternate back and forth between Olivia and Jazz interspersed with letters written from their mother. Olivia has Synesthesia, which is a disorder in which her senses get discombobulated. She associated her mother as smelling like sunshine. ...
  • Lisa Ahn
    THE MOON SISTERS, by Therese Walsh, is a great story, well told, with grief, and biscuits, and tattoos. It is the story of two young women, Olivia and Jazz, who've lost their mother. On the heels of her death, they are unanchored from their place inside the world, their sense of home and all its easy truths. Olivia, the dreamer, sets off for Cranberry Glades with their mother's ashes, in search of the will-o-the-wisp ghost lights that could set e...
  • Amy Hansen
    It took me much longer than it should have to finish this book, and not become it wasn't engrossing because it was. Not because it wasn't beautifully written, because it was. Not because it wasn't expertly plotted, because it was. It took me so long because I didn't want it to end. There's a reason for that. Walsh's first book, The Last Will of Moira Leahy, is to this day one of my favorites. It's also the book that serendipitously led me to my l...
  • Paula Cappa
    I read this novel a little bit each day because I liked living with these two sisters, Olivia and Jazz, as they struggled through the challenges of sibling rivalry, depression, hope, and the lost dreams of their mother along with the grief after her death. It is ineffably sad. Filled with childhood memories and dark emotional tension, The Moon Sisters is beautifully and skillfully written. Mothers and daughters; fathers and daughters; sisters. I ...
  • Lolly K Dandeneau
    The book follows sisters Jazz and Olivia after the death (was it suicide or an accident) of their troubled mother. One sister had a tight bond and nothing but lovely memories, the other never felt loved nor close to her- each having a different perception of what their mother was made of. Olivia has synesthesia (a neurological condition in which stimulation of one sense can lead to stimulation of another, for example tasting words, seeing sounds)...
  • Kristine
    Original review can be found at* I received an advanced readers copy of this book from Random House Crown via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.*The Moon Sisters is a truly unique story about two sisters who are both struggling after the death of their mother. Worlds apart in their way of thinking the two sisters struggle to understand each other and their actions. Olivia sets out on a journey to ...
  • Laura
    For most of my life I have struggled to have a relationship with my sister that goes beyond the everyday annoyances. So reading “The Moon Sisters” was in a sense reliving all of those years and also moving beyond them too. This book is about a family dealing with the loss of a mother and whether she took her life or if her death was a complete accident. These two sisters, Jazz the eldest and Olivia the youngest, set out to come to terms with ...
  • Lynne
    I wanted to like this book. It had come pretty highly recommended by people whose book-lists I usually agree with. But The Moon Sisters just did not speak to me.It reminded me slightly of The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cakeonly combined with Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood tossed in for good measure. I didn't LIKE Olivia or Jazz until I'd read almost two-thirds of the book ... and even then, I can't say I like them, but I finally got to t...
  • Tara
    "I am quite certain that determined lost girls are the most powerful of all forces," writes the absent mother in this novel. Absent because her death opens the story. This tale within a tale is deftly told, reminiscent of the old pilgrimage tales and fairy tales that lead the characters into the depths of the forest to find the truth of something. Normally I don't like pov switches, but it works in this book. We move back and forth seamlessly bet...
  • Margaret Dilloway
    The Moon Sisters is many things. On the surface, it's about two sisters who are trying to get over the death of their mother just as they come of age. But, it's also a love story-- between mother and daughters, between sisters, between new lovers. It's an adventure story, with train jumping and outlaws and bounty hunters. It's magical, with might-be fairies populating the characters' landscapes (or perhaps just their imaginations). I guess it mig...
  • Marilyn Brant
    I had the pleasure of reading an advanced copy of THE MOON SISTERS, and I loved every word!Therese Walsh is a gifted storyteller whose lyrical prose captures the uniqueness of her characters and the compelling, slightly mystical nature of their journey. It's a tale of two sisters -- unalike in a multitude of ways -- and their quest for understanding the secrets of their late mother's past. The trip Jazz and Olivia take together naturally strains ...
  • Amy
    Another strong novel from Therese Walsh. The magical elements in this novel were reminiscent of Alice Hoffman, as was the beautiful writing.Any novel about sisters and their complicated dynamic is a winner for me. Following them and their mother's journey (told through letters) was, at oftentimes, heartbreaking.Walsh has definitely found her voice in this book and much of it reads like poetry! I'm thrilled I got a chance to preview this book befo...
  • Heather Fineisen
    Sisters|18050053]The Moon Sisters is 1.99 for kindle and Nook. This is a whimsical book about two sisters, one with synesthesia, who go on a quest to scatter their mother's ashes. Beautiful descriptions and compelling sister relationship that will strike a chord with mist siblings. Well worth the bargain price!
  • Camie
    Jazz and Olivia Moon go on a dreamlike journey to find closure after their mother's unsettling and untimely death. There are lots of vivid descriptions in this book as many things have sights, sounds, scents, and tastes, in the magical world of the Moon sisters. Beautifully imagined.... but found the plot to be buried deep underneath all of the fantasy. 3.5 stars
  • Erika Robuck
    This novel is a meticulously crafted journey through inward and outward stages of grief for a pair of unique and unforgettable sisters. If only we could all scale the wilderness to climb out of our pains and griefs. Fully realized characters and surprises. Highly recommended.
  • Harvee
    Engrossing story of two young sisters dealing with their mother's death, possible suicide, and becoming closer to each other in the end. I had a tiny problem with the ending, an explanation for their hobo friend Hobbs. So my rating would really be 4.50/5, which is near enough to perfect.
  • Jeriel
    Sometimes, what we see on the surface is not what lies deep underneath. Sometimes, we need to be forced to interact with others before realizing our first impressions were wrong. In Therese Walsh's coming-of-age novel The Moon Sisters, Walsh tells the tale of two sisters, Jazz and Olivia, polar opposites in both physical and emotional development, as they reconcile with their mother's recent passing. This is a story that not only entertains us bu...
  • Arlena
    Title: The Moon SistersAuthor: Therese WalshPublished: CrownReviewed By: Arlena DeanRating: 5Review:"The Moon Sisters" by Therese Walsh is a interesting novel that I found especially for the Young Adult readers. It was well written showing a physical emotions and grief. We find two young ladies who have lost their mother and their lives are really turned up side down. In opening of this novel well, I will just say this was some hard read. I don't...
  • Jennifer
    ***I received an ARC of this book from a Goodreads Giveaway***I really enjoyed this book. It takes us on a journey of two sisters. As they make their way to the setting of their recently deceased mother's unfinished story, they also traverse and mark the stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and ultimately, Acceptance. While they travel, each sister experiences these stages of in a manner that is both individual and unique. Jazz ...
  • Hannah
    I had high hopes for this novel. The cover, for one, is beautiful. The title is pretty and alluring. I just couldn’t get into it. I finished it, albeit reluctantly. I dragged my feet the whole way, like Jazz. I didn’t connect to any of the characters. Jazz complained too much for a character that was cold, distant, and rightfully so was called a b*tch by Hobbs. Olivia was too free spirited for me. I’m all for flower children. But, there com...