The Umbrella Academy, Vol. 3 (The Umbrella Academy, #3) by Gerard Way

The Umbrella Academy, Vol. 3 (The Umbrella Academy, #3)

With a new Netflix series, the best-selling graphic novels return--with the original creators!Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance, Doom Patrol) and Gabriel Bá (Two Brothers, Casanova) have earned awards and accolades on their separate projects, and finally return to their breakout 2007 hit, for the latest chapter in the bizarre lives of their former teen superhero team.Faced with an increasing number of lunatics with superpowers eager to fight his o...

Details The Umbrella Academy, Vol. 3 (The Umbrella Academy, #3)

TitleThe Umbrella Academy, Vol. 3 (The Umbrella Academy, #3)
Release DateSep 17th, 2019
PublisherDark Horse Comics
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Fantasy, Graphic Novels Comics, Fiction

Reviews The Umbrella Academy, Vol. 3 (The Umbrella Academy, #3)

  • Alice
    The artwork is definitely the redeeming quality of this comic, sadly not nearly enough.It was nice to get back in touch with the members of The Umbrella Academy, but to what purpose??This volume was all over the place! It started with all the characters in different places, doing their own thing (of course explanations are never thought necessary so don't start looking for them here) and only met up for a final, and linked, resolution THAT DIDN'T...
  • Michael Cook
    It's been a decade since the second volume of Gerard Way's wonderfully weird superhero series, The Umbrella Academy, hit stores and it's been almost as long since the title of this third volume was announced. Since that initial announcement, there had been a lot of radio silence as Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá got busy with other projects. Thankfully, though, this third volume of The Umbrella Academy has come out and, in many ways, it feels like ...
  • Shog Al Maskery
    I finished it faster than what I thought! Im still a beginner in the world of reading comics so it’s a good sign that I was able to get through it all. I can’t wait to ready volume three to put the puzzle pieces together.
  • Chris Greensmith
    "Gross--!There's never an umbrella around when you need one." Meh, this was OK, i feel it kept teetering on the edge of being something great but never made it. There was no more character development, and I think that could be because the amount of characters that appeared in this compared to the other two runs has at least tripled. There were a lot of threads that were left blowing ion the wind, so I feel there may be more issues to come, well ...
  • i.
    Continuing, almost directly, from the Volume Two: Dallas, Hotel Oblivion continues to expand the world of the Hargreeves siblings, both internal and external. In this volume, children thread through the plot, motivating multiple arcs forward. An infant child is the motivating factor for Umbrella Academy villains to plot an escape from the titular Hotel Oblivion. A child of an Umbrella Academy nemesis becomes a new nemesis. And, as always, the Har...
  • Marc *Dark Reader of the Woods*
    After a ten year break, brought back from comic book cancellation to ride the marketing wave of the Netflix series, we get a continuation of the prior volumes of The Umbrella Academy. Not much has changed...Art: fabulous. Dramatic blocking. Vivid colors. Psychedelic scenes reminiscent of Jack Kirby's most mind-bendy work. Bloody as all get out. Points for Gabriel Ba.Story: a mess. Stilted, random, unengaging. Completely devoid of character develo...
  • Chloe Simpson-White
    I have loved this series so far! It is wonderful to see the plot thicken and have several different story lines and vantage points at once! It is safe to say that have become obsessed! I cannot wait to see the rest of the story unfold and develop
  • Lashaan Balasingam (Bookidote)
    You can find my review on my blog by clicking here.If you thought that writers who gave up on their series are not likely to come back to continue where they left off, here comes another creative team who looks to prove you wrong and make a comeback in the comic book business. After a decade of waiting, with each individual issue released intermittently, the dynamic duo that developed the hit comic book series that is now an original Netflix TV s...
  • Amanda
    I'm counting this as finished for not even though the final issue doesn't come out until June 5th.
  • Almeyda Tara
    I love the art so much, but for real tho, the plot is messy in this one. The places keep switching and it makes me so confused.
  • Eya ☾
    I had to read most of this twice to understand it and I still didn't. I was confused most of the time. Hopefully everything starts to make sense in the next 2 issues.I might change my rating then.
  • Nina The Fussy Reader
    I really do love these characters and their backstory, but this volume felt like too much. I understand that they want to keep the story fresh and exciting and get bigger and bigger with each volume, but this one was rather unintelligible. There was so much going on it was hard to keep up. Sure, I know this is a superhero comic and it needs to be fast, fun and exciting, but honestly, I would have been just as happy with less action and more chara...
  • Arjun Iyer
    Blurb: Gives you a room with a view and a half. Hotel Oblivion is a welcome departure from its two predecessors, Apocalypse Suite and Dallas, in that unlike them, Hotel Oblivion isn't a self-contained story. It is in fact a statement of intent by its creators to see the wonderful world of the Umbrella Academy expand.For me, the art of Gabriel Ba has always been one of the biggest points of appreciation of the whole series, and Hotel Oblivion cont...
  • Jillian
    As a writer and artist, reading every volume of The Umbrella Academy is so fresh and new, because the art and stories are like nothing ever before, and Hotel Oblivion just intensified the originality of Gerard and Gabriel’s work! These are not just comics about superheroes, these are stories about family, about identity, about who you are when the path set for you is no longer the one you’re walking. These are stories about if you can redeem ...
  • Arkham Reviews
    This volume did take a bit of getting into as it felt quite disjointed, spreading out the protagonists and introducing a new set of villains without preamble. It was a bit like trying to dive into a long running series at random, only knowing that that I hadn't missed anything that came before and I must admit that I felt lost for a good couple of issues.However, it is amazing how well things came together. The personal development of the charact...
  • Philip
    Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá are back with more of the weirdest superhero family you've ever seen. I loved seeing these characters again, after a hiatus of nearly ten years. Hotel Oblivion picks up in the aftermath of the Dallas arc, with the Umbrella Academy still recovering from time travel. Plot threads that began in the first two volumes are continued through book three, with Mr. Perseus and Doctor Terminal returning to threaten the family once...
  • Chris Browning
    (Bought individually, rated as a collective). Has essentially the same problem I had with John Wick 3 in that it's a stop-gap story, reliant on the audience's familiarity with past volumes and willingness to continue following the series. Doesn't really work on an individual issue basis because because there's too much going on (i.e. the two pages set with Jennifer in Wisconsin who I assume will become a character in later arcs but doesn't reall...
  • Josh
    Delivering all the madness and mayhem that has defined this series from the start, "Hotel Oblivion" delivers the return of the Academy quite unlike anything that has come before. Opening with a more scattered story than the previous volumes, the new arc follows the characters as they find their way in the aftermath of their previous conflicts--with the world and with each other.But when the secrets of their father's Hotel Oblivion are revealed, t...
  • Alexander Peterhans
    This book feels like an excuse for Way to let his freak flag fly and create a bunch of supervillains - just a bunch of one-note weirdos (this one has an eye for a head, these two have cat heads, etc) without any backstory or any depth.So it's more of the same, really. The ending might make the next arc more interesting, as it brings the story back to the family, which seems to be the only element in UA that has any layers.I still like Gabriel Ba'...
  • Mathew Duncan
    I don’t really understand what I just read. The first and second volumes made more sense to me and felt much more clear. Maybe a re-read is in order.
  • Heaven Ashlee
    That ending...yesssssss
  • Gabi Briseno
    I spend so much time staring at the panels because Gabriel Bá’s art blows me away!! Loved the story in this one too!
  • Jordan Barclay
    What the hell Gerard? The first volume had so much great potential; the second volume was a wannabe Alan Moore headache; and now this volume is a freaking Michael-Bay-esque version of the first volume.This shit is pointless action, with so many subplots it's giving me Spiderman-3-PTSD. The art is freaking incredible, but that definitely doesn't make up for it.Please don't mess up the second season of the show at least, okay?Art: A-Story: F+Overal...
  • Luke Wilson
    I was much happier with the finale than I thought I’d be, considering they went the route of a major cliffhanger, thereby preventing what I thought would be a messily hasty issue #7. I’m glad to know that we’re getting the fourth story arc by the beginning of 2020, as well! Things are on track finally so I can’t wait to see where things go from here.
  • Garrett
    Maybe the best one yet? It's crazy and over-the-top and there is internal betrayal and shouted exposition and handfuls of supporting characters and completely batshit plot development and Ba's insane artistry. Fantastically entertaining.
  • Lauren
  • Ian Roditi
  • Sara Bakhshi
    Mom plotting something?!!Can't wait to see the series version of these stories.
  • Jay
    I really like this series (hence four stars) and yet have a lot of criticism to offer in most categories...Art: hit/miss. Conceptually it’s illuminating and brings ideas to life in a great way with a fun attention to weird detail, (perhaps at the expense of failing to explain what should be some pretty significant details) but simultaneously I feel like the quality of the art appears at times to have the aesthetic of a concept art that was inke...